Kris was the female trainer in Pokémon Crystal now 20 years later in Pokémon Iron and Amber and Pokémon Copal she is the head of the Grand Festival She married the male trainer Gold and depending on which gender you are she had two daughters Amber and Dia or two sons Iron and Zirc.

At the start of the game, she starts to cry saying how you've grown up, then she then tells you that there is more than just Pokémon battling and she explains how a contest works and tells you that they are just as important as Gym Battles. Later in the game she is seen as the head of the grand festival.


Cute Contest

  • Delcatty - Sing/Attract/Covet/Charm

Beauty Contest

  • Arcanine - Heat Wave/Overheat/Fire Fang/Flamewheel

Smart Contest

  • Gardevoir - Confusion/Calm Mind/Psychic/Future Sight

Cool Contest

  • Dragonair - Dragon Rage/Dragonbreath/Dragon Rush/Dragon Dance

Tough Contest

  • Raticate - Super Fang/Endeavor/Crunch/Double-Edge


  • She is seen with a Glameow at the start of the game in her house, this Glameow does not appear in the contests
  • She appears as a trainer in Hey You, Pichu! and gives the player a Happiny to raise.
  • She has a cameo in The Return: StarTropics III.
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