Kotomo (series)
Logo of the Kotomo series.
Developer(s) Pyro Enterprises
Publisher(s) Pyro Enterprises
Genre(s) RPG
First Game Kotomo

The Kotomo series is a turn-based RPG franchise developed and produced by Pyro Enterprises. Taking cues from Nintendo and Game Freak's immensely popular Pokémon series, Kotomo is built around creating a deeper core experience, focusing on 2v2 battles that allow the player to have a deeper sense of strategy, involvement, and teamwork during combat. Though initially intended to be a side project, the series has experienced growth and popularity surpassing many of the studio's main titles, and as a result has become one of Pyro Enterprises's flagship games.

The series is open to contribute content to, meaning that any and all users are able to create games using the Kotomo branding within reason.


Mainline Titles

Titles in the Kotomo series developed by Pyro Enterprises directly.

  • Kotomo (2020)- The launch title of the Kotomo franchise, released for the Onyx console.

All Media

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