BIRTHPLACE Koopa Village, Mushroom Kingdom Koopasburg (Super Koopa Mario!)
CLASS Partner

Kooper is a Koopa Troopa from Koopa Village in the Mushroom Kingdom. He grew up next door to the koopa troopa Kolorado and had a lust for adventure which he finally got to exploit when Mario came to his village asking for help.

After the events of the original Paper Mario Kooper signed himself up as Kolorado's protege and soon found that archaeology is more paper work than anything else however when Kolorado had a mission to go to the Dry Dry Ruins in the Dry Dry Desert Kooper signed himself up immediatly. When the mission was done, Kooper moved to Koopasburg.

Kooper is eager to explore and go on adventures and is very loyal to his friends. He has the ability to hit far away switches with his shell or bring far away items closer.

Official Mascot for Vined Inc.

Kooper recently became the offical mascot of Vined Inc. replacing Jenny who was their former mascot. He is suspected to remain the mascot.

The Protege

Kooper joined up with Kolorado to save the Crystals from the evil archaeologist Dakota and return the crystals to the Mushroom Castle. He was the first partner to join up with Kolorado and was there from the start.


  • Shell Toss - The basic move, it does 1 damage at Normal Rank (2 if charged correctly), 2 at Super Rank (4 if charged correctly) and 4 at Ultra Rank (6 if charged correctly).
  • Power Shell - Kooper automatically comes with this move. It takes up 3 Koopy Points and does 2 damage (4 if timed correctly) to all of the enemies on the screen.
  • Dizzy Shell - Kooper learns this when upgraded to Super Rank. It takes up 4 Koopy Points and it makes all of the enemies Dizzy.
  • Shell Slam - Kooper learns this when upgraded to Ultra Rank. It takes up 6 Koopy Points and it damages all of the foes on the screen penetrating their defence.

Disdain for the mentor

Kooper appears with his "mentor" Kolorado in Wrapped Up however where he once respected, looked up to and admired the senior arcehologist he now loathes and resents him for the trials and tribulations he has put him through. However he sticks it out with him partly due to loyalty and because he secretly enjoys the adventures he gets to go on. He appears trailing behind Kolorado and vents his frustration to Iron and Amber occasionally providing an insight to things his mentor may have missed. He appears throught the mushroom kingdom stages like his boss. He is playable in multiplayer mode.

A helping hand to Mario

In Super Koopa Mario, Kooper is one of the freinds who helps mario along the way.

Racing Kooper

Kooper is a defualt lightweight character in Super Mario Kart Mix. His special item is the Mega Shell.


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