Bowser was trying to figure out how to finally defeat mario,and was consulting his vast army for ideas. One koopa troopa raised his arm and said "What if we made another Mario then raise it to be evil?" this then sparked the idea of Koopario Koopa. Bowser created him artificially using one of his hairs,a mario hat and a specific spell from a specific book from a specific library in koopa kastle. Koopario was raised to be mario's adversary, and for most of his early life he was a huge brat like the rest of the koopalings. But one fateful day he saw Mario save a bunch of orphan kittens from the burning kitten orphanage and realised his dad was the villain. At first he tried to make his brothers and sisters good guys and got alot of dead arms and wet willies from this approach. He then decided to run away and live as a nomad hero.


MK looks like your average koopaling, but with a fake mustache superglued to his nose and a small Mario hat on his head,he also usually carries around his magic pipe-wrench instead of a wand


MK attempts to be helpful and heroic like his rolemodel mario,he commonly tries to help people(except evil people like his brothers/sisters) and tries to be happy all the time


All Koopalings/Bowser/Bowser's Army

MK hates all koopalings because they are evil and make fun of him.


MK fanboys over mario nearly every waking hour,as he is his inspiration to be a hero.


MK thinks Luigi is ok I guess.


  • Koopario is a modified version of the creator's idea of a sonic oc whos only purpose was to kill terrible ocs.
  • Koopario is one of the few koopalings not named after a singer.
  • Koopario is one of the few koopalings named after a video game character, another koopaling named after a video game character is Niko Koopa Jr.


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