Koopalings Quest is a platformer game featuring the 7 Koopalings, Bowser Jr., and the creator's fanon Koopaling, Ross Koopa.


A mysterious force has turned Bowser against all of his minions, and most of them decide to side with Mario instead. Ludwig, being the smartest Koopaling, figures that someone must be behind what happened with Bowser. All 9 of the Koopalings then decide to go on a quest to find Bowser. Eventually, they get to Fawful's Castle. When the Koopalings reach the top, they find Bowser. After they defeat Bowser, it is revealed that Fawful was the one who brainwashed Bowser. Then the final battle begins.

Playable Characters

Image Name Advantage Disadvantage Special Move
SMG BowserJr.png Bowser Jr. Bowser Jr. is an all-around character. None Graffiti Paintbrush
100px-NSMBU_LarryKoopa.png Larry Larry jumps high. Larry has very bad defenses. Water Tower
150px-MortonNSMBU.png Morton Morton is the strongest Koopaling in the game. Morton is very slow. Super Hammer
150px-WendyNSMBU.png Wendy Wendy is very fast. Wendy is very weak in terms of power. Ring Toss
150px-IggyNSMBU.png Iggy Iggy jumps high. Iggy has very low jumps. Chain Chomp
RossKoopaEva.png Ross Ross is the fastest character in the game. Ross has very low jumps. Fire Trail
150px-RoyNSMBU.png Roy Roy has good defense. Roy is very slow. Bullet Bill Bazooka
90px-Lemmy_Koopa_NSMBU.png Lemmy Lemmy jumps higher than everyone else in the game. Lemmy has very bad defenses. Circus Balls
150px-LudwigNSMBU.png Ludwig Ludwig the best defense in the game. Ludwig is weak in terms of power. Flutter Jump


Image Name Strategy Level Fought At How to Defeat
250px-BoomBoomSM3DL.png Boom Boom Boom Boom will try to attack the Koopalings by bumping into them. He can also thrash his fists to attack as well. When he is hit, he will spin around in his shell for a short period of time. After he has been hit four times, he will start to fly. Bowser's Badlands-Tower Simply jump on him or attack him 5 times. Make sure not to jump on him when he is thrashing.
Mechabowser.jpg Mecha-Bowser Mecha-Bowser hides in the background, so he is harder to attack than most bosses. He can breathe fire at the Koopalings, and he can attack using his hands. Also, he can shoot Bullet Bills from his mouth. When he has been hit 7 times, he will start breathing 3 fireballs at once. Bowser's Badlands-Castle Attack his hands 8 times using the Koopalings' special moves.
Neweditboom.png Fusion Boom Boom Fusion Boom Boom acts similar to Boom Boom except that he has to be hit 7 times to be defeated. Also, he can surround himself with a fiery shield, which damages any Koopaling which touches it. Dusty Desert-Tower Jump on him or use a special move on him 7 times.
199px-Huff 'n PuffSMWWii.png Huff 'n Puff Huff 'n Puff mainly attacks with lightning and blowing winds. He can blow wind at the Koopalings to avoid getting hit. When he has one hit left before he gets defeated, Huff n' Puff will start causing earthquakes. He can also summon Tuff Puffs. Dusty Desert-Castle Use 12 Special Moves on him when he isn't attacking or blowing wind.


Image Name Hits to Defeat Attacks Stats
Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World.png Goomba 2 Goombas mainly attack by simply ramming into their foes. When they see a Koopaling, they just dash towards him or her. They also sometimes headbutt foes. Power-2 Speed-3 Defense-2
Paragoomba NSMBU.png Paragoomba 3 Paragoombas act very similar to Goombas, except that they have the ability to fly. Paragoombas usually either jump around or fly in the air. Very rarely, they will shoot Mini-Goombas which latch on the the Koopaling being played as. Power-3 Speed-4 Defense-2
TailGoomba.png Tail Goomba 3 Tail Goombas are more advanced Goombas, which mainly jump around and spin their tails to attack. Sometimes they will headbutt foes as well. Also, sometimes they can turn into statues. They are invulnerable in this form. Power-2 Defense-4 Speed-3
Beach Koopa - Super Mario 3D World.png Beach Koopa 1 Beach Koopas are the weakest form of a Koopa, and are arguably one of the weakest enemies in the game. They simply try to slide into the Koopalings, and that is it... Power-1 Speed-2 Defense-1
KoopaTroopaMKWAnimatedSelect.gif Koopa Troopa 3 Koopa Troopas mainly use their shells to attack. They can spin around in them to move around, and they can hide in their shells, where they are completely invincible. Power-3 Speed-4 Defense-3
Paratroopa New.png Koopa Paratroopa 4 Paratroopas act very similar to their non-winged counterparts. A majority of them fly in the air, where they simply use diving attacks to hurt the Koopalings. Air Paratroopas can use an air-spin, too. The ones that jump behave more similarly to Koopas, where they attack the same except that they jump. Power-2 Speed-5 Defense-4
LakituNSMBU.png Lakitu 5 Lakitus only have two real attacks. Their main one is a Spiny-Egg throwing attack, and the eggs become Spinies when they hit the ground. The second one is very rare. The Lakitu does a U-turn near the ground and tries to ram into the Koopalings. Also, when its cloud is unmanned, it can be ridden by the Koopalings. Power-2 Speed-6 Defense-5
BuzzybeetleNSMBU.png Buzzy Beetle 4 Buzzy Beetles attack very similarly to Koopas, as they can use shell spins and can hide in their shells for protection. However though, unlike Koopas, Buzzy Beetles can use biting as a weak but fast melee attack. Power-2 Speed-2 Defense-7
Spiny2.png Spiny 5 Spinies can use several attacks. They can spike their shells up to attack any Koopaling that is above it, they can use biting like a Buzzy Beetle, they can shoot needles, and they can hide in their shells. However, they can't spin around in them, though. Power-3 Speed-2 Defense-4
SpiketopNSMBW.png Spike Top 5 Spike Tops behave virtually the same as Spinies, except that their attacks are weaker and they can climb up walls. Power-2 Speed-2 Defense-4
Hammer bro by yoshigo99-d4duynn.png Hammer Bro. 4 Hammer Bros have a variety of different attacks involving their hammers. They can throw them, they can spin around while holding them, and they can whack Koopalings with it as a melee attack. Power-5 Speed-3 Defense-2
BoomerangBroNSMBU.png Boomerang Bro. 4 Boomerang Bros can throw their boomerangs in all 8 directions and they can slap the Koopalings with them if they get too close. Power-5 Speed-3 Defense-2
FireBroNSMBU.png Fire Bro. 4 Fire Bros can throw fireballs at the Koopalings. Also, they can breathe fire and can create small pillars of fire. Power-5 Speed-3 Defense-2
IceBroNSMBU.png Ice Bro. 4 Ice Bros can throw iceballs at the Koopalings. Also, they can breathe ice and can create small frozen pillars. Power-5 Speed-3 Defense-2
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