Koopalings DC is a game published by Koopompany . It's released in 2017 for the PSP and the PS Vita.


On a cold winter day Iggy, who catched a cold, is making a snowman with Lemmy when a mystic, purple claw (which later turns out to be Shadow Racer) grabs Lemmy and takes him to the basement of Koopa Castle. Iggy goes after the claw, but soon sneezes and needs to nose blowing, and when he quickly returns with a handkerchief, Lemmy is tied against a wall as a robot attacks Koopa Castle. Sergeant Guy tries to keep the mecha from a distance, but sadly he deceased due to a core explosion from a tactical nuke. Corporal Paraplonk and Private Goomp cry about his expiration, and, afraid to perish themselves, they flee to Tim J. Koopa's room. Ludwig decides to fight the robot (who acts as a tutorial boss). During the aftermath, the robot loudly huffs 'Noooooooooooooooooo !' before exploding into pieces. On one of the robots pieces, the mark D.E.A.D Industries, the company who made the robot. When piercing the factory they see D.E.A.D, a purple dust cloud, talking to a mystic hand (Shadow Racer), however, when a Tripod Invader Bot Security System Mecha , shortly TIBSSSM, busted them.


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