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Koopalings: Overthrown!
Developer(s) Ninkancho
Platform(s) Display
The V²
Genre(s) Super Mario 3D Land-style platformer
Series Mario
Release Date(s) The International Flag of Planet Earth December 23, 2016
The game is tons of fun for the whole family and friends to enjoy! Play as your favorite Koopaling and journey through the land to defeat a puzzling new foe!
Koopalings: Overthrown TV spot

Jump in as a Koopaling to play hundreds of fun levels, buy it now. A great game with tons of enjoyment! 🌟🌟🌟🌟⭐
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Koopalings: Overthrown! is an oddball game developed by Ninkancho for the Display, The V², Pyrohedron, and Sens, featuring canon and fanon Koopalings both old and new. It is generally non-canon to the company's other story-driven projects.


Koopalings: Overthrown! is a multiplayer platformer in the style of Super Mario 3D Land and 3D World. The goal is to make it to the end of each level and destroy their respective Goal Poles so that Mario cannot use them, while stealing Green Stars along the way. The game subverts classic and reinforced Super Mario elements in favor of wacky new concepts that would never work in a core-series game.


The game opens with a Koopa messenger telling Bowser that an unknown force is trying to kidnap Princess Peach and is slowly taking over the Koopa Troop. Bowser calls in the seven main Koopalings and Bowser Jr., and tells them to track down and stop the villain while he builds backup castles. Bowser also relates that Mario, Luigi, and the Toads will assume he is at fault for the kidnapping, and thus that they must be prepared to fight the Mario Bros. as usual.

The Koopalings travel out in the presumed direction of the kidnapper. Along the way, they find several other Koopalings that were kidnapped. However, when they see eight hue-rotated versions of themselves spill out of an interuniversal portal, it is clear that this kidnapper is no ordinary foe. The Gnilapooks explain that a strange figure with a princess draped over their shoulder banished them from their home universe. They and the Koopalings agree to help each other achieve their goals of getting their kingdoms back.


Playable characters

The game features eight default characters in the form of the canon Koopalings and Bowser Jr., and a seemingly ever-expanding roster of unlockable characters.

ImageCharacterSpecial Move
BowserJr.SMGBowser Jr.Fire Breath
Larry Koopa 3DLarry KoopaCobrat Spell
Morton Koopa Jr 3DMorton Koopa Jr.Wall Run
Wendy O Koopa 3DWendy O. KoopaRing Toss
Iggy KoopaIggy KoopaMecha-Bowser Invention
Roy KoopaRoy KoopaParalyzing Stomp
Lemmy Koopa 3DLemmy KoopaBumper Ball
Ludwig Von Koopa 3DLudwig von KoopaFlutter Jump
PlaceholderHarriet KoopaWail
Jumpy KoopaJumpy KoopaHi-Jump
PlaceholderBro. KoopaBro. Army
Larry2Larry 2.0 KoopaDemon Magic
PlaceholderDragica KoopaBone Toss
PlaceholderHexagon KoopaHexa Shell Spin
PlaceholderTau KoopaMath Attack
ReswobIIReswob IITelepor' Spell
IrralIrralRacket Smash
NotromIINotrom IIFuture Sight
OIdnewO'IdnewFlaming Hoop Toss
IggiIggiMagic Shockwave
YorYorRed Cannon Blast
ImmelImmelBomb Ball
ShadeKoopaShade KoopaUncalled Shade Burn
BillBlasterKoopaBill Blaster KoopaBill Blast
UntenKoopaUnten KoopaLightning Shock
AgentMuffinKoopaAgentMuffin KoopaPixellate
NotiggyNotiggyRobot Bowser Invention
PlaceholderNotrom IFuture Sight Plus
PlaceholderReswob IOverthrow
DarkRedLarryDark Red Larry KoopaSnekstep Spell


Transformations and items in use


Throughout Koopalings: Overthrown!, different enemies must be avoided or fought. Touching most enemies and attacks will cause item loss.


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