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Koopalings: Brawl for the throne is a Fighting Game which has Koopalings (both canon and fanon) duking it out in a Smash Bros style game. It was released on the Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Wii U, and the Nintendo Switch.


King 'Koopa' Bowser has began to worry about what would happen if he was to die for good. He decides to get one of the Koopalings to do the deed of ruling for when his "time comes". However, they all started arguing over who should be the one. So they hold a tournament: The best fighter wins the future throne.


The game is very similar to the Super Smash Bros. Series, where you must knock opponents off-screen to defeat them. There are two major changes, however:

  • Instead of a Smash Ball, there's now a Khaos Meter. If the players Khaos Meter is full, they can use there Konquest Attack. You can fill the Meter by beating up the opponents.
  • There is now an Air-Dash move that you can use up to three times. Once all three are used, you cannot use anymore until your K.O'ed.


Character Name Konquest Attack
Bowser jr v 2 by tails19950-d4iqc2x Bowser Jr. Shadow Mario
Ludwig von Koopa SMGC Ludwig Canon Chaos
129px-WendyNSMBU Wendy Ring around the World
119px-IggyNSMBU Iggy Chain-Chomp
109px-MortonNSMBU Morton Bullet Blaze
109px-NSMBU LarryKoopa Larry

Fire Tennis Ball

Lemmy Koopa en NSMB.U Lemmy Bouncy Bomber
Roy Koopa SM3DEC Roy Chrushing Rage
Baby Bowser SSBM
Baby Bowser Paradox Panic
92px Paper Bowser Jr. Koopa Troop
Jr. Troopa Boss Battle, Sucker!
Notiggy Notiggy Yellow Chain-Chomp
PoopbuttShattered Poopbutt Omega (Door) Slam
ShellLuigi Luigi (Under-Cover) Negitive Zone
Mysteryblockk Tau TBA
Lavora Lavora False Note rampage
DollyPKoopaTalking Dolly P. Beth Sumon
431px-Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR Tim J. Bolder Avalanch
Irral Irral TBA
NotromII Notrom II TBA
Iggi Iggi TBA
Yor Yor TBA
Immel Immel TBA
Dull Dull TBA
ReswobII Reswob ll Shadow Oyram
Alex Ember Koopa Alex Ember Lightning Storm
WyvaneKoopa Wyvane Super Heated
AgentMuffinKoopa Agent Muffin Koopaling Rampage


Game Modes

Klassic Mode

In Klassic Mode, you must fight a bunch of enemies (along with a few mini-games) and fight the game's Final Boss, Dark Bowser. The mode changes depending on the difficulty:

  • Very Easy: 6 rounds, 1 Mini-Game, 0 Mid-Bosses.
  • Easy: 7 rounds, 1 Mini-Game, 1 Mid-Boss (Mario)
  • Medium: 8 rounds, 2 Mini-Games, 1 Mid-Boss (Mario)
  • Hard: 9 rounds, 3 Mini-Games, 1 Mid-Boss (Mario)
  • Very Hard: 10 rounds, 3 Mini-Games, 2 Mid-Bosses (Mario and Luigi)
  • Impossable: 11 rounds, 4 ini-Games, 3 Mid-Bosses (Mario, Luigi, and Wario)
  • Random: Random amounts of rounds, Mini-Games, and Mid-Bosses.


Mini-Games are challenges in Klassic Mode. The Mini-Games include:

  • Break the Targets: Break all the targets!
  • Army Smash: Defeat an army of clones!
  • Race to finish: Race to the finish!
  • Sandbag Toss: Hit a Sandbag as far as you can!

You can play these Mini-Games outside of Klassic Mode, too.

Klash Mode

In Klash Mode, you must defeat every single playable character in the game with limited health items and with one stock. There order is randomized.

Klash Mode Delux

If you beat Klash Mode, you unlock Klash Mode Delux, where you still must fight every character in the game. However, not only is there no health items and only one stock, you then must fight Metal Mario at the end.

Kingdom Konquest

In Kingdom Konquest, you fight other people with randomly selected buffs or de-buffs. The winner "kaptures" a kingdom. The one with the most "Kaptured" kingdoms at the end wins.


Name Use
Mushroomboost Makes user bigger
1-Up Mush Heals 30% Health
Covers user in fire
Horn Box Stuns nearby enemies
54px Makes user invincable for a short time


  • Bowser Jr. has two clones: Paper Bowser Jr and Reswob ll. This means Jr. has the most clones in the game.
    • Many clame Iggy has just as many clones too, but the keep forgeting Notiggy is not a clone.
  • Koopario, Blaze the Koopa, Bowser and Nabbit where all gonna be playable, but where scrapped. In Koopario's case, Golden-Sans78 could not get his creator's permission.
  • The final boss was gonna be eather Fawful, Giga Bowser, Mario, or Dry Bowser.
  • There are rumors of a brand-new Koopaling being made just for this game.
  • The game was gonna be called Koopalings: All-out Brawl, Koopalings V.S, Koopalings takein' over, and/or Koopalings: Slam jam.
    • Koopalings: Slam Jam was close to being the final name, but Golden-Sans78 realized that the name sounded "kind of retarded".
    • Golden-Sans78 also said that Koopalings Taken' Over might have been the best one.
  • As a joke, Poopbutt Koopa was made a Clone of Wendy O' Koopa.
  • Speaking of Poopbutt, the game is rated T due to his apperance in the game.
  • The idea for the game came from a chat Wiki User AgentMuffin was having with someone about having the Wiki's Koopalings in a fighting game.
    • In fact, AgentMuffin (as a Koopaling) is a playable character.


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