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Super Mario 3D: Magic Orb Legacy, Opening Story Cutscene
Transparent koopalings group NSMBU~SsM.png
The original seven Koopalings, as seen in New Super Mario Bros. U.
Leader(s) Larry Koopa (currently)
Ludwig von Koopa (previously)
Bowser, Bowser Jr. (overseers)
Alignment Evil
Bowser Jr.
Iggy Koopa
Larry Koopa
Lemmy Koopa
Ludwig von Koopa
Morton Koopa Jr.
Roy Koopa
Wendy O. Koopa
Founded at/in Unknown
Defunct at/in N/A
Parent Group Koopa Troop
First Appearance Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker 2 (update 3.0.0) (2020)
Defeat Mario
Help the Koopa Troop
Capture and keep Princess Peach
Koopa Troop
Bowser's Minions, Bowser's Kids, Little Bowsers, Koopa Kids

The Koopalings are a clan of Koopa-like children with a close relation to Bowser. The term originally debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3, with the introduction of the canonical seven Koopalings: Iggy Koopa, Larry Koopa, Lemmy Koopa, Ludwig von Koopa, Morton Koopa Jr., Roy Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa. The group has worked alongside many other fanon Koopaling characters, as well as Bowser Jr. on occasion.

According to Nintendo, the original Koopalings are unrelated to Bowser and Bowser Jr.. Of all the Koopalings, only Dolly P. Koopa, Gwendoline T. Koopa, Kevin Koopa and Bowser Jr. are Bowser's children.

According to Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Larry Koopa is considered the leader of the Koopalings.

List of Koopalings

Every Koopaling has his/her own personality and looks, though some newer fanon Koopalings resemble some original ones. Some have different skins at birth, others got them by other manners; some Koopalings even wear clothes as well. There are also a few Koopalings who resemble their father, Bowser. A large group of Koopalings are actually adopted, and not the biological children of Bowser.

Here is a list of the Koopalings, split into Canon and Fanon. The fanon Koopalings themselves are divided into Bowser's children, Becki Koopa's children, Adopted With Reasoning, Mythical Koopalings, Adopted With No Specific Reasoning, Other, Aivalings, and Joke Articles. They are listed by age in descending order.

Canon Koopalings


All confirmed Koopalings are adopted, except for Bowser Jr.

Character Description
Possibly the smartest of all Koopalings, Ludwig von Koopa is the oldest of the original seven. He creates classical music and inventions and dislikes it when people annoy him. He can also be cocky and a bit of a show-off.
Lemmy Koopa NSMBU.png
While the smallest of all Koopalings, Lemmy Koopa is yet the second oldest of the original seven. He is kind of dim witted in a child-like way and has more interest in becoming a circus star than beating Mario.
Roy Koopa is big and bulky Koopaling that resembles a hooligan thanks to the glasses. He seems to like the colors pink and purple, and bullies most of the Koopalings.
The craziest of the Koopalings, Iggy Koopa has been said to be an inventor. He originally looked like Lemmy (aside from for glasses and teeth), but he later became even taller than Morton Jr., and gained a plant-like hairdo.
Wendy O. Koopa Artwork.png
Wendy O. Koopa is the only female of the original Koopalings, and a bossy, spoiled Koopaling that throws hissy fits when she doesn't get her way.
The largest of the canon bunch, Morton Koopa Jr. is a Koopaling with a different skin color, which resembles Morton Sr's skin color. Earlier canon shows him to be talkative and sometimes annoying, but more recent games have him shout simple words in all-caps.
Larry Koopa is the sneakiest of all Koopalings, and occasionally the leader of the group, despite being the youngest of the canon Koopalings. Can have quite the temper.
Bowser Jr NSMBU.png
Bowser Jr.
Bowser's favorite child and the most recent canon one. Bowser Jr. is a spoiled brat who always gets special treatment from Bowser, like gettng his own Koopa Clown Car while the other Koopalings didn't (until 2014), and going on exclusive missions with Bowser.


Character Description
Lost Koopaling.png
Lost Koopaling
The Lost Koopaling is a mysterious green Koopaling that appears in Super Mario World as an unused overworld enemy.
Koopalings 4 and 9
Koopalings 4 and 9 are similar Koopalings appearing in Mario's Early Years: Fun With Numbers alongside the seven confirmed Koopalings.

Fanon Koopalings

Bowser's children

Character Description
Kevin G. Koopa is a Koopaling with an extremely strong love for basketball. Despite his tough image, along with him hanging out with Roy and Risen, he is actually very nice and is not a bully.
Dolly Koopa 2.png
Dolly P. Koopa is a Koopaling that loves to sing and dance, and has a passion for cooking. Due to this passion, Bowser forces her to cook all the food. She is able to understand how people feel, and is a slightly lonely Koopaling.
Gwendoline T. Koopa is one of the nicest Koopalings, and she has an obsession with scarves and poison mushrooms. She resembles Lemmy, Wendy and Ellen.
Maxie Koopa.png
Maxie Koopa is one of the only Koopalings related to Peach, as she is Bowser and Peach's daughter. She has an obsession with Bloopers and Cheep Cheeps.
Maxwell koopa.png
Maxwell Koopa is a Koopaling who has the classic colors. Also known as the Classic Koopaling. He is Bowser's child.


Character Description
Mortisha Koopa is Bowser's niece. Her mother Becki Koopa died via electrocution so she stays with Bowser and the Koopalings. Her necklace gives her special mind reading abilities.
Iago Koopa is a crazy Koopaling, who has a magic wand like Kamek. He is Bowser's nephew. It is unknown why he lives with Bowser.

Adopted With Reasoning

Character Description
Lavora Koopa is the eldest of the fanon Koopalings. She has an interest in rock music. She is one of the few Koopaling with full gold-blonde hair and has a bow wrapped on her tail.
Thomas E. Koopa is a crazy inventor who created the Lightbulb Goomba, and is rivals with Ludwig.
Pyotr 3D.png
Pyotr I. Koopa, a Koopaling that often taunts Wendy and Lavora, and has a Magic Paintbrush. He used to be loyal until Roy came along. He is the third-oldest fanon Koopaling.
Angelo Koopa is a gentle Koopaling. He's known to break up fights between his siblings, and wields potent healing magic.
Patti Lee Koopa is a smart, but lazy Koopaling. She enjoys music and plays the guitar. She is known to prank her siblings often, like Ross.
Edwin B. Koopa is a Koopaling who lost his tooth when he was 11. He hates Luigi, similar to Bazyli, and has a love for cheese.
Mulgarth Koopa has love for nature. He prefers to hang around Tim, for his rocks, which is nature-related and Gwendoline because he loves her poison mushrooms. Otherwise, he likes to say alone often.
One of the intelligent Koopalings, Ross Koopa is a prankster. He often gets on the nerves of most of his siblings.
The calmest of all Koopalings, Ellen D. Koopa is known to be the peacemaker and is calm, until someone calls her a "goody two-shoes". Watch out! She was born between Iggy and Dolly.
Koopa form of Ameria .jpeg
A Koopaling who was actually a human, Ameria Koopa was kidnapped by Bowser and became a Koopaling by Kamek. She is also a princess.
Theo Koopa 3D by DNF.png
Theo J. Koopa is a mischievous (and slightly dangerous) Koopaling who is addicted to machine guns. He is similar to Larry, and hangs out with him.
Bazyli Koopa is a Koopaling who lost his arm and got it replaced by an arm cannon.
Koopa Gaga 3D.png
Lady G. Koopa is a sly Koopaling who is incredibly mean and two faced. She is quadruplets with Larry, Kris and Jackson.
Jackson Koopa considers himself as the coolest of all Koopalings. He is extremely cocky and ignorant. He resembles Larry, Lady and Kris, due to being quadruplets with them.
Harley B. Koopa NSMBVR.png
Harley B. Koopa is a Koopaling who has his own troops. He is strict and bossy, and resembles Morton. He was the first fanon Koopaling to be created that has not been deleted.
Jacob Koopa.png
Jacob Koopa is a hypothetical Koopaling that is the offspring of Bowser and Peach. He prefers to be alone and likes trains.
Justin T. Koopa is a dragon-posessed Koopaling who's clever and has a love for magic. He hangs around Iggy, Lemmy, Tim, and Larry, and frequents around Dragonia from time to time.
Lemmy Matthew
Lemmy Matthew Koopa is the older twin brother to Pietro Koopa. He is nice and caring.
Dragonia Koopa is a very magical Koopaling, and also the second youngest. Dragonia is not very powerful but she is good at dodging attacks, and has some useful magical abilities.
Old Persephone Art I Decided to Color.png
Technically speaking, Persephone Koopa is indeed Bowser's daughter, but she is Peach's biological daughter as well. She has her own Chomplet.

Slave/Adopted With No Specific Reasoning

Character Description
Risen Koopa is an adopted Koopaling who serves as Bowser's slave, being treated the worst, although Bowser has been treating him better lately. The iris around the pupil of his eye changes color together with his mood. He hangs out with Roy and admires Kevin.
Kris C. Koopa is a lost Koopaling who is a twin to Larry and born in a Yoshi Egg and is addicted to violence, destruction, and conquering. He lived with his great grandfather, Christian Koopa, until he was 9, when Bowser re-adopted him.
Tim J. Koopa NSMBVR.png
Tim J. Koopa is a Koopaling that seems to be related to Larry, Iggy and Lemmy, probably due to looking like them. He is obsessed with all kinds of rocks.
Matthew Jr
Matthew Koopa Jr is the twin brother to Morton Koopa Jr. Matthew is a unique Koopaling and an artist. He doesn't get along with Morton very well, though.
Th (12) kindlephoto-100422465.jpg
Lincoln Koopa is a shy, innocent, and calming Koopaling.
Larry Koopa kindlephoto-2272334.png
Logan C Koopa is a pretty crazy Koopaling.


Character Description
Dhuwor Koopa was an ancient prince of the Koopas. He was skilled at wielding the blade and is possibly an ancestor of Harley.
This Koopaling was originally one of the first born children, but she died as a child. However, Bowser's wife had her body modified, so Jinkesse Koopa is now a cyborg. Bowser's wife (Clawdia Koopa) died one day before Jinkesse could be reactivated.
Alex Ember Koopa was an unusual Koopaling with the power of electricity, and he is not a child nor adopted by Bowser, but he is also the most agile and one of the most dangerous Koopalings, and he was one of the few Koopalings whose got respected properly by Bowser Jr. He lived in the basement along with his parents before he became a Koopaling.
Noah Koopa is a Koopaling from an alternate universe where the events of Super Mario Bros. 3 never occurred, along with other things that never happened, severely altering the history in that universe. After somehow being transported to the mainstream Marioverse, Bowser accepted Noah as his own, and so did his new brothers and sisters. Noah is represented in both Nintendoverse and Fantendoverse canon
New Pietro Koopa Design.png
Pietro Koopa is a Koopaling who Iggy Koopa accidentally hatched from an egg. Possibly the most idiotic out of all the Koopalings.
Wyvane Koopa is a Koopaling that doesn't seem to relate to Bowser or any of the others except possibly Iggy Koopa. A knight with a strong will and semi insane personality, he seems to be on his own side, fighting for no one but himself. It is said that Bowser once kidnapped this Koopaling, but the king was only met with his own downfall.
Lammy Koopa is a Koopa that is a cloned fusion of Larry and Lemmy.
Jumpy 3D - Jumping 2051.png
Jumpy Koopa is a normal Koopa Troopa who was given the rank of "honorary Koopaling" after defeating Mario.
While having no association with Bowser whatsoever, she becomes very good friends with Bowser Jr when he's older. She resides alone in the Soda Jungle and only leaves if she absolutely has too.
Drake Koopa Aiva.png
Like Aiva, he has no association with Bowser. He currently lives with his mother and sister waiting for his brother to return home one day.
Wolfgang Wolfgang claims to be Bowser's son, but is in unknown if he actually is related to Bowser as Bowser does not recognize him. Regardless, he is a high-ranking member of the Koopalings who hopes to make his supposed father proud.
Jackie Koopa.png
Jackie Koopa is an advisor to the Koopa Troop and a close assistant to Bowser.

Joke Koopalings

Character Description
Koopario Koopa is not like the others; he just doesn't belong with them. Luckily, he doesn't live with them.
Poopbutt (Classic)
Poopbutt Koopa came during a particularly bad bathroom break. Poopbutt Koopa is the most gentlemanly Koopaling that ever kooped, and holds doors for everyone except Waluigi because Waluigi.
Shaq Koopa.png
Shaq Koopa came into existence when another Koopaling in the very distant future of the Mushroom Kingdom mutated a Shaq head and started challenging unsuspecting victims to basketball death games.
Death the koopa.png
Death the Koopa, not to be confused by Death Koopa, was originally a slave, but then was officialy adopted by Bowser when he noticed his potential, although, Bowser disowned Death after Death killed Roy Koopa, so Death ran away and stayed with his longtime best friend; Makoopa.
Eterna T. Koopa (Transparent).png
Eterna T. Koopa is a genetically-created hybrid of the original seven Koopalings. They were made to fight Mario, and will stop at nothing to kill him. They have all the abilities of the Koopalings combined.
Screenshot 34 -removebg-preview (1).png
Logic D. Koopa
Logic D. Koopa is a Koopa who lives outside the fourth wall and is obsessed with Ludwig. He follows him around and lives in his shadow. He grows spiteful as Ludwig scams him into doing more ridiculous stuff; however; this doesn't sway his love of content. He enjoys speedrunning Super Mario 64 and making love to Caanths.

Alternate Versions

Group Description
The Gnilapooks Nanock are hue-rotated versions of the seven canon Koopalings from an alternate universe. They are survivors of attacks from the evil Okonik Troop. They consist of Irral, Notrom II, O'Idnew, Iggi, Yor, Immel, and Dull.
Rekkaling Group Photo.png
The Rekkalings are members of the Rekka species and alternate dimension counterparts to the seven canon Koopalings. Under the rule of Trizer, their goal is to steal Power Stars and hinder Mario. They consist of Hue, Hannibal, Joan, Khan, Julius, Napoleon, and Alexander.

Fanon appearances

New Super Mario Baseball

The seven canon Koopalings form their own baseball team, along with Boom Boom and Mecha-Koopa.

Super Mario Bros. Koopaling Chaos

The Koopalings, along with some friends, try to destroy the Mario Bros. in this game because Bowser says if they successfully defeat them and kidnapped Peach, he will buy them all toys.

Super Mario Galaxy 3: Return to the Cosmos

All 8 of them in New Super Mario Bros. Omega (9 if you include Bowser Jr.) have a very important role in the story. For Worlds 1-9, they have the Grand Stars to gain acess to the next world. Eack Koopaling has a different machine to help defeat Mario once and for all.

  • Koopaling-World-Machine-How to Defeat
  • Larry Koopa-World 1-Giant Bowser Blimp-Throw a Koopa Shell at the red windows. There's 4 of them, hit all four and you beated him.
  • Iggy Koopa-World 2-Crust-a-leg-Use Cloud Flower to reach the foot. Use Rock Mushroom to roll up to the head. And use the Spin Drill to hit it's core. Do it 3 times and you win.
  • Wendy O. Koopa-World 3-Water Machine-When underwater, toss a Koopa Shell at the arms legs and heart 2 times each (10 hits in total) to beat her.
  • Roy Koopa-World 4-Twomp Smasher-Jump on the top of the machine and ground pound on the button 3 times to short-circuit it.
  • Morton Koopa Jr.-World 5-Mecha Bowser-Use the Gravity Flower to toss the Bullet Bill right back on Mecha Bowser. Do it 4 times and you win the battle.
  • Ludwig von Koopa-World 6-Train of Koopa-Use the Hammer Suit to hit the train when it gets close. Do it 6 times in the battle.
  • Lemmy Koopa-World 7-Big Boom Bash-Uses the Racoon Leaf to fly up to the top of the machine and ground pound on the glass 4 times.
  • Lavora Koopa-World 8-Bowser's Clown Car-Throw a Mechakoopa on her head 2 time and she'll add Bullet Bill Launchers. After 4 hits, she'll add a laser effect. 6 times, and she's down for the count.
  • Bowser Jr.-World 9-Bowser Jr.'s Mario Squasher-Uses the Bob-omb Suit to toss a bomb at Bowser Jr.'s Hammers 5 times each.
  • In World 10, you'll fight Bowser.

Mario 3D World

The Koopalings are bosses throughout the game. When originally fought, they are fought like in SMB3 (however, Lemmy and Wendy blast normal things and Tim blast rocks [which work the same]), but in the "second quest", they are fought like in SMW (more in detail below)

  • Koopaling Name - First Quest Battle - Second Quest Battle
  • Iggy Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He walks back and forth spitting fireballs. You must knock him into the lava by jumping on him.
  • Morton Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He climbs up the walls and tries to land on you. You must jump on his head three times.
  • Lemmy Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He jumps out of pipes, with clones. You must jump on the real Lemmy's head three times.
  • Dragonia Koopa - She walks around, blasting magic - She rides on a winged block (flying backwards throughout a side-scrolling level) spitting fireballs at you. You must use a Cape to fly up to her and land on her head three times
  • Ludwig Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He runs around, shell slides, breathes fire and jumps at you. You must jump on his head three times.
  • Ellen Koopa - She walks around, blasting magic - She rides on a winged block (flying backwards throughout a side-scrolling level) spitting fireballs at you. You must use a Cape to fly up to her and land on her head three times. Unlike Dragonia's battle, sometimes the screen will start scrolling the other way.
  • Tim Koopa - He walks around, throwing rocks - He jumps out of pipes, with clones. You must jump on the real Tim's head three times. Unlike Lemmy's battle, all of the Tims will throw rocks throughout the battle.
  • Roy Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He climbs up the walls and tries to land on you. You must jump on his head three times. Unlike Morton's battle, when Roy lands on the ground, the ground shakes and you get stunned.
  • Wendy Koopa - She walks around, blasting magic - She walks around, blasting magic, but the room will often fill up with water. Unlike the other battles, Wendy has her own- it's based off of NSMBW.
  • Lavora Koopa - She walks around, blasting magic - She runs around, shell slides, breathes fire and jumps at you. You must jump on her head three times. Unlike Ludwig's battle, Lavora also occasionally blast you with her wand.
  • Larry Koopa - He walks around, blasting magic - He walks back and forth spitting fireballs. You must knock him into the lava by jumping on him. Unlike Iggy's battle, Larry can jump on you to knock you back as well.
  • Bowser Jr. - He throws shells at you and hides when you try to jump on him. You must throw his shells back at him. He repeats this when fighting him with Kamek - He does the same thing, but now breathes fire too. He still repeats this when fought with Kamek.

Super Mario World DX

The Koopalings return in this game. Unlike other games, they are only fought in their airships, as the Castles have unique bosses.

  • Larry Koopa- Boss of Plain Plains- Larry flies around with magic and fires explosive magic bolts. To damage him, you must use the nearby Bullet Box to fire Bullet Bills at him.
  • Morton Koopa Jr.- Boss of Sunny Wasteland- Morton crawls around in a special area above the battlefield. The floor of this area and the celing of the battlefield are large spike on bungee cords attached to the ceiling. Morton will use his staff to summon Goombas, and will occasionaly charge up a smash attack that impales the spuike into the floor. You must jump on his head while the spike is in the floor.
  • Alex Ember Koopa- Boss of Sweetsnow Land- During the boss battle, Alex fuses his electric powers with the cold climate of his domain. He can fire snowstorm-like pulses that freeze the floor. Jumping on him will damage him, but every time you do so, Alex will electrify the melting ice to try to deal damage.

DX Super Mario Bros.

The Koopalings play an important role in this game. Not only do the majority fight Mario, but this game also introduces a new Koopaling.

Kirby: Bowser in Dreamland

The Koopalings to get Battle Between with Kirby & Koopalings to Fight.

 Super Mario Madness

The Koopalings are main bosses of the game, among with Bowser Jr. and Bowser (the rest are "Task Bosses", being sub-bosses). It also introduces Alex Ember Koopa, the electrifying Koopaling who is fought in Electro Factory.

Super Mario Bros. Ultra

The Koopalings are the main bosses of the game. They work for Bowser again, and they are the ruler of the first 7 castle. Nothing much more than that is specified by the creator of this game. Morton is the first boss, Wendy is second, Larry is third, Ludwig is fourth, Roy is fifth, Iggy is sixth and Lemmy is last Koopalings to fought.

Lets-a-go, Mario

The Koopalings appear in Lets-a-go, Mario, again, as bosses. However, they only appear in the Nostalgic Area and some DLC Areas. The seven and Kamek are fought in the same castle, each with their own mini-levels leading up to their battles. Each Koopaling has a moveset composed of moves from their previous fights with Mario.

Tim, Lavora, Alex, Dragonia, and Ellen are the only fanon Koopalings that can be downloaded thus far.

Newer Super Mario Bros U

The Koopalings are the main bosses in this game. Roy, Wendy, Iggy, Larry, Morton and Lemmy are the ruler of the six worlds before the final world, while Ludwig is the mini-boss in the Bowser's world. Each of them are fought in their own airships, unlike the previous NSMB titles. This time the Koopalings aren't so easy to take down, as they are stronger than the previous titles. This time, Roy is the first Koopaling, Wendy's the second, Iggy and Larry are two bosses on the same plan, as the player can choose to have to deal with Tomato Jungle and Banana Beach respectively (just like to Sparkling waters and Frosted Glacier in NSMBU), even though Iggy is technically the third one and Larry the fourth one, Morton the fifth one, Lemmy the sixth one and the second-to last, leaving Ludwig as the last Koopaling to be fought.

Super Mario and the 8 Elemental Crystals

The original 7 plus Bowser Jr. appear as bosses in this game.

  1. 1: Wendy's Bolt-Strike Castle (Grassy Hills)
  2. 2: Lemmy's Sand Spout Castle (Desert Dunes)
  3. 3: Morton's Vine-Swing Castle (Swampy-Branch Jungle)
  4. 4: Ludwig's Flooded Castle (Shoreline Beach)
  5. 5: Larry's Slippy-Slope Castle (Glacier Pass)
  6. 6: Roy's Pillar-Spike Castle (Sunny Cloudway)
  7. 7: Iggy's Artillery Castle (Great Stone Mountains)
  8. 8: Bowser Jr.'s Bomb-Blow Castle (Valley of Despair)

Paper Mario: Rebooted

The Koopalings make their Paper Mario debuts in Paper Mario: rebooted, but they are fighting against each-other, since Bowser has gone missing.

Mushroom War

The Koopalings are a collection of villains featured as recurring bosses and allies in the online game, Mushroom War. In this game, their actual relation to Bowser is specified: The Koopalings are revealed to in fact be King Bowser's children, which he fathered with his since-deceased spouse; however, with their multitude of failures to stop the Mario brothers, Bowser has since officially disowned them all, and now favors his youngest son, Bowser, Jr. However, each has been afforded a small parcel of land, becoming vassals of Bowser's great Dark Kingdom, while Bowser Jr is the rightful heir to the throne. The Koopa Kids are also revealed to be direct clones of Bowser, and as such, the three remaining loyal Koopa Kids can, on occasion, be seen trying to boss the Koopalings around or even insisting on them calling the Kids "dad", "father", or "pops", depending on which Koopa Kid is being insistent.

For those who choose to side with Bowser and the Koopa Troop, the Koopalings act as quest givers instead of bosses, often providing small skirmish missions to raid other kingdoms but also attempts to sabotage the other Koopalings' duchies.

Mario & Luigi: Heroes Through Time

One Koopaling from the original Super Mario Bros. 3 will appear in this game. The order is as follows for the towers of the worlds they reside in.

  • World 1: Larry
  • World 2: Morton
  • World 3: Wendy
  • World 4: Lemmy
  • World 5: Ludwig
  • World 6: Iggy
  • World 7: Roy

In addition, Baby Bowser appears in the tower of World 8.

Yoshi's Brand New Island: Baby Bonanza!

The Koopalings are sent by Bowser to cause mayhem in the past while he captures Baby Peach. Yoshi (With Baby Mario and Baby Luigi) must fight them in the shown order.

  • World 1: Larry
  • World 2: Morton
  • World 3: Wendy
  • World Mushroom: Iggy
  • World 4: Lemmy
  • World 5: Ludwig
  • World Flower: Roy

The tower in World 8 is occupied by Kamek in this game.

New Super Toad Bros.

Seven Koopalings, entitled the Super Koopa Seven, are set to appear in this upcoming game.

Hotel Mario 2 (Wii U)

The Koopalings appear in Hotel Mario 2. The Koopalings rule over 7 floors. Larry will be in the first, Wendy will be in the second, Morton will be in the third, Iggy will be in the fourth, Roy will be in the fifth, Lemmy will be in the sixth, and Ludwig will be in the seventh. All the Koopalings will be fought in the final boss.

Paper Mario: Outbreak of Evil

The seven Canon Koopalings appear in Paper Mario: Outbreak of Evil, doing Dark Bowser's bidding. They appear in the even numbered chapters. They appear, and fight, as follows.

  • Larry appears in Chapter 2, and is fought at Shady Swamp, working with Bowser Jr. to take the Camelia Crystal from the Monty Mines. He has 12 HP, 2 attack, and 1 defense. He uses his magic wand to attack, jumps on you, and hits you and your partner with his shell. At certain points, he will leap onto a tree branch and be out of range, and you must use your newest partner to attack him. He and Junior catch up to you in the mines, but flee in terror when the Chapter Boss arrives. 
  • Lemmy appears in the Craft Box in Chapter 4, performing for a group of Shy Guys instead of getting the Emerald Crystal. He has 20 HP, 2 attack, and 1 defense. He attacks by ramming you with his ball, spinning into you in his shell, and kicking bouncy balls at you. After defeat, his ball pops like a balloon and carries him away.
  • ​​​​​​ Wendy appears in Chapter 6. She and Junior have seperatly entered the Tournament of Magicala Theater to get the Amythest Crystal. Her Max HP is 25, attack is 3, and Defense is 2. She tosses rings at you, slams into you while in her shell, creates duplicates, and has a fancy shell flip attack. After defeat, she storms away in a huff after not being able to defeat Mario.
  • Roy appears in Chapter 8, assisting Junior and Kamek in stealing the Amber Crystal. He has a Max HP of 35, attack of 5, and Defense of 2. He wields his Bill Bazooka from NSMBU and Color Splash. He rams you while in his shell, launches Bullet Bills at you, launches a Bullseye Bill that pierces Defense, and does a flipping slam that launches two Bullet Bills. He can also summon two Bullseye Bills into the fight. After his defeat, his bazooka jams and blows up in his face, knocking him unconscious.
  • Ludwig appears in Chapter 10, having led the Cyrmtail into the Cake Top to chase off the guardians of the Jade Crystal. He battles Mario to fully gauge his strength. He has a Max HP of 50, Attack of 4, and Defense of 3. He launches three fireballs at once, slams into you in his shell, launches a homing magic spell that pierces defense, floats into the air, and creates copys of himself. After his defeat, he falls in the icing and gets stuck.
  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Iggy appears in Chapter 12, having built a revamped Mechawiggler to get the Opal Crystal form New Donk City. He has a Max HP of 50, Attack of 4, and Defense of 3. He launches magic, rams you with his shell, summons and tosses a Chomp at you, summons a Chain Chomp, and divekicks into you. Upon defeat, he hops into the Mechawiggler's cockpit and inintiates the Chapter Boss. After the fight, the Mechawiggler explodes, launching Iggy away.
  • ​​​​​​​Morton appears in Chapter 14, as one of Bowser's enforcers. He has a Max HP of 80, attack of 6, and defense of 4. He attacks with shell slams, hammer swings, flipping hammer strikes, boulder kicking, ground pounding, and his equivalent of Fire Drive. Upon defeat, he stomps enough to drop a rock form nearby on his head, knocking him out.​​​​​​​

New Super Dry Bones Bros.

When Dark Bowser succeeded in kidnapping all the Dry Bones (Minus Dark Bones), he mind-controlled the now heartbroken Koopalings, save for Morton who he kept as a slave. They appear in the Castle of each world.

  • Larry Koopa (Leafy Plains): Simply runs around and shoots blue fireballs from his wand. The walls close in on the player, making the arena smaller, every round.
  • Morton Koopa Jr. (Dairy Desert): Runs around and shoots purple fireballs. Puts up a similar fight to Larry, although he shoots fireballs more often and his fireballs are faster. Lava bubbles will begin showing up once you stomp on him once.
  • Wendy O. Koopa (Peanut Poolside): Jumps around and calls for Cheep Cheeps to attack the player. Sometimes, Cheep Cheeps come out of pipes on the walls of the arena, especially later on in the fight.
  • Iggy Koopa (Pyre Pillar): Jumps about and shoots green fireballs in sets of three. Sometimes, he'll shoot a single red fireball which, if it touches the lava beneath the arena, creates a giant mouth that attempts to eat the player.
  • Lemmy Koopa (Frosted Falls): Rides on his ball, in a frozen room with icicles of various lengths. He will often jump or shoot golden fireballs in sets of three to knock these icicles down.
  • Ludwig von Koopa (Misty Mount): Shoots homing blue fireballs. Should you stomp on him, four blue fireballs will appear and attempt to home in on the player during his Shell Spin. The arena is full of moving platforms and has spikes on the ceiling.
  • Roy Koopa (Savvy Skies): Fights on a platform held by a chain over lava, complete with Lava Bubbles. Mostly shoots bouncing pink fireballs which turn into Lava Bubbles if they hit the lava, but also uses Ground Pounds that, while they don't stun the player, release blue shockwaves that deal damage. After two stomps, he now releases purple shockwaves which are taller and thus harder to avoid.
  • Bowser Jr. (Pyre Pillar, Misty Mount and Bowser's Castle): Tosses Bob-Oms in sets of two (three in his third phase) as well as fireballs and Mechakoopas from his Junior Clown Car. The player must use Propeller Blocks to get high enough to land a hit. In Bowser's Castle, he now rides the Koopa Clown Car and shoots giant spiked bombs which must be launched at him with a ground-pound.

Subspace Emissary Bros.

All seven Canon Koopalings appear in boss battles near the start of the game.

  • Larry: Fights Mario, Link and Kirby
  • Morton: Fights Firion and Leon
  • Wendy: Fights Diddy Kong and Fox
  • Iggy: Fights Rosalina and Yoshi
  • Lemmy: Fights Lucas and Ness
  • Roy: Fights Terra and Pac-Man
  • Ludwig: Fights Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu

New Super Mario World

All the seven Koopalings will appear in the upcoming Switch Game New Super Mario World. In this game, they're shown to be faithful servants of Bowser, but it's hinted here and there that they're genuinely worried about their boss' ambitions, which in this game have to do with the ancient and dangerous powers of the late Duke Orion. They're ordered by Bowser anyway to invade all the kingdoms of the Duke Orion to steal the seven amulets who have kept the Duke magic quiet for 1500 years; Iggy is ordered to take care of the first world, Kibble Valley, Roy invades the second world, Nut Wasteland, Wendy is given the third world, Coconout Waterpark, Ludwig guards the fourth world, Rotten Glacier, Morton rules over the fifth world, Crispy Forest, Lemmy controls the sixth world, Sugary Canyon, and Larry is ordered to keep an eye on the seventh world, Cheese Moon City. Each Koopalings brings havoc in their respective world and causes some major plot events: Iggy for one unleashes the Scoundrogoss rage on Kibble Valley (likely referencing The Baskerville Hound). They all come back in Bowser's Pit-Castle, to try to stop Mario and his friends all together. They however survive the fight, and it's soon revealed that the fight was just a trap for Bowser to steal all the 7 amulets all together. The Koopalings follow their leader up to the final castle, where they realize Duke Orion has taken over Bowser and that their own safety is in danger. Thus, in a curious twist, they aid Mario and his friends in the final battle, launching over the battlefield Power-Ups, or destroying some minor obstacles.

Mario & Luigi Partners in Time + Ludwig's Legend

The seven canon Koopalings appear as playable characters in the side story Ludwig's Legend. They each have their own movesets and statistics, making gameplay varied. A younger version of Ludwig also makes his debut in this game.


All of the Koopalings, including deleted ones, will appear in DanganKoopa as major characters. In this game, they are all students with ultimate talents who attend Kaen Academy.

St. Clair Publications

  • The Koopalings appear in Koopa Troopa, as allies. However, you can only use them (and Bowser Jr.) in this capacity close to the end of the game, after you've overthrown Bowser and are preparing for the final battle against Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom. They are NPC's until then.
  • The Koopalings are playable characters on Super Smash Stadium. On this show, they are actually separate characters from Bowser Jr., and as such, have their own moveset. They debuted alongside Mushroom Kingdom 3, late in the show's second season. The Koopalings are also unique in that each "costume" has separate stats. The "costumes" go in the order you fight them in Super Mario Bros. 3, and the eighth "costume" is a Lost Koopaling that appears only in beta elements for Super Mario World 1.


  • In the official guide for Super Mario Bros. 3, Boom Boom was dubbed the "Forgotten Koopaling".
  • Kevin, Bowser Jr., Gwendoline and Dolly are the only ones that are Bowser's biological children.
  • Larry, Morton, Wendy, Iggy, Roy, Lemmy, Ludwig, and Bowser Jr. are the only ones with their own personal Koopa Clown Car. This is likely due to them being the only canonical Koopalings.
    • However, Jackson, Pietro and Iago have their own personal Clown Cars as well, although Jackson stole his from Bowser Jr. and customized it.
  • The Koopalings appear to have inspired other similar squads.


Singular Art

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