A green Koopa Shell.

Koopa Shells are the turtle shells worn by Koopa Troopas. They have hexagon-shaped scales and a beige-yellow border. They can be used as weapon when kicked by Mario or his friends, and they can have different effects depending on the variety. In some games, the Koopa stays inside of the shell when it retreats and will reappear, while in others it pops out of the shell and becomes a Beach Koopa.

List of different Koopa Shells

Koopa Shell Description
Green Shell
It just bounces off and off. Nothing special.
Red Shell
Famous because of a special homing effect in Mario Kart.
Blue Shell
This item can be used as a Power-Up for Mario.
Paratroopa Shell
Like the Blue Shell, it can be used as a Power-Up for Mario.
Magma Shell
Similar to the Blue Shell in that it can be used as a power-up, but a trail of flames follows him if he dashes. He can also swim in lava.
Bowser Shell.png
King Koopa Shell/Bowser Shell
Causes more damage than a regular shell.
Ice Shell.png
Ice Shell
Anyone who touches this will be frozen...
Gold Shell
Can hit three players before breaking in Mario Kart.
Silver Shell
Can hit all the rivals that are ahead of than the user in Mario Kart.
Yellow Shell
It's so heavy... it will hurt a lot!
Pink Shell
Pink Shells come from Koopas that are twice as slow, but the actual shell when launched is twice as fast.
Orange Shell MKS.png
Orange Shell
No shell is as fast as this one!
Limegreen Shell NSKB.png
Limegreen Shell
These shells belong to Shellcreepers, and will break directly through rows of brick blocks rather than bouncing back and forth.
Spring Shell
This Shell can make jumps with a spring.
Black Koopa Shell.png
Black Shell
Explosive when come into contact with rival racers in Mario Kart.
Red Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii.png
Spiny Shell
Originally from Spinies. Could hit hard!
Spiny Shell - Mario Kart Wii.png
Blue Spiny Shell
Goes straight for the leader of the race in Mario Kart.
Buzzy Beetle Shell SMWU.png
Buzzy Beetle Shell
Originally from Buzzy Beetles. Mario could wear these as hats to protect from damage from above.


Super Smash Bros. Dark Forces

A wide variety of Koopa Shells will appear in this game as a category of items.


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