All of Mario's enemies are now racing in 3D!
Fingerface Co.

Koopa Kart 3D
Koopa Kart 3DS.png
Developer(s) Fingerface Co.
Publisher(s) Logo.png
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Racing
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png July 20, 2011
25px-Flag of USA.png August 2, 2011
25px-Flag of Europe.png August 15, 2011
25px-Flag of Australia.png TBA 2011
Mode(s) 1 Player

1-8 (Wi-Fi)

Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg
Media Included Nintendo 3DS Card

Koopa Kart 3D is the fourth installment of the Koopa Kart Series. It was released only for the Nintendo 3DS. It features fifteen characters, 9 default, 6 unlockable. Eight characters can race at the same time, allowing eight characters to connect over Wi-Fi.




Character Description
Goomba Goombas have returned to the Koopa Kart Series. However, they're still as speedy as they'll ever be.
Shy Guy These shy little creatures wearing masks and cloaks aren't shy when it comes to showing off at the race track.
Boo Boos try to act scary, but their really just scared of the competition in this game.


Bob-Omb Bob-Ombs are ready to explode in the face of the competition they have this year.
Cheep-Cheep Cheep-Cheeps have returned to swim right past the rest of their competition.



Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopas have returned, because, after all, Koopa Kart is Koopoa Kart, and what is it without its mascot.
Dry Bones Koopa Troopas bony counterpart has also returned, because Koopa based enemies are always welcome.
Koopa Paratroopa Koopa Troopas flying counterparts have also made their return as a member of the Koopa Troopa Trio.


Blooper Bloopers have once again shown themselves in a Koopa Kart game, representing water enemies.
Magikoopa So called "magical" Koopa Troopas are going to have to rely on skill to win the championship in this game.



Piranha Plant Maybe they have a lack of eyeballs, but that never stopped Piranha Plants from attacking Mario, and that's how they can race.
Lakitu They usually float above and observe, but now Lakitu's have been caught in the middle of all the action.
Chain Chomp Chain Chomps sure know how to tear through the competition, so I'd stay out of their way.


Boomerang Bro. These guys have wanted in for a while, and now that Hammer Bros. are gone, it's their chance to make it happen.
Cataquack They started out on the beach, and worked their way up to the race car.


This game is mostly the same as the other Koopa Kart games. It features 15 playable characters, eight can race at the same time. It also includes Wi-Fi connection, where up to eight players can race, battle, or just chat. Battle mode returns. Also, chatting is a new feature that allows people to connect and talk to each other using the mic in the Nintendo 3DS. It is the first Koopa Kart game in 3D.


Character Speed Weight Off-Road Mini-Turbo
Goomba 2 - - 2
Shy Guy - - - 3
Boo 1 - - 3
Bob-Omb - 1 1 1
Cheep-Cheep - - 2 -
Koopa Troopa - - 2 -
Dry Bones 1 - 3 -
Koopa Paratroopa 2 1 - 1
Magikoopa 1 - - 2
Blooper - - - 2
Piranha Plant - - 2 -
Lakitu - - 2 -
Chain Chomp 3 4 - -
Boomerang Bros. - 2 - 1
Cataquack 3 1 - -

Item List


  • The light characters are just the same as the ones in the original Koopa Kart game.
  • This is the first Koopa Kart game released for the 3DS, making it the first Koopa Kart game in 3D.
  • Boomerang Bros. replace Hammer Bros.



  • Goomba: Standard GB, Paragoomba, Goomba Plane
  • Shy Guy: Standard SG, Snowboard Tricks, B-Dasher
  • Boo: Standard BO, Boo Pipes, Poltergust 4000
  • Bob-Omb: Standard BM, Pipe Frame, Exploding Circuits
  • Cheep-Cheep: Standard CC, Cheep Charger, Sidestepper


  • Koopa Troopa: Standard KT, Shell Rider, Shellcreeper
  • Dry Bones: Standard DB, Dry Shell Rider, Dry Bowser
  • Koopa Paratroopa: Standard KP, Para-Shell Rider, Sky-High Racer
  • Blooper: Standard BP, Gooper Blooper, Tiny Tug
  • Kamek: Standard KM, Tree Mobile, Koopa Clown


  • Piranha Plant: Standard PP, Piranha Pipes, Piranha Prowler
  • Lakitu: Standard LK, Cloud 9, Tiny Titan
  • Chain Chomp: Standard CH, Chomp Pipes, Chomp Prowler
  • Boomerang Bro.: Standard BB, Boomerang Flower, Boomerang Helmet
  • Cataquack: Standard CQ, Quacker, Teddy Buggy


Shell Cup

  • Koopa Circuit
  • Chain Chomp Gardens
  • Bob-Omb Raceway
  • Forest of Kamek

Pipe Cup

  • Piranha Plant Circuit
  • Shy Guy Snowboard
  • Boo Boardwalk
  • Paratroopa Pipeway

Galoomba Cup

  • Goomba Circuit
  • Cataquack Beach
  • Magikoopa Highway
  • Boomerang Airlines

Cheep Cup

  • Cheep Cheep Circuit
  • Blooper Bay
  • Bowser's Castle
  • Rainbow Road


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