Koo-Koo Puffs is a game made by TreeHouse Games and it is for the Nintendo 3DS.


The gameplay is very similar Super Mario 3D Land.


Three puffs, Kip, Law, & Holly were working in the pizza place. When suddenly, it's Sharper! He stole the pizza. It's up to the puffs to retrieve it.

More to come...


  • Kip-A yellow puff & the main hero.
  • Law-A blue puff with glasses.
  • Holly-A pink puff with a bow on her head.
  • Sharper-A evil puff.
  • False Sharpers-Racoon-tailed Sharpers.
  • Pik, Wal, & Ylloh-Evil counterparts of the puffs.
  • Falifan-Sharper's slave.
  • Puppet-A gray puppet from The Upside-Down Show that helps Kip and friends to stop Sharper.

Worlds & Levels

It is confirmed to have 12 worlds with 8 levels each.


Beta Elements

Koo-Koo Puffs/Beta Elements

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