Koby (series)
Koby! Logo
Developer(s) Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu logo
Publisher(s) Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu logo
Genre(s) Platformer/RPG/Sports
Spinoff(s) List
First Game Koby the GAME (1977)
Most Recent Game Koby Bozana (2019)
Any Platform of Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu
The Koby! series is a media franchise consisting of video games and other media published by Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu. Koby, the titular main character, is a fictional germ who lives in the fantasy realm, the Federated Queendom, serving as its prince. The franchise was created by Yuen Ah-lam, when he was an employee, and most of the series' games are usually created and released by Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu themselves, although other games have been developed by other companies under Bahuaiyunqiliugeidiyu's supervision.

Koby is getting an upcoming movie named Hyper Koby Sibs! in October 2019 by Sony.

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