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Knuckles the Echidna

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AGE 16
CLASS Guardian
Look, there's absolutely NO WAY you will succeed with whatever it is you're up to. You've tricked me lots of times before, but it won't happen this time. TIME TO GO HYPER!
Knuckles, Sonic: A Hedgehog in Time

Knuckles the Echidna, also known simply as Knuckles or even Knux, is a friend and rival of Sonic the Hedgehog, as well as a past enemy. Knuckles is often portrayed as a loner, and doesn't work with many people unless it is absolutely necessary.

Knuckles lives and was born on Angel Island, which hovers in the sky due to the power of the Master Emerald. He is the last surviving member of the Echidna people who guarded this emerald; thus, it is his duty to protect it from getting into the wrong hands.

Game Appearances

Sonic Dash

Knuckles is confirmed to be a playable character in Sonic Dash. His plot seems to involve Rouge the Bat stealing the Master Emerald.

Super Smash Bros. Series

Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat

Knuckles appears as a downloadable playable character in Super Smash Bros. Blue Heat. His attacks are very powerful, and he is somewhat quick. His Final Smash is called "Ground Smash." Once the Smash Ball is obtained, Knuckles' fists grow to massive proportions and he aggressively pounds the ground around him, dealing damage to his unfortunate nearby opponents.

Super Smash Bros. Zero

Knuckles is again playable as a unlockable in Super Smash Bros. Zero, he will have a big role in the storyline.

Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated

Knuckles appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. DS: Rise of the Defeated. He's one of the strongest characters.

Super Smash Bros. Charged!

Knuckles appears as a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Charged!.He very powerful character

Pikachu's Final Destiny

Knuckles can be seen playing hide and seek with Sonic, Tails and Amy. At one cutscene he hides in a very dark shelter along with Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow, Blaze, Silver, Kirby and Link to hide from Mewtwo's Soul Stars.

Pikachu's Final Destiny 2

Knuckles will appear as an ally to Mr. Lucario, breaking rocks that Wobbuffet has put. He also tells Pikachu any victims being kidnapped, like if Torchic is kidnapped, he will say "I see a red Pokemon in Meowth's sack. Go and catch him now!"

Sonic & Eggman: Dynamic Duo

In Sonic & Eggman: Dynamic Duo, Knuckles believes that it is a real birthday party. He is pictured wearing a birthday party hat, and holding a cake which has a candle on it.

Mario & Sonic: Brainwashed

Knuckles gets brainwashed by Bowser and Dr. Eggman, along with Sonic and the others. Knuckles is the first boss of the game, shooting projectiles to Mario, but later is defeated. He is playable in every Glass Sphere Rolling Levels.

RenarioExtreme series

In Renan!, Knuckles appears as a karate leader working in Nanjing. He teaches Renan to do special techniques of karate. He also guards the Master Emerald, which its temple is now in Nanjing.

Sonic Heroes 2

Knuckles makes an appearance in Team Knuckles of Sonic Heroes 2. Here, he does his usual job of picking up the pieces after his Master Emerald is smashed; in this game, however, he does so with his girlfriend Shade.

Sonic Legends

Knuckles returns from Sonic Lost World to Sonic Legends to help Sonic and friends defeat the evil Darkness and save the Chaos Emerald Warriors.

Make Knuckles Proud

Knuckles is present during the events of the game Make Knuckles Proud.

The Legend Of Knuckles

Knuckles is the main character in the upcoming game, The Legend of Knuckles.

Star Team Heroes

He's one of the victims of the Kirthar's Snap Finger.

Mario & Sonic at the Previous Olympic Games

Knuckles appears as a playable character at every Olympics from Atlanta 1996 onwards. From Athens 2004 onwards, he is a power type character.


Boom Knuckles

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