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Klemson is a long deceased Micaliyian king that ruled over the City of Flames with his wife Hestia, who actually called the shots. He died trying to protect the City of Flames from Vokkskar's comet.


Klemson is a Micaliyan with a black head and red "eye mouths", of which he has three. He has a pair of red wings and is very tall, likely taller than Sia and Mara Cruor. He has two claws for feet and has three claws on each of his hands.


Although he appears to be practically the figurehead of order and orderliness and is seen very respected in the society of the City of Flames, he is actually more or less a puppet that Hestia uses for her own goals. When alone with Hestia, Klemson is rather meek and obedient towards her, throwing no objections of his own.


Fantendo Now: City of Flames



He seems very grateful towards her and does not object to anything she says, willing to give up his life for her and the City of Flames. It is revealed that White Goddess created him and the rest of the Micaliyians fairly late in the episode. She doesn't seem to see him as much beyond a puppet and does not seem happy with anything he does under her command.


Klemson states that Vokkskar is his sworn enemy and heads to space to stop his comet from hitting Hestia's planet. Vokkskar seems barely aware of him.


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