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Kiva Glaive Female
80 pounds lbs
25 years old Vesperian
FULL NAME Kiva Glaive

Prowess with sword

BIRTHDAY January 8th

Kurafeza (friend)
Ainumego (friend)
Mioda (friend)
Unten (former lover, friend)


Blump Salad, Fighting, Tasty food


Doomuli, Feeling behind, Failure


Kiva Glaive is a barbarian from Zeon, who fought alongside Mioda during the three years between Underground and Tragedy, as well as briefly struck up a romance with Unten during that time. However, she parted ways with both in search of a way to defeat Doomulus Grime; when she arrived back on Zeon, she found out she was too late to do anything. The character debuted in the OVA Just Like Old Friends as a major character.

Kiva would then refocus her efforts on the Doomuli themselves, although she quickly found her and her paltry team would not be enough to take on a single Doomuli member, let alone the entire group.


Kiva Glaive is a Vesperian, a bat-like species on Zeon. She has blue inner ears and white furry skin. She also sports orange hair, which covers her other eye. She also wears a laurel wreath around her head. She wears a white leather bodice, with a necklace wrapped around her neck. She wears a brown leather pteruges with a green diamond belt with brown leather tied around it. She also wears black leggings and white greaves. Her wings were a stark blue color.

She carried around a oxidized copper sword that oddly had a eye on it's hilt, complete with blinking.


Kiva Glaive is a strong-willed character who fights before asking questions, the only time she doesn't do this is with friends that she knows. She seeks to escalate situations after failing- her history with the Doomuli has gotten her in serious danger to herself and others. She is eager to prove herself, and tends to be rather proud to the point where people could mistake her character to be egotistical, however she is more dedicated to her causes and battles than herself as a person. She does not gloat about herself, and is always looking for ways to improve aspects of herself. Due to this, she tends to not stay in one place for very long.


Kiva Glaive was born on what was known as the "dark side" of Zeon, known for being night when it was day and day when it was night. As such, she was not really involved with Doomulus Grime until his conquest covered the entire planet. Kiva Glaive took matters into her own hands and declared that she would take down Doomulus Grime, although she would try and fail against many of the Grimebots guarding his premises.

Sometime later, she would join up with Mioda's group and battle alongside them. She would meet Unten a little later on, although separate from Mioda's group. The two struck up a brief romance, although it fell apart quickly. Kiva would later leave Mioda's group as well, seeking for a weapon outside of Zeon to take care of Doomulus Grime. She took off the planet for a while and when she arrived back with a time-stopping sphere, she found Zeon in ruins, the planet utterly destroyed.

She then turned her focus to the Doomuli themselves, gathering various warriors from various worlds. She attempted to take on Fenrir and his mercenary group of Krexxon, although this attempt was unsuccessful and sent her ship hurling towards Earth, landing in Seattle.


Just Like Old Friends

Kiva Glaive is one of the main protagonists of Just Like Old Friends, having crash-landed in Seattle after a altercation by the Doomuli that was requested by Fenrir. Finding Unten and his friends fairly quickly, it doesn't take long for her to rib on her ex. She is generally portrayed as impatient and fairly cocky, as well as a bit single-minded.

Powers and Abilities

Kiva has the ability to fly using her wings, as well as walk on ceilings using her clawed feet. She is incredibly proficient with the blade, wielding a corroded copper blade with a eye in the hilt. The blade is named "Kayser" and appears to blink. It can look into a certain direction, detecting treasure and guiding it's user to it. It was the former property of a character named the Queen of Thieves.

In Truth and Train, it's revealed that Kiva's wings allow her to project gusts of wind, allowing her space out opponents with a spinning attack or create a cutting gust of wind that moves very quickly. She could use this in conjunction with Aura to create winds that swooped back similar in style to a boomerang. She is also a user of Aura, with her aura taking on a brown color.

Specific Powers

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Flight - Kiva Glaive can use her wings to take up into the air, as well as use them to glide off tall settings.
    • Divebomber - Kiva dives straight down into her opponent as she spins extremely fast, practically drilling them into the ground.
    • Typhoon Dive - Kiva spins rapidly in the air, creating gusts of wind around her that suck opponents in and does damage as she lands.
    • Flying Slash - Kiva holds Kayser using her clawed feet and flies over foes while swinging the weapon around.
  • Aerokinesis - Kiva can unleash wind attacks from her wings by flicking or swinging them really fast, almost making a whip-like motion.
    • Blow Em Away - Kiva spins in place, creating a wall of wind that sends most characters flying away from Kiva.
    • Gale Cutter - Kiva creates a slashing wind projectile withe her wings that deals moderate damage.
  • Aura - Using training from Laverne Echo, Kiva was able to tap into her Aura powers to enhance her attacks.
    • Boomerang Gale - Like Gale Cutter, but swings back half way through back to Kiva. This can be used to hit the same opponent twice with the Gale Cutter.


  • Kayser - This blade, stolen from the Queen of Thieves, has an eye attached to the hilt that blinks. Kiva's blade of choice.
    • Treasure Seeker - The eye looks in the direction of treasure nearby. This seems to work with precious memories or objects with a lot of Aura energy put into them either unconsciously or consciously.
    • Laser Eye - If Kiva has full health, she can use Aura to make the eye of Kayser shoot out a laser of her Aura color.



Served with Mioda for a bit before leaving to take on Doomulus Grime. The two appear to still have a friendly relationship.


Unten and Kiva had a romantic relationship in the past, although it didn't last long. The two seemed to part on amicable terms though.



  • Kiva Glaive is the first post-Victory character to be created by Exotoro (tbc). The character was created to explore more of Unten's past of Zeon as well as set up a potential ally for the Doomuli conflict.

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