Rainbowian Test Subject 01 (referred to as Kirsti Linda Jones-Auvic)
Kirsti by WereWaffle
The Space Ace
SPECIES Rainbowian (has human-like look)
AGE 23
BIRTHDAY August 19th
BIRTHPLACE A far-off planet
Leah Auvic (wife), Serena Jones (sister through adoption)

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Kirsti is an alien from a far-off planet. She was sent to Earth as a young child because her parents wanted to work on research rather than raising two children.


Despite being an alien, Kirsti has an extremely human-like appearance. She has long light blonde hair, a grey T-shirt with an alien head shape on the back of it, a brown cotton mini-skirt, black leggings and black Converse trainers. She has light blue eyes and sometimes wears glasses with black frames.


Kirsti was born on a small planet in the depths of space, Kirsti was raised by her parents for the first 7 years of her life. After her sister, Alisha, was birth, Kirsti's parents swiftly sent the two to Earth, to focus on their work. Kirsti and Alisha ended up in Saint Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. Kirsti ended up losing any memory of her home planet, aside from the name.

Kirsti was found with Alisha in the streets of Castries by a young girl called Serena Jones. Serena, uncertain on what to do, asked the two if they needed shelter, and both of them nodded in reply. Serena's family welcomed the two with open arms, and Kirsti has been forever grateful for Serena. Shortly after being accepted into the family, Kirsti moved all around the Caribbean, living in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, The Bahamas and so on. Eventually, the family settled in Los Angeles when Kirsti was 18.

Kirsti started college almost right away, and decided to do a course in business. She had fun with the course initially, but the ride got bumpy for her. In her second year of college, Kirsti met Leah Auvic, and the two became friends. The year after, they started dating. The two picked up degrees in their respective courses and have since married. They now work alongside Amy Jackson and her team in saving the world.


Kirsti is mostly kind and knows how to take care of those around her, but she can be fragile if her past is brought up. Kirsti is not one for swearing, and tries to avoid it at all costs, even when she is frustrated.


Kirsti has aquakinetic abilities. She is unsure of the extent of the powers. She doesn't tend to use her powers all that often, more often than not just using them for drinks. She possesses telekinetic powers which she uses on extremely rare occasions, feeling she doesn't have much need for them at all.



  • Kirsti has no relation to Kersti from Paper Mario.
  • Kirsti is one of only three alien characters in the Tayshaun & Amy series (as of right now, the other two being her sister and Tabitha James.
  • Kirsti is unable to drink alcohol. She says this is because her stomach is unable to process the alcohol.
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