Kirby the Warpstar Knight is the first Kirby game made. This game plays very similar to the Sega game "Sonic the Hedgehog". Like the Sonic game, Kirby can run fast. Kirby when he runs spins in the air like Sonic too. Kirby also gets an attack Sonic doesn't have: Swallow enemies. Thought unlike the rest of the Kirby games this is one of the little Kirby games that don't have the copy ability. The names of worlds are also similar.


King Dedede has ordered a bunch of monsters from his new Monster Shopping Machine, the machine that lets anyone buy monsters. All of the monsters go out to destroy Star Zone. That's when Kirby lands in Star Zone...and gets ready to defeat the monsters and Dedede.


  • Star Zone
  • Fruit Zone
  • Beach Zone
  • Eating Zone (secret: the player has to go through this stage if (s)he beats the boss of Beach Zone without getting hurt once. If the player does that, the player will be able to go through Eating Zone "a shortcut" that leads to Castle Zone without having to go through Moon Zone)
  • Moon Zone
  • Castle Zone