Kirby and the Voiceless Queen
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Developer(s) Darklight Studios 4
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Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Single-Player, Local Multiplayer
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) Action, 2.5D Platforming
Series Kirby (series)
Predecessor Kirby: The Fallen God
Kirby and the Voiceless Queen is an upcoming 2.5D Platforming Game for the Nintendo Switch. It is part of the Kirby series and is intended to condense the game's content back to the level it was in Kirby: Planet Robobot.


The story opens to King Dedede and Kirby chasing a Waddle Dee carrying a slice of cake around a mountain top, the Waddle Dee is suddenly lifted up by a Big Waddle Dee, however Kirby and King Dedede started sprinting to keep up, suddenly however, the Big Waddle Dee trips over something in the snow and Waddle Dee and the cake roll into a snowball, as Kirby and King Dedede approach the strange object in the ground, Big Waddle Dee pulls it out revealing it to be a giant card with the picture of five hapy faces on it. The card suddenly wakes up and looks around before being somewhat scared by Big Waddle Dee and trying to run away, Kirby grabs onto the card person and King Dedede tries to grab onto Kirby but misses as an updraft lifts Kirby and the Card Person high into the sky.

Kirby holding onto the Card Person lands on a floating castle where the Card Person asks Kirby if the scary monster "referring to Big Waddle Dee" was gone, Kirby merely looks perplexed at the Card Person who sighs and says that they should be safe. As Kirby follows the Card Person he welcomes Kirby to the Card Kingdom, a giant castle that travels the cosmos to visit all sorts of worlds and has been waiting at Pop Star for a few days now due to the King not being present. The Card Person asks Kirby if he knows where Pop Star's King is to which Kirby thinks about King Dedede and jumps happily trying to pull the Card Person back towards the mountains, the Card Person however tells Kirby that if he does he must come tell the Queen of Cards as their prolonged visit to Pop Star has caused some Card People to become restless and impatient. Kirby sighs and follows the Card Person towards the Queen's Chambers, however just as the Card Person is about to open the door to the Throne Room Kirby notices a strange dark substance leaking out from underneath the doorway, Kirby quickly pulls the Card Person away as he opens the door and a massive blast of dark energy streams out of the Throne Room, blasting a giant hole through the entire castle.

The Castle begins falling as Kirby and the Card Person make a run for it amidst the chaos around them. Jets of Dark Energy begin blasting through the walls as Card People are sent flying off landing all across Pop Star with Kirby and the Card Person landing near Kirby's house. The Card Person watches as the Castle crashes into the middle of Pop Star and a Dark Energy bursts forth from it spreading itself all over Pop Star. The Card Person weeps at the sorry state of the castle and begs for Kirby to help restore the castle, he explains that five Card Sages help keep the Kingdom afloat and that they surely survived the ordeal and must be somewhere around Pop Star. Kirby, knowing that he must save the five Card Sages and stop whatever force is lurking within the Card Kingdom's Castle.

As Kirby approaches heads off we see four individuals from nearby also head in Kirby's direction.


Similar to previous Kirby Games, Kirby and the Voiceless Queen is a 2D Platforming with 3D Visuals. The game has Kirby, running, jumping, sprinting, inhaling, dashing, sliding and climbing across numerous environments. As per series tradition, Kirby can inhale enemies to defeat them or slide dash into them, many enemies take multiple hits to defeat however meaning that Kirby must be careful with which enemies he faces.

Kirby's signature Copy Ability system is back again, this time sporting 30 Copy Abilities for Kirby to choose from. Each Copy Ability serves a different purpose and many can be used to solve various and intricate puzzles. In addition 10 more Copy Abilities, referred to as Fusion Abilities may be found in the game, these fusion abilities are especially powerful abilities that take the best of their core abilties and become stronger as a result, Kirby can retain Fusion Abilities across levels but taking enough damage to cause the ability to leave Kirby will result in it defusing into its two respective Ability Stars.

A returning feature from Kirby's Dream Land 2 & 3 are Animal Buddies, four of the orignal seven Animal Buddies make their return each serving different functions and having different abilities to choose from. Rick, Coo, Gooey & Chuchu make their return and although all of them appear in the five levels, one is more predominant in each level bar the fifth level.

The various devices Kirby has found in previous Kirby games return as well allowing Kirby to solve different types of puzzles, their effects are increased as well when used by Animal Buddies.

The game also have numerous collectibles to encourage players to explore, Card People can be found on every Stage with levels having 2-5 in each. In addition the game's equivalents to the Medals and Stickers from previous games appears in the form of Trading Cards which are used for one of the Sub-Games.

Another new addition to the gameplay is a new type of Mid-Boss, known as the Dark Matter Mid-Boss, these entities are forms of regular enemies converted by Dark Matter that also increases their size and gives them more powerful abilities making them very dangerous.


Pop Star is comprised of six Levels, five of which are placed on each arm of the planet and the sixth is in the center. Kirby must progress through each Level completing all its stages and defeating its boss before moving onto the next. The Levels get harder throughout the game and will introduce new obstacles based on the theme of each level with the final level culminating in a mixture of all of them.

Popstar Voiceless Queen

Level Stages Theme Boss Card People
Foritifed Fortune 5 Hospitals & Medicine Doctor Woods M.D. 12
Origami Ocean 6 Origami Dorigami 16
Regal Rainforest 6 Honey & Vines Buzzacko 18
Endlight Ebony 7 Changing Structures Last Clone 20
Virtuous Valley 7 Moutains & Snow Dragomire 22
End Element 8 Cards Dark Silence 25

Foritifed Fortune

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddy
Windy Waiting-room Poppy Bros. Sr. 2 Rick
Operating Oval None 2 None
Ocular Office Spark Galboros 2 Rick
Dental Deviation Gigant Edge 2 Coo
Silent Screening None 3 Rick

Origami Ocean

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddy
Flooded Fortress Mr. Frosty 2 Chuchu
Oily Ooars None 4 None
Linework Land Origahno 2 Gooey
Drizzle Dome Colligere 2 Chuchu
Electro Elevators None 4 None
Deep Dungeon Ribbon Archer 2 Chuchu

Regal Rainforest

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddy/ies
Kibble Kingdom Kibble Blade 2 Rick/Coo
Rosy Rain Pieraladin 3 Chuchu/Coo
Ambient Amazon None 5 Rick/Coo
Ceramic Castle Moundo 2 Gooey/Coo
Kalimba Kakapos Bonkers 3 Coo
Olive Ode Poppy Bros. Sr. 3 Chuchu/Coo

Endlight Ebony

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddy/ies
Cursed Candles Flame Galboros 2 Rick/Gooey
Loud Lanes Spark Galboros 2 Chuchu/Gooey
Ominous Opening Ribbon Archer 3 Gooey
Nightly Noises Colligere 3 Gooey
Isolated Igloo Mr. Frosty 3 Chuchu/Gooey
Nervous Nest Pieraladin 3 Coo/Gooey
Gargantuan Grave Origahno & Moundo 4 Rick/Gooey

Virtuous Valley

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddies
Kingly Kiosk Gigant Edge 2 King Dedede
Incindenary Industry Flame Galboros & Bonkers 3 Rick/Gooey
Noble Novels Kibble Blade 2 King Dedede
Golden Granary Poppy Bros. Sr. & Pieraladin 3 Chuchu/Rick
Desolate Depth Colligere 4 Coo/Chuchu
Devious Darkness Spark Galboros 5 Gooey/Coo
Determined Demolitions All 3 King Dedede

End Element

Stage Mid-Boss Card People Animal Buddy
Cautious Chapel Dark Efreeti 2 None
Apricot Archive Moundo Bros. Sr. 3 Rick
Remorse Ruins Dark Blocky 2 None
Deafening Dormitory Dark Buboo 2 None
Green Garden Dark Hornhead 3 None
Almond Arsenal Spark Archer 4 Coo
Magical Market Flame Edge & Pierce Blade 4 Gooey
Endless Eve Frosty Bonkers 5 Chuchu

EX Levels

The EX Levels are extra hard levels unlocked by acquiring all the Card People in a Level's stages. There are 7 EX Levels in the game, one for each Level and one for acquiring all the Card People.

Stage Level Mid-Boss Animal Buddy
Hearty Hall Fortified Fortune Dark Efreeti Chuchu
Axial Ascension Origami Ocean Pieraladin Coo
Lime Lake Regal Rainforest Dark Buboo Gooey
Lost Lands Endlight Ebony Frosty Bonkers Rick
Abrasive Alter Virtuous Valley Flame Edge Gooey
Brutal Balconies End Element Dark Blocky Coo
Secret Splendour End Element Moundo Bros. Sr. & Dark Hornhead Rick

Copy Abilities

Voiceless Queen brings 30 Kirby Copy Abilities into the game, 29 of which are returning abilities and one of which is new. In addition the game also features 10 Fusion Abilities which combine the best aspects of two copy abilities into something more powerful. Lastly there are 2 Secret Abilities that are used in the final fight and cannot be accessed otherwise.

A notable addition to the game is the introduction of audio tunes that play when Kirby has an ability, the instrument introduced to the current melody depends on which ability Kirby has and varies between six instruments according to the ability, this also applies for Fusion Abilities and to the Animal Buddies Theme. The instruments introduced are additional instruments as well meaning that said instrument may already be in a tune. 

  • Sitar - Fire, Stone, Archer, Tornado, Spear
  • Electric Guitar - Sword, Bomb, Cutter, Wheel, Dragon
  • Violin - Ice, Leaf, Sleep, Bee, Mantis
  • Trumpet - Water, Doctor, Serpent, Mirror, Gemini
  • Timpani - Spark, Beam, Whip, Hammer, Origami
  • Piccolo - Needle, Parasol, Ninja, Disguise, Card

Standard Copy Abilities

Ability Star SwordAbility Star FireAbility Star IceAbility Star SparkAbility Star StoneAbility Star BombAbility Star CutterAbility Star NeedleAbility Star ArcherAbility Star LeafAbility Star TornadoAbility Star WaterAbility Star BeamAbility Star WhipAbility Star ParasolAbility Star SleepAbility Star NinjaAbility Star WheelAbility Star SpearAbility Star HammerBee Ability Star NewDragonIcon KDLSSDoctor Ability StarDisguise Ability Star NewMantis Ability Star NewSerpent Ability Star NewAbility Star MirrorGemini Ability StarOrigami Ability StarCard Ability Star New

  • Sword - Perform impressive sword techniques to prove that Meta Knight isn't the only swordsman on Pop Star. As Sword Kirby wield a mighty blade and slash, stab, uppercut and pierce enemies to defeat them. Kirby can also charge up for a Spin Attack and when at full health can unleash the powerful Sword Beam.
  • Fire - Burn enemies to a crisp and rocket across the stage as a fireball, Kirby can also roll along the stage while on fire making him extra dangerous to enemies as he moves even faster. Fire Kirby lets the pink puffball singe away ropes and leaves revealing secrets and can also unleash a jet of fire from his head to burn enemies at range.
  • Ice - Freeze your enemies solid with Kirby's chilling breath, Ice Kirby can also move like a professional Ice Skater and perform tricks and stunts when jumping while moving. Kirby can shield himself within a block of Ice while stationary or roll into a snowball to plow through enemies in his way. While in the air Kirby can unleash his cold breath directly freezing enemies solid in the process.
  • Spark - Unleash the power of electricity by charging up static in Kirby's body and releasing it as a lightning ball. Spark Kirby can also charge his stationary lightning into a blast of electricity fired as a constant beam depending on how long the charge is held for. Kirby can also activate an electric shield around himself while running and can fire a bolt of lightning upwards to hit enemies above him.
  • Stone - Crush your foes by turning into a Boulder, a Statue, a Weight or whatever Kirby can come up with. Hold down when transforming to deal extra damage or instead of transforming run and create a stone fist to launch enemies away. Stone Kirby can also create a barrier around himself to reflect oncoming attacks back from where they came.
  • Bomb - Let of Kirby's explosive powers by creating comical bombs to throw at enemies, Kirby can even roll the Bombs like bowling balls. Bomb Kirby's ability to create Bombs allows him to attach them to enemies or place them on the ground to destroy certain obstacles, he can also charge his bombs to make them bigger and more destructive.
  • Cutter - Let loose giant razor boomerangs as Cutter Kirby and knock your enemies away. This ability lets Kirby charge up his boomerangs to release more powerful variants and also arc their trajectory, he can also slam his cutter into the ground creating a shockwave and crushing anything beneath him, he can also latch onto enemies and knock them out by flying into the air and then tossing them to the ground.
  • Needle - Prick enemies with some razor sharp spikes as Kirby becomes a dangerous defense with this ability. As Needle Kirby, our pink puffball can encase his entire body in sharp spines that'll hurt any enemy that walks into them, in addition he can launch his spines out quickly or by charging them up to deal a devestating blow, he can also launch a massive drill-like needle out to hit enemies further away and can even throw his quills with precision accuracy.
  • Archer - Shoot down foes with a barrage of Arrows, slash through them with your quick attacks and hide behind cleverly crafted props to avoid damage. Archer Kirby is able to charge his arrows to deal powerful shots that can pierce through multiple enemies, or aim skyward to release a flurry of arrows made of pure light.
  • Leaf - Strike with these tiny blades of nature, Kirby can shoot a small flurry of Leaves or turn into a spinning Leaf twister. Leaf Kirby can also shoot up vines of leaves to strike enemies which can blossom if timed correctly, in addition Kirby will release the leaves in his twister causing damage to enemies nearby.
  • Tornado - Turn into a great gust of wind and knock enemies out with a barrage of hits as Tornado Kirby. With this ability Kirby can spin around with such speed that he'll become untouchable to pretty much anything, Kirby can also launch blasts of wind to knock back projectiles and blow enemies away.
  • Water - Use water against your foes, as Water Kirby, he can create a wave to surf on to knock away enemies or let loose a blast of water to knock them out from a distance, Kirby can also spit out globs of water and fire extremely high pressure water down on the ground while he's flying to stay in the air.
  • Beam - Unleash waves of energy to plow down your opponents and create streams of energy to wipe them off the map. Beam Kirby can shoot a barrage of beam shots while in the air or perform an array of attacks with his magical wand, he can even shoot blasts upward to have them come flying down all over the place.
  • Whip - Lash at your enemies with this powerful Whip. As Whip Kirby, pull enemies over and deal heavy damage to them, or unleash a thousand lashes to damage many enemies at once. Kirby can even use the Whip to get into the air quickly and still bring the hurt.
  • Parasol - Float down gracefully and surprise enemies with an umbrella attack, as Parasol Kirby. With this ability Kirby is able to strike the extra distance with his trusty umbrella as well as juggle enemies on top of it and also unleash a small star shower to knock enemies back. Kirby can also throw his umbrella up in the air to hit enemies above him.
  • Sleep - Take a trip to the actual Dream Land with Sleep Kirby. In this form Kirby will fall asleep for as long as the player chooses, the player can however manipulate Kirby's dreams and make them a reality causing monsters and food to appear. Kirby's sleep bubble can also be blown up to allow for him to float across the stage slowly or be burst to wake Kirby up and damage any enemy near it.
  • Ninja - Strike Kirby's enemies with a katana or throw shurikens and knives for a long ranged attack. As Ninja Kirby, he is able to create beautiful but deadly attacks like the Flower Blossom and throw smoke bombs to confuse and damage his enemies.
  • Wheel - Race through the opposition as Wheel Kirby. In this form Kirby is able to turn into a wheel and ram through enemies, Kirby can also charge his movement to get a temporary boost in speed and can perform a spin out to send small tyres flying to hit enemies.
  • Spear - Force enemies to keep their distance with Spear. As Spear Kirby, this handy weapon will allow Kirby to strike many times with great vigor to quickly defeat enemies. In addition he can throw the spears like javelins, stab directly upwards or throw a barrage of spears while ducking in all directions. Kirby can also charge the spear causing his muscles to tighten allowing him to spin the Spear at high speeds letting him fly like a helicopter.
  • Hammer - Knock your enemies about with this massive hammer Kirby got from the King. Kirby can smack enemies with the hammer or spin around to hurt multiple enemies at once, Kirby can even ignite the Hammer to burn enemies away.
  • Bee - Fly around as Bee Kirby and sting enemies with your powerful stinger. Bee Kirby is able to fly around faster than regular Kirby and can regain health by passing over flowers, in additiong Bee Kirby can generate shockwaves of noise from his buzzing and can summon a small swarm of bees to attack enemies.
  • Dragon - Unleash fear striking roars as Dragon Kirby. With this ability Kirby is able to breathe fire or flap his new mighty wings to terrify enemies, he can also lash at enemies with his razor sharp claws or dive bomb enemies to deal even more damage. Kirby can also torpedo himself like a flaming ball to knock enemies away.
  • Doctor - Cure your patients with these mega sized pills and all sorts of procedures as Doctor Kirby steps in. As Doctor Kirby you are able to throw various pills at enemies or charge up your attack to release many pills at once, Kirby can also knock enemies out with his massive clipboard or spin around and wrap enemies up in medical bandages, Kirby can also test out different experiments to augment his pills with special qualities.
  • Disguise - Trick enemies by becoming a master of disguise, with this ability Kirby can cleverly trick enemies into thinking he is an ally, he can knock out enemies swiftly with this tactic thanks to his newly acquired suplex skill for Disguise Kirby. In addition if Kirby is about to be found out he can throw his disguise at enemies for various results ranging from an explosive blast to powerful electricity or even putting them to sleep.
  • Mantis - With razor sharp claws Kirby can slice right through any opponent he faces, Kirby's enhanced speed and dual scythes making him a deadly force at close range. Mantis Kirby can also charge a laser beam from the gem inbetween his eyes.
  • Serpent - Coil up your enemies and lash at them with Kirby's new powerful fangs. As Serpent Kirby use your powerful tail to wack enemies and also to crush various obstacles in Kirby's path, he can even slither through tiny tubes too small for Kirby to normally fit through.
  • Mirror - Using the powers of reflection Kirby can create mirror copies of himself to attack and extend his reach beyond normal. Mirror Kirby can also slide around without running and can split in two damaging any enemy that so much as touches the split Kirbies.
  • Gemini - Clone yourself as Gemini Kirby. With this ability Kirby is able to duplicate himself at the press of a button, with the second Kirby the two can perform a few extra attacks focused around pair attacking including knocking enemies about between the two Kirbies. Kirby can also have the clone Kirby return to him as a ball of energy which will hurt any enemy in its path, the two can even channel said energy into a laser blast between them.
  • Origami - NEW! Reshape the world around Kirby as he creates various objects from paper. As Origami Kirby, our pink hero can create weapons, creatures and objects to help him fight against enemies and solve puzzles, Origami Kirby can even fold up into a paper plane and fly around the stages.
  • Card - Kirby reveals a strange array of abilities with the Card Ability. As Card Kirby, our hero can unleash deadly blasts of fire, ice or electricity, capture enemies to send flying back later on or unleash a barrage of sword attacks from within. Kirby can also throw his cards with precision accuracy to cut through ropes and can use his cards like a paraglider to descend slowly.


Boss Description Pre-Battle Abilities
Doctor Woods M.D.
Doctor Woods M.D.
After the Dark Silence's influence spread across Pop Star Whispy Woods was fused with a Pillah turning him into Doctor Woods M.D. Although not a trained medical practitioner it seems his pills have different effects depending on their colouration. In addition his surgical mask protects him from taking too much damage and his Roots are sharper than ever before.




Dologami's sharp edges make her dangerous to the touch, being made from Origami she has somehow become proficient at creating Origami herself and will create weapons and obstacles to attack Kirby without out of the Origami Ocean itself.




When Kracko was fused with a Stingly he turned into Buzzako a gooey and yet highly dangerous version of Kracko who is able to summon swarms of Stinglies to attack Kirby and can still generate powerful blasts of electricity from his body. His stingers are also razor sharp and can parry blades.




Last Clone
Last Clone
Said to be the last clone from Kirby's battle with the Haltmann company, this clone has attempted to replicate itself many times although failed. It appears to have been fused with a Stike however resulting in it being able to divide in two to attack, it can morph parts of its body into Mid-Bosses and King Dedede.




It's unknown how the fusion of a Waddle Dee and an Egere resulted into this monster but its power is unmistakeable. Quickly overpowering King Dedede, Dragomire set its sights on Kirby, a vicious fighter, Dragomire can breathe powerful blasts of fire and create gales of wind from its wings, although will periodically come and rest seemingly indifferent to Kirby's presence.




Galacta Knight Fallen God
Galacta Knight
Finally having made peace with his past, Galacta Knight, knowing that Kirby would need to be tested before he could face Dark Silence returned from Another Dimension to challenge Kirby to one last fight. Attacking more aggressively than before and combining his attacks together to keep Kirby nimble, Galacta Knight is determined to see is Kirby is truly ready to face this dark manifestation.






Masked Controller
Masked Controller
A device created by Dark Silence to ambush Kirby, it appears to have been made from an ancient metal giving it unusual properties. The Masked Controller will attempt to constrict itself around Kirby, shoot a laser out of its eye or lash as Kirby with its horns of arms, its massive size makes it a deadly foe to face for sure. N/A
Dark Silence Phase 1
Dark Silence Phase 1
This dark presence had possessed the queen and had made its target Pop Star a long time in advance of the arrival of the Card People, the demonic creature is able to fly around unleashing blasts of Dark Energy and firing lasers that ricochet off anything. The being can also swing around like a boomerang at such incredible speeds that it could cut right through Kirby.







Dark Silence Phase 2
Dark Silence Phase 2
Using Kirby's own memory against him, Dark Silence turns itself into a Dark Matter-esque creation, able to cast Dark Lightning and charge across the room leaving void holes in its wake, its power has grown now that is is detached from the Queen. N/A
Dark Silence Phase 3
Dark Silence Phase 3
Imbued with the power of the Galacta, Dark Silence's third form is even more powerful than before, it is fought while descending from space and will summon various weapons to attack Kirby with as well as using an Arcing Lightning Strike and creating after-images that explode after a short while. Dark Silence will also attempt to grab Kirby and plunge him down to Dream Land's surface even faster. N/A
Dark Silence Final Form
Dark Silence Phase 4
Absorbing all the knowledge and power its Dark Matter Ability Stars had gathered Dark Silence unleashes a form using the powers of past Kirby villains along with its own powers. The battle takes form in a 3D Air Battle with Kirby and Dark Silence flying around Pop Star with Kirby's Animal Buddies and the Reverted Bosses giving him weapons to use against Dark Silence. N/A


Mid-Boss Copy Ability
Bonkers HoD
Ability Star Hammer
Flame Galboros HoD
Flame Galboros
Ability Star Fire
Spark Galboros HoD
Spark Galboros
Ability Star Spark
Mr. Frosty HoD
Mr. Frosty
Ability Star Ice
Poppy Bros. Sr SSU
Poppy Bros. Sr.
Ability Star Bomb
Ability Star Stone
Gigant Edge HoD
Gigant Edge
Ability Star Sword
Kibble Blade
Kibble Blade
Ability Star Cutter
Ribbon Archer Voiceless Queen
Ribbon Archer
Ability Star Archer
Colligere HoD
DragonIcon KDLSS
Origami Ability Star
Ability Star Spear
Frosty Bonkers
Frostmallet Ability Star
Spark Archer
Thunderbow Ability Star
Moundo Bros. Sr.
Quakerbomb Ability Star
Flame Edge
Burningblade Ability Star
Pierce Blade
Boomeravelin Ability Star
Dark Dee
Dark Dee
Parasol or Spear
Dark Scarfy
Dark Scarfy
Dark Chip
Dark Chip
Dark Craby
Dark Craby
Dark Como
Dark Como
Dark Kibble
Dark Kibble
Ability Star Cutter
Dark Head
Dark Head
Ability Star Fire
Dark Chilly VQ
Dark Chilly
Ability Star Ice
Dark Sparky
Dark Sparky
Ability Star Spark
Dark Leafan
Dark Leafan
Ability Star Leaf
Dark Rocky
Dark Rocky
Ability Star Stone
Dark Noddy
Dark Noddy
Ability Star Sleep
Dark Whippy
Dark Whippy
Ability Star Whip
Dark Moonja
Dark Moonja
Ability Star Ninja
Dark Wheelie
Dark Wheelie
Ability Star Wheel
Dark Efreeti
Dark Efreeti
Dark Blocky
Dark Blocky
Dark Buboo
Dark Buboo
Dark Hornhead
Dark Hornhead
King Doo
King Doo
Abilty Star beam
Water Galboros
Water Galboros
Ability Star Water
Ability Star Fire
Security Force
Security Force
Ability Star Bomb
Grand Wheelie
Grand Wheelie
Ability Star Wheel
Ability Star Spark
KSSU Iron Mam
Iron Mam
Ability Star Hammer

Extra Mode

Unlike previous Kirby Games there are in fact 2 Extra Modes in Kirby and the Voiceless Queen, these two modes offer the player with extra challenge and have them go up against tougher foes under more punishing environments.

Galactalight Redemption

Galactalight Redemption

A prequel to the main Story Mode, Galactalight Redemption tells the story of Galacta Knight's past, his connection to the Fairies and the Card People and why he was truly sealed away. The story also features the return of Ribbon and the origin of the Story Mode's main villain, Dark Silence.

This Extra Mode has Galacta Knight exploring a visual representation of his psyche in Another World.

Another World Voiceless Queen

Featuring six new levels to take on although with less stages per level, Another World poses to be more challenging by giving more powerful colour swapped enemies as well as completely new bosses to really challenge Galacta Knight. Like previous modes before it, Galacta Knight can only use his Galacta Ability and is unable to copy other enemies abilities like Kirby. Galacta Knight has more health than Kirby and deals more damage with the Galacta although also takes more damage and healing items are incredibly rare throughout these stages.


Level Stages Theme Boss
Rainbow Resort 3

Tropical Islands


Devious Dungeon 4

Mechanical Devices

Ghostly Spirits

Athereal Alley 4



Blind Warrior
Reflection Reach 4



Killer Kinetics 5



Lava Dragon
Nightmare 5



Nightmare Knight
Rainbow Resort
Stage Mid-Boss
Orange Ocean Moundo & Pieraladin
Raspberry Ranch Flame Galboros & Colligere
Banana Beach Kibble Blade & Bonkers
Devious Dungeon
Stage Mid-Boss
Automatic Anchor Mr. Frosty & Ribbon Archer
Restless Rails Origanho, Gigant Edge & Spark Galboros
Terror Train Poppy Bros. Sr., Colligere & Pieraladin
Athereal Alley
Stage Mid-Boss
Fearful Folly Frosty Bonkers
Astral Archway Pierce Blade
Destructive Darger Flame Edge
Evil Estate Moundo Bros. Sr.
Reflection Reach
Stage Mid-Boss
Silent Slopes Moundo Bros. Sr.
Nordic Norths Frosty Bonkers
Oblivious Orbit Spark Archer
Windy Wails Flame Edge
Killer Kinetics
Stage Mid-Boss
Bumbling Backdrop Moundo Bros. Sr. & Flame Edge
Unified Umbrella Spark Archer & Frosty Bonkers
Retro Refinery Flame Edge & Pierce Blade
Nonsensical Nut Spark Archer & Moundo Bros. Sr.
Techno Tyranny Frosty Bonkers & Pierce Blade
Stage Mid-Boss
Frosty Fens None
Ether Electro Dark Hornhead
Artistic Armoury Dark Efreeti
Raging Rapids Dark Buboo
Sandy Sails Dark Blocky


There are a collection of bosses for Galacta Knight to fight;



This boss utilizes the power of Beam against Galacta Knight and will keep its distance, it can also swing its orbs around to deal damage or leave them in corners of the battlefield to bounce Energy blasts off. The boss will also destroy parts of the Battlefield to make the fight harder as it progresses.



Technically another member of the Arts Sisters, Sketchera is able to quickly draw in enemies to fight on her behalf and will also draw in weapons which she herself will use. She is also notably capable of creating a sketched version of Drawcia's rainstorm and generate giant hands to attack like Claycia.

Blind Warrior

Blind Warrior

Galacta Knight's memory of Paint Roller. This boss is much more direct in its combat than the boss it is based on, it will bounce around with its coiled tail and strike with the razor sharp blade on the end, it will also throw punches so powerful they generate shockwaves and will spin around like a Tornado to try to damage Galacta Knight.



A boss within a mirror, this monsterous creature is able to hide within its mirror to avoid attacks and will attack with its arms while doing so, it reveals itself when its unsure of Galacta Knight's position and will also attempt to bite Galacta Knight if he's near. The Mirror can also unleash blasts of energy that strike the ground and then move along it and up the walls.

Lava Dragon

Lava Dragon

This boss utilizes powerful fiery attacks and can belch lava with ease. It is also able to quickly ram across the stage multiple times attempting to strike Galacta Knight with its massive horn. If it lowers its head it is imperveous to damage from its front as its helmet is able to repel Galacta Knight's attacks.

Conquering the five initial worlds will unlock the Nightmare, allowing Galacta Knight to face off against a dark manifestation of himself although first is challenged by the Nightmare Orb which is a direct nod to the very same one in Kirby's Adventure.

Nightmare Orb Voiceless QueenNightmare Knight

The fight against the final boss can prove to be more tricky that one might suspect. The initial battle against the Nightmare Orb is the more direct of the two battles and has Galacta Knight fight it in a similar style to Kirby's Adventure as it uses the same moves although is not on a strict time limit, Nightmare Orb is capable of unleashing a barrage of star shots and ramming around the battlefield. New to its arsenal is the ability to create fake Nightmare Orbs which will explode if attacked.

The second form of Nightmare Knight is much more dangerous, utilizing the most powerful aspects of Galacta Knight's abilities as well as having dangerous long range tentacles to strike Galacta Knight if he's not watching, this fight becomes even more trickier as Nightmare Knight will tear up the battlefield reducing it to 1/3 its initial size over the course of the battle. Nightmare Knight has 5 distinct phases with the first, third and fifth being standard fights against Nightmare Knight whereas the second and fourth have it briefly return to being Nightmare Orb however is shown to be impenetrable to damage and will test Galacta Knight's reflexes by using attacks from previous bosses in Story Mode for the second phase and this mode for the fourth phase.

With this final boss defeated, Galacta Knight escapes this manifestation of his psyche just in time however watches sorrowfully as Ribbon is consumed by the darkness that was created to fully test Galacta Knight. He is resealed to calm himself and complete the final phase of his training to find inner peace.

With this mode complete the player unlocks The Arena which is required to unlock the second Extra Mode.

Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode

Nightmare Mode is a much harder version of the Story Mode and Galactalight Redemption combined into a single game, including every stage from both game modes as well as the True Forms of the Story Mode Bosses and the returning bosses from Galactalight Redemption this game mode offers a deliberately difficult challenge.

The mode is shown to be a dream Kirby is having where the memories of Dark Silence and Galacta Knight are piercing his mind causing him to dream about the adventure he had in story mode and Galacta Knight's extra mode but in a nightmarish situation.

The mode differs from its predecessors by combining elements from various stages together meaning that the stages become more difficult with the added challenge of there being two Dark Matter Mid-Bosses in every stage now instead of one. In addition Animal Buddies do not appear in the mode and items are only obtained in rest stops between every five stages.

The order of the stages has also been changed meaning that different stages are taken in different orders. While this means there are less stages between the first couple of bosses by the stages leading up to the back to back matches against both Nightmare Knight & Dark Silence the player must go through a large percentage of the stages.

Stage Mid-Boss
Windy Waiting-Room King Doo
Orange Ocean Water Galboros
Boss: Doctor Woods M.D. EX None
Operating Oval King Doo
Cursed Candles Batafire
Flooded Fortress Security Force
Boss: Brashgel None
Loud Lanes Grand Wheelie
Automatic Anchor Water Galboros
Ominous Opening King Doo
Boss: Dologami EX None
Ocular Office Security Force
Oily Oars Dubior
Kibble Kingdom King Doo
Nightly Noises Grand Wheelie
Boss: Sketchera None
Rosy Rain Iron Mam
Linework Land King Doo
Drizzle Dome Grand Wheelie
Dental Deviation Security Force
Boss: Buzzako EX None
Isolated Igloo Iron Mam
Ambient Amazon Water Galboros
Silent Screening Dubior
Nervous Nest Batafire
Boss: Blind Warrior None
Electro Elevators Security Force
Gargantuan Grave Iron Mam
Restless Rails King Doo
Raspberry Ranch Iron Mam
Fearful Folly Dubior
Boss: Last Clone EX None
Deep Dungeon Batafire
Banana Beach Water Galboros
Astral Archway King Doo
Boss: Rimmadow None
Ceramic Castle Security Force
Kalimba Kakapos Batafire
Silent Slopes Grand Wheelie
Destructive Darger Security Force
Olive Ode Iron Mam
Terror Train Security Force
Boss: Dragomire EX None
Frosty Fens Grand Wheelie
Nordic Norths Iron Mam
Kingly Kiosk King Doo
Oblivious Orbit Security Force
Incindenary Industry Dubior
Noble Novels Iron Mam
Boss: Lava Dragon None
Bumbling Backdrop Iron Mam & Dubior
Unified Umbrella Water Galobors & Batafire
Golden Granary Iron Mam & King Doo
Evil Estate Grand Wheelie & Security Force
Cautious Chapel Batafire & Dubior
Ether Electro Dubior & Security Force
Hearty Hall Batafire & Iron Mam
Axial Ascension Batafire & Grand Wheelie
Lime Lake Water Galboros & King Doo
Apricot Archive Dubior & Batafire
Desolate Depth Iron Mam & Grand Wheelie
Remorse Ruins King Doo & Grand Wheelie
Windy Wails Batafire & King Doo
Retro Refinery Dubior & Security Force
Artistic Armoury Water Galboros & King Doo
Deafening Dormitory Dubior & Grand Wheelie
Lost Lands Security Force & King Doo
Devious Darkness Batafire & King Doo
Abrasive Alter Iron Mam & Water Galboros
Brutal Balconies Water Galboros & Batafire
Green Garden Iron Mam & King Doo
Almond Arsenal Dubior & Security Force
Determined Demolitions Security Force & Grand Wheelie
Nonsensical Nut Iron Mam & Batafire
Magical Market Dubior & King Doo
Techno Tyranny Security Force & Grand Wheelie
Raging Rapids Water Galboros & King Doo
Endless Eve Iron Mam & Security Force
Sandy Sails Dubior & King Doo
Secret Splendour Dubior, Water Galboros & Batafire
Boss: Galacta Knight None
Boss: Masked Controller None
Boss: Nightmare Knight None
Boss: Dark Silence None

After defeating half of the bosses in this mode, True Arena is unlocked, since this mode is arguably more difficult than the True Arena.


Jet Dog Fight Logo

Jet Dog Fight is a new Sub-Game in Kirby and the Voiceless Queen, it functions as an open-air combat game similar to the free roam stages in Star Fox Games. Players are restricted to an arena where they can fly around and must defeat waves of enemies before tackling the boss of the level, each level also features a mini-boss to test the player beforehand. There are three Levels in this game mode.

Level Name Waves Mini-Boss Boss
Level 1 - Balloon Parade 3 Sphere Doomers King Dedede
Level 2 - Stormy Skies 7 Kracko Jr. Kabula
Level 3 - Sunset Ocean 10 HR-H Dyna Blade
Great Cave Explorers Logo

Although the name would imply it being an extension of the Great Cafe Offensive from Kirby Super Star/Ultra, Great Cave Explorers only shares the name as a nod to the original game mode. Great Cave Explorers is a Roguelike game where Kirby and up to three other players (either as other Kirbies or as King Dedede, Meta Knight and/or Bandana Dee) explore randomly generated dungeons to search for treasure. There are six levels each with their own boss as well as more complex designs including multi-room puzzles. If playing in Single-Player then 3 AI Controlled Kirbies will help the player out as some rooms require co-operative solutions, these AI Kirbies cannot be killed although are deliberately designed to not do much in a fight.

Level Name Room Numbers Boss
Level 1 - Steam Tunnel 14 Bohboh
Level 2 - Dig Dig Cave 22 Mrs. Moley
Level 3 - Lava Lakes 30 Pyribbit
Level 4 - Temple of Stones 35 Wham Bam Rock
Level 5 - Ancient Monolith 42 Chameleo Arm
Level 6 - Temple of Jewels 60 Wham Bam Jewel
Gourmet Race Returns Logo

The only proper sequel sub-game to appear in Kirby and the Voiceless Queen, Gourmet Race Returns is as the name suggests a sequel to Gourmet Race, a sub-game in Kirby Super Star/Ultra that had Kirby race against King Dedede to see who could eat the most food and win a race at the same time. The game returns with some new mechanics introduced as well as different enemies for the difficulties, of which there are now five levels.

The game introduces power-ups and debuffs. Although power-ups to a degree appeared in the first game they are expanded here to allow Kirby to run super fast if he eats Hot Curry, be able to fly twice as fast with the Mint Leaf and become invincible against enemy damage with the Lollipop. Debuffs meanwhile will slow Kirby down and can be both stage obstacles and also attacks performed by the opponents, although each opponent is not as hard as Dedede was in Gourmet Race this addition of obstacles makes the game more tricky and due to the randomized placement of the foods and obstacles means that runs almost never are the same.

Level Name Opponent Attack Obstacles Opponent
Level 1 - Gloomy Grotto Ice Blocks Mr. Frosty
Level 2 - Factory Panic

Fire Blasts


Heavy Lobster
Level 3 - Dedede's Castle



King Dedede
Level 4 - Kitchen Capers

Snail Dish

Frying Pan

Repulsive Dishes

Chef Kawasaki
Level 5 - Dedede's Throne Room

Hammer Shockwaves

Hammer Rockets

Waddle Dees

Masked Dedede

The Arenas

Returning one again are the Arenas, a set of Boss Rush like challenges that test the player's ability to counter the bosses of the main game with limited healing, a tougher variant known as the True Arena appears as well offering the hardest challenge in which the player must go head to head against every boss in the game in their most powerful versions. Interestingly the Arenas are connected to the Story Modes as the player must complete The Arena before tackling Nightmare Mode and must complete part of Nightmare Mode to unlock the True Arena.

The Arena Logo

The Arena has the player go up against all the bosses of Story Mode and Galactalight Redemption in a particular order. Healing items are offered in between battles with the player having access to 7 Maxim Tomatoes and a Maxim Tomato Box. If a Maxim Tomato is depleted then it will be replaced by a regular Tomato which will be replaced by nothing if used as well. There are 14 Bosses in this mode and 8 Mini-Boss Rounds.

Round Boss/Mini-Boss

Doctor Woods M.D.

2 Bonkers, Flame Galboros, Spark Galboros, Mr. Frosty
3 Dologami
4 Poppy Bros. Sr., Moundo, Gigant Edge, Kibble Blade
5 Buzzako
6 Ribbon Archer, Colligere, Origanho, Pieraladin
7 Last Clone
8 Frosty Bonkers, Spark Archer, Moundo Bros. Sr., Flame Edge, Pierce Blade
9 Brashgel
10 Dark (Dee, Scarfy, Chip, Craby, Como)
11 Sketchera
12 Dark (Kibble, Head, Chilly, Sparky, Leafan)
13 Blind Warrior
14 Rimmadow
15 Dark (Rocky, Noddy, Whippy, Moonja, Wheelie)
16 Dragomire
17 Lava Dragon
18 Dark Efreeti, Dark Blocky, Dark Buboo, Dark Hornhead
19 Galacta Knight
20 Masked Controller
21 Nightmare Knight
22 Dark Silence (Phases 1-4)
The True Arena Logo VQ

The True Arena offers are more difficult challenge than the Arena by having the player go head to head with all the bosses in their most powerful forms with less healing items than before with all the Maxim Tomatoes bar the one in the box being replaced by the regular Tomatoes and no additional ones become available. To add to this difficulty the Bosses of both Great Cave Explorers and Gourmet Race Returns must also be fought bringing the total up to 22 Bosses and 10 Mini-Boss Rounds.

Round Boss/Mini-Boss

Doctor Woods M.D. EX

2 Dologami EX
3 Brashgel
4 Bonkers EX, Flame Galboros EX, Spark Galboros EX, Mr. Frosty EX
5 Bohboh
6 Poppy Bros. Sr. EX, Moundo EX, Gigant Edge EX, Kibble Blade EX
7 Buzzako EX
8 Sketchera
9 Blind Warrior
10 Ribbon Archer EX, Colligere EX, Origanho EX, Pieraladin EX
11 Heavy Lobster
12 Mrs. Moley
13 Frosty Bonkers EX, Spark Archer EX, Moundo Bros. Sr. EX, Flame Edge EX, Pierce Blade EX
14 Last Clone EX
15 Rimmadow
16 Dark (Dee, Scarfy, Chip, Craby, Como)
17 Chef Kawaski
18 Pyribbit
19 Dark (Kibble, Head, Chilly, Sparky, Leafan)
21 King Doo, Water Galboros, Dubior
22 Batafire, Security Force, Grand Wheelie, Iron Mam
23 Dark (Rocky, Noddy, Whippy, Moonja, Wheelie)
24 Dragomire EX
25 Masked Dedede
26 Chameleo Arm
27 Lava Dragon
28 Dark Efreeti, Dark Blocky, Dark Buboo, Dark Hornhead
29 Wham Bam Jewel
30 Galacta Knight
31 Masked Controller EX
32 Nightmare Knight
33 Dark Silence EX

Canonically the True Arena is a re-cap of the various bosses in the game, although not told in the correct order until the final four. Following Story Mode Kirby faces Galacta Knight & Masked Controller EX however in a retcon to Story Mode, True Arena shows that Dark Silence actually pre-emptively attacks Kirby before revealing itself and uses its Nightmare Knight appearance to battle Kirby.

Kirby defeats these forms which return to Dark Silence who Kirby then engages in its first through fourth EX forms. The most notable change to these battles is that Kirby does not face Masked Controller EX or the first two forms of Dark Silence with the Galacta Ability showing just how much harder these bosses are as they do not flinch in any regard and take about 1/3 the damage from the most powerful regular attacks compared to Galacta. The Third and Fourth Battles due to how they function require Kirby to be temporarily equipped with the Fairie & Ripple Ability Stars respecitvely but after that comes the final battle.

Seemingly defeated the Dark Silence crashes into Pop Star, Kirby lands to investigate however Dark Silence has only faked its demise and performs a massive inhale on Kirby sapping him of the Ripple Ability Star, Kirby will return to whatever Ability Star he previously had (if any) and Dark Silence will transform once more into its ultimate and true form taking the appearance of a large draconic creature with improved characteristics from the other villains it absorbed.

Dark Silence True Form

This final form is many times larger than Kirby to the point where it resides in the background and will use its different body parts to attack while also leaving itself vulnerable to taking damage on that body part. Aside from the final body part the others attack in a random order in between its ranged/magical attacks.

  • Each individual Leg
  • The Tail
  • Each Wing
  • Both Secondary Jaws
  • The Eye

Once Dark Silence has sustained enough damage to its eye it will move onto the battlefield itself in which the camera will zoom out significantly to show both Dark Silence and Kirby, Dark Silence will launch numerous attacks while gradually moving around the battlefield which has been warped into a circular shape while Kirby must progressively damage its legs, then tail, then wings and then jaws to reach its eye once more, this time it must be done in that order as Dark Silence progresses from marching, to hopping, to flying and then to trying to inhale Kirby.

Kirby will eventually deal the final blow against Dark Silence causing the huge beast to rear itself in agony as the Ripple Ability Star ejects itself from Dark Silence's body forcible reverting it to it's second form and the Ripple Star itself destroying Dark Silence and itself in the process.