Kirby and the Star Planets (in Japan known as Kirby of the Stars: Heaven Rush/ 星のカービィ:ヘブンラッシュ and in Europe known as Kirby's Fun Pak 2) is a 2D action platformer Kirby game created by Nintendo for the Nintendo Switch. It was released worldwide on June 16, 2019.  It was developed by Nintendo,  HAL. Labortory.


  • Here is the link to a highly detailed version of the ENTIRE "canon" Story.


One day on Planet Popstar, Kirby and Bandana Dee were having a simple Picnic out next to Kirby's improved house. However, Ribbon flew towards them and started crying. Not knowing why, Kirby walked up and looked at her with his head tilted. Ribbon said that the a lone Dark Matter attacked here and others on her planet, Ripple Star (however in game it first shows her and other fairies being chased by a black orb with a heart in the background). However, before she could say anything else a Dark Matter rammed Bandana Dee and started floating away. Kirby, being the hero he is, runs and tries to jump on it. Which proves unsuccessful. After that, the Dark Matter drills into the ground with a drill instead of an eye. Once it escapes, Ribbon says she got a call from the Fairy Queen about a BIG threat coming from Gamble Galaxy, worrying about the fates of the galaxies near it (this shown by the Fairy Queen holding a phone, with a black speech bubble being next the the queen showing a white and purple orb with a black eye coming out of gamble galaxy, with other galaxies around it). Then she explains that Kirby, Bandana Dee and her track down the threats and should get 9 legendary weapons from Popstar and the surrounding planets, including Ripple Star (this is shown by a cardboard Kirby, Ribbon and Waddle Dee standing on what seems like gold and weapons, with the Darkness around them poofing away). The camera zooms to Kirby, with him agrees to it with his belly thing from Kirby 64 and Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Then the camera zooms in on Ribbon's face, with going from sad to smiling. Then the camera focuses on Bandana, who agrees to it with a simple and while holding up his spear. Then the screen turns white. After the white fades, you can see Kirby and Bandana Dee running and Ribbon flying into the sunset. After that, the opening ends.




This game's visuals are combination of that of Kirby Super Star Ultra  and The Kirby Advance series (K:NiDKatAM and K:SS), the charater sprites and foreground being KSSU styed and the backgrounds being styled of Kirby advance. The cutscenes are also KTD styled except being Switch quality, although the Ending cutscene is KSA styled. The gameplay is styled off KSSU, with multiple attacks for ALL charaters, Copy abilities (Yes, even Sleep and Light!) and Mixed Abilities. The music is modeled after KSSU.


These are the good charaters in the story down below.


  • Player 1's character of the stars, Kirby!
  • Player 3's main Dee, Bandana Waddle Dee.
  • Meta Knight is the 4th player in Star Planets.
  • Ribbon is a optional character for players 2-4.


Kirby is of course player 1's charater in Kirby and the Star Planets. He can inhale and get copy Abilities. Along with this average fact, he also has the bubble Mechanic (from Kirby Squeak Squad) and Combo abilities. Both the Kirby 64 and Kirby Squeak Squad formula being present for the Combo Abilities. He can Also create a helper like in Kirby Star Allies except he can only create one.


The 2nd player can play as the enemy charater player one makes friends with.


He is player 3's main dee. He uses his ever so iconic spear as his main weapon. But he can also use his Parasol from Kirby Battle Royal. Along with that he can pick up and throw enemy's like the characters in Super Mario bros. 2. That means you can stand on enemys instead of getting damaged, this is the same for bosses.


Meta Knight is player 4's charater for Kirby and the Star Planets. Unlike the other charaters, he is unlocked. He will be unlocked by beating him as the boss in world 1. His Gameplay is the same as all games that he was playable in the modern time, mainly Meta Knightmare Returns.


Ribbon is optional substitute for any of the charaters except Kirby. However Ribbon will be used as player 4 before you beat Meta Knight. Ribbon isn't able to walk or run due to her always flying during gameplay. Ribbon controls like Archer Kirby and Cupid/ Angel Kirby.


There are other charaters that exist in the story aside from playable charaters. For the main page, go here.
  • Reporter Dee from Kirby and the Star Planets
  • Recorder Dee from Kirby and the Star Planets

Reporter Dee

Reporter Dee is a Female Waddle Dee  charater that appears in Kirby and the Star Planets. She is a freindly Female Waddle Dee who is the cousin to Bandana Waddle Dee. She is a very loyal friend to her companion/ Best Friend, Recorder Waddle Dee. She works as a Reporter (obviously) for Popstar's News Channel. In game, she will hide somewhere between the Forground and the background, talking to a enemy charater. After you beat the game, you can play a Kirby Avalanche-styed mini game.

Recorder Dee

​​Recorder Dee is a Male Golden Waddle Dee that appears in Kirby and the Star Planets. He is a "grumpy" Dee, although in reality a wimpy Waddle Dee. He however is very nice to Reporter Dee because he has had a crush on her since the 5th grade. He works as (guess this!) a Camera Dee for Popstar's News Channel. In game, he'll appear along side Reporter Dee recording the situation. After you beat the game, you can play a Crane Fever-like mini game, although he'll play against you, trying to grab the 1-ups or 2-ups before you.

Prince Fluff

Marx Clone


Rick  is a Male Hamster that has appeared in quite a few Kirby games as either a important or non-important charater. He works as a Owner and a Chef of his Buffet. In this game, he has a non-important charater. In-game, you can challenge him to a Gourmet race, however here it's called "Rick's Endless Buffet". But instead of 3 levels, you have 5.





  • No detail yet...


These are unlocked modes during or after the main story mode.

Extra Mode

This Extra Mode has the same idea from any other from the past. In this mode, you can't use the bubble selection or gain Copy Abilities through inhaling as Kirby. Instead, it's like KSS and KSSU's Milky Way Wishes , where you get Copy Ability Essence Deluxes. You also can't get Combo Abilities and Final Abilities (like the Star Rod). Also some Enemies are replaced with their counterparts (like Kabu and Grumples). Along with this Termina-two is replaced with a Zero Clone. Creative, I know (yeah it's cool to have a god clone as a final boss). Some levels are also redesigned entirely just to make it interesting. You also have a time meter, which before you start the extra game you can use this to have a optional time limit to beat the entire game (yes you'll restart the entire mode after if you decided to use this).

Nebula Stars

Nebula Stars Is a The Grand Cave Offensive / Kirby and the Amazing Mirror-like mode where you go look for treasure. There are 7 "areas" in this mode, each having 10 items. The only way to pass a planet/level/area is to collect them all! These are the areas:

World name logo Enemies and collectables Description

This level has enemies reminiscent of Peanut Plains, however has is different. These are the enemies: Bronto BurtBroom HatterGordoKabuParasol Waddle DeeWaddle DooPluid and Rocky. The Collectables of this level are as followed: Mug, Dyna Blade feather, Crystal Shard, Spray Paint, Green Mushroom, Rare Fragment, Christmas Tree, Fossilized Peanut, Rusty Pot and Alien Communicator.

Popstar is what we all know, a 5-point Star planet with a habitable atmosphere with 2 rings. This level looks very simular to the Dyna Blade's level Peanut Plains.

Neo Star

Asteroid field

The Grand Air Ride

The Arena


Walk: lightly left or right

Run: left or right 

Attack: B

Jump: A

Float/ Infinite jump/ fly: A repeatedly 

Crouch/ platform fall: down

Look up: up

Slide: A down or b down at the same time

Pause: +

Bubble selection or Bubble exit: -

Drop ability (Kirby only): X

Friend heart: Y

Unfriend: X  Y at the same time


These are what Kirby is mostly known for down below.


Returning Normal Abilities:

Name/ Symbol Picture Explanation/ Facts Flavor Text Attacks

Animal Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Animal Kirby is pretty much the same as he was in other games, with the exception of 2 new "attacks", Dig Dive and his guard, Den guard. Now Dig Dive is a attack where Kirby Dives into the ground below him and is able to pop-out. This attack is the simular to Marx's attack from Kirby Star Allies, Marx Flip Ultima, except Animal Kirby can't move and he can stay In the ground as long as he wants. When Kirby guards, he quickly covers himself in dry dirt, pebbles and sticks and once he unguards he splatters that everywhere, damaging enemys near him. Roar! You are a ferocious animal! To surprise your enemy's, do B and down to go into the ground and use B again to Reappear!

Artist Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Artist Kirby is almost the same too except for some other things, like his Painbrush attack and New things like skating. The way Painbrush changed is that the paint is only red, this is said in the flavor text when it says "you should paint the town red!". For the skating part, when Kirby is about to run, skates appear under his feet and he starts skating. While skating he is as fast as when he skates as Ice Kirby. Even Kirby has a artistic side. Use your paint to create art of food or allies and bring them to life! When your done, you should paint the town red!

Ball Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Ball Kirby has a single attack added to his moveset called roll where he rolls. Besides this, the controls work better when bouncing and everything else is literally the same.

As if being like this wasn't enough. Press B to turn into a destructive ball of death! Now you can bounce of the walls and enemy's! Oh oh, look out for that pit!


Beam Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Beam Kirby has all the attacks he had in Kirby's Return to Dreamland, including the ledgendary Revolution Beam. Well, this isn't shocking at all. Use the power of electricity to zap your foes with your magic wand. With this, no one shall pass you.

Bomb Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Bomb Kirby has the attacks from the modern games while the concept of having fire properties like in the older games.

No need to buy bombs with this! While holding a bomb, you can make a kaboom! run and bowl, using the bomb as a bowling ball!

Bubble Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Now Bubble can be a "different ability" from some points of veiw. Now Bubble beam have small bubbles that wander off and can devour enemys and items IF you use Bubble Beam for at least 7 sec. along with them being on screen. Also the attack Big Bubble can be pushed around by Kirby and the other players. He also has new attacks, Bubble float, bubble spin and bubble shell. Bubble float is where Kirby surrounds himself with a bubble and floats. This is the same consept with Balloon Kirby from Kirby Canvas Curse except he can't blow-up thrice. Bubble spin is a attack simular to Spinning fire breath except it has the bubble effect. Bubble shell on the otherhand is just the modern Reflect Guard but bubbly.

If you like blowing bubbles then, you love it more now! Use your Bubble Wand to encase your enemys inside of a large bubble, then gulp it down to use later. Wow, the power of air and water!

Burn Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Burn is now back as its own ability, making it now a rebooted ability. Now Kirby can do Burning attack in the up and down directions! The new attack FireBall where he can fall (in a simular fashion as Wing when doing Condor Bomb) to the ground and send 2 fire balls to the left and right. It also has other new attacks from Fire. Your the hottest ball around. You can dash forward in flames thanks to your hands of FIRE! You are so hot that you can even Burn underwater!

B: Burning

B and down: Torch Inferno (Fireball Inferno)

B while Burning: Burning Flame

A while Burning: Searing Burn

B and down inair: Meteor (Fireball spin)

B B B while Burning: FireBall


Cupid Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Cupid may have only a single new attack, but he's better for sure. Now when he flies, he can move just like Coo in Kirby's Dreamland 3. He can also move while aiming at a enemy in this game. His new attack is called Heart blow where Cupid Kirby looks either directly up or down and shoots a arrow that splits into 2 other ones, like Archer's Sky shot. He can also move while waiting to release his arrows, although very slowly.

Thanks to Kirby's caring heart, he has transformed into an Angel! You can shoot arrows from your bow and take down threats. You can charge you shot and make an enemy be attracted towards other enemys!


Cutter Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Cutter is the same as it was in modern games with the final cutter included. You've turned into a slice-o-roma! Cut your enemys down to size when you need. You can also use this boomerang to cut ropes or grass! What a nice simple thing to do.

Fighter Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Fighter has the same moves from modern games along with have the attacks of Somersault Kick and Ariel spin kick. Whenever you get this ability, you can get the work done. Use techniques you're born for, Kirby. Use your RAISING BREAK or HADOUKEN...   ...wait.

Fire Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Fire, now being separated from Burn, has a small amount of attacks  single new one. The new one is called Blazing Flare, where Kirby spits out a small fire ball and it once it hits ground, it'll be there for about 5 sec. and if you charge This up, you'll spit out 3 fire balls and they will stay on ground for 8 sec. . This is a classic and powerful ability to use. You can blowout FIRE and destroy EVERYTHING! Your hat can also light up dark places, which is nice for camping...

Freeze Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Freeze and Ice have the same situation as Burn and Fire do. This is also basicly rebooted. With this ability, theres a new move called Snow throw, where Kirby throws a Snow ball with several ice spikes sticking  out. BBBBRRRRR! Aren't you FREEZING?! You can surround yourself in cold gasses and freeze any opponent who comes across you. Can you see why?

B: Ice Blizzard

B and left or B and right: Ice ball

B and up: Snow throw

Touch ice block: Ice Kick

L or R or ZL or ZR: Snow Puff


Ghost Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Who you going to call? Not Kirby, because he's a GHOST! Possess any standard enemy and attack others with the powers of death. Anyway, you can hurt you friends with the enemy you possessed.

Hammer Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

BAM! You can be a King With this godly mallet by your side! Slam dunk your enemys around and make them praise you. You can also charge up your attack to make your hammer HUGE!

Hi-jump Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Jump up Super Star! With that nice cape of yours you can jump really high and you could jump real low. You can also jump Up-side down!

Ice Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Hey, that's a cool cap you go there! With it, you can blow out ice and icy wind to freeze your nemisises all over. Then you could kick them towards others. With great ice powers comes ice skating.

Pew pew! Kirby, with that Light Amplification device you can use light to attack your enemys from a afar distance! So what are you waiting for?

B: Laser Blast

Hold B: Giga Blast (Big Laser Blast)

Dash and B: Quick Blast

Up and B: Trio Laser

Down and B in Midair: Spiral Laser


Magic Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

This is nice, poyo. Now I can throw cards and pull random items from my magical top hat! I can also scare you with my clown head from my hat.

Mini Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Woah, your minimum Kirby! You can now punch your enemy from your point of view. You should normally use this for sneaking into mouse-sized places!

Mirror Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Mirror mirror in the air, whats the best ability of them all? With this reflective ability, Kirby can make "clones" of himself to attack nearby attackers. He can also protect himself in a invincible rainbow orb for protection. After all, defence is the best offense!

Needle Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

OUCH! With this edgy hat of yours, you can turn into a ball of spikes to protect yourself and your friends! You can also shoot out the spikes and roll out With them all over!

Ninja Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets


Parasol Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Awww, cute! With this parasol, you can reflect both sunlight and water when holding B, meaning it can burn grass and cool down lava blocks! But burning grass takes a while, about a minute...

Plasma Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

This may seem like a clone of Spark Kirby, but your very cold on that. Use the power of static electricity and the sun when you shake the controller or move very quickly. Then you can throw the blast either up or in front of you.

Smash Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

This is the ULTIMATE ability to use in combat! Using the hat to spawn many weapons, you can SMASH any of the competition that comes your way!

Spark Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Poyo, that enemy tasted sour...  ...but now I can shock anyone that comes in the perimeter of me! I can also attack anyone in any direction with a Thunder bolt from my hands!

Stone Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Rock on Kirby! With this ability, you can become rock-hard and slam into foes. You can also Uppercut them with an Stone fist finish them off! 

Suplex Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Your gonna use suplex or what?

Sword Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

You got the Master Sword! Oops, I've done it again. With this Masterful blade, you can bring justice to those evil being you fighting against! It can also easily combine with elements and element-like things.

U.F.O Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Beep bop beeop. Now that your like that, you can fly around and be a full-time U.F.O and take down enemys in a 'flash with your laser cannon. It's always cool being Un'identified!

Water Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Ahhh, lifes like a beach with this. With a body like this, you can squirt out water and be a fountain on the go! Also, ride the waves little dude!

Wheel Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

What's with the cap? Well I'm wheel Kirby of course! I can Start spinning at high speeds. I can also get a super start by hold B and down poyo. Ready, set, GO!

Wing Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Poyo! Poyo poyo poyo poyo. Poyo poyo POYO! Poyo ♡ pollo ala wings.

New Normal Abilities:

Name/ Symbol Picture Explanation/ Facts Flavor text Attacks
Glitch Block
PicsArt 06-26-03.59.28

Glitch Block Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

Glitch Block Kirby, as the name suggests, is a ability where you use "glitchy" blocks as your weapons AND ​​​​​​creatable ​platforms. When you just place it down, you will react to it the same as a Star Block and enemys react like it's a attack, damaging them. The blocks within the attack "block throw" are thrown by Kirby in a simular fashion to when Throw or Suplex OR Backdrop Kirby throws a opponent, mostly Throw Kirby.

Don't freak out! It's not a real glitch! Place Glitch blocks on the ground or in the air to use as a barrier or a step stool. See, glitches are cool!

Mantle Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

This is Mantle Kirby, a totally origanal™ abilty and his moveset is totally NOT based on Cape Mario or Cape Luigi. Anyway, Kirby can trip his enemys with his cape and he can do this in any direction, depending on the button pressing. You can also do a Hi-Jump like move by jumping and then pressing B and up, the attack being called Feather flight. This can remind you of a certain hero when you use this super-powered cape. Use B to trip up your enemy, then run, jump and fly away! Go Kirby go!

Mix Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

In a same fashion to Smash Kirby, Mix Kirby has moves from multiple abilities along with its own "Special" abilitys to make this all new ability. This ability mostly takes attacks from abilities not present in this game. Anyway the thing with the "Don't worry, there's no bad chemicals in there..." is referencing the source of the attacks, the drink mixer. This is because in old and modern illustrations of the Mix had Kirby at a Bar or some other place... You thought this was a gimmick, didn't you? Use many different attacks with your trusty shaker! Don't worry, there's no bad chemicals in there...

Sound Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

This is a new ability named Sound. As you'd expect, you can run very fast and use sound to your advantage for battle. This abilty is a gust/ wind elemental abilty. A cool fact is that this is the fastest copy ability on the ground. The sound whistle attack is very simular to Water Kirby's Fountain hover and Nago's Ice ability, with the reach of Fountain hover and the flying of the Nago + Ice. Rolling around at the speed of sound! By that, your not kidding! Whenever you run, you can go faster then even when you would ice skate or surf. When you use B while running you can do anything!

Time Kirby from Kirby and the Star Planets

So the Time ability is a New Copy ability where you can slow down time on enemies or for the entire stage. A bad thing about this ability can't cause damage towards enemies and can only slow there movements, hence the flavor text saying that you should have a friend with you. Don't worry if your lagging behind, you can slow time down if you need! Punch your foe to make them go in slow motion! This ability isn't good for attacking though, trust others to do that.


  • It'll be a long time 'till this will be done.....  ...once done, there'll be a link.


When you press - (for the Switch ver.) or the R button (for the X-experience ver.), you get the  Bubble Selection. Originating in Squeak Squad, this is a selection of collected Copy Abilities within bubbles. There are differences between the origanal and this new one. For one, there are 10 slots instead of 5. Also if you get all of the treasures of the Nebula Stars Extra game, you unlock 5 extra spaces.


In this game, you can buy 1 costume for each ability. You buy these costumes with point stars. Some these costumes can even change how the attacks look for the ability (although the attacks stay the same). Also for the abilities that change color like Fire, Freeze, etc. will not change color with a costume. Here are the costumes right here:


  • To see info. about the Dark Matter of this canon, go here .
World Boss Name Pic. Description Boss order
World 1 Possessed Meta Knight 1st
World 1 Digger Dark Matter 2nd
World 2 Forest Dark Matter and Grabber Dark Matter 0nly
World 3 Possessed Ripple Star Queen 1st
World 3 Miracle Matter helper 2nd
World 4 Fake Yin-yan 1st
World 4 Shapeshift Dark Matter 2nd
World 5 Techno Dark Matter 0nly
World 6 Possessed Heavy Lobster 1st
World 6 Aqua Dark Matter and Melty Dark Matter 2nd
World 7 Soldier's Minion Dark Matter 1st
World 7 Clustered Dark Matter 2nd
World 8 Possessed Master Green 1st
World 8 Fallen Dark Matter 2nd
World  9 Celestial Dark Matter and Soldier Dark Matter 1st
World 9 The Zone 2nd
World 9 Temina-Two 3rd


Planet Level/ lv.# Level Name Ledgendary weapon








Rainbow Islands

Endless Explosions

Arange Gorge

Mallow Castle

Saga Caves

In the 3rd section in Saga Caves you have to use the Light Abilities' attack "Illuminate" then go all the way back to the top-left corner of the room and you'll see a door. When you enter it, you have to walk across a horizontal path going to the top-right. When you enter the door at the end of it, you'll see 2 Star Rods. The only way you escape the room is by getting 1 of the Star Rods (doesn't matter which one). Once you do that a door will appear on the right and once you enter it, you'll be taken to the boss battle. That means this is a short cut through the level. BUT once you leave the room, you can NEVER reenter it, like any other of these rooms.





Mushroom forest

International clouds

Never Ruins

Deep Leaves

In the Final (5th) section of International clouds, get or have the Fire, Burn, Bomb or Smash abilities (you could also have Freeze, Ice or Water or Parasol and Plasma or Spark in your Bubble Selection)Then you look for a upward tunnel. When you get to the top, you'll see a Metal Block, you burn it. Then you'll come across a Fire Block,  Freeze or splash it. Then the last obstacle is a Techno block, electrocute it. On the other side awaits a door. When you enter it, you'll come across the Triple Star. Like any other one of these rooms, you have to get the Legendary Weapon.

Ripple star





Sector Shards

Open fields

Upward hall

Lovely center

In the 6th section of Upward hall, get the Ghost ability, then go up and go through the Ghost Block, on the otherside is a door. Once you enter it (you go to the 7th section), get the Mini ability and go into a small hole and go into the door on the otherside. Then all you have to do is grab the Soul Crystal (Crystal Shard Gun) and leave the room and then you'll fight two Iron Mams in section 10 (Final).
Patch Land






Rainbow Falls

Evergreen Lift

Lava Landing

Ash Caverns

Xeno Crater

In section  Xeno Crater
Earth/ Shiver Star





Lost Wasmo

Irradiated Russky

Fifteen Kari Street

Eternity Fountain







Gully Hole

Off Roads

Alley street

Lifeless Jungle

Stained Crustacean







Dusty Cleans

Empty Stones

Another Explosion

The Rusty Seas

Hell gases







Lifted Islands

Immerstion Shores

Ghostly ships

Heavenly Bubbles

The Plasma Depths










Darkest Spots

Angled Flames

Raging Ice Caps

Killed Matter

Needed lava

Eternal War

Sun holes

Super Hyper Zone

Last Star (DLC)








Rendered plants

Entered shadows

Bedrock cave

Iced core

River destiny

The Mechanized Heart

Hot bottom

This level doesn't have a Legendary Weapon due to the fact this is DLC.


This game's DLC Includes more Copy Abilities and 2 new non-story related planets, Last Star and Youtopia.

Youtopia: Youtopia is a DLC world on the bottom-left of the planet selection map. It is a planet where YOU get to create 4 different levels and chose a pickable boss for your 5th level. Along with this, you can either chose or make music for your levels. This is basically Super Mario Maker + Mario paint but Kirby. Unlike Mario Maker, you can't share levels to the internet and it's impossible to create autolevels. This is also where you can play as Adeline/ Ado, where you play as her to test the level while editing it. You can also edit the Planet and level's icon, doing pixal art to do so. Keep in mind that you CAN'T change the planet's name, the name will always be Youtopia!

Pickable bosses for Youtopia:

Twin Woods


Twin Kracko

Dyna Blade


Dark Nebula (except he's actually hard)



Morpho Knight

Galacta Knight

Swordsman Dark Matter > Commander Dark Matter

Heart of NOVA

King Dedede


Masked Dedede


DLC Copy abilities: These are DLC copy abilities that you can only get on Lavadom and Last Star. You can also get it in Youtopia, if you place the enemies and mini bosses in the levels that is. Oh yea, your here for the copy abilities and their art, aren't you? Well they are:



All the 1st letters of all the Planets (excluding DLC) spell out P-E-R-P-E-T-U-A-L, meaning Infinity or forever. Including DLC would spell out P-E-R-P-E-T-U-A-L-L-Y, also meaning Infinity.

  • Also all the levels for the Planets spell words, this is them in order: DREAMS , MIND , SOUL , RELAX , LIFE , GOALS , DEATH , LIGHT and DARKNESS. With Last Star's, it says REBIRTH.

Some of the locations in the world Earth take place somewhere on Earth (what you expect?) . For example, Indiana isle takes place in a frozen over Indiana. Also everything in the level Eternity Fountain is a reference to the myth the Fountain of Youth.

Interestingly, King Dedede doesn't appear in this game at all. Not as a Playable charater, a mini boss, a boss or a Other charater.

Some of the New abilities like Glitch Block, Mantle and Clock are based on or are unused Copy Abilities from past games. Glitch Block being based on Block from Kirby's Adventure, Mantle being from Kirby Super Star and Clock being semi-based on the unused "clock ability" from Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

The Artist Ability's "running" animation is based on Paint Kirby from the Kirby anime, Kirby Right Back at Ya!.

Sections 1, 6 and 7 of Upward hall are a reference to Level 7 of Dark Castle (from KDL2) when you go through those 5 sections with Copy Ability Enemies to get the Rainbow Sword, like in this game for Ripple Star and it's ledgendary weapon, the Soul Crystal.

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