Kirby and the Eternal Knights is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Being a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a new installment in the Kirby franchise of games that is for the Nintendo 3DS, featuring a more detailed plot than most Kirby games, as well as new and classic gameplay elements. A notable feature that Kirby and the Eternal Knights features, a first for the Kirby series, is seven-player online co-op, where players control all seven Eternal Knights and complete levels together cooperatively online.





Playable Characters

  • Kirby - The pink Pop Star puffball himself! Kirby is the latest member of the Eternal Knights and the one foretold by prophecy. Kirby is the wielder of theStar Rod and of his inhalant powers.
  • Meta Knight - Kirby's long-time rival who is shrouded in mystery. He founded the Eternal Knights (and is, therefore, the first member of the group) in an effort to stop Dark Matter and the Galacta Knights from their dimensional takeover. Meta Knight is the wielder of the Galaxia.
  • Sword Knight - An old accomplice of Meta Knight and a powerful warrior. After trying to infiltrate the Galaxian Knights's headquarters alone, he was injured, resulting in a cracked face mask and partial Dark Matter infection, turning his eyes a dark green. He is one of the founding members of the Eternal Knights and the wielder of the Eternal Blade.
  • Bio Spark - A long-time friend of Kirby and Meta Knight and a cunning ninja. The fastest Eternal Knight, Bio Spark is versitile, quick, and can wall-jump and perform rapid attacks with ease. He is the wielder of the Kunai.
  • Sir Kibble - A noble Dreamland knight and another old accomplice of Kirby and Meta Knight. Sir Kibble fights for both Dreamland and, more recently, the Eternal Knights, his loyalty and strong sense of teamwork an important asset to the team. Sir Kibble is the wielder of the Cutter Rang.
  • Prince Fluff - The prince of Patch Land and an old accomplice of Kirby when they saved Patch Land from the evil Yin Yarn. Due to a dimensional tear in Patch Land, he ended up in Dreamland, this time in a solid form, and joined the Eternal Knights. Prince Fluff is the wielder of the Yarn Whip.
  • Gooey - An old friend of Kirby's who went on several adventures with him in the past. Gooey is a blob of Dark Matter, disconcerting many of the other Eternal Knights, but a friendly and strong one, at that. He joins the Eternal Knights purely for fun and is the wielder of the Gooey's Tongue. (Which is, as the title suggests, his tongue.)


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