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Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2
KTnT2 Boxart
The game's box art.
Developer(s) Shooting Star Studios
HAL Labs.
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) Action Puzzle, Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble
Release Date(s) 2016
Mode(s) Single Player
Online Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingUSK6OFLC-GCERO A
Media Included Media CD icon Optical Disk
Media DL icon Digital Download
Available Input WiiUButton-GamePad Wii U GamePad
Wii and Nunchuk Wii Remote & Nunchuk

Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble 2 is an upcoming Kirby action puzzle game for the Wii U developed by Shooting Star Studios. It is planned to be released in late 2016. It is a sequel to the 2000 Game Boy Color title Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble. Being a direct sequel to said game, it brings back the “tilting” gameplay with the use of the Wii U GamePad. The game will of course have Kirby as the playable character, but it will also support amiibo, allowing players to unlock King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee by using their respective amiibo.


Instruction manual story:

A mysterious wizard named Bahram arrives at Pop Star and casts a curse on Dream Land to turn it into a “rolling” entertainment for him. Because of this curse, all of Dream Land turns into a tilting land, causing most citizens to trip over and roll. Kirby is bugged by this, and decides to go after Bahram in order to restore Dream Land's original form.

More coming soon.


The game will use the Wii U GamePad's accelerometers and tilt sensor, allowing the player to “roll” Kirby around by tilting the GamePad. The game will make use of both the TV screen and the GamePad screen. The map shown in the TV and the one shown in the GamePad will be different, and at certain points Kirby will have to switch between maps so he can progress. For example, the map shown in the TV screen is a cloud level and the one shown in the GamePad is a sky castle. If Kirby is in the sky castle and finds a trampoline, it will send Kirby high in the sky to the TV screen where the clouds are.

KTnT GamePad Screenshot

Point Stars will be scattered all around levels for Kirby to collect, and he will have to find the Red, Green and Blue Stars in each level in order to clear them. Certain levels (mostly the last ones in each world map) will feature a different boss that Kirby has to defeat so he can go to the next world map. Several enemies will appear in levels, and to defeat most of them Kirby will have to hop on them or dash at them. To hop around, the player will have to press the AbuttonWiiU button, and to dash, the BbuttonWiiU button. A dash can also be charged by holding the BbuttonWiiU button to make it more effective against stronger enemies.

However, there are enemies that cannot be defeated with a simple hop or dash, and require something else in order to be defeated. As an addition to a Tilt 'n' Tumble installment, Kirby can now use some Copy Abilities in this game to defeat special enemies. However, to do so, he will have to find Copy Ability pedestals as he lacks the inhale ability in this game. Gaining a copy ability will replace the hop and dash with different attacks. For example, if Kirby becomes Fire Kirby, the hop ability will be Kirby getting encased in fire for a few seconds, and the dash will be a fiery version. Copy abilities are also needed to get past certain obstacles, such as ice blocks (melted by Fire Kirby) or lava pits (traversable by Ice Kirby's dash).


Playable Characters

Character Description Ability/ies
Kirby KTnT2

Kirby is the legendary hero of Dream Land, and is now prepared for another tilt 'n' tumbling journey! Will he be able to defeat the evil wizard Bahram? Let's hope so!

Able to use Copy Abilities.
Meta Knight Meta Knight, the mysterious masked knight. doesn't roll, instead, he hovers. However, he isn't capable of using Copy Abilities. He defeats enemies with his Galaxia sword. Unlocked with amiibo. Able to hover. Faster movement.
King Dedede King Dedede, the self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. Once you unlock him with his amiibo, you will be able to roll around and splatter enemies! Able to crush weaker enemies. Destroys special obstacles.
Bandana Waddle Dee Bandana Waddle Dee is King Dedede's loyal servant. He seems to have left his spear at home, but those acrobatic moves of his will help him either way. Unlocked with the Waddle Dee amiibo. Able to jump very high and perform faster dashes.

Supporting Characters




Copy Abilities

Unlike other games, Kirby doesn't obtain a Copy Ability by inhaling an enemy. Instead, Copy Ability pedestals can be found in the levels, and by touching them, Kirby gains the ability.

Copy Ability Description Abilities Icon

Allows Kirby to use vines and swing through bottomless pits and platforms. 

Hop -> Remains unchanged.

Dash -> Claw Dash: Travels farther and attacks with claws.

Animal Ability Star New
Beam Allows Kirby to activate switches or destroy things through walls or other obstacles.

Hop -> Light Blast: Shoots a ball of electricity forwards.

Dash -> Beam Whip: Releases a beam around him while spinning, defeating enemies with its range.

Ability Star Beam
Bomb Allows Kirby to set up bombs at certain places to destroy special obstacles. Kirby can also stay near the bombs to get impulsed by the explosions.

Hop -> Bomb: Puts or throws a bomb somewhere.

Dash -> Rocket: Kirby explodes upon contact with an enemy, and is sent towards another nearby enemy in a chain.

Ability Star Bomb
Crash Kirby immediately defeats all enemies on the screen. Very rare and can be used once. Hop & Dash -> Crash: Defeats all enemies on screen. Ability Star Crash
Cutter Allows Kirby to throw boomerang cutters, letting him hit switches and other objects that are far away and normally unreachable.

Hop -> Remains unchanged.

Dash -> Boomerang Cutter: Kirby throws a boomerang cutter that defeats enemies within its range.

Ability Star Cutter
Fighter TBA TBA KRtDL Fighter icon
Fire Kirby is able to use fire abilities that allow him to get past certain obstacles or areas, specially if they involve ice. He can also melt ice obstacles.

Hop -> Fire Field: Kirby is encased in fire for a few seconds.

Dash -> Fire Dash: Basically a dash with fire effects. Upon finishing the move, a ball of fire travels forwards for about 1 second.

Ability Star Fire
Ghost Allows Kirby to turn invisible for short seconds and pass through enemies and obstacles, as well as possess and use enemies as shields.

Hop -> Invisibility: Kirby becomes invisible for about 2 seconds.

Dash -> Possession: Kirby dashes and possesses an enemy in the way.

Ghost Icon KDL3D
Glide (NEW) Kirby is given gliding wings, allowing him to glide from a place to another that is far away. Kirby can control the direction as he glides.

Hop -> Remains unchanged.

Dash -> Glide: If Kirby is on the ground, he jumps and then quickly glides at an enemy to attack. Upon falling from an edge, Kirby starts to glide normally.

Ability Star Glide KTnT2
Hammer Kirby obtains an hammer, which he can use to hit stakes of wood that can activate passageways.

Hop -> Hammer Smash: Kirby can charge his hammer and then slam it forwards. He can't move while using this ability.

Dash -> Hammer Spin: Rather than dashing, Kirby spins forwards while spinning his hammer.

Ability Star Hammer
Ice Allows Kirby to use icy abilities that let him get past certain obstacles or areas, mostly if they involve fire or lava.

Hop -> Ice Shield: Kirby is surrounded by an icy force as long as he holds the button. He can't move while doing so, but freezes enemies.

Dash -> Ice Dash: An ice variation that lets him pass through lava.

Ability Star Ice
Leaf Allows Kirby to camouflage with leaves and use leaves to interact with certain plant-related environment elements.

Hop -> Leaf Bush: Kirby hides in a bush and camouflages.

Dash -> Leaf Wind: Kirby is surrounded by rotating leaves that damage enemies and can do special tasks if he's in a specified environment.

Ability Star Leaf

Kirby turns into metal. Can defeat most enemies by merely passing through them, and is almost invincible. However, Kirby is considerably harder to control.

Hop -> Earthquake Hop: Creates a small earthquake by hopping.

Dash -> Super Dash: Has a very short range, but is extremely powerful and able to break certain things.

Metal Ability Star New
Mirror Allows Kirby to create mirror images of himself, confusing enemies and attacking various of them at once.

Hop -> Confusion: Creates a mirror image in front of a nearby enemy, confusing it for a few seconds.

Dash -> Mirror Dash: Kirby dashes as mirror images of him follow, aiming at and attacking multiple enemies at once.

Ability Star Mirror KPR
Needle TBA TBA Ability Star Needle
Ninja TBA TBA Ability Star Ninja
Shadow (NEW) Kirby is able to turn into a shadow and attach himself to surfaces, walls and cliffs.

Hop -> Shadowify: Kirby turns into an actual shadow and travels through surfaces and walls.

Dash -> Shadow Attack: Kirby dashes forwards as a shadow, and if an enemy is in the way, pops out and sends them flying.

Ability Star Shadow KTnT2
Spark Allows Kirby to use electrifying attacks. The electric attacks can cause shockwaves to travel around on metallic surfaces.

Hop -> Electric Force: Kirby is surrounded by a field of electricity. However, he cannot move while using it.

Dash -> Plasma Shot: Kirby shoots a plasma laser forwards.

Ability Star Spark
Stone TBA TBA Ability Star Stone
Sword TBA TBA Ability Star Sword
Tornado TBA Ability Star Tornado
Water Kirby is able to travel through water surfaces as well as swim with ease underwater.

Hop -> Bubble Pop: Kirby traps an enemy in a water bubble, and then makes it explode if he passes through it.

Dash -> Water Wave: Kirby travels on a wave of water, pushing enemies and other objects away with it.

Ability Star Water
Wheel TBA TBA Ability Star Wheel


Level # Name Number of Stages Boss/es Description
Level 1 Trampoline Treeway 5 Whimsy Woods A vast forest where drum-like wooden formations appear out of trees. The main gimmick in this level's stages is the usage of the trampolines in order to progress. As a first level, it's very basic.
Level 2 Unnatural Utopia 6 Mayor Mechamaniac A floating utopia where nature is nonexistent. Rather than having natural plants and trees, they all are artificial, including flowers. Technologically, it's a very advanced area, where virtual transportation via tech pipes is the main gimmick.
Level 3 Melon Marshes 6 Hydrawa After the unnatural second level, Kirby is back to the wonderful nature of Dream Land. Melon Marshes features both grassy and water stages, in a combination of beautiful flowers and underwater zones for Kirby to roll and swim around.
Level 4 Blueberry Bazaar 7 Roll-o-Rockie A level consisting of several street lined markets of lots of fruits, but its main theme is the blueberry. It's very maze-ish, so several alternate paths can be found throughout. Townsfolk and market owners seem to be afraid of rolling away from their places, so they hide behind to also protect themselves from enemies. Kirby will have to deal with this stuff alone, unfortunately.
Level 5 Lilac Landfrost 8 Frozenix A snowy and icy level, where snow landscapes can be appreciated in their full glory. It's eternally snowing in the Lilac Landfrost territory, so Kirby will have to deal with rolling on those freezing grounds. Brrr, what a shame! Also, beware those water areas, water is too cold to even get in!
Level 6 Eastern Everhill 8 Momohime A chinese & japanese-oriented land, with pagodas, sakura trees, shrines and many other eastern-like environments. Kirby can get inside of temples and big houses where he will be put to heavy thinking in his movements. This level has many secrets and eastern (get it?) eggs, so make sure to take a good luck.
Level Finale Bahram's Grandiose Galaxy 1 Bahram TBA
Secret Level  ??? 10 ??? TBA

Items and Objects


Logos and Box Arts


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