Kirby Superstar Platinum is the sequel to Kirby Superstar for the SNES and Kirby Superstar Ultra for the DS, DS Lite, and the DSi. Like its predecessors, it is split into smaller sub-games. Unlike its predecessors though, it has Wi-Fi conection. It is for the Wii. It's Made by Fantendo Brothers Entertainment.


Here are the Characters you can play as:


Kirby: The puffy hero of Dreamland.



Meta-Kinght: Owner of the Halberd. A mentor/enemy of Kirby.

King Dedede: Ruler of Dreamland.


These are the Subgames you can play in the game.

  1. Spring Breeze
  2. Dyna Blade
  3. The Great Cave Offensive
  4. Gourmet Race
  5. Revenge of Meta-Knight
  6. Milky Way Wishes
  7. The Arena
  8. Revenge of the King
  9. Meta-Knightmare Ultra
  10. Helper to Hero
  11. Samuri Kirby
  12. Megaton Punch
  13. Kirby's Card Swipe
  14. Snack Tracks
  15. Kirby's Quick Draw
  16. The True Arena
  17. Dreamland's Final Stand
  18. Dedede's Adventure
  19. Helper to Hero 2
  20. Nightmare's revenge "Kirby's adventure Aka kirby nightmare in dreamland "
  21. Kirby yarn world [The Retune Of Yin-Yarn]
  22. miagic Mirror on the wall how is the pinkiest one of all"kirby's amzing Mirror"
  23. The End of dreamland
  24. The Revenge of nightmare
  25. The revenge of marx
  26. Kirby time travil
  27. Kirby X "kirby right back at ya"
  28. Kirby the evil mood of tiff
  29. Kirby the evil mood of tuff
  30. Kirby In Planet mobius & The mushroom kingdom
  31. The Evil Arena
  32. Super Waddle Dee Mega
  33. Kirby Megastar Story
  34. The Adventure That Ended All Adventures


Here are the midbosses. I, Paper Kirby 55, the one who wrote this article, has put the first midboss for you.

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