Kirby Superstar Adventure is a series scheduled to come out in 2016, it will be a "reboot series", introducing a new Kirby, with a whole new Pop Star.

The series will air in Cartoon Network and will be a CGI Animated Series, like Kirby's Right Back At Ya! 3D Special.


The first episode will revolve about a young Kirby in a Warp Star crashing into Pop Star with a small fairy named Flash besides him, Flash is supposed to guide Kirby and teach him about Pop Star, they decide they should go to the nearest country, wich is Dreamland, wich is the center Pop Star, where they find out the townspeople's food has been stolen by Prince Dedede, Kirby and Flash will have to breach through the castle's defenses, learn new abhilities (Kirby's Copy Abilities), defeat Dedede, and return the townspeople's food, after that's over, they call Kirby their new hero, and the camera pans over to Metaknight covered in shadows...The next episodes will mostly revolve around Kirby in the present having many adventures, meeting new friends, and fighting to defend Pop Star and Dreamland!


Name Description Changed/New Abilities
Kirby Kirby is back! And now looks....Not that different actually...The only difference is that now he wears an amulet with a small star that looks like a Warp Star in the middle...I wonder what that does? He now also can say minor words (check Kirby's Right Back At Ya's Japanese Dub if you think this is weird), he's still as playful, mischeivous, and curious as before! Kirby is revealed to be a Star Warrior, a creature that is send to protect a planet and area, but along the way Kirby will find out that he's not the only Star Warrior in Pop Star, and that not all of them fight for just the well-being of their people...

When he touches his amulet, if it has enough energy (it charges over time), it will create a Warp Star,a Motor-Star (basically a motorcycle) or more, it all depends on what Kirby wants, and how much energy it has! (of course it can't create anything...)

Flash (new)

You can find this little fairy besides Kirby at any time, Flash is a fairy of a race known as Star Guides, most oof them become helpers to a Star Warrior someday, however, sometimes the Star Warrior can simply deny a Star Helper, when he first appears with young Kirby, he has green robes and a hat (like an elf), but in the present he has red robes, he's a bit more mature than Kirby, this counters Kirby's almost childish nature, but in the end, they're very good friends. Flash has extensive knowledge about Pop Star, this can help Kirby in many situations, he's also very strategic, another trait wich can be very helpful to Kirby, laterr in the series he gets an ability called "Healing Flash" in which he creates an orb of light which can heal people.
Metaknight This Star Warrior has a mysterious backstory that is still unknown, but for soome reason he wants to defeat Kirby, and become "The most powerful Star Warrior", it's still unknown why...But he still helps Kirby in most situations, he says that he wants to be the one to defeat Kirby.  Same as before (Mach Tornado and Meta Quick) except that Mach Tornado is changed, now Metaknight creates a giant tornado that sucks his opponents in, once there inside he slashes at them violently until finally hitting them far away.

Felyn (new)

This character is basically the Yellow Kirby or Keeby by fans, he can speak full words and sounds like a normal person, he's a Star Warrior but before meeting Kirby, he only did "heroic things" if it was for money or rewards, kinda like a bounty hunter, however, after meeting Kirby, he realized that was wrong and simply stopped, he has an adventorous personality, always going on an adventure if he wants and if he can, and just like Kirby, he has a very mischevious personality, always playing friendly pranks on people.   Felyn cannot hold his breath like Kirby, this may seem like useless info, but it's really important, considering Kirby flies by...holding his Felyn cannot fly, however to make up for it, he's really agile, being able to perform a move that Kirby cannot, called the Golden Boost, a move in wich he dashes forward with incredible speed, he can also use Copy Abilities but he has to "eat up" the enemies in close range, also he doesn't have all of Kirby's Copy Abilities (for example, he doesn't have the "Ice" Ability) however he has abilities that Kirby cannot get, such as the Freeze Copy Ability
King Dedede This bad king hates Kirby for ruining his plans back when he was a prince, his army is big but Kirby always manages to win, even with his strong hammer, but even a tyrant appreciates his army, even to the point of almost fearing to put them against Kirby. King Dedede has the same abilities as before.
Bandana Dee This adventurous Waddle Dee is a strong, determined warrior, he's considered Dedede's strongest warrior, and strongest Waddle Dee but do you really think it's hard to be stronger than a Waddle Dee? However, he's also extremely nice, helping others while not in Dedede's command. Bandana Dee has the same abilities he had in Kirby's Return To Dreamland.
Midori (new) Midori is a honorable samurai Star Warrior that protects Aquarell Town, he looks like a green Popopo with blue cheeks and has a samurai suit, he fights using his Katana. Midori has incredible sword skills, being able to slash through heavy foes with ease.
Glacio (new) Glacio is a light blue Popopo with angel wings who protects Icyty, he's very calm and always thinks before acting, he fights using his ice powers. Glacio can use his angel wings to fly and he can use ice powers such as making ice swords, shooting icicles or pushing their opponets back with powerful blizzards.
Bura (new) This girl Popopo is a tough cookie to bite! She looks like a light pink Popopo with a circus hat and she originally an evil Star Warrior but she changed sides and became good, she can use her Power Baton to control her opponets with small moves like twirls, faceplants, slides or just plain smacking if she changes her baton mode. Bura can use her Power Baton to control her foes with small movements to affect the battle in order to make her win, if she throws the baton in the air, it will explode, taking the enemy with it, after 1 day the Power Baton will regenerate.
Koeko (new) Koeko is a pyramid researcher that looks like a gray Popopo with detective hat, he has a high level of interest in pyramids and their origins and while he doesn't have any powers, he has special gadgets to defrend himself. Koeko doesn't have any power, but he does have gadgets to research pyramids and defend himself, he's also very inteligent and strategic.

Episodes & Seasons

The creators have already planned 3 seasons of the show, and they say that if the fans like it, they will make more:

Season 1 - The Silver Mask (Click the link for Episodes)

Season 2 - Mice on the Attack!

Season 3 - 

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