Kirby Super Star HYPER Ultra is a Nintendo Fan game for both the Wii and the 3DS. It's involvement includes amazing storylines, interesting characters and touching worlds.


There are three types of main character-Hero, Mid-Boss and Boss.


Name Image Description
Kirby Kirby is the main hero, involved throughout the whole story. Most of the main game includes him, and Player One always controls him.
Marx Marx acts as a good buddy to Kirby. Like Kirby, he can float and create helpers. Use Wireless Communications to let a pal play as Marx.


Name Image Appearance Description
Bonkers A purple gorrila with a brown mallet
Super Bonkers Bonkers, only red with a black mallet
Giant Edge A knight in green and teal armor
Super Giant Edge Giant Edge, only in orange and gold
Bugzzy A purple bug on two legs
Super Bugzzy Bugzzy, only green
Dyna Chick A cute yellow bird with a white beak
Super Dyna Chick Dyna Chick, only white with a red beak
Kracko Junior A blue eye with four white hands orbiting
Super Kracko Junior Kracko Junior, only with black hands and a green eye
Phan Phan A grey elephant


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