Kirby Super All-Stars
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Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo
Zentech Studios New Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Zentablet
Genre(s) Platformer, RPG
Series Kirby Super Star
Release Date(s) Autumn 2022
Age Rating(s) E10Rating7RatingCERO B
Media Included Digital

Kirby Super All-Stars is an upcoming entry in the Kirby franchise, developed in joint by HAL Labs and Zentech Studios, and published by Nintendo. It will be released in autumn of 2022 for the Zentech console, the Zentablet, in celebration of Kirby's 30th anniversary.



The game plays similarly to how most Kirby games in the past have - you control Kirby on his quest to stop the threat of Dark Matter that's plagued Pop Star. Copy Abilities can be acquired by inhaling enemies, which add onto your moveset.

While certain elements (such as the existence of a main hub and the functions of the Ability Book) are brand-new to the series, several notable concepts return from past games in this installment - the nonlinear style of the game is derived from Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, along with that game's concept of Spray Paints, Kirby: Squeak Squad's Ability Palette, Ability Scrolls and elemental combo abilities return, the Yarn and Mass Attack Copy Abilities are based on the gameplay styles of Kirby's Epic Yarn and Kirby Mass Attack respectively, and the concept of alternate costumes for Copy Abilities featured in Kirby Fighters Deluxe returns.

Super All-Stars takes a new look at the RPG-inspired concepts from Team Kirby Clash Deluxe, presenting an open world for you to explore, while still having several major tasks for you to perform. Many areas from past games find homes throughout the world, along with the enemies, bosses and allies that inhabit them.


  • Control Pad - Move, Duck
  • ZenSpade - Jump
  • ZenDiamond - Inhale, Attack
  • ZenHeart - Drop Ability
  • Lbutton/RButton - Guard
    • Any Direction During Guard - Dodge
  • STARTbutton - Pause


Character Description Role
KRtDL Kirby hi
The super-tuff pink puff is back and better than ever! He's brought it on himself to get to the bottom of the sudden return of Dark Matter to Pop Star, but will he be able to do it alone? Player Character
Bandana Waddle Dee KTD
Waddle Dee
One of Kirby's close friends, this Dee was the first on board to help Kirby rid Pop Star of Dark Matter. Appears in levels to give Kirby items or Ability Stars, just as he did in Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot. He even sometimes steps in to help Kirby out in the level!
King Dedede 7
King Dedede
The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land. After freeing him from the Dark Matter's possession (again), he's offered to let you call his castle home until Pop Star is safe again! Opens up different areas of the main hub depending on how many Hyper Stars you've collected.
Meta Knight KRTDL
Meta Knight
A mysterious masked swordsman said to work for the King. He tried to stop the Dark Matter from reaching Pop Star in the first place, but now that it's here, he'll stop at nothing to get it out. Gives you advice on what to do next if you approach him on the Castle Rooftop.
Magolor SSB4
The young wizard hailing from Halcandra has decided to make Pop Star his permanent new home. But with Dark Matter quickly infesting every corner of the planet, he'll do whatever he can to help Kirby get rid of it. Runs a shop in the Castle Lobby where you can buy items that affect gameplay in levels, similar to his role in Team Kirby Clash Deluxe.


World Type Levels Bosses
Castle Town Tutorial

0-1: Castle Town Outskirts
0-2: Mt. Dedede
0-3: Castle Dedede

King Dedede
Grassy Greens Grass

1-1: Green Greens
1-2: Vegetable Valley
1-3: Floria
1-4: Grass Land
1-5: Rainbow Route
1-6: Patched Plains
1-EX: Fantasy Meadows

Whispy Woods


2-1: Sand Canyon
2-2: Rock Star
2-3: Radish Ruins
2-4: Raisin Ruins
2-5: Wild World
2-6: Gigabyte Grounds
2-EX: Sky Sands




Midboss Description Ability
Ability Star Hammer


Copy Abilities

Copy Abilities are a staple to the Kirby franchise, and Super All-Stars is no exception. Just about every ability seen throughout the series over the years makes some sort of appearance, whether it be in its original form or combined with another ability.

Ability Flavor Text Moveset Ability Scroll
Ability Star Cupid

B - Angel Arrow
Hold B - Arrow Acrimony
Dash + B - Heavenly Wrath
↑/↓ During Shot - Sharpshooter
↑ + B - Sky-Shot
Hold ↑ + B - Sky-Shot Shower
↓ + B On Ground - Guardian Orbitars
A In Midair - Flight

Hold B Longer - Magic-Star Arrow
BallIcon KDLSS

B - Ball Transformation
↑ + B - Inflate

B x4 During Inflate - Pop
Ability Star Beam

B - Beam Whip
Hold B - Wave Beam
↑/↓/→ + B Next To Enemy - Capture Beam
Dash + B - Cycle Beam
Dash + B In Midair - Beam Blast
B Repeatedly In Midair - Revolution Beam

Hold B - Time Beam
Hold B Longer - Zig Zap
Dash + B - Big Zap
↓ + B In Midair - Zip Zap

Ability Star Beetle

B - Beetle Upper
B Repeatedly - Horn Flurry
Dash + B - Rocket Horn
↑ During Rocket Horn - Rocket Horn Dive
↑ + B - Spiral Horn
↓ + B In Midair - Hardhead Slam
↑/→ + B Next To Enemy - Catching Horn
Move After Catching Horn - Carry Around
B After Catching Horn - Quick Throw
A In Midair - Hover Wing
↑ On Dirt Ceiling - Stick
↑ + B During Cling - Stick Slash
↓ + B On Dirt - Shovel Dig"

↑ + B After Catching Horn - Throw Drop
↓ + B After Catching Horn - Slamming Drill
← + B After Catching Horn - Crown Drop
Dash + ↓ + B In Midair - Drill Spin

Hardhead Slam can now pound stakes.

Ability Star Bell

B - Ring-Ding
B Repeatedly - Ring-Ding-Dong
↓ + B During Ring-Ding-Dong - Ding Finale
↑, Then ↓ + B - Quick Finale
↓ + B - Sting Ding
Dash + B - Twin Tinker
L/R - Bell Block
B On Water's Surface - Floating Ring-Ding
B Underwater - Underwater Ring-Ding

Hold B - Tinker Melody
Ability Star Bomb

B - Ready Bomb
B After Ready Bomb - Bomb Throw
Hold B + ↑/↓ - Bomb Aim
Hold B Longer - Big Bomb Throw
B Near Enemy - Bomb Dunk
↓ + B - Bomb Set
↓ + B - Boomstepper
Dash + B - Bomb Bowl
↓ + A After Ready Bomb - Bomb Slide

Hold X + All Directions- Crash Bomb
Clean Icon KDL3D

B - Sweep
→ + B - Water Bucket
Dash + B - Scrubbing Cloth
↑ + B - Flying Broom
↓ + B - Bubble Beam

↓, Then → + B - Big Bubble"
CookIcon KDLH
B - Soup's On! Soup's On! now has a 25% chance of turning all enemies on screen into 1UPs.
Copy B - Analyze Beam Analyze Beam now has a wider range, as well as the ability to copy the abilities from midbosses and Scarfies.
Ability Star Cutter

B - Cutter Boomerang
Hold B - Hyper Cutter
Dash + B - Cutter Dash
B In Midair - Jump Cutter
Hold B In Midair - Sweep Cutter
↓ + B In Midair - Drop Cutter
B Near Enemy - Cleaving Cutter
↑ + B - Final Cutter

B - Triple Cutter
Hold B Longer - Cutting Shot

Ability Star Doctor

B - Bouncing Capsule
Hold B - Pill Bopper
↓ + Hold B - Science Lab
A/L/R During Science Lab - Research Vault
↑ + B - Spray Medicine
Dash + B - Clipboard Bash
Dash + B In Midair - Bandage Spin
Dash + Hold B In Midair - Pharmacy

Hold B Longer - Restoration Area

In addition to the fire, ice and electricity aspects Science Lab utilizes, the Ability Scroll adds healing, poison and wind to the mix.

Ability Star ESP

"B - Psychokinesis
Hold B + ↑/↓/←/→ - PK Shift
Dash + B - Vanish
L/R Before Getting Hit - PK Evade
L/R While Getting Hit - PK Insight

Hold B Without Moving - PK Electroshift
↑ + B - Psistorm

Ability Star FightingFighter

Tap B (Repeatedly) - Vulcan Jab
B - Smash Punch
↓ + B - Force Blast
Dash + Tap B - Leg Sweep
Dash + B - Spin Kick
↓ + B In Midair - Sky Kick
B Near Enemy In Midair - Moon Somersault Kick
B In Midair - Double Kick
↑ + B - Rising Break
↑/→ + B Next To Enemy - Foe Grab
B/→ After Foe Grab - Arm Throw
← After Foe Grab - Judo Throw

Force Blast is always at maximum power, regardless of HP.
Ability Star Fire

B - Fire Breath
← During Fire Breath - Fireball Inferno
→ + B - Heatwave
Dash + B - Burn
A During Burn - Searing Burn
↑, Then ↓ + B - Red Carpet
↓ + B In Midair - Fireball Spin"

B - Crimson Tail
B In Midair - Spinning Fire Breath
B During Burn - Blazing Flare
↑ + B - Hot Air Balloon
↓ + B - Blazing Fury

Ghost Ability Star New

B - Possess
X After Possess - Erase

Hold A - Vanish
Ability Star Hammer

B - Hammer Nail
Dash + B - Hammer Swing
B In Midair - Giant Swing
↑ + B - Hammer Flip
↓ + B - Hammer Twirl
Dash + X - Hammer Throw

Hold B - Giant Hammer
Dash + B In Midair - Ultra Giant Swing

Kirby can now move at normal speed, as opposed to the reduced speed and jump height from before. Hammer Flip can also be charged.

Ability Star Ice

B - Ice Breath
Dash + B - Ice Storm
B In Midair - Ice Sprinkle
→ + B Near Enemy - Ice Suction
↓ + B - Snowballs
L/R - Ice Block

B Repeatedly - Ice Storm Shield
Dash + B In Midair - Super Ice Sprinkle
Dash, Then ↓ + B - Ice Ball

Ice Breath can now be angled, and Ice Block is entirely impervious to damage.

Ability Star Jet

Hold B - Store Power
A/L/R - Lock Charge
B (Short Charge) - Jet Kick
B (Normal Charge) - Jet Heading
B (Full Charge) - Jet Dash
↑ + B - Somersault
A In Midair - Hover
A In Midair (Full Charge) - Ultra-Jet High Jump

B During Jet Dash - Jet Cracker
Release B During Store Power Near Enemy (Full Charge) - Rocket Dive
↓ + B In Midair (Full Charge) - Ultra-Jet Dive

Ultra-Jet High Jump flies higher and has a small forcefield around it for the duration of the move.

Light Ability Star New
B - Blinding Light Blinding Light now does damage to nearby enemies - if it doesn't defeat them, they will be momentarily stunned.
MagicIcon KDLH

B - Somersault
→ + B - Card Trick
Dash + B - Fire-Hoop Jump
↑ + B - Baton
↑ + B Repeatedly - Flame Baton
↑ + Hold B - Clown Spring
↓ + B - Ball Balance
↓ + Hold B - Balloon Pop Art
↓, Then ↑ + B - Trampoline
↑ + B During Trampoline - Acrobatics

Hold B - Roulette

Mass Attack

B Near Enemy - Latch
B Repeatedly During Latch - Cluster Smash

Upon gaining the ability, the player now automatically starts with 10 Kirbys.
Ability Star Mike

B - Megaphone
B Again - Stand Mike
B After Stand Mike - Finale

Hold B After Stand Mike + All Directions - Encore
Mini N/A

B (Small) - Grow
B (Normal) - Shrink

Ability Star Mirror

B - Mirror Cut
Hold B - Reflect Force
Dash + B - Mirror Body
↑ + B - Mirror Obelisk
↓ + B - Mirror Ring

L/R - Reflect Guard
MissileIcon KDLSS
B - Launch
Any Direction During Launch - Redirect

B During Launch - Premature Detonation

Redirect is much easier to control.

Ability Star Needle

B - Needle
Dash + B - Rolling Needle
↑ + B - Mega Needle

B + All Directions - Needle Burst
↓ + B In Midair - Falling Spine

Needle has increased range.

Ability Star Ninja

Tap B - Kunai Throw
B - Quad Shock
Dash + B - Stealth Slash
↓ + B - Smokescreen
↓, Then ↑ + B - Blossom Storm
↑ + B Near Enemy - Air Drop
↓ + B In Midair - Ninja Kick
B While Getting Hit - Hide Guard

Hold B - Elemental Jutsu

Kirby can now walk on water.

Paint Ability Star New
Ability Star Parasol
Ability Star Sleep
Ability Star Spark
Ability Star Spear
Ability Star Stone
Suplex Icon KDL3D

Hold B - Vortex
Release B After Vortex - Throw
↑/↓ After Vortex - Aim
Dash + B - Dash Grab
B After Dash Grab - Torrent Lariat
↓ After Dash Grab - Body Slam
→ After Dash Grab - Pile Driver
A/Y After Dash Grab - Rock Drop
← After Dash Grab - German Suplex
↑ After Dash Grab - Backbreaker
Dash + B In Midair - Plunge Body Slam
B During Dash Grab - Fury Stomp
↓ + B In Midair - Pinpoint Kick

Enemies that touch elemental parts of the environment (flame sprouts, water, etc.) during Throw now carry that element, and Dash Grab is faster with longer range.
Ability Star Sword
Ability Star UFO
Ability Star Water
Ability Star Wheel
Wheelie Rider
Ability Star Whip
Ability Star Tornado
Ability Star Wing
Yo-Yo Ability Star New

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  • This game only even exists due to the fact that a certain Varent Flant (tbc) saw it as "wasteful" for HAL Labs to create new assets for the Kirby series and never use them past their debut.
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