Fanon DLC for Kirby Star Allies, this page lists all of the fanon DLC ideas for Kirby Star Allies. These will all be free and listed by content.

Dream Friends

Debut: Kirby Squeak Squad (2006)----

The leader of the Squeak Squad, Daroach seeks to search every valuable treasure there is. He has a passion for treasure hunting, but the one that he seeks the most is the treasure that will give him endless power. Daroach's moveset is based off his boss battle in Squeak Squad, as both his normal form and his Dark Daroach form.

Triple Star
Ice Beam
Hold B + Release
Star Barrier
B + Down
Bomb Throw
Eruption Bomb
Hold Y + Release
Set Bomb
Bomb Slide
Dash + Y
Debut: Kirby Squeak Squad (2006)----


Debut: Kirby and the Amazing Mirror (2004)----

A very rude imp that frequently pranked Kirby during his adventure towards the Amazing Mirror. No one knows who he is or why he does this. Maybe he enjoys messing with people. Maybe there's some pent up aggression. Maybe becoming an ally even is part of some long term prank, or just to find new people to prank. His moveset his based off of his methods of pranking from Amazing Mirror, and has a few new attacks added in based on slapstick/other pranks he hasn't done in the game. By combining with certain elements, along with getting that element adding to his attack, the bomb also turns into those kinds of projectiles.

Paint Smack
Prank flicks a purple paint brush in front of him, sending forth a short ranged glob of paint.
Skid Slam
Dash + B
With momentum, Prank ends up tripping and flopping onto anyone in front of him.
Bomb Toss
Hold B + Release
After charging, Prank tosses a bomb forward. As long as people hold the B button, they can input left or right to adjust the angle of the throw.
Banana Peel
Crouch + B
Prank pulls out a banana peel and puts it on the ground he stands. This banana peel will damage whoever walks over it. Only one peel can exist at a time.
Frying Pan
Backward, Forward B
Prank pulls out a frying pan and tosses it forward. Due to how he throws it, the pan acts sort of like a boomerang, so it goes back to where he was.
Bomb throw
B in the air
Prank pulls out a bomb, and throws it forward.
Stake Slam
Down + B in the air
Prank suddenly turns head down, and quickly falls down into the ground with enough force to partially bury himself into the ground.
Plummeting Cartwheel
Dash + B in the air
Prank falls into a cartwheel pose, only to clumsly fall upon the ground, rolling just the slightest bit.
KPR Susie artwork 4
Debut: Kirby Planet Robobot (2016)----

The Haltmann's charming secretary or was she? After leaving Popstar with friendly relationships, contacts of her were able to be received by Kirby. Now she can be called by the Heart Stick and be Kirby's secretary!

Tough Grab


Susie grabs the nearby enemy and throws them upwards.
Tac New Render
Debut: Kirby Super Star (1996)----

Tac is a notorious thief, mainly stealing Kirby's stuff from him during his adventures by firing his hand forward towards him, and running off with it. Tac's movepool is similar to his Helper moveset in Kirby Super Star, though with even more added abilities.

Scoundrel Hand
Fires his hand forward, taking any enemies close to him and stuffing them in his bag.
Rogue Bag
Forward + B
Uses his bag to bludgeon enemies.
Enemy Toss
Hold B + Release
Throws any captured enemy in his bag forward, and can aim where he throws them when B is held down.
250px-Bowser - Mayroh Party 10

Debute: Super Mario Bros. (1983)

Bowser is usually the big baddie of the Mario games, either stealing the princess or trying to take over the kingdom. However, after he was transported to Popstar and informed of the galactic threat that might threaten his world, he has no choice but to team with Kirby.

Fire Breath
Spits out a stream of fire from his mouth. Will get small and smaller overtime the more you use the attack.
Koopa Shell Kick
Forward + B
Pulls out a Koopa shell then kicks it. It will then roll forward until it comes into contact with an enemy. It will bounce off of walls too.
Whirling Fortress
Hold B + Up
Tucks into his shell and starts spinning upwards like a helicopter.
Bob-Omb Throw
Hold B
Chucks a Bob-Omb. It may not be as powerful as a regular Bomb, but it will run towards enemies in it's sight.
Hammer Toss
Chucks out a hammer that goes through the air in an arc. The longer you hold down the button the farther it'll go.
Pikachu B
Debut: Pokémon Red and Blue (1996)---

A mouse-like creature with the mysterious ability to manipulate electricity. Apparently, in his home world, he's an ordinary animal in the wild, scavenging around, gathering berries to eat, and avoiding predators. His species is apparently easy to befriend, which is good when Kirby needs to make friends in order to save the universe! As an electrical friend, Pikachu doesn't have any friend abilities himself. However, he can apply electricity to abilities that are able to absorb elements.

Thunder Shock
Pikachu's cheeks light up as he emits a jolt of electricity, which zaps right in front of him.
Forward + B
Pikachu rears his head back, then whips it forward, tossing forth a short-ranged electrical pellet.
Electro Ball
Up + B
Pikachu flicks his tail upwards, sending an electrical ball in upwards in a straight, diagonal direction.
B while near enemy
Pikachu huddles up to an enemy and rubs an electrical cheek on them, zapping them for a short bit, before tossing them away.
Quick Attack
Dash + B
Pikachu suddenly blinks out of existence, before appearing a short distance forward. Anyone between his starting position and ending position is suddenly struck with what feels like a punch.
Charge B
After charging a little, Pikachu suddenly flexes his forelegs, causing a large bolt of electricity to strike where he stands.
Thunder Wave
B (while in air)
Pikachu stretches out his limbs and emits a short-ranged blast of electricity erupting around his body.
Iron Tail
Dash + B (while in air)
Pikachu's stretches out his tail and performs a frontal flip in the air, attempting to strike anyone around him with his tail.
Wild Charge
Down + B (while in air)
Pikachu turns towards the ground, and suddenly rockets downwards diagonally, surrounded by electricity.
KSS Fatty Whale
Fatty Whale
Debut: Kirby Super Star (1996)---

A great big whale, at least normally. Here, he appears about Dedede size, and floats over the ground, as if he were still swimming. He's normally seen hanging out in seas, near lots of gold, and would love to look for more fresh water to splash around in. He produces water, so he gives the water elements to weapons that accept water.

Tail Slap
The whale flips forward, smacking his tail into the ground before him. This move also kicks up droplets of water.
Tail Slap Combo
Mash B
After the initial slap, Fatty Whale, while in this pose, keeps smacking in front of him. He's forced into a standstill as he smacks.
Belly Flop
Charge B
Holding the B button has Fatty Whale scrunch up, before he then springs up into the air, slamming downwards for heavy damage, and producing a shortwave, aqueous shockwave.
Rolling Smash
Dash + B
Fatty Whale lies on his side mid-run, and rolls into foes before him, dealing damage to whoever's in front.
Droplet Shot
Up + B
Fatty Whale scrunches up, blowhole pointed upwards, before launching a droplet forwards in an arc.
Droplet Shot
Up + B(Charge)
Fatty Whale produces a powerful stream of water forwards in an arc.


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