Kirby RPG Pop Star in 5 Pieces

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Kirby RPG: Pop Star in 5 Pieces (Which is also known as Kirby RPG) is an Kirby RPG Game.


One day on Pop Star someone named Darkno splits Pop Star in 5 Pieces and Kirby and his friends go to save Pop Star and defeat Darkno. Darkno tricks Dark Kirby into thinking Kirby is a bad guy and Dark Kirby goes after Kirby and his friends.



Characters Description

Kirby (Kirby RPG (Verson 2))

The powerful inhaling puffball can eat things and still their Copy Abilities! His siding kick might hurt enemies a little bit too!

King Dedede King Dedede 4

This king's big powerful hammer is sure to give something a big whack! His royal Waddle Dees sometimes will help him as well!

Meta Knight   Meta Knight 7 This knight has a sword known as Galaxia which is very powerful. It can cut almost anything in half, like enemies and ropes!
Bandana Waddle Dee Bandana Waddle Dee 4

This Waddle Dee has a Spear and attacks foes with it. He's very brave and sometimes helps Kirby on his adventures.

Dark Kirby Dark Kirby (Fan Made)





The Nightmare Wizard is back! You must defeat before everyone gets nightmares!

Robo Dedede Robo Dedede has gone Crazy! You have to defeat this Robo before it tries to detroy everything! 

Dark Matter

Dark Matter (Kirby RPG)
Dark Matter is on the loose again! Don't let him possess you or you are going to be in big trouble!

Copy Abities


Copy Abilities
Copy Ability Description
Sword Kirby 2Sword

This Ability can cut things like ropes and grass. This Sword is so powerful, that enemies won't even know what hit them!

Beam KirbyBeam

This powerful wand shoots powerful Beams! Shoot beams that will make your opponents go ZAP!

Fire KirbyFire The flames on this Ability are so hot that opponents will turn to ashes! Just make sure you don't burn yourself with the hot flames!
Ice Kirby 2Ice

This Ability will make your opponents freeze to death! You just don't want to be on the wrong end of the icy breath!

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