Kirby Party Wii is a Kirby game based off Mario party. There are 8 boards and 100 minigames. 20 in each genre (4 player, 2 vs 2, 1 vs 3, duel, and Battle) It will be released in 2018. Up to four can play with colors in the following order from left to right. Blue , Red, Green and Yellow. It means Player 1 is Blue , Player 2 is Red, Player 3 is Green and Player 4 is Yellow. When you're playing on the boards, you can do Battle Royale, Tag Team, 1 vs Rivals and Duel play, not nessecarilly in that order. There are  four minigame types: free-for-all, 1 vs. 3, 2 vs. 2, and duel (1 vs. 1).

There are 5 stars in the menu and each one is a diffenrent color and they will go in the following order from left to right.

Green for Party mode

Blue for Minigame mode

Yellow for Options mode

Red for Solo mode

Purple for the shop.


There are a total of twenty playable characters in 'Kirby Party Wii. Of these characters, five (Kabu, Poppy Brother Senior, Meta Knight, Kracko and King DDD) are unlockable through the Shop in the purple tent.

Playable characters

Kirby Waddle Dee Waddle Doo Bronto Burt Scarfy
KRtDL Kirby hi KTD Waddle Dee artwork 2 Waddle Doo KDL3D KTD Bronto Burt artwork 3 KTD Scarfy transparent
The Pink Puff Ball and

Hero of Dream land

These guys are King DDD's

Servants but not all of them.

A very common enemy

and a one eyed puffball

These guys are also puffballs

with no hands and have wings

Scarfy looks like an orange, floating, round ball, with a cute face, and pointy, cat-like ears
Lololo Lalala Mister Bright Mister Shine Paint Roller
KPR Sticker 165 KPR Sticker 166 KA Mr. Bright KA Mr KCC Paint Roller
A blue creature that is baby brother to Lalala A pink creature that is identical to Lololo but is

big sister to him and she has a bow on her head.

He is the sun and younger brother of Mr. Shine. He is the moon and the big brother of Mr. Bright. Paint Roller has a spherical yellow-orange body, pink cheeks and large round eyes. He is always seen carrying around what appears to be a marker or paintbrush in his hands.
Adeleine Rick Nago Chuchu Kine
200px-Adeleine KStSt Rick KPR Sticker 112 KPR Sticker 114 KStSt Kine
Adeleine is a gifted young artist with ability to make pictures she paints come to life. A hamster who can only jump once but can stomp on enemies, run faster, doesn't slide on ice, and can scale walls. A cat who can stomp on enemies and triple-jump. A pink octopus who can only float for a limited time before gradually descending, but is able to cling to and walk across ceilings and can grab items with her tentacles  A blue and yellow fish who can only jump once but can stomp on enemies, swim more efficiently in water
Kabu Poppy Brother Senior Kracko Meta Knight King DDD
KBB Kabu artwork Poppy Bros. Sr SSU-0 Kracko 300px-Meta Knight KRTDL King Dedede; Dedede(Clear)
Kabu is a brown statue of a head. It has a flat base that rounds off at the top, two deep black square eyes and between those sits a slight nose. A gaping, open mouth appears beneath the eyes and nose. Poppy Bros. Sr. looks like a normal Poppy Bros. Jr. only he is taller, has small legs, and long yellow shoes curved at the tips. He has a resemblence to Waddle Doo but he is a cloud. He is like a blue kirby but with a samurai mask and sword. He is a penguin with a king's outfit.

The five characters in italics are unlockable characters at the shop each worth 100 points.

Info on Spaces

Each space has a different effect.


Name Picture Effect
Green space Green space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, nothing happens
Blue Space Blue Space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, it gives the player 3 little stars
Red Space Red Space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, it takes away little stars
Free for All space
Free for All minigame space (Kirby party)
When a player lands on it, a Free for All minigame occurs.
2 vs 2 space Blue 2 vs 2 space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, a 2 on 2 minigame occurs.
1 vs 3 space Purple 1 vs 3 space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, he or she will always be the

solo player when a 1 on 3 minigame occurs.

Duel player Green Duel space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, a 1 on 1 minigame occurs.
Event space Event space (Kirby party) A strange event will happen
Big star space Star space (Kirby party) If the player passes it, they can buy a big star for 20 little stars.

If they land there, they can get one for free.

Item space Item space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, They can play an item minigame or

get asked a question to get an item.

Meta Knight space Meta Knight space (Kirby party) When a player lands on it, They always play a meta knight minigme. If they lose, they lose 10 of their little stars

which they have to give to Meta Knight. If you are playing as Meta Knight himself,

you can steal half of your opponents' little stars.

Dark Meta Knight space ?? When a player lands on it, they have to play a Dark Meta Knight Minigame and if they win, they get double the amount of little stars they have, but if they lose they lose half of their little stars. (Unless you play as metaknight)

More about the five modes

Party Mode

1 - 4 Players

The main mode of the game. They take the green star where Bronto Burt is the host in the green tent. Here, players can compete against other players or CPUs on a party board. Customized settings can be chosen, such as disabling or enabling bonuses, the number of turns, CPU difficulty, etc. There are four ways of playing Party Mode:

  • Battle Royale: The free-for-all party mode. 4 players choose their characters and compete to see who is the superstar.
  • Tag Battle: The teams party mode. Here, 2 players team up against another 2 to see who is the superstar team. Teams still play separately, though. Most minigames played are 2 vs 2 minigames.
  • Duel Battle: The duel party mode. This mode is for only 2 players, but it still plays similarly to Battle Royale. Only duel minigames can be played.
  • One vs Rivals: The 1 vs 3 party mode. Here, 3 players team up against 1 to see who is the superstar, the solo or the team. The players still play separately, though. Most minigames played are 1 vs 3 minigames.

Minigame Mode

1 - 4 Players

A mode where the player can play eight games that use the minigames available in a variety of challenges that don't take place on game boards. Can be played with other players or CPUs. They take the blue star where Waddle Doo is the host in the blue tent.

There are five games available for 4-player play:

  • Free Play Show: Taking place in a circus-like area, players can freely choose the minigames that have been unlocked in other modes for play.
  • Tower Battle: There are four towers in this competition, one for each player to climb. Whenever a player wins a randomly chosen minigame, they are allowed to climb one beanstalk leaf. The aim of this challenge is to see who can be the first to win 3, 5 or 7 minigames, depending on the options chosen, and reach the top of the beanstalk. If you are playing 2 vs 2, 1 vs 3, or 1 vs 1, there are only 2 towers. (Blue and Red if playing 1p and 3p vs 2p and 4p or 1p and 4p vs 2p and 3p (Green if you're playing 1p and 2p, vs 3p and 4p)) This is a medieval themed mode
  • Block Builders: In this minigame mode, 4 players compete to see who makes it to the Warp Star first to escape the lava cavern. To do this, players have to win minigames to obtain blocks and build their own bridge in a shape that let's them reach the Star before someone else does. Sometimes, a 2-in-1 block bonus will appear, and whoever wins the minigame gets the rare, combined blocks for an advantage. This game is island themed.
  • Roulette Rally: A big roulette starts spinning, and a player hops onto it. As they do so, the roulette begins to stop moving, revealing the spots in which the player landed and what they will have to do. After clearing it or failing, it will be the next player's turn. The roulette has four themes for four minigame types: free-for-all, 1 vs. 3, duel and 2 vs. 2. If the player clears the minigame, they get 3 points, if they don't, they lose 3 instead. Whoever has the most points at the end of the competition (can be up to 10 rounds), wins. This is a pirate theme.
  • Space Bingo: This is where 4 players play bingo by playing minigames. If you are playing a free for all, there will be 4 bingo squares each with 25 numbers. If you are playing 2 vs 2, 1 vs 3, or 1 vs 1, there are only 2, still with 25 numbers each. Who ever wins the minigame shown gets to blast that number of their choice with their laser. Whoever gets bingo 1st is the winner. This is space themed.

Options Mode

This is the mode where you can change the settings. They take the yellow star where Waddle Dee is the host in the yellow tent. You can change the sound settings, change your name, use the sound test, view data, or delete all.

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