Kirby Mass Attack 2 is a sequel to Kirby Mass Attack released in Japan on November 2, 2011, and then worldwide on December 15, 2011.


After a long day, Kirby decides that it's time to finally enjoy his stay at the Popopo Islands, however, back at Necro Nebula, which has been thrown into ruins, the Skullseer has found out how to speed up Skully evolution, now that he upgraded the Skullys, The Skull Gang resurrect Necrodeus with a ritual, and now the Skull Gang is stronger than before! Necrodeus finds his staff and splits Kirby into 10 yet again, now Kirby has to yet again go on a deadly adventure to defeat Necrodeus and build up a Kirby army, will he turn back into one?



Picture Name Description
Youdoodle-2018-07-02T16-15-42Z Kohlrabale Kohlrabale only appear in 1-δ, they use their leaves to push Balloon Blocks out of the way, however, their leaves are caught in sap that must be taken off via flicking at it.


Picture Name Description
Youdoodle-2018-06-09T22-20-08Z Awadoron Awadoron never attempts to harm your army of Kirbies in Volcano Valley's murky waters, in fact, he flees from the Kirby platoon, releasing air bubbles when hit.
Youdoodle-2018-06-09T21-47-38Z Beanbon One of, if not, the most basic enemy, Beanbons will shoot exploding nuts out of there tuff of leaves.
Youdoodle-2019-04-22T21-44-18Z Blamboom Cylindrical, turret enemies that spit cannonballs periodically. If a wedge in it's back is pushed deep into it, it crumbles to bits.
Youdoodle-2019-06-17T16-34-50Z Blucko Living blocks that will threaten to jump onto, and crush, Kirbys under it.
Youdoodle-2018-06-24T17-08-08Z Boh boh Boh boh will pace around, before charging up and spitting a stream of orange and red fireballs.
Youdoodle-2019-04-18T18-01-41Z Bubble Fish This fish dwells in water, and occasionally spits cyan bubbles that temporarily trap Kirbys, if killed, they drop a lot of Air Bubbles.
Youdoodle-2018-07-22T18-51-39Z Buu fuu Buu fuu will inhale through it's nostrils, before suddenly exhaling, creating a gust of wind that pushes Kirbys around.
1529200827052 Cidory Cidory will fly over Kirby and attempt to jab him with his stinger.
Youdoodle-2018-06-29T12-58-21Z Cutterfish Cutterfish will camouflage themselves as background tiles, revealing themselves when you get near, they then use their tentacles as saw blades to slice the Kirbys.
Youdoodle-2018-06-10T13-28-58Z Eelongo Eelongo will charge through the waters, destroying all in it's path.
1528669468383 Flare Flare is a flying head that spits fire balls.
Youdoodle-2018-06-26T10-18-00Z Fuu fuu Just like Boh boh, but instead spits ice.
Youdoodle-2019-06-17T00-01-58Z Little Palms A palm tree similar to Little Woods, but no nose, they either spit out Exploding Coconuts or torrents of water to push the Kirbys back.
Youdoodle-2018-07-23T17-18-35Z Moggy This giant caterpillar will stroll across the ceiling until it finds the desired spot that it will burrow into, as it's emerged, Kirbys can pick the bubbles off to get what's inside them.
Youdoodle-2019-05-11T13-45-27Z Platform Plant A globe esque plant with a, "tail" that the Kirbys must pull to open it's mouth (and other's nearby), it will try to fling Kirbys off it's tail by swinging it, and a Kirby stuck inside it's closed mouth will perish.
Youdoodle-2018-06-10T19-54-24Z Posura Posura will move on surfaces but will abruptly stop to shoot a glob of poison out of his rhinophores.
Youdoodle-2018-07-06T21-42-23Z Pult Pult will lob boulders at the Kirbys' tank when it sees it.
Youdoodle-2019-06-15T10-05-46Z Schwarzs This alien can generate black holes and pull Kirbys in.
Youdoodle-2019-06-04T22-31-59Z Space Posura Acts similar to Posuras, but the jelly blobs are now electric balls.
Youdoodle-2018-07-04T23-29-38Z Takotzo Takotzo is a large octopus that spits three cannonballs.
Youdoodle-2018-06-30T14-06-08ZYoudoodle-2018-06-30T14-34-12Z Waddle Dee Waddle Dees can do many things, such as throwing bombs, fruit, nuts and snowballs. The latter three are thrown when they are on pillars.
Youdoodle-2018-06-17T14-56-19Z Zombon Zombon releases red goo that can turn a fellow Kirby into another Zombon.


Picture Name Description
Titanic Banishback The leader of the Banishbacks, he is the mid-boss of 4-6

Items, Objects and Environment

Picture Name Description


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