Kirby Lover7485 the Hedgehog 2 is the sequel to the first game. It's a remake of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 but with new levels. Relased in April 3, 1992.


Kirby Lover7485 must stop his old foe from destorying the world again. This time, he gets help from a pink puffball named Kirby. The two worked together to save the planet.


  • Kirby Lover7485
  • Nazo
  • Kirby
  • Ninja (Kirby Lover7485 and Ninja cartage only)


  • Emerald Green Greens
  • Chemical Gormet Race
  • Butter Ruins
  • Casino Universe
  • Yorgert Top
  • Candy Cave
  • Orange Ocean
  • Metropolis Factory
  • Sky Chase
  • Grape Fortress
  • Death Egg


  • Whispy Woods
  • Lololo and Lalala
  • Kracko
  • Paint Roller
  • King Dino
  • Nazo's Drill Machine
  • King Dedede's Sub
  • Nightmare Orb
  • King Dedede
  • Nazo the Hedgehog
  • Nightmare

Kirby Lover7485 and Ninja

In this cartage, Ninja is playable in this game.

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