kirby kart
Kirb kart!.svg
Developer(s) HAL laboratory

RETRO studios

Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo switch
Genre(s) Racing
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby air ride

kirby kart is a kirby racing game made by hal laboratory and retro studios ho also helped develop mariokart 7 and 8

the gameplay

it's racing, duh! you have a lot of characters and items there down there!


item desc. place

you hold a giant bomb when thrown it will blow up on contact

5th - 10th

you have a cutter knife when thrown 3 times it will go forward bouncing off wall until the 5th time it breaks

3rd - 8th
invicibillity candy you'll be invicible for 20 seconds 6th - 12th
sword you can swing this sword for 10 times before disapering 3rd - 6th
time beam time will stop for your player for 10 seconds if you see a player activate the item it will dissapear into a bunch of clocks 10th - 12th
balloon kirby you will puff up like a balloon for 10 seconds before deflating 8th - 12th
ESP warp you warp to a diffrent place on the track exsept glide and warpstar segments 11th-12th
maximum tomato gives you a speed boost 1st - 12th
triple maximum tomato gives you 3 maximum tomatoes 3rd - 12th
golden maximun tomato gives you 20 boosts 6th - 12th
green wheelie goes in a straght line bumping into walls 10 times before getting destroyed 1st - 12th
red wheelie homes on a player in front of them breaks if coming on contact with a wall 2nd - 12th
triple green wheelie you get 3 green wheelies 1st - 12th
triple red wheelies you get 3 red wheelies 3rd - 12th
winged wheelie will fly to the 1st place player and land on them resulting in a blue explosion 6th - 12th
pills you can throw 10 pills that last for 5 seconds 5th - 10th
super 5 you get the green wheelie, red wheelie, a maximum tomato, a bomb, and a time beam 7th - 11t


  • kirby (alt. red blue green yellow dark white purple brown orange)
  • king dedede
  • meta knight
  • bandana waddle dee
  • adeleine
  • ribbon
  • metal kirby
  • rick
  • kine
  • coo
  • chuchu
  • nago
  • pitch
  • dark meta knight
  • susie
  • eline
  • shadow kirby
  • waddle doo
  • escargoon
  • tiff
  • tuff
  • marx
  • daroach
  • alien king (unlockable after beating story mode)
  • gooey
  • knuckle joe
  • paint roller (DLC)
  • mario (DLC)
  • boxboy (DLC)
  • boxgirl (DLC)
  • hyness (DLC)


these are all the tracks in kirby kart

kirby cup

  1. ddd racing curcit
  2. new kirb city
  3. ripple star
  4. cappy town

popstar cup

  1. kirby curcit
  2. volcano anti-paradise
  3. shiver star
  4. another dimension

dedede cup

  1. dedede's castle
  2. meta knight's lair (as seen in kirby's adventure)
  3. halberd (as seen in all other kirby games)
  4. nightmare interprices

ribbon cup

  1. rock star
  2. whispy wood's woods
  3. dream land
  4. rainbow ride


1st: you race with the 2nd and 3rd place racers to the finish line to be awarded a gold trophy

2nd: same as 1st but tou get a silver trophy

3rd; same but with a bronze trophy

4th and beoynd: you watch the 1st 2nd and 3rd racers race by the text above says "better luck next time"


  • item box
  • star bit
  • crystal shards (ripple star only)

battle mode

  • item battle
  • capture the flag
  • cops and robbers
  • bomb battle
  • sticker theif


  • ddd battle stadium
  • cappy town center
  • shiver star factory
  • mirror dimention
  • marx battle arena
  • squeak squad airship
  • 02 battle arena
  • adeleine's cloud arena

story mode

kirby and the gang are racing on rainbow ride one of the crew, escargoon, falls off. helper bronto burts are nowhere to be found. suddenly a bubble apperars around him and floats back on the track then shadow kirby appears "let's race!" he says! kirby nods and a race commences after the race they set of on a loooong adventure *glide segment starts* after that they go off and blast into space where they discover asteroids! *asteroid race starts* they escape to find a planet where they see a strange gold goop. they cover it on a helper bronto burt and they all attack kirby and the gang *defeat all bronto burts misson starts* after defeating them the leader of the planer challanges kirby to a race! *final race starts* after that they sail off to the alien sunrise then the credits roll then the king is unlocked!

mechanics and trivia

  • warpstar segments are segments where your kart's wheels turn into tiny warpstars and float in midair! there are little machines that keep the racers fron going out of bounds
  • glide is preety self explanitory it's the glide thing from mariokart
  • metal kirby's name comes from a copy abillity from kirby squeak squad called the metal abillity
  • the bomb, sword, and cutter abillitys are from kirby air ride
  • kirby is a lightweight, while metal kirby is a heavyweight, and shadow kirby is a mediumweight so is it nice to see kirby in all whegt groups
  • like in mariokart double dash and wii the characters are not in their karts

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