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Kirby Hero of Dreamland
Kirby Hero of Dreamland Boxart
The Game's Wii U Boxart
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 2
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Wii U, NX, Visus Sphere
Story Mode
  • The Arena
  • The True Arena
  • The Final Arena
  • Tower of Dedede
  • Bandana Dash
  • Great Dreamland
Genre(s) Action-Adventure, 2D Platformer, Sidescroller
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby Doom of Dreamland

Kirby Hero of Dreamland, is an upcoming Wii U, NX & Visus Sphere Action-Adventure, Sidescrolling 2D Platformer that is a part of the Kirby Series, it is a sequel to Kirby Doom of Dreamland and the final entry in the of Dreamland/Resurrection of Zero Trilogy. The game features the most number of powerups in any Kirby game with over 100 available and is also one of the largest games in the franchise in terms of the size of the main story mode.


Seemingly defeated for the final time Zero's wrath was finally removed from Dreamland from which it had been plaguing Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and all the inhabitants for a long time. To celebrate King Dedede surprisingly decides to throw a party to celebrate Kirby's bravery and the peace across Dreamland, however as the Party goes on, far beneath the castle mysterious shards of glass are seen being bumped around form the noise and dancing of the party causing two pieces to fall on top of one another, from which we see a masked individual staring out from within the glass.

Suddenly a huge burst of energy erupts from the glass shooting through the multiple levels of the castle scaring many of the Waddle Dees on those levels, the blast shoots through the main thrown room nearly hitting Kirby causing him to fall over. The beam of energy shoots far up into the sky although seems to lack any purpose. King Dedede curious of what the beam was doing pokes his hand into the beam and finds himself surprised to feel nothing, slowly but surely King Dedede moves his whole body through the portal as he finds himself in a bizarre version of his thrown room that seems to be in ruins from an unknown force, suddenly King Dedede sees a mysterious figure standing in the shadows who pulls out a blade, King Dedede unsure of the individuals intentions begins backing up towards the beam of energy, the individual spreads their wings and begins to charge.

King Dedede realizing the danger he's in runs back through the portal although only gets most of the way through before a Metal Gauntlet grabs his foot slowly dragging him back through the portal. Meta Knight grabs King Dedede's hands although the overwhelming force on the other side slowly pulls Meta Knight off his footing, many of the Waddle Dees grab a hold of Meta Knight and help pulling King Dedede back and although it seems to be working a second pair of black hands grabs King Dedede's legs pulling with an incredible force causing all the Waddle Dees to lose their balance as Meta Knight is left the only one holding onto King Dedede, Kirby quickly wakes up and realizes that King Dedede is in danger and runs over behind Meta Knight and indicates for Meta Knight to move out of the way, Meta Knight obliges as Kirby uses his Inhale Ability to pull King Dedede back seemingly working, as King Dedede slowly is pulled back through the portal Kirby catches a glimpse of the black handed individual who looks strikingly similar to Kirby. Suddenly however a monsterous bellow is heard from within the Portal as a massive claw grabs King Dedede and pulls him in effortlessly.

Astonished by this power Kirby and Meta Knight pause to assess the situation although are interuppted by the portal suddenly growing in size, it is shown that below where the glass shards are that the other glass shards have fallen into the portal as the main two are slowly drifting apart, Kirby reacting quickly leaps into the portal followed by Meta Knight who instructs all the Waddle Dees to follow along. Everyone runs into the portal as the original two glass shards fall into the portal themselves causing the Portal to close on itself.


The game functions very similarily to previous 2D Kirby Games, Kirby is able to move around with the directional buttons and/or circle pad as well as use various techniques with the other controls (primarily A,B, L & R). Kirby retains his signature ability which is to inhale enemies. By inhaling Enemies Kirby can quickly destroy the enemy by spitting them into a wall or using them as a ranged attack against other enemeis or by swallowing them. Some larger enemies cannot be swallowed due to their resistance to Kirby's Inhale Ability, these enemies are able to perform attacks that create Mini Power Stars, inhaling Mini Power Stars allows Kirby to use them against these enemies allowing him to inhale a weakened version of that enemy or straight up destroy them.

A special feature of the inhale ability is Kirby's Copy Ability, a technique that allows Kirby to adapt the powers of an enemy into his own by swallowing them. A variety of enemies allow Kirby this ability giving him a chance to use an enemy's attack against them.

Kirby also being able to inhale allows him to blow up like a balloon to stay in the air for as long as necessary, although in this state he is unable to directly attack and is a much larger target for attacks.


The Locations of Kirby Hero of Dreamland take place in an alternate world to Pop Star known as Fused Star, a 10-point shaped planet that seems to be a mirror world. There are 20 levels in total with multiple stages within them as well as a boss at the end of each level. Defeating each boss is important as the first 16 bosses hold one of the glass shards.


Level Stages Boss
Celsius Cavern 5 Frigus
Hermit Hill 6 Eremoss
Ambient Atoll 6 Gesicht
Magical Mansion 6 Fundere
Pyre Pond 7 Oleum
Imbedded Island 7 Spier
Orante Ocean 7 Vloed
Needle Nunatak 8 Vuur
Resentful Rift 8 Emperor Doo
Earthly Erg 8 Dorn
Soothing Spring 9 Ante
Urgent Undergrowth 9 Whispy Woods
Radiant Ravine 9 Tonne
Ravenous Ridge 10 Brennen
Erosion Esker 10 Masca
Cerebral Coast 10 Bussos
Tyrannical Tower 11 King Dedede
Interstellar Impossibilities 11 Spinnan
Odd Oasis 11 Kracko
Nothing Nexus 12 ???




The Abilities for Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .


Character Description
Kirby HoD
The hero of Dreamland, many underestimate Kirby's powers due to his cute appearance and relatively harmless personality. Able to float, jump and run despite his blob-like appearance Kirby is a young adventurer with the unique talent of being able to use the abilities of his foes against them.
Meta Knight
Meta Knight SSB4
This mysterious masked individual who despite appearing throughout Kirby's journey is rarely if ever given any information about. All that is known about Meta Knight is his mastery of the Blade, specifically his Galaxia and is uncanny similar appearance to Kirby when unmasked.
King Dedede
King Dedede 7
The Penguin ruler of Dreamland, or so he says, King Dedede can be selfish and at times even cruel to his followers although when trouble strikes Dreamland he will protect his home and his disciples with furiousity. King Dedede has at times been against Kirby although often sides with the Pink Puffball when a common danger causes the two to work together.
Bandana Dee
Bandana DeeSSBV
A special Waddle Dee who is always seen wearing a Blue Bandana and often wielding a mighty Spear, Bandana Dee during the Story Mode provides health for Kirby right before a Mid-Boss or Boss Battle although also is playable in this game in a Time Trial Sub-Game. Bandana Dee's abilities are increased in this game compared to when he was playable in Return to Dreamland as he is now able to obtain weapons from certain enemies to use alongside his trusty Spear.
Zero Knight
Zero Knight
A monsterous combination of the brave Meta Knight and the vicious Zero. Zero Knight has the immense powers of Zero coupled with the blazing speed and impressive techniques of Meta Knight, a force truly to be reckoned with Zero Knight appears to rule over all of this alternate world using his powerful Galaxia Beam to destroy any who oppose him.
Zero Kirby
Zero Kirby
Zero Knight's right-hand and Kirby's alternate version in this world, Zero Kirby has the traits of Kirby, Dark Matter and Drawcia allowing the monster to use a massive base of magic and is able to directly tap in to numerous Copy Abilities. Zero Kirby seems to have alterior motives to Zero Knight and defeating him may simply not be enough.


Standard Enemies

The List of Standard Enemies for Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .


The list of Mid-Bosses in Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .

Region Overlords

The list of Region Overlords for Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .


The list of Standard Bosses for Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .

Final Bosses

The list of Final Bosses for Kirby Hero of Dreamland can be found here .

Extra Modes

In addition to the Story Mode, Kirby Hero of Dreamland features 4 extra modes, these modes allow the player to test their skills in a variety of ways helping them master various techniques of playing a Kirby Game. The four game modes are; The Arena, The True Arena, The Tower of Dedede and Bandana Dash.

The Arena

Functioning identically the previous itterations the Arena has the player go up against every Mid-Boss and Boss in the game, this totals to 4 Mid-Boss Gauntlets as well as all 22 Boss Battles making up 38 rounds of battles. The player is given a total of 8 Maxim Tomatoes to use when they feel they need to heal in between rounds or use one during a particularly difficult fight.

Before entering the Arena itself the player is able ot choose from 127 of the Copy Abilities (Sleep is excluded due to it's immediate use effect). In between battles in case the player wants to swap out an ability or lost their ability during a battle, 8 random abilities will be available to choose from with the exception of the final 3 battles which will always give the player the choice of; Sword, Fire, Hammer, Asteroid, Phoenix, Neon, Tomahawk and Leaf.

The player's main goal is to defeat all the rounds as quickly as possible earning different medals depending on how they placed. Though most boss fights are random in which order they occur they are grouped in ranks.

Rank Battles
1 Bonkers HoDMr. Frosty HoDPhan Phan HoD
3 Gigant Edge HoDBoxy HoDGao Gao HoD
Emperor Doo
5 Cactekabu HoDColligere HoDGorgos HoDPepon HoD
Whispy Woods HoD
7 Flame Galboros HoDWater Galboros HoDSpark Galboros HoD
Masked Dedede HoD
Kracko HoD
Zero Kirby
Zero Knight
Zero Kirby 2

The True Arena

Like its easier version, the True Arena makes a return from previous Kirby Games functioning identically to before. Before the match the player is still able to choose 1 of the 127 (excluding Sleep) abilities although the number of abilities generated in between matches has been reduced to 4 with one always being Sleep which unlike in Story Mode, does not heal. In addition now only one of the Maxim Tomatoes remains while the other 7 have been turned into regular Tomatoes.

Kirby must face the EX Versions of the bosses and Mid-Bosses as well as the Extra Bosses encountered in Bandana Dash and the Secret Final Boss of the True Arena, a continuation from previous Kirby Games. There are overall even more ranks than before as well.

Rank Battles
1 Bonkers HoD EXMr. Frosty HoD EXPhan Phan HoD EX Gigant Edge HoD EXBoxy HoD EXGao Gao HoD EX
Frigus EX
Spier EX
Ante EX
Bussos EX
Honcho Hothead
Mega Tick
Broom Hatter Sorceress
Eremoss EX
Vloed EX
Whispy Woods HoD EX
Masked Dedede HoD EX
5 Cactekabu HoD EXColligere HoD EXGorgos HoD EXPepon HoD EX Flame Galboros HoD EXWater Galboros HoD EXSpark Galboros HoD EX
Gesicht EX
Vuur EX
Tonne EX
Spinnan EX
King Chilly
Giga Wheelie
Boss Rocky
Fundere EX
Emperor Doo EX
Brennen EX
Kracko HoD EX
Grand Kibble
Elder Poppy Bros.
Legendary Knight
Oleum EX
Dorn EX
Masca EX
11 King DeeQueen Dee
Zero Kirby EX
Robo Dedede
Zero Knight EX
Zero Kirby 2 EX
Rage Knight HoD
Zero Dee
Soul of Kirby

The Final Arena

Added in Kirby Hero of Dreamland, The Final Arena is arguably the ultimate test for any Kirby player pitting Kirby up against a huge onslaught of bosses and Final Bosses from various Kirby Games it features the most rounds of any of the Arenas and is quite easily the hardest. It brings back many bosses from old games and only gives Kirby 4 Maxim Tomatoes to recover between rounds, in addition if Kirby loses his ability there are no abilities given out between rounds making the game mode extremely difficult for new players.

Some boss fights have also been altered so they don't require whatever weapon was needed for said boss fight such as the Star Rod, Triple Star or Master Sword. This is primarily noticeable in the battles against Dark Zero who no longer needs to be defeated by Crown and Zero who's fight has been changed significantly to allow for regular combat.

Battle No. Boss
Paint Roller
Nightmare HoD
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Dark Matter HoD
Chameleo Arm
KSS Dyna Blade
Heavy Lobster
Dark Matter Orb
Zero HoD
Miracle Matter
Mega Titan
Dark Meta Knight PM
Dark Mind
Dark Nebula
Wham Bam Jewel
Galacta Knight-1- (1)
Marx Soul HoD
200px-Landia 2
Magalor's Soul
Kracko HoD
Soul of Sectonia
Whispy Woods HoD
Dark Zero
Resurrected Zero
Soul of Kirby

Round Two

After completing the Final Arena for the first time with an ability (simply picking up an ability at the Ability section) will reward the player with two rewards, the secret Round 2 Mode and a new outfit for that ability which can be swapped out at any time in any mode where the abilities are available through the select menu. The only ability not able to be obtained through this normally is Sleep, however by completing the Final Arena without picking up an ability in the preparation room (although picking up one later is fine) will give Kirby a new costume for the Sleep Ability. In addition by completing the Final Arena completely without even activating an ability will give Kirby the Shadow Kirby skin to use anywhere and can be accessed with other skins in the Colours Menu.

Round Two is essentially a repeat of the Final Arena although includes two new bosses which are revealed to be the Amalgamation of most of the Final Bosses fought in the Final Arena. These two fights come after the fight with Soul of Kirby and when Kirby enters Round Two he can only choose to use abilities he completed Round One with thus heavily limiting his options initially. Once the player completes Round Two with an ability they will receive a special medallion that will be attached to their file save when selected. Each Medallion contains the icon for said ability, like with Round One, completing Round Two without picking up an ability in the preparation room will give Kirby the Sleep Medallion and not using any ability at all will give Kirby the platinum medallion right next to Kirby's image. In addition completing each Round Two will also give the player another new costume for the ability used and the same rule for sleep applies here as well. Completing Round Two without using any ability throughout will give Kirby the Zero Kirby Skin making him look very similar to Zero Kirby the character.

Battle No. Boss
Wretched Soul
True Wretched Soul

Tower of Dedede

The first available Sub-Game of Kirby Hero of Dreamland, obtained after completing the Story Mode up to the level, Tyrannical Tower. In Tower of Dedede the player takes control of the King of the Waddle Dees as he climbs a giant tower known as the Tower of Kings, along the way having to fight numerous enemies in a sort of Strategy style game.

In this Game Mode after battling enemies King Dedede will gain support troops depending on how well he did, the factors are listed below;

  • Complete the Level = +3 Waddle Dees
  • Beat a Boss = +1 Waddle Doo
  • No Damage = +5 Waddle Dees
  • Finish a Battle with a Star Return = +2 Bronto Burts
  • Complete a Floor of the Tower = +1 Waddle Doo
  • No Support = +1 Waddle Dee
  • Never Miss = +2 Bronto Burts

As King Dedede gathers more support units he can call them in for assistance in the tougher battle in which not only will King Dedede begin facing Mid-Bosses and Bosses from the Story Mode but also face them in combinations. Eventually King Dedede will ascend the tower to the top and fight a Robotic Version of himself known as Robo-Dedede, this fight is much more difficult than the previous ones as King Dedede will only deal half as much damage to Robo-Dedede as Robo-Dedede can deal to him. In addition in this fight King Dedede will also face Robotic Versions of his own troops in equal numbers to the number of Troops he's collected. This mode has 3 Versions; Prince, King and Emperor, each having more battles per floor, more floors overall and more difficult enemies in each battle as they are more difficult.

Prince Difficulty

The List of Prince Difficulty Floors for Tower of Dedede can be found here .

King Difficulty

The List of King Difficulty Floors for Tower of Dedede can be found here .

Emperor Difficulty

The List of Emperor Difficulty Floors for Tower of Dedede can be found here .

Bandana Dash

Bandana Dash is another Sub-Game in Kirby Hero of Dreamland acting as the second story to the games. In it the player controls the friendly and helpful Bandana Dee, in a Time Trial themed version of the main game the player must rush through all the non-secret levels in order (sometimes able to skip some thanks to portals) and defeat stronger enemies, mid-bosses and more to get the best time.

Bandana Dash's story picks up at the same time as the main story gets going. Having seen his fellow Waddle Dees badly hurt from the travel to the other world, Bandana Dee was determined to protect them by going out into the wilds and following Kirby fighting off whatever challenged our spear-wielding friend to a battle. Waddle Dee would encounter even more powerful variants of the normal Mid-Bosses and Bosses and would find that due to the fall of the bosses by Kirby in most levels this caused new, Regional Overlords to take over, posing a new threat to Waddle Dee. It is up to Waddle Dee to free the lands from these overlords and find out who is sending these Overlords out across the world.


In the Bandana Dash, Bandana Dee functions just like Kirby able to jump and run about freely although due to Bandana Dee's inability to inhale, he cannot float like Kirby although his higher jump and floatier landing makes it easy for him to leap large gaps. In addition Bandana Dee is limited in his weapons, interestingly he is more proficient with any weapon he uses than Kirby is, able to pull of more powerful attacks and usually more quickly too, the cost however is that Bandana Dee can only acquire abilities that are weapons thus keeping Bandana Dee away from being able to use an ability like Fire, Ice or Spark (the List of Usable Abilities is further along).

Bandana also runs faster than Kirby although slips on Ice making it hard to make him stop, in addition he is a poorer swimmer making it take longer for him to progress water-based levels.


Although Bandana Dee is limited to Weapon Abilities this still gives him a variety of abilities to choose from, Bandana Dee acquires these abilities by picking up (pressing down) the weapon dropped by certain enemies such as Blade Knight's Sword or Sir Kibble's Cutter.


Anchor Ability Star New


Ability Star Archer




Ability Star Beam


Ability Star Bell


Ability Star Bomb


Cannon Ability Star New


Ability Star Cutter


Dancer Ability Star New


Ability Star Fighting


Ability Star Hammer


Lance Ability Star New


Ability Star Mike


Ability Star Ninja


Ability Star Parasol


Present Ability Star New


Ribbon Ability Star New


Ability Star Sleep


Ability Star Spear


Ability Star Sword


Tomahawk Ability Star New


Ability Star Whip


Yo-Yo Ability Star New


Great Dreamland

Great Dreamland is a Secret Sub-Game of Kirby Hero of Dreamland that is only unlocked after 100% completing the game, the game is a remake of the original Dream Land Trilogy (Dream Land 1, Dream Land 2 & Dream Land 3) featuring most of the bosses with a few swapped out for new bosses. This Sub-Game similar to Spring Breeze is a remake although goes beyond Spring Breeze by updating the content.


Level Boss
1 Green Greens
Whispy Woods 2
Whispy Woods
2 Wild Fields
3 Castle Lololo
Lololo and lalala by superkiryoshi-d5ktjh6
Lololo & Lalala
4 Skyreach Beanstalk
5 Float Islands
6 Bubbly Clouds
Kracko HoD
7 Grazing Land
8 Ancient Forest
9 Ripple Field
10 Iceberg
Ice Dragon
Ice Dragon
11 Red Canyon
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
Mr. Shine & Mr. Bright
12 Stormy Seas
13 Sparkling Ocean
14 Sandy Desert
15 Reaper Mountain
16 Dedede's Castle
King Dedede 7
King Dedede
17 Hyper Zone
Zero HoD


Item Name Item Effect Description
Star Bits HoD
Star Bits
Collect 100 for 1-UP

Pieces of Warp Stars

  • Yellow is equal to 1 Star Bit
  • Red is equal to 5 Star Bits
  • Green is equal to 10 Star Bits
  • Blue is equal to 25 Star Bits
  • Purple is eqal to 50 Star Bits
  • Silver is equal to 75 Star Bits
Food HoD
Heals 5-50% of Health

A variety of foods that can restore Kirby's health

  • Cherries - 5%
  • Peanuts - 7%
  • Apples & Oranges - 10%
  • Bananas - 12%
  • Cake - 15%
  • Pineapples - 18%
  • Watermelon - 20%
  • Bacon - 30%
  • Salads - 32%
  • Ham Shank - 35%
  • Full Meal - 40%
  • Chicken Roast - 50%
Pep Brew
Pep Brew
Heals 67% of Health Special drinks that restore Kirby's health and give him a slight boost in speed temporarily
Gives Kirby an Extra Life Although rare and usually hidden these special items that look just like Kirby give Kirby and extra life
Maxim Tomato KDL3D
Maxim Tomato
Completely Heals Kirby An incredible Tomato that completely restores Kirby's health no matter how much or how little he has, they are usually handed out by Bandana Dee or extremely well hidden
Invincibility Candy
Invincibility Candy
Gives Kirby temporary invincibility Special Candy that has magical properties allowing Kirby to become invulnerable for a brief period of time, it also greatly increases his running speed and does stack with speed boosts from Copy abilities
Mirror Fragments
Mirror Fragments
Storyline Collectibles Required for True Ending and needed to access bosses, these fragments are part of one of the mirror shards and is the only one not protected by a boss
Opens Doors and starts machines

A variety of switches found across the world that can do many things

  • Red Switches open doors permanently
  • Purple Switches open doors temporarily
  • Blue Switches stop or start the flow of water
  • Yellow Switches stop or start the flow of electricity temporarily
  • Black Switches activate or deactivate various traps temporarily
  • Pink Switches reveal hidden puzzles
Cannon HoD
Shoots Kirby from one section of stage to another There are a variety of cannons Kirby can use in the world to move from one place to another, cannons sometimes need a fuse to be lit to use and while some a reusable, Skull Cannons are one time uses
Warp Star HoD
Warp Star
Moves Kirby to secret areas of stages It is a large, yellow star, usually seen to be floating, that flies Kirby to another part of a stage once he gets on it


  • Kirby Hero of Dreamland has the most Bosses to date of any game with 22 in the Story Mode alone
    • This does not hold true for the Mid-Bosses however as this game has 12 whilst Kirby Doom of Dreamland had 30
  • The Boss Emperor Doo is the only Boss in this game based off a Standard Enemy that receives an EX Form
  • Several Bosses in this game share a Mid-Boss counterpart with other Kirby Games
    • Giga Wheelie and Grand Wheelie (Adventure, Nightmare in Dreamland, Superstar Ultra & Triple Deluxe)
    • Boss Rocky and Moundo (Return to Dreamland)
    • Grand Kibble and Kibble Blade (Return to Dreamland)
    • Elder Poppy Bros. and Poppy Bros. Sr. (Dreamland, Adventure, Nightmare in Dreamland, Superstar & Superstar Ultra)
    • Emperor Doo and King Doo (Return to Dreamland)
  • In addition to the previous Trivia several bosses are giant and more powerful versions of older enemies
    • Honcho Hothead is the leader of the Hotheads
    • Mega Tick is the leader of the Ticks
    • Broom Hatter Sorceress is the leader of the Broom Hatters
    • King Chilly is the leader of the Chillies
    • Giga Wheelie is the leader of the Wheelies
    • Boss Rocky is the leader of the Rockies
    • Grand Kibble is the leader of the Kibble Knights
    • Elder Poppy Bros. is the leader of the Poppy Bros. Jrs
    • Legendary Knight is the leader of the Blade Knights
    • Emperor Doo is the leader of the Waddle Doos
    • Queen Dee & King Dee are the leaders of teh Waddle Dees
  • This is the first itteration of Whispy Woods to have arms
  • Ante is the second Elephant themed enemy to appear in a Kirby game, the first being Phan Phan
  • Dorn is the leader of the Cactus Kabus and is hinted at having some control over regular Kabus as well
  • Vuur is a homage to the Mid-Boss Efreeti from Kirby's Dreamland 2
  • Spier is a homage to the Mid-Boss Rolling Turtle from Kirby's Adventure
  • Brennen is believed to pay some homage to Dyna Blade form Kirby Superstar & Kirby Superstar Ultra
  • Masked Dedede's Hammer in this game features a variety of colours on it indicating the varous Copy Abilties he can utilize, there are 10 in total he can use although 3 are not visible in order they are; Fire, Ice, Needle, Hammer, Sword, Spark, Cutter, Beam, Sleep & Stone
    • These abilties all debuted in Kirby's Adventure
    • In his EX form he utilizes abilties introduced in Hero of Dreamland; Phoenix, Seaweed, Aurora, Ribbon, Sun, Tar, Wind, Fungus, Wind & Quicksilver
  • The first letters of the first 8 levels spells CHAMPION, while the first letters of the last 12 levels spells RESURRECTION
  • There is no Ability that starts with the letters; J, K, U, X & Z in this game
  • The following abilities do not appear in this game;
    • Backdrop, Ball, Balloon, Baton, Burning, Clean, Cook, Copy, Cupid, ESP, Freeze, Hi-Jump, Iron, Jet, Kabuki, Laser, Light, Magic, Mini, Paint, Plasma, Smash, Suplex, Throw, Top & UFO
    • All Mix Abilities from Crystal Shards & Squeak Squad
  • The Final Arena changes the way certain Bosses are handled due to the lack of certain abilities in Kirby Hero of Dreamland or a change in the game mechanics between the original game said boss appeared in and this one;
    • Nightmare no longer requires the Star Rod to be defeated although targetting his Tornado body is still required
      • Nightmare's first phase takes place on solid ground now
    • Dark Matter no longer requires the Rainbow Sword to be defeated and both his fights take place on solid ground
    • Acro's battle is taken from Dreamland 3 although if Kirby has an ability that is useless underwater he can simply blow bubbles at the objects Acro hurls
    • Dark Matter and Zero no longer require the Love-Love Stick to be defeated, in addition all phases of their boss fights take place on solid ground
      • Zero's second phase changes due to this no longer becoming a Kamikaze attack
    • Miracle Matter will now use a large variety of abilities (equivalent to the 18 Eyes the boss has) and although weak to each one in their respective forms now taking 2 hits to get through each eye it can still be damaged by other abilities although takes 8 hits per eye making the fight longer and more difficult
    • Mega Titan remains weak to Spark in addition to Bolt, Neon & Techno although can still be pushed into the walls if Kirby does not have these abilities
    • Dark Mind no longer requires the Master Sword to be defeated and his third phase is completely removed from the game, it is still required to attack his true eye to hurt him
    • Daroach is only fought in his normal form and Dark Nebula is only fought in his Star Form, in addition, Dark Nebula no longer requires the Triple Star to be defeated
    • Wham Bam Jewel's boss fight changes as you now fight Wham Bam Rock who becomes Wham Bam Jewel after depleting his health
    • You fight both of Marx's forms (normal and soul) in addition his attacks in his Soul form have been updated to be more vicious and different to make the fights seem less similar
    • Landia is fought in a larger area than in Return to Dreamland making it easier to avoid several attacks
    • The Lor Starcutter is not fought alongside Magalor and Magalor is fought in both of his first form, second form and Soul Form even though in Return to Dreamland his soul form replaced the second form. In addition he no longer requires the Super Abilities to be defeated in his first form although his second form now uses the Super Abilities from both Return to Dreamland and King of Dreamland
    • All three of Sectonia's forms are fought back-to-back including her first (bee) form
    • Dark Zero is fought in all three of his forms and no longer requires the EX Abilities to be defeated as he is taken down normally, he is however more resistant overall to all abilities in his final form
    • All four of Resurrected Zero's forms are fought and he uses moves in some forms that he would use in others, in addition his wings in his fourth form have been shrunken down slightly
    • All three of Zero Kirby's forms are fought and are made slightly harder as he attacks more quickly
  • The Absolute Final Boss of Kirby Hero of Dreamland, the Wretched Soul is an amalgamation of multiple Final Bosses although is implied to be a combination of everyone fought in the Final Arena
    • Several components of the Wretched Soul indicate these bosses;
      • Dark Matter's Blade & Shoulder Armour
      • Dark Mind's & Magalor's hands
      • Nightmare's Cape
      • Marx's Arms & Hexagons
      • Sectonia's Wings
      • Magalor's Crown & Spike Collar
      • Resurrected Zero's Horns
      • Soul of Kirby's Mouth & 4 lesser Eyes
      • Dark Zero's overall shape
      • Zero's Red Eye
  • It is implied in the 100% Completion Video that all Final Bosses survive including ones not seen in this game such as Necrodeus, Yin-Yarn and Drawcia


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