Kirby Fighters - Destiny Knot is a party/fighter game developed by Kirbystar247, planned for release mid-2016, and available on the 3DS, Wii and Wii U Platforms.

How to Play

Basically, you run around the party board, collecting Point Stars and Sun Stones you find on your way. There are lots of tricks and traps on each board as you progress through the turns and fights with your friends.

Mid-battle, things get tricky. Depending on the version, follow the controls to do crazy things like stand on the answer to the question or break the cage before anyone else.

All fights run on Infinity Energy. By gathering it, you can utilise three levels of Super Attacks!


Dark Matter is not available by default - you must complete the main story to unlock him.

Character Image Class Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Kirby Balanced Transforms into Beam Kirby and tosses foes in the surrounding area. Transforms into Sword Kirby and sends a Sword Beam across the stage. Calls for Landia to blast the stage with her Landia Cannon.
King Dedede Powerful Spins about, holding his hammer out to harm nearby foes. Falls down and hits the ground with his hammer, making a shock wave. Transforms into Masked Dedede, boosting stats for a while, and immobilises foes.
Meta Knight Technical Sends a short-range lightning bolt at a slight angle from him to attack. Unleashes energy contained within his sword as several homing bullets. Transforms into Dark Meta Knight, shrouding him in an energy-stealing field for a set period of time.
Bandana Waddle Dee Speedy Stabs the ground with his spear, creating a plume of fire. Stabs the ground with his spear, sending fire all across the stage. Creates a tornado with his spear, which you can control for a short while.
Waddle Doo Speedy Creates an electric dome to stun nearby foes. Drains the energy of nearby foes with a powerful force field. Transforms into Kracko, granting new powerful attacks for a set period of time.
Waddle Daa Technical Throws a firework at the foes, creating an explosion. Shoots water from her parasol, acting like a machine gun upon the foes. Summons a huge heat wave to ruin the foes. Luckily she has a parasol.
Adeleine Balanced Uses her paintbrush to rush forwards and attack the foes. Paints a go-kart she rides to attack. Paints an army of enemies to wreck the stage.
Dark Matter Powerful Makes three slashes with his sword, releasing a shockwave. Creates a typhoon, stunning foes who get near it while sucking them towards it. Transforms into his eye form, granting new attacks for a set period of time.


(Note: Controls in italics are done on the party board)


Remote held Sideways

Shake the remote: Roll the dice to move.

Directional Pad: Move

2: Jump

1: Attack

A: Guard

B: Use a Super

Remote and Nunchuk

Shake the remote: Roll the dice to move.

Circle Pad: Move

A: Jump

B: Attack

C: Guard

Z: Use a Super


A: Roll the dice to move

A: Jump

B: Attack

L: Guard

R: Use a Super

Wii U

To be confirmed

Party Board Spaces

Space Function
Blue Space Gives 3 Point Stars
Red Space Drains 3 Point Stars
Green Space Triggers crazy events
Friend Space You and a friend get 5 Point Stars
Duel Space Pick a wager and fight with a rival for it
Nightmare Space Nightmare crashes the party, causing an event
Sun Stone Space Purchase a sun stone by passing! Doesn't count as a space
Trap Space Grab a trap by passing. Doesn't count as a space
Item Space Visit the item shop. Doesn't count as a space
Branching Path Choose which way to go. Doesn't count as a space

Party Boards

Name Sun Stones Boss
Keeby's Picnic Park Random space. Costs 20 Point Stars Whispy Woods
Theatre de la Ribbon Random space. Costs up to 30 Point Stars Miracle Matter
Battleship Halberd Fixed space. Costs 20 Point Stars, any number allowed Galacta Knight
Castle Dedede Library Three books appear, one with a Sun Stone. 10 Point Stars to inspect one Marx
Nightmare Pinball Random space. Costs 20 Point Stars, however Nightmare can move it! Nightmare


Item Image Function
Crate Packed with items and energy!
Exploding Crate Be careful! This explodes!
Ice Ball Flies forth, paralysing foes.
Spark Bomb Shoots electric needles.
Fire Bomb Sends fireballs flying.
Freeze Missile Throw at a foe to freeze them.
Plasma Shield Prevents foes from attacking!
Laser Sentries Shoots lasers as you attack.
Laser Gun Stuns the target(s) hit.
Jet Gun Drops missiles onto target.
Draining Beam Absorbs IE from nearby foes.
Cupid Bot Chases foes and holds them.
Beam Blades Use to knock enemy IE away.
Tornado Scythe Lots of cool attacks!
Stone Eye Can be used to stun foes.


  • This game idea comes strongly from Playstation Allstars Battle Royale.
  • It also analogues Mario Party DS.
  • Infinity Energy takes the appearance of a Point Star from EX Mode.
  • Every item (Except crates/explosive crates) is named after a Copy Ability.
  • Nightmare's appearance in this game is a palette swap of his Power Orb, with a devilish face and eyes.
  • There are no Nightmare Spaces on Nightmare Pinball.
  • However, this makes sense, as Nightmare is out moving sun stones and is a boss at the end of the party here.
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