Kirby Fighters: Tournament
AmericanBoxart2 KFT.png
The American boxart of this game.
Developer(s) HAL Laboratory logo.png Gssl.png
Publisher(s) Gssl.png


Platform(s) WiiULogo.png
Genre(s) Fight, Action, Adventure
Series Kirby (series)
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan.png 27 August 2014

25px-Flag of USA.png 10 August 2014

25px-Flag of Europe.png 11 August 2014

25px-Flag of Australia.png 12 August 2014

Mode(s) Single, Multiplayer (2-8) and Online Mode
Age Rating(s) ERating.jpg7Rating.pngUSK6.pngOFLC-G.pngCERO A.gif
Media Included Wii U Disk

Kirby Fighters: Tournement is a fighting platformer multiplayer game for 2014 for the Wii U, developed by HAL Laboratory and published by GreenStar Studios. This game looks similar to Kirby Fighters from Kirby Triple Deluxe. Unlike the game, though, this game have amount of abilities from the past Kirby games and it also feature different fighting modes. This games has also a similarity between the Super Smash Bros. series. Additionally, this game can be also played up to 8 players.

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The gameplay is very similar from Kirby Fighters (Deluxe) of Kirby Triple Deluxe. But there's much new content in this game: new abilities, new stages and new items, including story mode and more.

Single Player

Single Player mode allows one to play with one of the 14 Copy Abilities like a classic fighting game. The player may choose from one of the 14 Copy abilities that follow below, after "Gameplay". There are 7 games in total:

Story Mode


Classic Mode

This mode is similar to Kirby Fighters (Deluxe). You must surpass 15 rounds to the final and unlock alternate costumes or abilities.

Battle Mode

Battle Mode is a free playable mode that allows you to choose abilities, difficulties and stages. First, after choosing an ability, the player has to select a difficulty. The difficulties are Easy, Normal, Hard and the all newest difficulty: Expert. After choosing a difficulty, the player has to select a stage that follows below, after "Abilities". And then, the player must press start when he's ready to battle. He can also choose items, rounds and lifes during the battle.

Ability Attack Mode

This mode is a little different than other modes because the player cannot longer choose an ability. Due to that, during in the stage, while starting, the player will start as Kirby, without an ability. Kirbies are only allowed to inhale, dash, walk, jump and tackling. After 10 seconds, it will fall 10 random abilities above on the screen. The objective is that Kirby must inhale an ability and turn into that so he can attack the others easily. The other abilities will fall under 30 seconds. 


Tag allows the player to "play tag" with others. When the player's dead, he will turn into Ghost Kirby and can touch his opponents to be alive again. Otherwise, the opponents can attack Ghosts to prevent from being touched. Who remains as last is the winner of this mode.

Star Collectors

This mode allows the player to collect stars as many if possible. There's so many stars: a yellow star; it's worth 1 stars, a green star; 10 stars, a red star; 30 stars and the rarest one is the blue star; it's worth 50 stars. If a player has been attacked, he lose some stars and these falls to the ground. Who haves the most, wins.

Smash Mode

This mode is almost similar as Super Smash Bros. Series.

Challenge Chamber

This sub-game allows the player to test the player's skills. It's similar to Kirby's Return to Dreamland.

The Arena


The True Arena



Allows the player train with a Metal Waddle Dee. It won't hurts you. There's also some tutorial steps avaiable.


Online Mode


To see the list of different abilities of this game, see here: TBA

Startable Abilities

They are in total 14 abilities. Beetle and Bell are now startable. Fire and Spear are new in this game.

Sword Cutter
Sword (Icon).png Cutter (Icon).png
Sword is back to fight loyaly as a knight for justice! Fight this war like a knight to win fair! If you can, you can even beat Meta Knight! The sharp then all the sharp things in the world. It comes always back with your thrusted boomerang throws! If you charge your boomerang, you throw a Super Boomerang to hit your strongest opponents.
Beam Ninja
Beam (icon).png Ninja (Icon).png

Throw beams and stars to the opponents like a magical Beam Master! To be more magical, go into the air and swing with your wand to perform your Revolution Beam infinitly!

Sayonara! Ai! Master your ninja moves to kick your opponents like a Japanese boss! To be more Naruto, use your Ninja Kick, shurikens and your yata Sakura Leaf Attack to beat opponents! Let's get ninja!
Spear (NEW) Bomb
Spear (Bar).png 55px-KRtDL Bomb icon.png
Touch rough to the opponents and throws spears on Kirby safari! Avoid ground attacks with Helicopter! You hover into the air! Blast through battlefields and make all the things explode! You like bowling with bombs too! Weird but no kidding! With Bowling Bomb, you can throw bombs like a bowling master and BOOM!
Hammer Fire (NEW)
Hammer icon.png 55px-KRtDL Fire icon.png
Pound, pound, pound on the ground! Hit opponents heavly! It works and it's very powerful! For more power, hit with a Fiery Upper Hammer! It causes fire and it does really pain to others! Oh no! Are you burning! No problem! Burn opponents make them chicken nuggets, with Fireball! You can also roll on the ground around with fire! Burn, burn, burn!
Fighter Parasol
Fighter (Icon).png Parasol (Icon).png
Hit sandbags, punch left and right and for the final attack, a Upper Spin Attack for the win! Fight as a man, without objects and abilities, use Fighter to do a Punch Throw! Round 1, ..., fight! Nothing better then a parasol to protect against the burning sun and cold rain! Twirl with your parasol to hit opponents! Fall sloooowly down and fall faster with your Parasol Drill! But first, let's take a boardwalk by the sea.
Whip Archer
Whip (Icon).png ArcherIcon KFT.png
Hii-haaa! Let's do some twirling moves with our whips! Twirl left, twirl right, twirl down and as a special move, twirl up by doing a Volcano Twirl! Arrow here, arrow there, arrow everywhere! First, be quiet and concentrate. And then, pick a slow target and shot! There's your pride! You can also shot many arrows as you can, even you can charge it and do a Super Shot like Robin Hood!
Bell Beetle
BellKirby.png BeetleKirby.png
Ding dong! Dong ding! Smash your bells with loud bell noises. They will actually think that it's too loud for their ears. Ouch! I-I can hear anything! No, not rolling poop on the ground!!! Fighting! With your super hyper horn on your head, you can hit others with ease! You can also fly with your beetle wings!

Unlockable Abilities

These are all new in this game, including Crystal, Axe and Mace. Unlocking methods will be written soon...

Hi-Jump Ice
HiJump icon.png Ice (Icon).png
Jump higher into the skies and knock opponents like a rocket! Charging your jump will also be handy! Brrr! If you like icey things, this will be handy! Freeze your opponents and throw them into the wall or on the wall. Make also a snowball for a snowball fight!
Spark Leaf
Spark icon.png Leaf (Icon).png

Shock others with Spark! You can create your own sparking field and make electricity anywhere by charging!

Did you ever heard how to dance with leaves? It's simple! Just dance with leaves by others and throw leaves to cut them! The big final is if you make a Leaf Tornado!
Needle Stone
Needle icon.png Stone (Icon).png
Ouch, it hurts when I touch you!!! With needle, it's very easy to protect yourself! You can also launch needles by charging (shaking your Wii Remote) and you have needles everywhere! But please don't do it now!!! Hard and invincible as rock! Protect your yourself by changing as a stone. To be more stronger, just do a downer attack! The upper attack is handy to give punches at the opponents jellyfaces!
Water Wing
Water (Icon).png Wing icon.png
Nothing better than a sweet bath and surfing! Surf through the opponents to making them sink! Also a waterfall can also be a good technique! For the big final, try to do a precious Rainbow Rain! I believe I can fly! And you too? So prove me if you can do a Air Dive and throwing wings anywhere! It should be handy!
Circus Jet
CircusKirby.png Jet Icon KDL3D.png
We all like to go into the circus! But I don't like clowns actually! If you want to make part of the circus, show to your opponents who's the best by making acrobating moves, making jugglery and riding on a big ball! They will be jealous to you! Blast easly into the air with your thrusted jetpack! Do some kicks and punches when opponents are flying in the air!
Mirror Suplex
MirrorKirby.png Suplex Icon KDL3D.png
Don't be embarresed! You just looks beautiful like that when you look on the mirror! Make clones of your own and he helps you fighting like you! He just copies you while fighting! Flexibility and acrobatic moves are the motto of these ability! Grabbing opponents and then smash them are very effective for this ability.
Smash Animal
SmashKirbyIcon.png Animal Icon KDL3D.png
Are you a big fan of Super Smash Bros.? Even Sakurai? To be honest, this game gives you fighting moves like in Smash Bros. series! Hammer, Fighter and Stone are avaiable in this ability! Go smash them! What if you do when you are an animal? Nothing?! You can attack your opponents in 1 slash, drill in the ground and run super fast like a chitta! To be honest, I like to be a animal!
Magic Laser
MagicKirby.png Laser Icon KDL3D.png
Trick opponents by trick them with magic moves! They are umbelievable and not-understanding! Throw cards to cut the others and dispear yourself to don't get hurt! I really want to! Preparing to fight. Traget aquired! Target unlocked! Preparing to blast to countdown in 3, 2, 1, laser!!! You can also make a bigger laser!
Plasma Yo-Yo
PlasmaKirbyIcon.png YoYo Icon KDL3D.png
It's like Spark

but it's more faster t'o charge electricity! You must try it! Zap!

Yo-Yo's are fun to play with but if you play it from Kirby, he's very unresistable! Hit rapidly opponents by wagging the yo-yo! 
Cupid Crystal
Cupid Icon KDL3D.png
Crystal Icon KDL3D.png
Mace Axe
Mace Icon KDL3D.png Axe Icon KDL3D.png
Really spikey but also really efficient! You can attack the others with your spikey ball! It's hard to control so be careful! Slash your opponents with your dangerous axe like the vikings! It's super sharp and it helps you to take to the victory!

Rare Abilities

Theses abilities can you only use temporary.

Crash Mike
Crash (Icon).png Mike (Icon).png

Kabooom!!! Crash them all with this powerful abiity off screen! Be more explosive, by shaking your Wii Remote + pressing 1!

You can only use this item 1 time.

Do you wanna be like Green Day or other rock and heavy metal singer? Then use this ability and your "fans" will hate this! For the big final, shake your Wii Remote to sing so hard as you can! Rock-'nd roll!

You can only use this item 3 times.

  • 1st time: Normal, it takes damage normaly.
  • 2nd time: It takes 2 times more damage than normaly.
  • 3rd time: It takes 3 times more damage than normaly; exept if you shake your Wii Remote perform a Rock-'and Roll: It takes 5 times more damage then normaly.
Tornado Sleep
Tornado icon.png Sleep icon.png

Capture your opponents to make them dizzy in the tornado anywhere! It's very powerful! Make bigger tornados at the end!

You can he groundonly use this item 3 times.

Just-... lemme... sleep please... I know I'm bad but, just... shake your... Wii... Remote and... you can wake... up me... It also feels good because I can heal my lifemeter... Only 5 minutes and I will return ... fighting...

You can only use this item 1 time.

Cook Wheel
Cook Icon KDL3D.png Wheel Icon KDL3D.png

Who wants something lusty and yummy? Come here and I will prepeare something for you! The secret recept of your cooking experience putting all your opponents in a big warm pot and you start cooking them like a chef-cook! Bon appétit!

You can only use this item 1 time.

Do you like racing? Rolling on the ground will damage opponents like a car. Let's start the race and here we go!

You can only use this item 20 seconds so be fast.

Starship Paint
Airship Kirby.png Paint Icon KDL3D.png

Drive on a starship and shoot stars to your opponents with ease! You're also save there, you won't be damaged!

You can only use this item 10 seconds.

Be creative and take your paintbrush to paint your whole screen to hurt opponents due to your inky explosive paintbubbles.

You can only use this item 1 time.

Copy UFO
CopyKirby.png UFO Icon KDL3D.png

Monkey see, monkey who, monkey do! Just choose your opponent with an ability that you want and you will be exactly like him.

You can only use this item 1 time.

Clock Icon KDL3D.png

Enough! If you're getting irritating by these speeding moves, just stop the time and surpass the limits of the time. 

You can only use this item 1 time. The time slows 20 seconds.

Super Ablilities

To have these abilities, it must level to 3 for some normal abilities rensambling of these.

Ultra Sword Grand Hammer
UltraSword icon.png GrandHammer icon.png
If this furious war looks pretty tough, it's time to be loyal and smash all the others with our Ultra Sword! It cuts all the others in one strike!  Smash your opponents with your super duper grand hammer. Your hammer turns bigger and bigger when you shake the Wii Remote. Just in one strike, you can hit the opponents like a strong bear!
Snow Bowl Flare Beam
SnowBowl icon.png FlareBeam icon.png
Do you like making snowballs, so this is something for you! Be a snowball and roll everywhere to catch opponents and freeze them! Be a magic expert-master with Flare Beam by making a big beam energy and control this with your direction pad to spark all your opponents!
Monster Flame Hypernova
MonsterFlame icon.png
If fire doesn't burn enough, be angry and free your fire monster to burn painfully others!


DLC's are in Nintendo eShop. You can have these if you played all the modes and the tournement. They have a meaning like: Mario is the mascot of Nintendo or relasing and upcoming games. Not all the games will be in this DLC list. These are all from Nintendo.


Mascot of Nintendo


Upcoming game: Yoshi's Woolly World

MarioAbility KFT.png YoshiAbility KFT.png


Upcoming game: Kirby's Rainbow Curse

Gardening Mama 

Newest game: Gardening Mama 2 for 3DS


Upcoming game: Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker


Upcoming game: Pokemon Saphire Alpha and Ruby Omega Versions

CapitainToadAbility KFT.png PikachuAbility KFT.png


  • Kirby and his buddies with the same name.: They accepted the invitation from King Dedede and participated the tournament. They also have stat bonuses. They are already unlocked follow as:
  • Starters
    • Pink Kirby (Balanced)
    • Green Kirby
    • Yellow Kirby
    • Cyan Kirby (Speed Attack: +2 - Powerful Attack: -2)
    • Violet Kirby
    • Blue Kirby
    • Violet Kirby
    • Grey Kirby
    • Black Kirby
  • Unlockbles
    • Red Kirby
    • Orange Kirby 
    • White Kirby 
  • Meta Knight
  • King Dedede: He was who haves invited the Kirbies to fight each other. After a long tournament, it becomes a disaster so the King goes to fight too. He's an unlockable character.
  • Bandana Dee
  • Shadow Kirby
  • Dark Meta Knight
  • Galacta Knight


Playable Stages

All these stages are returning from Kirby Fighters (Z) but the design and the layout changes.

Image: Description: Game(s):

KTD Flower Land.png

Flower Land

Just a normal stage without gimmicks. The first stage in the Star Cup.

270px-KTD logo.png

Lollipop Land Z Top.jpg

Lollipop Land

A cheerful area with sweets desserts scattered all over the ground and even grown like flowers. Watch out for these white gloves, that splats you on screen. 270px-KTD logo.png


Waddle Dee Train

Watch out! Waddle Dee's on board! If the train hit you, you will be stomped or flyed on screen! 270px-KTD logo.png

KTD Lololo.jpg

Castle Lololo

A room with such bazaar! Lololo and Lalala brings item boxes and Gordo's on the stage. 270px-KSSLogo.png

Butter Building Z Top.jpg

Butter Building

The popular Butter Building! Each minute rotates the building and goes to the top, but on a unexpected moment, the building will rotating and going up more faster! 270px-KA logo.png

KTD Bubbly Clouds.png
Bubbly Clouds

Kracko appears there to defeat the players with his classic moves. 270px-KSSLogo.png

KTD Coo's Forest.png

Coo's Forest

Kirby's buddies live there. 270px-KDL3 logo.png


Dyna Blade's Nest

Dyna Blade will also defeat the players with his claws so watch out! 270px-KSSLogo.png

KTD Factory Tour.png

Factory Tour

Watch out for these stomping machines. They will stomp you in one second. 270px-K64 logo.png

Dangerous Dinner Z Top.jpg

Dangerous Diner

Lava everywhere! Don't touch the lava fountains! 270px-KRtDL Logo.png
KTD Dedede's Arena.pngDedede's Arena This is where Kirby and Dedede where fighting to each other. The king will be there to assist them. He throws Gordos, Waddle Dee's and barrels. 270px-KSSU Logo2.png
KTD Another Dimension.pngAnother Dimension This stage is where Landia and Kirby fight against Magolor and his Lor Starcutter. No gimmicks. 270px-KRtDL Logo.png

Unlockable Stages



Returning Items

Food Maxim Tomato Timed Dynamite
N/A Maxim Tomato KDL3D.png N/A
Gordo Mini-Leaf Microphone
GordoKA3D.png MiniLeaf.png N/A
Bomber Invincibility Candy Cracker
N/A Invicibiltycandy.jpg N/A
Blue Box Action Star Dash Shoes
180px-KAR BlueBox.png N/A N/A

New Items


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