Kirby Dream Land 4
Developer(s) RECHSOFT
Publisher(s) RECHSOFT
Platform(s) 3DS
Kirby Dream Land 4 (星のカービィ4 in Japan.) is a 2.5D Platformer developed and published by RECHSOFT for the Nintendo 3DS in Fall 2017. The game focuses around the adventures of Kirby, trying to defeat Dark Matter, revived after the events of Kirby: Planet Robobot.

The game is a 20th anniversary festival for Kirby's Dream Land 3, and, as such, brings many important characters back from it.


One day, Kirby is out wandering in Dream Land when he notices the Love-Love Stick embedded in the ground, where he left it in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Suddenly, it explodes and sprays Heart Stars across Popstar.

Directly after this, a large darkness envelopes the land; Dark Matter has returned! The alien kidnaps important denizens of Popstar, such as Meta Knight, King Dedede, and Whispy Woods. Furious, Kirby goes after Dark Matter, ready to defeat the swordsman at any time.

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Name & Sprite Description
Kirbo Kirby The pink puffball is back and better than ever! He's primed and ready to kick Dark Matter's butt!
Kdl3meta Meta Knight An honourable, sword-wielding knight that was kidnapped by Dark Matter. A real Silent Knight.
KillmiinowKing Dedede The self-proclaimed King of Dream Land, this stubborn penguin gets brainwashed by Dark Matter once again.


Sprite Name Fought in Description (Pause Menu)
Dark Woods Pastel Plain After Whispy Woods lost to Kirby 3 times, Dark Matter integrated himself with the tree to defeat the puffball.
Zero Knight Shiver Sea A knight possessed by Dark Matter. It has a single, unblinking red iris in the centre of it's mask. It looks a bit familiar...
Dark Matter Dune Dusk The leader of the operation! A swordsman from times long ago, returned and ready to fight!
Dark Tedhaun Creepy Chasm The ghost of a strong warrior, this creature swoops and dives. There's no rest for the wicked!
Zero Knight Wicked Wetland The knight possessed by Dark Matter returns, with all new attacks! Be careful of it's eye, though.
HR-D3 Factory Falls An amalgamation of the HR-H and D3 robots. It launches missiles that turn into smaller robots.
Dark Kracko Mouth Mountain Dark Matter united with Kracko to stop Kirby dead in his tracks. Don't let him win!
Dark Matter Dark Destruction The same swordsman as the one in Dune Dusk, but with the Rainbow Sword! Take to the skies with the Warp Star and go after him!
Dark Matter Dark Destruction Dark Matter's true form, a blob of darkness. Defeat it, and end this madness!
Miracle Matter Hyper Zone A creature with way too many eyes to count. You've fought it before. Let's get this over with.
03 Hyper Zone It's finally returned, and more devilish than ever!



The levels are similar to Kirby's Dream Land 3, featuring a character in every level that must have a certain goal fulfilled to getting a Heart Star, required to get 100% completion. However, this time, there are multiple characters in the levels; one blatantly shown on the level icon, another hidden in the level, and both having conflicting goals, adding to the replay-ability.

There are a grand total of 102 levels, including the bosses & bonus levels of 8 different worlds and Hyper Zone, an area unlocked by 100% completion.


As a callback to Kirby's Dream Land 3, all the characters use a pastel style with crayon-drawn backgrounds, and Kirby, King Dedede, and Dark Matter reuse their sprites from KDL3.


Pastel Plain KDL3 Tulip icon.png






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