Kirby Dream Chronicles is a game for the 3DS. This game features the return of the animal friends and a new character named Cinnamon, who is a female Kirby.


One day, Kirby was having a picnic with his friends Meta Knight and Cinnamon, when King Dedede came over and tried to steal the food. He knocked Kirby and Cinnamon away and Meta Knight was about to slash him when a dark meteor crashed into the hills far away. All of the sudden, a shadowy figure appeared. "I am Vordex." the creature said. "I have come to drain your world of its happiness." Vordex shot a beam of pure darkness at the foursome, knocking them unconscious. When they awoke, Cinnamon said that they could stop him if they found the pieces of the shattered Diamond Heart.


  • World 1: Waffle Woods
  • World 2: Donut Desert
  • World 3: Vanilla Villa
  • World 4: Sugar Snowfield
  • World 5: Creamy Clouds
  • World 6: Butter Beach
  • World 7: Flour Factory
  • World 8: Shadow Shelter


  • Waffle Woods: Whispy Woods

Abilities: None

  • Donut Desert: Drilldigger

Abilities: Stone

  • Vanilla Villa: Mr. Bright & Mr. Shine

Abilities: Fire, Cutter

  • Sugar Snowfield: Yetigor

Abilities: Ice

  • Creamy Clouds: Kracko

Abilities: Spark

  • Butter Beach: Acro

Abilities: Stone

  • Flour Factory: Metallik

Abilities: Spark, Cutter

  • Shadow Shelter: Vordex

Abilities: Spark, Stone, Bomb

  • ???: Vordex Soul

Abilities: None

Abilities/Animal Friends

Abilities Helper

  • Fire Kirby Burning Leo
  • Ice Kirby Chilly
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