Kirby Deluxe: Super Team Clash is a game released by HAL Laboratory in collaboration with the Fantendo community near the end of 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS. Anyone is free to add their ideas to the page.


The gameplay is split into two parts - an Overworld and in-game Battles. Each player controls a Kirby, who can be any colour they choose, who must venture the vast overworld. Overworld gameplay is similar to the gameplay of Kirby 3D Rumble, a Minigame from Kirby: Planet Robobot. The main difference from 3D Rumble's gameplay, however, is the inability to inhale - Kirby can, however, use a close-range attack to destroy obstacles. Bumping into an enemy will trigger a battle.

Each battle has the player and their teammates (any people playing the game with them, plus one AI-controlled teammate) battle a group of enemies. The controls are similar to those of Planet Robobot's Team Kirby Clash Minigame - the Kirbies can left and right move with the Circle Pad, jump with A, guard with R and attack with B. Defeating enemies rewards players with food, which can be used immediately or stored in your inventory for use on the overworld, Star Points, which count towards earning Experience to level up (with a maximum level of 99) and Power Tablets, which, once you collect enough tablets, can be used for a powerful Team Meteor attack in battles. Health carries over between battles, and if the player and all their teammates are defeated, Game Over ocurrs.


There are numerous classes in the game, with each class matching a Kirby Copy Ability. There are four jobs, with each class having one job, that determine the stats of the class...

  • Hero: Heroes have decent Speed, Strength and Stamina, although they aren't that good at Healing. When they guard, they create a golden barrier to defend teammates.
  • Mage: Mages have good Speed and are decent at Healing, but are lacking in Strength and Stamina. They have access to abilities that slow the movement of enemies.
  • Lord: Lords have high Strength and Stamina, but low Speed and Healing. All of their attacks can be charged to increase their power.
  • Healer: Healers are good at Healing with decent Speed, but poor in Strength and Stamina. They can use some abilities that offer minor healing to teammates.
Name Image Class Details
Sword Sword Kirby Hero Kirbies who follow the way of the Sword Class have good Speed and decent Strength, although their Stamina and Healing aren't the best. They can use lots of light, speedy Melee attacks and have decent mid-range strikes as well.
Beam Beam Kirby KDL3D Mage The Beam Class offers better Strength and skill in Healing, although it doesn't offer very good Stamina. Kirbies with this class can deal decent damage at any range, and are fond of utilising the lightning element.
Hammer Hammer Kirby KDL3D Lord Kirbies who wield the mighty hammer possess amazing Stamina, although they suffer from poor Speed and Healing capacity. They can deal great damage at close range, and have a few attacks with a fire element.
Doctor Doctor Kirby Healer This class provides outstanding Healing capacity, but comes with poor Strength and Stamina. Kirbies who use this class can use numerous elements and are skilled with attacks that hit enemies above them.
Cutter Cutter Kirby Hero The Cutter class are outstanding when Speed is concerned, although it doesn't fare well with its Stamina and Healing. Kirbies using the Cutter Class are good at dealing damage at any range.
Parasol Parasol Kirby Healer Kirbies with this class have decent Stamina and are good at Healing, at the cost of Speed. The Parasol class utilises the Water Element and can use the parasol to block enemy attacks.
Spark Spark Kirby KDL3D Mage The main advantage of the Spark Class is its incredible speed, although the class suffers in other areas. Kirbies utilising this class can build up electricity for ranged attacks, but are just as good at shocking nearby foes.
Fighter Kirby
Hero Fighter grants decent stats, besides Healing. Kirbies fight using their hands and legs. They fire energy balls and preform an uppercut. Many techniques can be used in this.
Mirror Kirby PlanetRobobot
Mage The Mirror class allows Kirbies to have good Speed and Healing, at the cost of Strength and Stamina. They can reflect attacks and can also create clones and a barrier, while blocking incoming Attacks.
Staff Kirby

The staff

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