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Kirby Air Ride 2, known in Japan as Kirby's Airride 2 (カービィのエアライド 2 Kābī no Earaido Tsu), is a 2018 racing video game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo for the Wii-U video game console starring Kirby, one of HAL's characters.

Modes of play

Grand Prix

Grand Prix is the mode where the human player plays against other CPU players. There are 8 places, and any where past 3rd place is considered bad.

There are 5 cups to choose from, 2 which must be unlocked: Pop Star Cup, (beginner) Rock Star Cup, (easy), Aqua Star Cup, (normal), Neo Star Cup, (intermediate), Shiver Star, (hard), and Ripple Star (very hard).

Time Trial

The concept of Time Trial is to see how fast you can go through a track without any items to stop you or any other racers to slow you down. However, this does not include the obstacles made for the specific track.

Before you start Time Trial mode, the game will ask you for 3 letters that you choose. Then, if you get a new record or save a ghost, those 3 letters will be next to your time.

The character is automatically given 2 power-speed at the start, one for both characters on the kart. With strategy, the power-speeds can help finish the track faster.

Once a track is finished, you can choose if you want to save Ghost Data. Ghost Data saves your previous race, so you can race against a Ghost racer, which is really just your previous record. This can help you figure out how to beat your previous record.

After beating a specific time for any of the tracks, you will unlock a Staff Ghost, which are supposed to be very hard to beat, for the Staff Ghosts are tremendously quick.

VS Mode

It is multiplayer only, and up to 4 players can play.

In this mode, only human players play, with no CPU players. For example: If 2 players are playing, it's a race just between them. VS Mode cannot be played by only 1 player, and there must be at least 2 players to play VS Mode.

Unlike Grand Prix, you are able to choose a single track from any of the 4 Cups in VS, whereas in Grand Prix you pick one whole entire cup.


Image Name Unlocked by Winning pose Losing pose
Play Kirby Artwork 2 transparent.png
Kirby Already unlocked Does the Kirby Dance Sadly looks down
=Bandana Waddle Dee.png
Waddle Dee Already unlocked Holding the spear and raising for victory Says "Oh, man!" and sighs
Waddle Daa.png
Waddle Daa Already unlocked Says "I win! Yay!" and laughs Hides eyes and cries
Meta Knight.png
Meta Knight Already unlocked Says "Victory... is my destiny." Sighs and shakes head
King Dedede Star.png
King Dedede Already unlocked Looks both sides and laughs in victory Looks down saying "That's not good."
KRPG art Ribbon.png
Ribbon Already unlocked Twirls and makes a victory pose Looks down and shakes head
Lololo and Lalala Already unlocked They both makes a victory pose They both sobs
Bonkers Kirby The Fighters 2.png
Bonkers Already unlocked Beats his chest and saying "I'm winning!" Eats a banana
Adeleine KDLH.png
Adeleine Already unlocked She paints her picture She claps at the opponent
KSSU Iron Mam.png
Iron Mam Already unlocked Looks around and makes her victory pose Looks down and shakes head
Knuckle Joe KSSU.png
Knuckle Joe Already unlocked Punches two times before doing a victorious uppercut, while saying "Winning is all too easy!" Crosses arms stubbornly
Tayo and Proko Art.png
Tayo and Proko Already unlocked Tayo does a hula dance while Proko sways from side to side They both cry
Yota and Kopro Art.png
Yota and Kopro Already unlocked Yota does a hula dance while Kopro sways from side to side They both cry
Floyd Art.png
Floyd Already unlocked Roars and does a victory pose Looks down and shakes head
Fabio Art.png
Fabio Already unlocked He flexes his arms, saying "Stronger than you are, huh?" He bangs his head on the steering wheel
Maxwell Art.png
Maxwell Already unlocked He dusts off his hands and laughs Shuddering in fright
Sheldon Art.png
Sheldon Already unlocked Plays his electric guitar He stroking his chin with his right hand
Kamikari art.png
Kamikari Already unlocked Flaps his wings two times, then saying "Glad I win." Sadly looks down, saying "How did I lose?"
Earlene art.png
Earlene Already unlocked Does a spin, then gives the V sign, saying "Looks good." Sits down and drawing the paper with her pen
Stella art.png
Stella Already unlocked She gives a kiss and saying "Guess I win." Shakes head
Willow art.png
Willow Already unlocked Jumps twice, then does a backflip and does a victory pose Sighs
Penelope Bronto art.png
Penelope Bronto Already unlocked Buzzing around, laughing happily Looks down disappointingly
Tula art.png
Tula Already unlocked Trumpeting in victory, saying "Better leads to victory." Sighs and looks down
Melissa art.png
Melissa Already unlocked Does a ninja pose Reads a book and saying "Hmm..."
Carly art.png
Carly Already unlocked Jumps twice and does a victory pose Looks down and shakes head
Giselle art.png
Giselle Already unlocked Twirls and saying "I win! I win!" Scratching her wing
Sir Crocky Art.png
Sir Crocky Already unlocked Says "Winning is a little bit easy! Says "That's ridiculous."
Ester art.png
Ester Already unlocked Juggling her balls Looks down and sighs
Striper art.png
Striper Already unlocked Striper sways his tail from side to side Sleeps
Hypnogon art.png
Hypnogon Already unlocked He flapping his wings uncontrollably
Skylar art.png
Skylar Already unlocked Shrugs her arms and shakes head
Sirica Already unlocked Sadly looks down and shakes head, saying "It's worst!"
Shea art.png
Shea Already unlocked She floats around, laughing happily Sadly looks down
Sectonia Artwork Transparent-0.png
Queen Sectonia Already unlocked
Stegokirby art.png
Stegokirby Already unlocked He using his tail and whip in victory Furiously shakes his head, then sadly looks down
Apatokirby art.png
Apatokirby Already unlocked Sways it's neck back and forth Shakes head and looks down
Utahrapkirby art.png
Utahrapkirby Already unlocked Sadly looks around and kicks its feet
Acrocanthorby art.png
Acrocanthorby Already unlocked He raising a hand to his forehead in disbelief
Gigantorby art.png
Gigantorby Already unlocked Shrugs his arms disappointingly
Pteranokirby art.png
Pteranokirby Already unlocked Flying around in victory Sadly looks down
Velocikirby art.png
Velocikirby Already unlocked Rests his head on one of his hands
Tyrannokirby Rex art.png
Tyrannokirby Rex Already unlocked Looks around, then sighs, then looks down
Tricerakirby art.png
Tricerakirby Already unlocked Looks down and sighs
Bipedragon art.png
Bipedragon Already unlocked Looks around and punch the steering wheel with his one paw
Justin Art.png
Justin Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup Cackles Saying "Impossible!"
Colton Art.png
Colton Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup
Chester Art.png
Chester Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup Saying "No, no! No, no! That's not good!"
Neal Art.png
Neal Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup
Tad Art.png
Tad Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup
Spikewing Art.png
Spikewing Win the 50cc Ripple Star Cup Saying "I have an utterly disappointed to me. Oh, well...", then sighs
Galacta Knight Win the 100cc Ripple Star Cup
Stargazer Knight art.png
Stargazer Knight Win the 100cc Ripple Star Cup
Vipypno Art.png
Vipypno Win the 100cc Neo Star Cup He bows and "Winning is my success." Confused
Romilda art.png
Romilda Win the 150cc Rock Star Cup Saying "Now that would be a mistress serpent of all wicked!", then cackles
Nicholas art.png
Nicholas Win the 150cc Rock Star Cup Shrugs his arms, saying "Why me?"
Violti art.png
Violti Win the 150cc Rock Star Cup Saying "Oh, what?!" Looks up furiously, then sighs disappointigly. "How could this even happen?"
Kaori art.png
Kaori Win the 150cc Rock Star Cup Saying "No! That's too awful!", then looks down
Cameron art.png
Cameron Win the 50cc Shiver Star Cup He chuckled, then saying "I guess I win after all." He facepalms, saying "I lost!"
Paxton art.png
Paxton Win the 50cc Shiver Star Cup He flexes his arms in victorious
Ivan art.png
Ivan Win the 50cc Shiver Star Cup Looks down and shakes head
Bryson art.png
Bryson Win the 50cc Shiver Star Cup He faints on a steering wheel
Sienna art.png
Sienna Win the 50cc Shiver Star Cup Saying "Oh, such a lovely first place.", then she giggled She looks down and sighs
Kamihino art.png
Kamihino Win the 150cc Ripple Star Cup Saying "Now I win that easily!", then cackles Groaned and saying "How could you win this time?"


Pop Star Cup Rock Star Cup Aqua Star Cup Neo Star Cup Shiver Star Cup Ripple Star Cup
Green Greens Mahalo Beach
Sand Canyon Gahara Jungle
Okauike Ocean Crystal Mines
Dedede's Castle Okanui Volcano

Trivia names

Hawaiian word means "thank you", "my science" and "the amount".

Hindi word means "deep".