Our story begins in Ripple Star...
Part of the opening to the game.

Kirby: The Crystal Shards DS is a new Kirby game introduced to the DS. And the predecessor of KTCS


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Playable Characters Image Name Background Icon/Special Copy Ability Unlock Criteria
KSA Kirby Artwork 4 Kirby Kirby is the iconic Protagonist in the kirby series, and hero of Planet Popstar. He may look like a cute little puffball, but if you think thats so, then i advise you NOT to be around a Famished Kirby. *Using Kirby Ability Star Kirby*Crystal Gun Diamond Ability Star New Default
Waddle Dee amiibo artwork *Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Doo (Boss)
An iconic Enemy in the Kirby series. In our latest adventures, Waddle Dee has donned a bandana and uses a spear to assist Kirby. Here in Kirby 64, Waddle Dee supported Kirby. In this game, Bandana Waddle Dee makes another appearance. (Idle/Hovering Animations) *Beam (boss) Ability Star Beam*Parasol Ability Star Parasol Defeat Waddle Doo, or use a Waddle Dee amiibo.
Adeleine KSA Adeleine it was exactly a year since we've seen Adeleine again, and shes back once more! Paint Paint Ability Star New Defeat Adeleine/have save data of Kirby Star Allies in which you completed Guest Star ???? Star Allies Go! with Adeleine and Ribbon.


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