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Developer(s) Zen Studios and HAL Laboratory
Publisher(s) Zen Studios
Platform(s) All Zen OS devices
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Kirby is a game by Zen Studios in collaboration with HAL Laboratory  for Zen OS devices. It was made to resemble Kirby's Adventure.


The game is a single and multiplayer. In the single player, the player guides Kirby alone by using either a gamepad or the touchscreen controls on Zen Mobile.

Multiplayer has the other players play as Bandanna Dees.

Just like in older installments, you can swallow enemies to get their abilities.


The plot is identical to the one shown in Kirby's Adventure. In the beginning of the game Kirby awakes to find that all of the citizens of Dream Land have lost the ability to dream. Before this event occurred, dreams were composed through the Dream Spring and through the Star Rod. Kirby visited the location and found the antagonistic King Dedede swimming in the spring's waters. Kirby eventually found that the Star Rod had been broken by King Dedede, and that he had handed it over to all of his equally evil friends. So, it was Kirby's obligation to seek the lost pieces of the Star Rod by fighting Dedede's evil friends.


The same worlds from Kirby's Adventure reappear, and some unused levels finally make their way into the game.

  • Vegetable Valley
  • Ice Cream Island
  • Butter Building
  • Grape Garden
  • Yogurt Yard
  • Orange Ocean
  • Rainbow Resort
  • The Fountain of Dreams
  • Unused Universe

To unlock Unused Universe, one must beat the game 100%. The levels in this world are:

  • Room 0014 (Named "Freeze!")
  • Room 0015 (Named "Cold, cold yet colder")
  • Room 0016 (Named "Let's play Twister")
  • Room 0017 (Named "Quite sparking")

Which used to be museum rooms, but were changed to be more of a full level.


Image Name Description
Mini This ability lets you shink to access secret areas scattered around all worlds!
Beam This ability lets you make an electricity whip.
Crash This ability freezes the screen before making Kirby fly across the sceen erratically at a rapid pace, dealing a lot of damage to everything in its path.
Cutter This ability allows you to throw a cutter that will work like a boomerang.
Sleep zZz... zZz... zZz... zZz... zZz... zZz... zZz...
Hi-jump As the name might imply, this ability allows you to jump quite high.
Fire This ability lets you charge forward, setting fire to everything and all in your way.
Sword This ability lets you swing a sword to kill enemies.
Spark This ability gives you a temporary shield made of electricity. You can't move while using it. It behaves quite differently from the Spark ability of previous installments.
Laser This ability lets you shoot a lazer beam from your hand.
Stomp This ability lets you stomp on enemies.


  • As of today (18 of June, 2016), all games for Zen OS are Kirby games.
  • Originally, the game had 3D models! But as the game was becoming more like Kirby's Adventure, sprites replaced the models.
    • However, a Kirby model is still in the games files! You can see it below:

Model by user Mintenndo, from The Models Resource.

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