Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!
Kirby and magolor logo prototype
Prototype title by snickedge
Developer(s) Gear Games, Hal Laboratary
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Evo-Gem
Release Date(s)
1-4 players
Age Rating(s)
E10+ for Everyone at age of 10 and older
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Series Kirby (series)
Predecessor (Insert any Kirby games before 2021 here)

Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble! is a 3D platforming Kirby game made by Gear Games for the Evo-Gem home console. Unlike other Kirby 3D platforming games, the stages have various objectives instand of just reaching the goal, and have regular bosses in normal stages.

Various mechanics from previous Kirby games returns as well, such as the Helper/Friend system and most of the Friend Abilities, as well as several new ones. It also centers around on a bigger scale adventure, both in metaphorical (more worlds to explore) and literal in term of size, such as Giant Enemies, Giant Bosses, and Giant Kirby alongside the Giant Abilities.


The gameplay is the same as a Kirby 3D platforming game, but also with returning and new mechanics mentioned at above. Instand of just reaching the goal, Kirby must first clear one or two objectives before having access to the goal itself. Shall the players didn't accomplish those objectives, the goal door will remain locked.

Most levels are wide sandbox levels, and rarely in linear levels. It also have Free Play mode, where the player(s) can play the level without objectives and even bring computer players for a competition for the highest score.

Some levels have either one of the five Super Abilities, the Hypernova Ability, the Robobot Armor or a Giant Stardle Dee. When there is one Giant Stardle Dee, there is also one of the five Giant Abilities obtained from a respective Giant Enemy.

Unlike the previous games, in order to reach 100% in Adventure and Helpers to Heroes, as the player(s) must collect the Element Crystals in order to advance in the next world, they also must rescue Waddle Dees (the enemy type are blue-colored) and there are 71 in all. Each Waddle Dees have a specific hat and a surname, as well as cutesy description. There are no Waddle Dees to rescue in the X-Star.


In this game, there are eight playable characters in the Adventure, six of them unlocked by default, two of them unlocked after beating the Giant Boss of Kiwi Canyon.


Image + Name Info
KRtDL Kirby 2
Look at this one cute little fella! After fought many, many dangerous foes and abominations, Kirby decides to take his well-earned treats...until the Star Horde drop in and invades Pop Star. He is going to face the strongest foes yet, and for that he needs help from his faithful allies and his Friends, and sometimes by even becoming... a giant!?

Unlocked by default. There can be more than one Kirby and up to four different Kirby can play in the same game.

Once Kirby's friend, then a traitorous wizard, and then Kirby's friends (hopefully) for real, this pilot of the Lor Starcutter had a mysterious backstory, but the fact that he attempted to dominate the whole universe makes him a target of the all-conquering Star Horde, Magolor had grown more remorseful and now joins Kirby to stop those freaks!

Unlocked by default.

KSA King Dedede artwork
King Dedede
The self-proclaimed king of Dream Land, and also often mistaken for a villain does to his actions and how Kirby reacted to him. He did nothing harmful this time, as he simply got captured by the Star Horde who stole his troopers of Waddle Dees. He cannot stand it and need to get his army back... even if this means to clubber Kirby who mistook him for an enemy!

Unlocked after completing the tutorial. Fought as a tutorial boss.

KSA Meta Knight artwork
Meta Knight
The mysterious Kirby-shaped knight, known for being Kirby's earliest rival after King Dedede. This sword-man is very accomplished and will show honor before engaging a fight. When the Star Horde had been invaded by the Star Horde and have his Halberd stolen and repainted, he felt overpowered and refuses to surrender, and later he team-up with Kirby and the other heroes, even if this would destroy his own Halberd... again!

Unlocked after completing the tutorial.

Bandanna Dee
The beloved Waddle Dee with his trusty spear! One of the few refugees who escaped the assault of the Giant Stardle Dee, he felt overwhelmed and lost until he sees King Dedede again, who thought that he is controlled by the Star Searchers and whack him, prompting Kirby to fight the greedy king. But Bandanna Dee then understand the situation, and joins Kirby and others to stop the Star Horde.

Unlocked after completing the tutorial.

It's been a long time that she haven't met Kirby! But there is a good reason she comes to help Kirby; Exateno had took over the Ripple Star, her home planet, and took the people who lives in there in hostage as they can't even fight back. But thanks to the her newly gained power, she is able to stand on her own, and her unlimited flight can be an appreciation to get faraway objects just like Magolor.

Unlocked after completing the tutorial.

Waddle Daa
Waddle Daa
She is certainly adorable, but don't let her appearence deceive you; she will never say no to help out King Dedede, but fortunately, since the self-proclaimed King of Dream Land is on Kirby's side, she will not find it as a worry about teaming up with him. Her umbrella works like the Parasol Ability but can also do...some kind of magic like putting her foes into sleep.

Unlocked after beating the Giant Boss of Kiwi Canyon.

Prince Fluff SSB
Prince Fluff
Prince of the Patch Land, who like his lookalike Kirby, love to eat but is smarter is more serious. His attacks are all based off his abilities from Kirby's Epic Yarn, like how the Yarn Ability is for Kirby. Unfortunately, the Patch Land was invaded by Exateno and now that he was rescued by Kirby and allies, he must get it back from that almighty leader of the Star Horde!

Unlocked after beating the Giant Boss of Kiwi Canyon.

Knuckle Joe (Kirby Super Star Ultra)-1-Bonkers KirbyBlade Knight Color
Friends in Japanese and PAL regions
The beloved partners of Kirby, who all joined him in Kirby Super Star! Kirby can summon one with the right Copy Ability and the Helper will follow him. He can summon up to three Helpers (when playing alone) and the other players can even take control of them. Alas, once they run out of HP, they have to run at an enemy with a Copy Ability, or Kirby give them another one, or else they will begone...until the next time.

Only playable when summoned or befriended by Kirby. Fully playable in Guest Quest and other sub-games.

Helper/Friend List

Some enemies have missing images. Any hep will be appreciated.

Acrobadee Spynum Bubbles Waddle doo Beetley Ringle Poppybrojr
Bubblehead2 Clown Acrobot Broomhatter TAC CupieTransparent Sir Kibble KTD Darkin
Chimitori NESP Knuckle Joe (Kirby Super Star Ultra)-1- 162px-Hothead Tedhaun Kirby Bonkers2 Starman Sticker
Chilly KSAS Capsulej2 Leafan KRtDL Coolspook Mightlight Boxy Kirby Simirror
577px-Needlous2 Biospark Tsukikage VividriaKSA ParasolDee Venogoo Smash-Bot
480px-Sparky Plasmawisp Lanzer RockyKirby KSA Driblee Artwork Bugzzy 3D GimN-Stars
KCC Como 2 KSSU Wheelie Wester BirdonKSSU


Image + Name Info
Exateno SI
"Don't you try to intefere with my invasion! I already got your Pop Star, so what are you going to do about it, hmm? You can always try, but unless if you prove yourself to be clever and not just almighty, you might be able to survive against my acolytes."

A no-nonsense, calculating, strategic, voracious self-titled Ultimate King of the Light who will not hold back until he get beaten up. Even then, he's absolutely immortal as the witnesses who remembered him will tell you; knocking him out will only cause him to lose his power for a while.

Although he is too busy searching for a certain nemesis to actively chasing Kirby and co., he did send a telepathy version of himself to warn Kirby to not intercept his conquest, and send his biggest and strongest acolytes to put a stop of the pink puffball. Its only when the heroes get into his way that Exateno decided that he had to get his hands dirty.

In fact, he is so tremendously powerful that no dark forces dared to come face to face with him, and no one were able to resist his invasion! It might had something to do with the EX Energy, some of which landed on Pop Star thanks to Magolor's incident, but Kirby and his allies had to gather all of the eight Light Orbs in order to properly deal with this big bad space dragon...

Umbre Doo
Character and art by TheFoxyRiolu (tbc)
"...Idiots. Do you think you could stop me collecting those Dark Orbs? I already had collected two of those, and you will not prevent me to revive the master of the darkest matters! It is fate that it will happen!"

It is unknown if it is the same Umbre Doo that Bandanna Waddle Dee had dealt with before or if it is a copy made by a familiar dark force, but one thing for sure, he's searching for the eight Dark Orbs with a very selfish intent to fusion with a certain "dark someone" to dominate the whole Dark Matter. In fact, rumors said that the Dark Matter were about to show up... before quickly hiding from the fearsome Exateno.

Umbre Doo feels no fear, only absolute negative emotions. This causes him to be overdramatic, but this will not stop him trying to install traps in an attempt to kill Kirby and allies, or to directly assault him with dark bombs. While he is not afraid of the Star Beasts, he certainly hates when his eye is exposed to strong light, which means troubles for him shall he get near bright zones, and flees quicker when attacked with light-based attacks, especially from the Light Ability.

Grand Mam
Placeholder image
Grand Mam
"Kirby! Next time we met, I will break you apart, in the name of his Great Lightness! Well, if I can jump out of this pitfall..."

Although she was used to work alone, Grand Mam is recruited by Exateno does to her nearly unbreakable armor, enormous strength and powerful maces (she is not using the exploding boulders anymore!). She chases Kirby and friends in one or two stages in almost every worlds, with the exception of Execrable Star and X-Star.

Because of her armor, none of the normal attacks were able to hurt her, and even solid steel blocks cannot withstand her own strength and maces! Instead, Kirby had to bring her into an obstacle which will greatly slow her down or even knock her out for a while, or in three confrontations, either tricking her into hitting an exploding obstacle, or when Kirby is being used, using a Giant Ability.

"...F-Francisca? The-The Ice General? I've heard about her by passerby... B-but you should know that you named the wrong lady."

Tomelle is not from this universe... she seems to be from "a magical story book" for a solo mission, as her two acolytes are too busy as those two are preparing for an invasion in their own world. She is only met in Helpers to Heroes as the secondary antagonist, as Grand Mam and Umbre Doo are relocated to be only one-world bosses.

Other than being faced three times, she also indirectly attacks the players in hope to capture them and bring them as prisoners. In fact, she is responsible to put multiple Helpers into cages, and the player Helpers must free them to earn Bonus Stars.

Game Modes

There are seven main modes, which most of them need to be unlocked first.


Unlocked at the start.

The main mode of the game, where Kirby and his companions must face the mighty Star Horde to stop them from getting the Pop Star. It had the same gameplay of other Kirby 3D platforming games but in order to reach the goal, you must complete a simple objective first, should it be to find a key, defeat a specefic enemy, or find the required Element Crystal. Like in Kirby: Triple Deluxe, the player have to collect the spefefic amount of Element Crystal before being able to face the last stage with the boss, or in this case, the Giant Boss. In the second world and as of the fifth world, the Giant Boss is also assisted by one or two regular bosses but the Powerful Abilities and the Robobot Armor becomes much easier to obtain.

It consist of ten environment-themed worlds with one extra world where you face Exateno in his Giant Size at the end once you collected all Element Crystals. You will complete them in a linear order, but the stages themselves are more closer to sandbox instand of linear-style. Bosses in bold are Giant Bosses, and almost every bosses seems to be brainwashed by the main antagonist, Exateno.

World Name Common Theme and Description Bosses
Waffle Woods Plains. Easy and simple objectives and have instructions to help new players to learn the basics.
  • Crazy Woods
  • Megagzzy
Ice-Cream Icebergs Arctic. The floor tend to be slippery more often, with freezing bosses coming for you.
  • Iceberg Tank
  • Snow Titans and Snow Titan Leader Waveos
  • Umbre Doo Battle 1
Chocolate Castles Castle. The place tend to be dark, and the Light Ability will always illuminate these places, and the Chocolate Castles have castle themed bosses.
  • Lanterchief
  • Gourmet Dragon
Kiwi Canyons Canyon. Frequently have bottomless pits and falling rocks. This world have varied bosses.
  • Moley & Mrs. Moley
  • Eagle Slash
Eggplant Electricity Full of electronic gimmicks, each being either helpful or dangerous. Have the most bosses aside of the final world, making this a wake-up call world!
  • Gigugg
  • Metal General & Heavy Lobster MK. 2
  • Grand Mam
Durian Desert Deserts. Quicksands and traps are more common. Fiery and desert-themed bosses are more common.
  • Lady Roses
  • Mr. Dooter & Mr. Groswis
Spinach Sardis Ruins. Rather calm, but infested with strong enemies. Various bosses are waiting for you.
  • Gladiator Mega Titan
  • Mr. Shine, Mr. Bright & Mr. Flash
Turnip Trails Various, although for some reasons, most enemies are larger (not to the point to be classed as Giants).
  • Conductor Paint Roller
  • Umbre Doo Battle 2
  • Star EXpress
Apricot Air Over the coulds. The amount of bottomless pits is very frequent, so watch your steps..
  • Blizzard Kracko
  • Adeleine & 3D Monster
Rice Resort Beaches. Expect a lot of water areas and aquatic bosses, as well as torrents.
  • Acro-Bat
  • Aqua Kraken
  • Aqua Grand Mam
Execrable Star Stormy areas. Meteorites, volcano eruptions and thunderstorms are very common in this star.
  • Umbre Doo Battle 3
  • Exateno
  • Omega 0
X-Star Planetary. It contain various obstacles from all previous themes, as it is the truly central planet of the Star Horde.
  • Grand Mam's Revenge
  • Copycat Crystal
  • True Exateno
  • Exa-Starcutter

Helpers to Heroes

Unlocked after completing the tenth world in Adventure.

The story take place after the Adventure. In the Ripple Star, a ceremony in the castle had taken place in honor the heroes who liberate the fairy people of this star. Kirby and Magolor had shaken their hand, right before a vortex had opened from the ceiling. A familiar yet furious roar is heard right before Exateno's eyes brighten up and then the leader of the Star Horde proceed to single-handedly defeat and capture the eight heroes. He then proceed to capture all of the people of Ripple Star again.

When he returns in the X-Star, he seals the heroes in a huge crystals like how Galacta Knight got sealed away, and after showing an evil grin, proceeds to laugh in a sinister way.

When he announces his victory with his telepathy that he and his army are victorious to the captured planets and Pop Star, the Helpers in the latter star are upset and upon agreement, and led by Knuckle Joe and Bonkers, as well as the help of the abandoned Lor Starcutter, they start to deliver a counterattack to save Kirby and the others, as well as taking on the cruel leader once again.

Upon defeating Omega 02 and reaching the X-Star, Exateno cannot believe his sight, and decide to unleash a last resort; breaking the heroes out of the crystals and brainwash them into his soldiers.

After the credits, Magolor had continued to study about a mysterious book, and Taranza, who pays a visit with Kirby, becomes somewhat intrigued by the book.

There are multiple differences between the original Adventure and this sub-game as seem on this table.

Helpers to Heroes
The players can use Kirby, Magolor, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Bandanna Dee and Ribbon as playable characters, while the Helpers must be summoned by Kirby with respective Copy Abilities.
The playable six are not available in this mode, however all Helpers are fully playable. The players can also change the Helpers at any time except of during cutscenes and Warp Star transportation.
The Giant Abilities are exclusive to Kirby.
Because of Kirby's absence, the Giant Abilities cannot be used.
The bosses are named normally (except of Galacta Knight who is named Galacta Knight's Revenge), with the same color like they do in their previous appearences.
The bosses have a slightly different name (example Frozen Crazy Wood), which may refers the Star Horde itself, their color schemes and body parts are altered and are now looking more aggressive, as well as using a completely different element.
There is usually one mid-boss at a time.
There is always two mid-bosses at a time. Just like Bosses in Helpers to Heroes, the mid-bosses will have alternative colors and looks more aggressive (especially to give distinctions from Mid-Bosses who are Helpers) and have a Star prefix on their name.
Omega 0 take a shape of the original Zero in this game.
Omega 0 is called Omega 02 does to his bigger resemblance of Zero Two himself.
There is no bosses exclusive for Adventure Mode.
There are one extra boss before you fight Star Exateno; Trimage, which is a fusion of the Jambastion Mages.
The Final Boss is Giant Exateno.
The Final Boss is Star Giant Exateno, but after that, he uses slightly larger brainwashed heroes that the Helpers had to snap them out of the brainwash.

Worlds and Bosses

World Name Bosses
Wacky Woods
  • Frozen Crazy Woods
  • Toxic Megagzzy
Ice-Cream Icebergs
  • Metal Iceberg Tank
  • Splash Titans and Splash Titan Leader Waveos
Chocolate Castles
  • Shadow Lanterchief
  • Water General Tomelle
  • Sword Gourmet Dragon
Kiwi Canyons
  • Hammer Moley & Bomb Mrs. Moley
  • Thunder Eagle Slash
Eggplant Electricity
  • Mirrored Gigugg
  • Lava General & Heavy Maces Lobster MK. 2
Durian Desert
  • Lady Shiny Roses
  • Mr. ESP Dooter & Mr. Beetle Groswis
Spinach Sardis
  • Beaming Mega Titan
  • Mr. Fire Shine, Mr. Ice Bright & Mr. Light Flash
  • Tomelle, Bringer of Drenching Death
Turnip Trails
  • Conductor Stone Roller
  • Exateno EXpress
Apricot Air
  • Darkcloud Kracko
  • Cutter Adeleine & Mixed 3D Monster
Rice Resort
  • Staff Acro-Bat
  • Spear Aqua Kraken
Execrable Star
  • Rainbow Magman
  • Staff Umbre Doo
  • Omega 02
  • Grand Mam's Suplex Revenge
  • Tomelle's Revenge
  • Trimage
  • Star Exateno
  • Brainwashed Heroes


These are side games of the game. They provide the same gameplay but have different goal.

The Arena

Unlocked after defeating all bosses in Adventure and Kirby Wars.

This sub-game works the same like in the previous Kirby games, but because the game contain even more bosses than even Kirby Super Star Ultra, it only give out fifteen bosses instand of all of them, but the final two are certainly Omega Zero and then Giant Exateno. Other than that, the boss order is random.

The player 1 can only start as Kirby, but once beaten it the first time, the player 1 can choose any other character in this mode and the True Arena as below.

Completing the mode for the first time will unlock the True Arena, with a few new surprise bosses and all bosses are from the Helper to Heroes mode.

There is the Final Four (Fatal Five if any of the Ultimate Choice's higher difficulty as of Scary Massiveness had been completed), which is always confronted in specific order as the last five opponents, with one of them are exclusive to the True Arena, in the form of Exateno's strongest form, Infinite Exateno.

  • Omega 02
  • Grand Mam's Revenge EX
  • Exa-Susie
  • Star Exateno
  • Infinite Exateno

The Ultimate Choice

Unlocked after The Arena is beaten for the first time.

Unlike The Arena and The True Arena, the player can decide how many bosses they can face, from very few for fewer Waddle Dee Medals, to everyone of them for a massive amount of Waddle Dee Medals. The players can also choose any of the playable characters, be it Kirby, a Dream Friend or a Helper.

New to this mode is the Quick Save, allowing the player(s) to rest in-between the rounds. This is to compensate the potentially huge number of bosses the player will have to face.

The bosses are also in completely random order, the exception being Exateno, who is always faced last in Big Problem and higher difficulty, or otherwise will not be faced at all. The Scary Massiveness put the bosses into the EX counterpart.

Unlike the previous incarnation of the Ultimate Choice modes, this time when the player progress, the bosses will have enemies alongside for reinforcement, with Exateno being able to summon more enemies than he usually do. This is to make this mode more distant from the Arena and the True Arena modes.

As of the update of 30th March 2023, Susie, and then her second phase Exa-Susie, is added as the true final boss as of the Scary Massiveness or higher difficulty, to address the lack of surprise boss the Ultimate Choice of this game originally had. She is faced after Exateno. This update also adds the Mountainous Insanity and Universal Marathon difficulties, both harder than the Scary Massiveness.

Level Name Number of Bosses Waddle Dee Medals Rewarded
Tiniest Beginning Four bosses 100
Smaller Chance Six bosses 300
Small Roughness Seven bosses 500
Average Issue Eight bosses 700
Big Problem Nine bosses 950
Bigger Dismay Ten bosses 1250
Huge Trouble Twelve bosses 1500
Scary Massiveness Fifteen bosses 2000
Mountainous Insanity Twenty bosses 3000
Universal Marathon Every bosses in EX mode 5000

Challenge Tower



Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!/Abilities

Enemy List

Kirby & Magolor: Huge Trouble!/Enemy List





  • Exotoro for the Exateno (Giant) art lines.
  • Shadow Inferno for the upgraded Exateno art.
  • Snickedge for the prototype title.


  • This is the first game where all powerful Abilities returns in one time, including the five Super Abilities, the Hypernova and the Robobot Armor.
  • Like in certain previous Kirby games, the order of the first letter of each worlds makes "WICKEDSTAREX", which intended to means Wicked Star and with the E and X, Wicked Star EX.
  • After the end of Attack of the Souls, an old and mysterious book with images of people that resembles of various Kirby characters was seen before it closes up in front of Magolor, who is fascinated by the book and put up a research around it, which may suggest that the game would have a sequel.