Kirby: Treasure of the Cosmic Ocean
Kirby Treasure of the Cosmic Ocean Logo
The Game's Logo
Developer(s) Darklight Studios 3
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC G rating
Genre(s) 2.5D Platforming, Action-Adventure
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby Hero of Dreamland
Kirby: Treasure of the Cosmic Ocean is an upcoming 2.5D Action Adventure Platforming Game for the Visus Sphere. It is the next game in the Kirby series and the fourth one developed by Darklight Studios. It once again follows the Pink Puffball known as Kirby as he searches for what he believes is a giant Eclair in Space but is with in fact the fabled, Treasure of the Cosmic Ocean.


While snooping around King Dedede's Castle, Kirby, searching for food finds a dusty old map, opening the map he finds that it shows a chart leading from Pop Star to a mysterious giant object which Kirby thinks is an Eclair however a lot of the chart if missing only indicating a Planet Kirby can go to. So the little pink puffball goes to King Dedede and shows him the map, King Dedede realizes the map indicates treasure but realizing Kirby's expression figures he doesn't know what it actually is and convinces Kirby that he'll help Kirby get to the Eclair but Kirby will need to acquire the pieces of the Dedede Cruiser from across Pop Star first.

Kirby elated by the news immediately sets out to find the pieces while King Dedede chuckles thinking about how he'll be able to buy all of Pop Star, however in the background we can see Meta Knight watching on quickly running off to plan something.


Functioning identically to its predecessors, Kirby: Treasure of the Cosmic Ocean has the player controlling Kirby as he progresses through levels to complete the various tasks; obtaining the parts for the Dedede Cruise, finding the lost map pieces as well as collecting the mysterious Space Doubloons. Along the way Kirby will encounter a variety of enemies that will try to halt Kirby's progress although the little hero can easily overcome most of them.

Kirby once again retains his classic abilities of running, jumping, floating and slide kicking as well as his standard ability to blow bubbles underwater to protect himself. Of course he can also inhale enemies and depending on the enemy can gain a variety of abilities to aid Kirby in his quest. Along the way Kirby will be able to collect rare items to achieve the 100% completiong as well as unlock Boss Stages. 

Unlike previous Kirby Games, Bosses now control multiple levels meaning that Kirby will have to reach the end of each level to unlock the Boss' Stage.


Character Name Description
Kirby The little pink puffball whom, time and time again has bested the odds defeating foes not only incredibly evil but also incredibly powerful. Kirby is gifted with the ability to steal enemies' abilities and use them against said enemies effectively making him capable of dishing incredible and unpredictable forms of damage. Although this little hero has a heart of gold that has kept him steered in the right direction to protect the home and friends he's gathered over the years.
King Dedede The greedy self-imposed King of Dreamland, King Dedede wishes for two things in this world; control and food. Standing by this penguin in pajamas is his loyal army of Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos who will protect their at times lazy king at any cost. Although he can be mischievous and even cruel at times he does mean well and usually won't put his friends in danger.
Meta Knight This mysterious master swordsman has trained and protected King Dedede over the years although not always seeing eye to eye with the Penguin King, Meta Knight is very reclusive often spending more time preparing his mighty Halberd for battle than actually adventuring. Meta Knight is known for having a strikingly similar appearance to Kirby when his mask is removed possibly hinting at his relation to Kirby.
Captain Estralla Captain of the S.S. Nebula, Captain Estralla is a powerful force to be reckoned with wielding a powerful hook and able to teleport as well as create distortions and summon powerful jets of water, she has her loyal crew standing to protect the massive pile of loot that they guard in the mysterious Cosmic Ocean.
First Mate Calabozo The first mate on the S.S. Nebula, Calabozo is a hubris, yet loyal companion of Captain Estralla always standing by her side to protect the treasure and crew that she'd raised. Calabozo is one of the most powerful members of the S.S. Nebula's crew and is capable of warping the very fabric of space to his advantage in battle.
Haley A young, exiled member of the S.S. Nebula's crew, Haley saught revenge on her captain and the rest of the crew when they abandoned her on the cold planet of Congelar with only a scrap of the map leading ot the fabled treasure that she clutched onto with her life. Haley desires to help Kirby, King Dedede and the rest in recovering the treasure of the Cosmic Ocean as revenge for her banishment.


Level Boss New Ability



Tempered Tower

Rainwater River

Pop Star


The Water Carrier

Storm Ability Star




Escapade Elevation

Avalanche Acres

Snowy Stronghold



The Freezing Serpent

Yeti Ability Star




Utopian Underland

Raging Ravages

Exothermic Enclave



The Flaming Totem God

Demon Ability Star




Orbital Orbs

Feverish Flight

Thunderous Torrent



The Undead Genius

Spirit Ability Star




Hazardous Hills

Evil Estate

Caustic Crossroads



The Chemical Monstrosity

Hydra Ability Star




Ornate Observatory

Slate Sands

Marble Mountain



The Mineral Eater

Carbon Ability Star




Isosphere Index

Computer Catchment

Oracle Office



The Synthetic Assassin

Cyborg Ability Star





Cavernous Cabins

Eastern Etchplain

Armoured Abyss

Nautic Nebula

Cosmic Ocean

Captain Estralla

The Queen of the Abyss

Pirate Ability Star



Mid-Boss Ability
Bonkers Pop Star Hammer
Mini Whispy Pop Star Leaf
Gigant Edge Pop Star Sword
Kibble Blade Pop Star Cutter
Quetzal Pop Star Magic
Crystail Congelar Ice
Frostybeard Congelar Anchor
Walzeye Congelar Aurora
Refraction Dancer Congelar Mirror
Spinnertinner Congelar Parasol
Burndapendepede Calor Fire
Aligrey Calor Asteroid
Batafire Calor Bat
Rebeammi Calor Beam
Ashfaller Calor Phoenix
Cadanan Trueno Beetle
Beastmaster Trueno Circus
Lifilii Trueno Shadow
Aracafre Trueno Spider
Thembale Trueno Vampire
Gobbload Veneno Poison
Horndillino Veneno Chameleon
Venusalasa Veneno Flower
Scyalmal Veneno Mantis
Seeareak Veneno Monkey
Caliblast Roca Stone
Rambino Roca Bull
Caladoa Roca Carbon
Ventavalla Roca Lava
Grumblerock Roca Terra
Snipeye Maquina Cyborg
Dr. Fix-Em Maquina Doctor
Derobous Maquina Gravity
Plasmaraid Maquina Neon
Commandoom Maquina Tank
Buckralax Cosmic Ocean Pirate
Dymiona Cosmic Ocean Dragon
Minx & Jinx Cosmic Ocean Gemini
Voliamo Cosmic Ocean Love
Dimbolli Cosmic Ocean Starlight

Story Bosses

Boss Description Abilities in Battle
Lilydish Born from the mysterious swamps on the underside of Pop Star, Lilydish is a giant Plant able to soak in great amounts of water. She can lash out with giant vines and spurt compressed water to blast away any enemies who oppose her. She can also launch mud bombs and fire razor-sharp lily pads.
Ability Star Leaf
Ability Star Water
Chilaconga A powerful serpent that commonly dwells in the underground beneath its frigid home, Chilaconga uses its size and icy powers to crush its enemies. The massive serpent can burrow through solid rock can breathe cold blasts of air of solidify small particles of air to fire as ice crystals, he can also spit an acidic poison which can melt snow within seconds.
Ability Star Ice
Ability Star Stone
Ability Star Poison
Burantem Constructed by an unknown prophetic tribe, Burantem went beserk and destroyed his creators leaving only destruction and wreckage where it appeared. Burantem seems to have multiple heads that bicker in an unknown language and moves about by burrowing underground.
Ability Star Fire
Asteroid Ability Star New
Cotton Ability Star New
Quicksilver Ability Star New
Crassagus Determined to not let death defeat him, Crassagus attached electrical power cells to his body to keep his brain and heart alive even after death. Unfortunately due to a malfunction in the system his mind has become warped and he's mechanically enhanced his body with vicious weapons to fight anyone who enters his fortress.
Ability Star Spark
Buzzsaw Ability Star New
Cyborg Ability Star
Razolix Born from the result of many creatures simultaneously creating an incredibly potent poison, Razolix is a multi-headed, draconic monster able to breathe poison as well as attack with its huge venom seeped claws. The monster is also capable of flight and if given time can charge up a massive blast of toxic gunk.
Ability Star Poison
DragonIcon KDLSS
Relic Ability Star New
Golantis This huge insectoid looking creature uses her razor sharp scythes on her front arms to crush through rock with incredible power and speed. She's capable of attacking any who attempt to defeat her with her scythes or by trying to crush them with her sheer size. She can also spew forth acidic rocks to hit enemies from a distance.
Mantis Ability Star New
Storm Ability Star
Ability Star Cutter
Redabound Redabound was once a famous criminal on her home planet although after being sorely defeated in battle by the authorities she had a change of heart and had them use what was left of her to create a cyborg guard to protect the people from criminals and monsters, however Redabound harboured a hatred towards those that had damned her to this state and eventually rebelled, fleeing and becoming a rouge entity on the planet. She attacks without discrimination or remorse and is as ruthless in power as she is quick and nimble.
Ability Star Ninja
Shadow Ability Star New
Ability Star Bomb
Captain Estralla The esteemed, Royal Captain of the S.S. Nebula, Captain Estralla isn't one to shy away from a fight. With her incredible teleportation Powers and incredible psychic abilities she is able to create copies of herself as well as summon ghostly blades and create spikes out of space itself. In addition she is able to summon a special beam attack which combines Fire, Ice & Spark into one inflicting both massive amounts of damage and unusual and random secondary effects. She is also not one to shy away from physical combat able to shrink down to Kirby's size to deal a beating to the pink puffball if need be.
Starlight Ability Star New
Pirate Ability Star
Ability Star Ice
Ability Star Mirror

Copy Abilities

Copy Ability Description
Anchor Ability Star New
Bringing along this hefty weight, Kirby can sink to the bottom of a body of water and walk around with his handy weapon. The Anchor although one of the slowest weapons is also one of the most powerful with its swing being a OHKO for most enemies and a quick kill for Mid-Bosses, watch out though because with the Anchor Kirby can't fly and his jump is badly reduced.
Ability Star Archer
Become a master of the Bow and Arrow, with the Archer Ability Kirby can fire a barrage of arrows of many varieties to keep his enemies on their toes or keep their heads down. Charging up an Arrow will make it more powerful and even inflict repeated damage, Kirby also becomes a swift dodger with this ability allowing him to elegantly out maneuver his opposition.
Armadillo Ability Star New
Roll up in a danger ball of pain as Kirby rams across the screen at an incredible speed until crashing into a wall. Use the armoured plates as a defense against powerful enemies and even throw the plates in a last ditch effort at the cost of your defenses.
Asteroid Ability Star New
Summon the awesome power of a massive Asteroid, command these fiery balls of rock and metal into the ground causing devastation wherever they land, although be warned as while using this ability Kirby will be left vulnerable to any oncoming attack. Kirby can charge up the attack allowing for an even bigger asteroid to come crashing down or multiple asteroids at once. Kirby can even use the asteroids to bust through blockades and ignite fuses.
Aurora Ability Star New
Using these mystical lights, Kirby can distract his enemies with them while also delivering a cold chill that cuts through the foes with ease. Using the Auroras allows Kirby to attack many opponents at once and also gives Kirby access to some freezing attacks.
Bat Ability Star New
Given the wings of a bat Kirby can take flight and pierce fear into his enemies, Kirby's feet change into large claws allowing him to swoop down on any enemy and strike a massive hit. In addition Kirby can soar into the mysterious caves located around the world to find the mysterious loot at the ends of the caves. Bat Kirby can also use his wings to envelop an enemy causing them to disappear completely if they're small enough.
Ability Star Beam
Given the powers of energy itself Kirby can create a whip of energy to strike his enemies, although not the fastest attack the Beam is reliable due to its combination of close combat and ranged attacks. Charging the Beam allows Kirby to send a giant ball of energy at a target dealing a great deal of damage. Kirby can even use Beam to kick start an energy circuit as well as pull off many other dazzling tricks.
Ability Star Bell
Ring-a-Ding-ding, who's that at the door? It's Kirby with his Bell Copy Ability. Using the Bells Kirby can generate Sound Blasts to stun and damage his enemies as well as blast through weakened walls. Kirby can also create Energy Bells to fly around the room to hit airborne enemies and also charge up his Ringing attack to create a blast all around him that deals massive damage.
Ability Star Beetle
With the Beetle Ability, Kirby gains a mighty horn which he can use to grab an enemy and throw them around like it was another arm. Kirby can also fly a bit faster thanks to his wings and also perform a variety of dive attacks to crush his foes. Not only that but Beetle Kirby can bust through Wooden Blockades with ease.
Ability Star Bomb
Boom! Boom! Blast any enemy away with the powerful Bomb Ability. With it Kirby can throw Bombs at any enemy that dares get in his way. Kirby can hold Bombs to make them explode earlier or change his trajectory in addition Kirby can roll Bombs along the ground for a more accurate attack and can even throw many mini-bombs while airborne.
Bull Ability Star New
Charge like a mad bull as Kirby rams and grabs enemies with his massive horns. Kirby can let off a blast of steam in his rage pushing enemies away no matter how big they are. Kirby is also able to use his horns to launch enemies skyward giving him a clear path ahead, watch out though because Kirby will lose control of himself once he starts charging.
Buzzsaw Ability Star New
Harness these sharp blades and their sharper edges as you cut through your enemies in record time, Buzzsaw allows Kirby to not only quickly defeat his enemies but also cuts through logs and trees allowing Kirby access to secret areas. Launching a Buzzsaw into the ground causes it to ram along the ground until it hits an enemy or goes off the screen, careful though because the buzzsaws are dangerous even to Kirby.
Cactus Ability Star New
Conquer any desert thirst with the Cactus Ability. As Cactus Kirby our Pink hero is able to attack with his spiky arms or unleash a torrent of Cactus Juice to wash away hills of sand. Not only that but Cactus Kirby can also throw deadly and razor sharp Flowers that can cut through ropes and enemies with ease. Cactus Kirby can also regain health from Cactuses found across the world.
Carbon Ability Star
Become as tough as Carbon and crush your enemies with your carbon fists or knock them out with your Diamond Breath. Carbon Kirby is able to roll up into a ball and rather quickly crush enemies in front of him, in addition Kirby can create giant Carbon Fists to slam into the ground releasing shockwaves and lastly Kirby can breathe a painful dust of diamonds to defeat his enemies.
Chameleon Ability Star New
Using the unique abilities of a Chameleon Kirby can lash out at his enemies with a long sticky tongue smashing them into the ground or eating them whole. In addition Kirby is able to stick to walls as long as they're not slippery and can even turn invisible to sneak past security systems.
Circus Ability Star New
Become a master of the Circus as Kirby leaps through Flaming Hoops, juggles a variety of weird and wonderful objects as well as creating Balloons to dazzle and then destroy his enemies. Kirby can use the various fire-based abilities of Circus to burn ropes, ice and leaf piles to reveal secrets. Kirby can also bounce on a ball to trick his enemies into thinking he's friendly.
Cotton Ability Star New
Be as light as a piece of cotton, wait Kirby's already that light? Well watch out because Kirby's Cotton ability allows him to fly even faster than before, when Kirby's got the Cotton Ability he can release a cloud of cotton to ensnare his enemies and hurt them badly. In addition Kirby can morph his arms in this form into string-thin whips to lash at his enemies to keep them away. Kirby can even slip through tiny cracks in walls and locks on doors to reach secret treasure.
Crab Ability Star New
Snap, snap, Kirby's got the Crab Ability so watch out baddies. Kirby's pair of Pincers will make quick work of any enemy caught in their grip, Kirby can crush his foes in his grip or fire them like a bullet with a pressurized blast. Kirby can even temporarily discard his claws to hurt enemies from afar.
Ability Star Crash
The biggest boom of all, the Crash Ability although a one-use Ability allows Kirby to perform a massive screen nuke capable of destroying any normal enemy and heavily damaging any mid-boss or boss. If charged fully the attack can become super powerful!
Crown Ability Star New
The king arrives, it seems that a pack of Waddle Dees have mistaken Crown Kirby as King Dedede and are now carrying him through the stage, these Waddle Dees will sacrifice themselves to help Kirby through the stage crossing over large gaps and dangerous spikes. In the mean time Kirby can summon Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos, Bronto Burts & Blade Knights to attack oncoming enemies to protect his pack.
Ability Star Cutter
Chop through the competition with the Cutter Ability. Kirby's special hat is able to launch a razor-shard boomerang like object that can hit multiple enemies and is always reliable in returning. Kirby can charge up his Cutter to deal extra damage and if attacking in close range can perform the Final Cutter to destroy most enemies. Kirby can use the Cutter ability to break through ropes and even Stone.
Cyborg Ability Star
Kirby gains some extra defense thanks to his cybernetic implants in Cyborg Kirby. In this form Kirby can fire lasers and release small bomb snakes that run along the floor and explode with enemies. Kirby can also release a Digital Close Range Explosive to temporarily paralyze robotic/non-living enemies and kill living enemies.
Demon Ability Star
Insight the vicious evils that lurk within Kirby himself with Demon Kirby. As Demon Kirby, Kirby utilizes his rage and gluttony to destroy his foes with a pair of crooked horns charging into them as well as performing spiral dives. In addition Kirby can fire off small blasts of fire that travel a short distance and can also perform a whip attack with his tail.
Disguise Ability Star New
Trick your enemies with the Disguise Ability. While disguised Kirby is able to sneak past any enemy and even completely avoid ranged attacks as long as he doesn't start flying, inhaling or accidentally run into any enemy. Kirby can throw away his disguise however using it as a weapon and also sneak attack any unsuspecting enemies.
Doctor Ability Star New
The Doctor is in, watch out as Kirby's playing with medicine now. Kirby's Doctor Ability aside from giving Kirby a handy lab coat allows Kirby to throw giant pills to crush his foes as well as allow him to create a variety of concoctions through mixing chemicals and throw them about like bombs, the concoctions effects depend on its colour, fire for red, ice for blue, electric for yellow, sleepy for purple and explosive for green.
DragonIcon KDLSS
Roar! The fiercest Kirby there is, Dragon Kirby has the strength of 10 Kirbies in one able to lift heavy boulders and breathe dangerous fire. Kirby can melt Ice and burn his enemies to a crisp. In addition Kirby's Draconic Wings allow him to fly through compact spaces to reach secret areas as well as increase his overall flying speed. Dragon Kirby can also let out a powerful roar to scare away small enemies and use his flame breath to melt ice, burn wood and light fuses.
Drum Ability Star New
Drum to the beat with Kirby as he uses music to overpower his foes. As Kirby moves along the stage use the Attack button to perform a drum beat, attacking on the beat of the music deals extra damage and repeating so will generate massive sound waves. Kirby can also use the Drum Ability to open secret doors protected by Musical Locks.
Ability Star Fighting
Punch! Kick! Strike! Kirby's Fighter ability allows our pink friend to become a fighting champ like no other, unleash a flurry of kicks and punches to overwhelm your enemies in quick and powerful fashion. Kirby can also use Fighter to destroy many obstacles including metal plates, wooden blocks and giant boulders.
Ability Star Fire
Burn, Burn, Burn! When Kirby has the Fire Ability his enemies are as good as toast because Kirby will ignite them with his fiery breath. In addition Kirby can set himself on Fire to create a Fire barrier to protect him from physical attacks. In addition Fire Kirby can launch himself through the air like a fireball to blast through multiple enemies at once. Finally Kirby can melt ice, metal and wood and ignite fuses to find the various secrets that lie beyond.
Flower Ability Star New
He may look harmless but Flower Kirby is one mean fighter, with a variety of attacks Kirby becomes an unsuspecting war machine with the Flower Ability, able to unleash the petals on his head like mini-cutters to deal quick and painful damage Kirby can also spread a deadly powder with random effects, purple will poison, yellow will paralyze, green will put enemies to sleep and black will explode on impact. Kirby can even engulf a small enemy if they're close enough, into the flower and shoot the enemy out as an explosive later.
Gemini Ability Star New
Are we seeing double? No it's Gemini Kirby, when under this ability Kirby splits in two becoming smaller individually although incredibly powerful. The two Kirby's can run in different opposite directions when commanded and can create a dangerous laser beam between their bodies to destroy enemies in between them. Individually each Kirby can also shoot laser beams from their body to damage enemies or generate an electric field around themselves to damage enemies.
Ghost Ability Star New
Ooh, spooky. Kirby can get the drop on his enemies with the Ghost Ability, although not as powerful as it was in older games Ghost can be used in any stage and allows Kirby full movement. Kirby's ghostly form allows him to become Intangible for a brief period of time. Kirby can also shoot ominous orbs of darkness that will explode on impact with an enemy causing damage. Kirby can even pull off a scary face to make his enemies run in fear, watch out though because big enemies aren't afraid of a little ghost. Kirby can also use his ability to slip through any doorway regardless of whether it's locked or not although cursed doors will destroy Kirby's Ghost Ability if he tries to go through them.
Gold Ability Star New
Gold, gold, gold! That's the name of this ability and with it Kirby becomes a heavy fighter, able to crush his enemies by simply landing on them. Kirby can also shoot blobs of gold to solidify his enemies in an encasement and use them as weights in physics puzzles. Kirby weighs twice as much as well so watch out as he falls even faster than before.
Gravity Ability Star New
Warp Gravity with this powerful Ability as Kirby flips himself and enemies upside down with this mysterious power. Kirby can use this ability to move the heaviest objects out of the way or send his enemies flying into hazards. Kirby can even use this ability to change the way he progresses through a stage, watch out though because if there's no ceiling Kirby will fly to his doom.
Ability Star Hammer
Knock your enemies away with this mighty wooden hammer, borrowed from King Dedede himself, Kirby can use the Hammer Ability to whack his enemies, spin into his enemies and even launch his enemies skywards with this devestating weapon. Kirby can even ignite fuses with the hammer when need be.
Hydra Ability Star
Kirby becomes the seemingly endless and multi-headed draconic creature, Hydra Kirby. In this form every hit Kirby takes gives him a new head (up to 8) which are reduced when healing. With these heads Kirby can chomp at his enemies or breathe fire as well as create a draconic flame around himself and charge into enemies.
Ability Star Ice
Become the cold breeze as Kirby freezes his foes solid with his deadly Ice breath. Kirby can also put out fires and freeze water with this cold to the bone ability. Kirby can also concentrate his freezing breath to create Ice Cubes out of his enemies to use as platforms or weights. Kirby also glides along the ground faster than ever thanks to his icy movement.
Lance Ability Star New
Strike with the powerful lance as you puncture enemies and send them flying with the Lance Ability. Lance is able to not only stab enemies with its long range attacks but also be used to thrust them into the air to hit other enemies. Lance can even be used as a drill thanks to its shape to break through boulders and special earth as well as unscrew giant screws to find secrets and treasure.
Lava Ability Star New
Burst with dangerous molten rock as Kirby spews forth fire and earth to burn and solidify his enemies in their place. Kirby can release a flow of lava to not only damage enemies but temporarily keep them stuck in place, he can also shoot a jet of fire for a long range attack and a cloud of smoke and ash to disorientate his enemies. Lava Kirby is able to burn through anything Fire Kirby can although trying to melt boulders can injure Kirby.
Ability Star Leaf
Strike with these razor sharp leaves as Kirby cuts through his enemies showing that the plant is more powerful. Kirby can release a whip of leaves into the air or surround himself in a tornado of leaves to protect himself from physical attacks. Kirby can even hide in shrubs to protect himself from almost any damage, these sharp leaves can even cut through rope, ice and metal alike.
Love Ability Star New
Show a little love to your enemies and grace them by sending them on their way. The Love ability allows Kirby to attach small wings to the lighter enemies to send them flying high, in addition for those heavier enemies Kirby can blow sweet kisses which can either damage the enemy or be charged to cause the enemy to follow Kirby's orders.
Magic Ability Star New
With a wave of his wand Kirby can cast a variety of spells to destroy his enemies, although unpredictable, Kirby can create fireballs, ice arrows, spark bombs & poison clouds with a whip of his wand to knock away the baddies. Kirby can also use his magic wand for transformation spells although theses spells are just as unpredictable, sometimes turning enemies into food or other enemies and sometimes just making them explode. The Magic Ability is a bit of a gamble when you're trying to get something specific.
Mantis Ability Star New
Slice and dice with the Mantis Ability as Kirby flies through stages and hops about crushing enemies underneath his mighty legs. Kirby brings a pair of scythe-like claws to the table to chop his enemies, rope and wood to pieces. Kirby can also use this ability to slightly recover health from defeated enemies.
Ability Star Mike
Blast your enemies away with the power of noise as Kirby yells into a microphone. Using the Mike Ability Kirby can perform three consecutively more powerful attacks the last of which performs a powerful screen nuke. Although it has a limited use Kirby can devastate his enemies with the powerful Mike Ability.
Ability Star Mirror
Give those baddies a taste of their own medicine with the Mirror ability. Using Mirror Kirby can reflect a projectile right back from where it came although Mirror can only be used in a short distance it can also be used offensively to smother enemies with its mysterious magical abilities. Kirby can use Mirror to reflect light as well to complete a variety of puzzles.
Monkey Ability Star New
Swing around like an ape as Kirby beats his foes with quick and painful punches, kicks and tail slaps. Kirby is able to jump from enemy to enemy for quick beat downs and can perform a variety of moves he may have learnt from a certain ape. Kirby can use his surprising strength in this Copy Ability to lift heavy objects about like it's no challenge.
Moon Ability Star New
Using the power of the moon, Kirby can summon shooting stars to orbit around him to use as projectiles or shields. Kirby can also release a Lunar Beam which while ineffective against certain enemies can destroy most. The Moon Ability can also create darkness allowing Kirby to solve some of the more complex light puzzles of the game.
Mummy Ability Star New
Wrap your enemies up and trap them in sarcophagus as Mummy Kirby. In this form although Kirby is susceptible to being burnt he can wrap most enemies up and use them as objects and platforms while he can also lay traps beneath the ground that can either engulf a small enemy or curse an enemy.
Ability Star Needle
Be careful baddies, when Kirby has the needle ability he'll become as prickly as a porcupine. While Kirby has this ability he can extend his needles out to allow him to attack enemies at very close range or stick to walls to evade attacks and his airborne enemies. Kirby can also suck in his needle allowing him to shoot them out in the eight main direction hitting any enemy from afar. Kirby can also dive bomb with Needle allowing him to generate a giant needle spike to hurt enemies. Kirby can also use Needle to undo the screws that hold secrets and treasures behind them.
Neon Ability Star New
While a stage bound ability, Neon gives Kirby incredible powers thanks to its unique capabilities. With Neon, Kirby is able to jump from one area to another via electrical wires which would normally hurt our pink hero when he uses other abilities. In addition Kirby can fire a blast of energy that can send an enemy flying or charge the blast to slow it down but allow Kirby to control its direction remotely.
Ability Star Ninja
Sneak around like an assassin with Ninja Kirby, throw ninja stars to quickly destroy your foes or pull off a variety of amazing stunts to disorientate your enemies and knock out multiple enemies at once. Kirby can also throw smoke bombs to temporarily stun his enemies to perform a quick strike and the ninja stars are sharp enough to cut through wood and rope alike.
Oil Ability Star New
Slick as well, Oil, with this ability Kirby can spray a jet of Oil to blind his enemies and set up traps to injure them. Kirby can even ignite the oil he spews or have it ignited by Fire Enemies. Kirby can use this ability as a substitute for the fuse puzzles or use it to make a fuse burn more quickly. Kirby can also run on water with this ability creating droplets that damage underwater enemies, although his swimming is impaired due to his tendency to float upwards with this ability.
Ability Star Parasol
Float down and grace your enemies with a painful jab from this unsuspecting Parasol. Parasol Kirby floats down much slower allowing for him to allow him to recover from airborne attacks. In addition Parasol Kirby can perform a variety of close range attacks allowing him to flip his enemies over, knock them out and even turn them into projectiles. Parasol Kirby is easily moved by strong gusts of wind which can be used to the player's advantage or disadvantage depending on the stage and Kirby can also use his handy Parasol to solve a few puzzles involving wind.
Peacock Ability Star New
With the grace of a Peacock, Kirby can hypnotize his foes and use mystical abilities to get past any foe. Peacock Kirby can display his bright and colourful array of feathers to scare enemies into running in fear or use it to turn them into mindless puppets. Kirby can also use this ability to whack enemies coming from any direction and does especially well in countering ambushing enemies. Kirby can even use Peacock to fly a bit faster than normal.
Phoenix Ability Star New
Burn your enemies like the mighty fire bird of the skies, as Phoenix Kirby our hero is able to fly through the sky like a pro releasing blasts of Fire to burn his enemies to a crisp. In addition Kirby can peck his enemies on the ground and if very heavily damaged perform a recovery move which although leaving Kirby prone to being killed can fully restore his health without items. Kirby can also use the mighty Phoenix ability to burn Rope and Wood, melt Ice and glide through tricky laser puzzles with ease.
Pirate Ability Star
Become the scourge of the seven seas. Pirate Kirby wields a powerful Cutlass and Blunderbuss which he can use in quick succession. In addition Kirby can flip coins to knock enemies out of the sky. Kirby can also summon small bursts of water to push away enemies.
Ability Star Poison
Watch out as Poison Kirby is toxic to the touch. Using his mighty powers Kirby can surf a small wave of sludge to move along the ground quickly as well as release a blast of sludge from his head to aim at enemies to attack them. In addition Kirby can even blow toxic bubbles that float upwards and burst in the sky creating splashes of toxins. Kirby should beware however as this poison isn't very acidic and won't get past Shields and Armour.
Portal Ability Star New
Through the power of portals Kirby can traverse levels in completely new ways and use his ability to completely dodge enemies and use their own attacks against them. As Portal Kirby, Kirby can create a pair of portals; one pink and one blue that allow projectiles, objects, enemies and Kirby himself to traverse through if they're small enough. These portals can be placed all over a level as long as the portal hits a flat surface like a floor, wall or ceiling not a hill. Kirby can also use the Portal Ability to traverse into the ominous Mirror Zone caused by Kirby placing a portal on a mirror and accessing the world inside.
Quicksilver Ability Star New
With the power of this liquid metal, Kirby can sneak through an area with incredible speed and ease, able to launch globs of Quicksilver at his enemies to hold them in place or shoot a cannon of Quicksilver for a long range attack. Kirby can also place Quicksilver on the ground and meld with it to protect himself from an enemy's attack as long as the Quicksilver doesn't get damaged too badly. Kirby can use this ability to slip through cracks and door locks to access treasures and secrets.
Rainbow Ability Star New
Damage your enemies with every colour of the Rainbow thanks to the Rainbow Ability. With this ability Kirby can release in sequence the seven colours of the rainbow through an energy blast; Red causes burning, Orange deals extra damage, Yellow paralyzes, Green poisons, Blue freezes, Purple puts them to sleep and Pink sends them flying. Kirby can also create temporary platforms of light to stand on in the air by detonating controlled balls of light, as such Kirby is able to use this ability to solve a variety of Light based puzzles to find what's beyond.
Relic Ability Star New
Use the powers of the past and their mystical properties to curse your enemies and use ancient fighting techniques to destroy your enemies. Kirby is able to cast ancient spells that can trap an enemy where they stand or drain their life, Kirby can even use curses to transform his enemies into different enemies. Kirby can use this magic to remove light from a room to solve various puzzles and even destroy fire with it.
Ribbon Ability Star New
Make a dazzling show to distract your enemies and bring them into your trap as Ribbon Kirby. Using the Ribbon Ability Kirby is able to lay out a variety of traps to ensnare or hurt his enemies such as long ribbon chains connected to Kirby allowing him to perform close range attacks or ribbon snares that crush an enemy where they stand. Kirby can also use this ability to make an enemy or projectile change which direction it's moving to make enemies run into pits or projectiles go back to their senders.
Sand Ability Star New
Using the dry heat of Sand, Kirby can cook his enemies alive by blanketing them with thick layers of the tiny rocks. With this ability Kirby is able to create sandstorms to blow his enemies away, crush them with giant Sand Fists and even summon a scarab to distract an enemy temporarily, the Sand Ability can also be used to create weights for Physics Puzzles to be solved.
Serpent Ability Star New
Slide around like a serpent and take down your enemies with your venomous fangs. Serpent Kirby is a tricky fighter, able to constrict his enemies, Kirby can crush them where they stand although some enemies are too big for Kirby to constrict so instead use his deadly venomous bite which while requiring close range can knock out any enemy rather swiftly. In addition thanks to his serpentine form Kirby can move around an area on the ground much faster making him more dangerous to the enemies that try to run.
Shadow Ability Star New
Sneak through the shadows and surprise your enemies with devastating attacks from the darkness. As Shadow Kirby, he is able to meld onto a back wall to avoid attacks and launch a variety of shadowy attacks such as; ball of Shadows, Shadow spike tremor and Shadow rise. Kirby cannot use his meld ability in areas with no back wall and darkened areas.
Ability Star Sleep
Let Kirby take a nap with the Sleep Ability, although serving no real purpose the Sleep Ability will put Kirby to sleep leaving him vulnerable to attacks, unable to move and unable to attack. Kirby can however be woken up quickly by making his snooze bubble burst causing damage to nearby enemies.
Ability Star Spark
Shock your enemies with the Spark Ability as Kirby releases concentrated electricity to stun his foes in place. Kirby can use the Spark ability to release miniature jolts of electricity from his body or run around to generate a force field of electricity which he can fire off as a ball of plasma. It takes timing and precision to use this ability effectively although Kirby can also use it to power circuits and solve certain light puzzles.
Ability Star Spear
Strike swiftly and accurately with the Spear Ability, having watched Bandana Dee's techniques, Kirby has learnt how to attack in close quarters and throw his spear like a Javelin, Kirby can even use the spear like a helicopter whirling it in the air to make him fly and hit enemies in the sky.
Spider Ability Star New
Bite, Climb and spit webs as Spider Kirby. With the Spider Ability Kirby gains a large pair of venomous fangs and a few extra eyes as well as his body's colour changing to reflect his deadly abilities. Kirby can bite his enemies for close range heavy hitting attacks as well as spit small jets of poison to hit enemies from afar or a web of string to entangle an enemy leaving them defenseless to Kirby's onslaught. Kirby can also lay web traps for enemies to walk over and become stuck in. In addition Kirby's hand and feet have now become sticky and can keep Kirby clinging to a wall or ceiling whenever he needs to.
Spirit Ability Star
Kirby unleashes an incredible, untouched power within him as Spirit Kirby. With this Copy Ability Kirby is able to release his inner energy in a burst or via a projectile. He can also charge the attack to deal extra damage or increase the range. In addition Kirby can perform high flips with this ability thanks to his enhanced power.
Starlight Ability Star New
Summon the stars themselves to help Kirby as out Pink Hero uses stars to knock back, defeat and even launch enemies into the night sky. Starlight allows Kirby to shoot a barrage of quick firing and semi-long range stars that can keep enemies at bay, in addition Kirby can summon a hail of stars to knock away enemies nearby and even summon giant stars to launch an enemy into the sky. The light emitted from these stars can be used to solve some light puzzles.
Ability Star Stone
Use your weight against your foes as Kirby becomes a walking Boulder, with this ability Kirby can pull off a variety of attacks to smash his enemies into place. From slamming them with giant stone fists, rolling up as a boulder and crushing them or simply dropping on them like a Stone Anvil, Kirby can overcome his enemies in a variety of ways. Kirby can use his sheer weight in this ability to break through rock and also for a variety of physics puzzles.
Storm Ability Star
With the wicked power of a Thunderstorm on Kirby's side who will be able to stop him. Kirby seems to have learnt this new ability from Kracko as he is able to jet across small spaces by turning into cloud vapor as well as rain on his enemies while in the air and of course Kirby can unleash devestating thunderbolts to electrocute his enemies and charge energy stations. Kirby can even fly a bit faster.
Sun Ability Star New
Using the power of the sun Kirby is followed around by three orbs of light and heat, as Kirby uses them on enemies his headpiece will generate new ones quickly, these orbs explode on impact and do a lot of damage, in addtion they can burn through Metal, Ice and Wood to reveal secrets. Just be careful not to get yourself into a bind with no orbs to fight back.
Ability Star Sword
Slice and dice with the Sword Ability, turn your enemies into mince as Kirby slashes, stabs, uppercuts, down-slashes and pulls of incredibly powerful attacks with the Sword Ability. Possibly one of Kirby's most varied abilities the Sword Ability has a huge pool of moves for Kirby to pull off to gain the upper-hand over his enemies as well as cut rope and chop through wood. Kirby's had a lot of sword fighters to learn from over the years.
Tank Ability Star New
Kirby becomes a walking (well, wheeling) ball of destruction as he can launch missiles, bullets and bombs from the various equipment he carries on his back, the missiles can be controlled once launched and although the ability is stage limited Kirby he can maximize on its potential when it's available.
Terra Ability Star New
Use the Earth itself against your enemies, with this ability Kirby is able to create rock projectiles to launch at his enemies like a Cannon as well as creating rocky walls to protect Kirby from projectiles and also allowing Kirby to flip over the ground itself to crush an enemy, be careful though as the ability is absolutely useless indoors and in the sky. Terra's abilities change depending on where Kirby is, in wet locations Kirby will use Mud-Based attacks instead which can blind his enemies although don't make for very effective walls and take longer to perform the Terra Flip attack, in Deserts Kirby uses Sand instead which literally drowns his enemies with the Terra Flip attack and although it doesn't last as long Kirby's Wall of Earth will completely protect Kirby from any attack. Finally while in the air Kirby will be bring a ring of stones with him to launch while flying to keep him safe.
Tomahawk Ability Star New
Lob these small axes at your enemies to keep them at bay with the Tomahawk Ability. With this ability Kirby can send a rain of Tomahawks to his foes launching them in a variety of ways from a standard lob to a high hit for those aerial enemies to a launched quick throw to slice through multiple enemies at once. Kirby can also use his Tomahawks in close range able to not only disarm his opponents but flip them completely to knock them out.
Ability Star Tornado
Spin, spin, spin the Tornado Ability will give Kirby the ability to tear through his enemies defences like well... a Tornado. With this ability Kirby temporarily becomes and unstoppable flying force of wind to defeat his enemies, be careful though because after finishing his twister, Kirby is left vulnerable to pitfalls and enemy fire. In addition Kirby can use this ability to solve certain puzzles to access a variety of secrets.
Treasure Ability Star New
Use your enemies to maximize the amount of treasure you find, with the Treasure Ability Kirby doubles the value of all stars while using this ability and is able to pull off a variety of attacks as well. Kirby can crush his enemies in close range with a treasure chest, knock them back with his Jewel Cannon and even throw various ornaments at his enemies. Kirby can use the Treasure Ability to detect when he is near a secret and can use the ability to immediately solve special puzzles and unlock locked doors. Kirby will do anything to get the good with the Treasure Ability.
Trident Ability Star New
Using the Trident Ability, Kirby can ward off his foes with this three-pronged spear and its magical abilities. With the Trident Kirby can not only attack from a longer range than a sword but also release energy blasts that deal varied effects of burning, freezing or electrocuting. Kirby can also use the trident to drill through his enemies, solid rock and special earth to find secrets.
Turncoat Ability Star New
Using the Turncoat Ability Kirby can bring enemies onto his side by casting a dark magic to warp their minds. Kirby can have up to five enemies turncoated at any one time although he can only Turncoat small enemies. Enemies that Kirby Turncoats will follow Kirby around the level and will attack other enemies on sight, although once an enemy is turncoated they won't attack each other.
Vampire Ability Star New
With the Vampire Ability Kirby can suck the life out of his enemies to replenish his own by biting his enemies Kirby not only holds them in place but also damages them while at the same time healing any wounds Kirby may have. Kirby however can't use his attacks with this ability while in sunlight so find some shade while you're at it. In addition Kirby can turn into a bat while flying making him smaller and faster allowing for easier maneuverability. In addition Kirby can trap his enemies inside a coffin to defeat them in large numbers.
Ability Star Water
Surf the waves and drown your enemies with the Water Ability. With this Ability Kirby can surf on a small wave of water to glide along the ground at incredible speeds, shoot blobs of water which race along the ground and can even create Water Bombs to hurt multiple enemies at once. Kirby can also use Water to bust through Boulders and Special Earth and also to put out Fire.
Ability Star Wheel
Whirl like a Wheel as with the Wheel Ability Kirby can charge through any location with ease and speed busting through enemies and obstacles alike, Wheel Kirby can only be stopped by walls and certain dangerous enemies like Gordos be careful though because once Kirby gets rolling he becomes hard to control.
Ability Star Whip
Lash out at your enemies and use them against each other with the handy Whip Ability. With the Whip Ability Kirby is able to pull off a long ranged and painful attack to not only hit his enemies but also pull them in for close range damage or alternatively throw them back as projectiles to hit other enemies. Kirby can even use this grab and throw ability with objects like blocks. In addition Kirby can use the Whip to pull levers from far away or somewhere completely inaccessible to Kirby. The Whip Ability can also allow Kirby to grab onto special hooks in some stages specifically designed for this ability which will bring Kirby to treasure and secrets.
Wind Ability Star New
With the Wind Ability Kirby can use the wind itself against his enemies. Creating mighty gusts of wind to blow them away, releasing razor sharp cuts of wind to damage them from afar, creating powerful downdrafts to crush them or updrafts to launch them into the sky, Kirby has a variety of techniques to chop through their health. Kirby can also use the Wind Ability on certain puzzles to reveal secrets.
Ability Star Wing
Fly through the sky like a bird as Kirby spreads his wings with the Wing Ability. With this ability Kirby can shoot razor sharp feathers to cut through his foes, performing various techniques for fast attacks or area hitting attacks. Kirby can also flap his wings while flying and perform torpedo strikes in the air to catch his enemies mid-flight and send them hurtling away.
Wolf Ability Star New
Howl, Slash and Bite like a Wolf with the Wolf Copy Ability. With this Ability Kirby grows a fearsome coat of fur that on a whim he can make razor sharp to protect him from direct attacks from enemies. In addition Kirby is able to pounce on his unsuspecting enemies and tear them to shreds with his razor sharp claws and deadly teeth. Kirby can also temporarily buff his speed by howling allowing him to run faster and attack more quickly than before.
Yeti Ability Star
The howling winds are no match for the powerful screeches of Yeti Kirby. With this ability Kirby becomes the mythical White-Furred, Mountain Dwelling, Ice Monster, the Yeti he possesses a false pair of arms attached to his hat which Kiry can swing around to knock enemies about as well as grab and throw them, in addition Kirby can roll up into a snowball and plow through enemies at breakneck speed.
Yo-Yo Ability Star New
Spin the Yo-Yo and bash your enemies away with this small but painful toy. With the unsuspecting Yo-Yo Ability Kirby can clobber his enemies with a deadly force by spinning the Yo-Yo about to knock them on the head, feet, body or anywhere else. Kirby can pull off a variety of tricks with the Yo-Yo to even stun his enemies with hard hitting attacks.


Waddle Dee Waddle Knight Big Waddle Dee Waddle Doo


The Arena


The True Arena


Kirby Volley


The King's Treasure



Item Name Item Effect Description
Star Bits HoD
Star Bits
Collect 100 for 1-UP

Pieces of Warp Stars

  • Yellow is equal to 1 Star Bit
  • Red is equal to 5 Star Bits
  • Green is equal to 10 Star Bits
  • Blue is equal to 25 Star Bits
  • Purple is eqal to 50 Star Bits
  • Silver is equal to 75 Star Bits
Food HoD
Heals 5-50% of Health

A variety of foods that can restore Kirby's health

  • Cherries - 5%
  • Peanuts - 7%
  • Apples & Oranges - 10%
  • Bananas - 12%
  • Cake - 15%
  • Pineapples - 18%
  • Watermelon - 20%
  • Bacon - 30%
  • Salads - 32%
  • Ham Shank - 35%
  • Full Meal - 40%
  • Chicken Roast - 50%
Pep Brew
Pep Brew
Heals 67% of Health Special drinks that restore Kirby's health and give him a slight boost in speed temporarily
Gives Kirby an Extra Life Although rare and usually hidden these special items that look just like Kirby give Kirby and extra life
Maxim Tomato KDL3D
Maxim Tomato
Completely Heals Kirby An incredible Tomato that completely restores Kirby's health no matter how much or how little he has, they are usually handed out by Bandana Dee or extremely well hidden
Invincibility Candy
Invincibility Candy
Gives Kirby temporary invincibility Special Candy that has magical properties allowing Kirby to become invulnerable for a brief period of time, it also greatly increases his running speed and does stack with speed boosts from Copy abilities
Forgotten Coins Storyline Collectibles Necessary for completing the game and unlocking boss levels, there are standard Forgotten Coins which can be found throughout the regular levels and the special Forgotten Coins given out by bosses after being defeated. The prior unlock boss levels while the latter unlock new worlds.
Cosmic Ocean Scrolls 100% Collectibles Parchments of mystic paper that tell of the history of the Cosmic Ocean and Captain Estralla's Crew, there is one in every level to be found (except boss levels).
Opens Doors and starts machines

A variety of switches found across the world that can do many things

  • Red Switches open doors permanently
  • Purple Switches open doors temporarily
  • Blue Switches stop or start the flow of water
  • Yellow Switches stop or start the flow of electricity temporarily
  • Black Switches activate or deactivate various traps temporarily
  • Pink Switches reveal hidden puzzles
Cannon HoD
Shoots Kirby from one section of stage to another There are a variety of cannons Kirby can use in the world to move from one place to another, cannons sometimes need a fuse to be lit to use and while some a reusable, Skull Cannons are one time uses
Warp Star HoD
Warp Star
Moves Kirby to secret areas of stages It is a large, yellow star, usually seen to be floating, that flies Kirby to another part of a stage once he gets on it


  • This is the first Kirby Game since Kirby: Planet Robobot (just guessing right now) to not feature a Dark Matter Villain, this is due to the Resurrection Trilogy having finished
  • The game's bosses are by far the most damage spongiest Bosses of any Kirby Game taking a very long time to defeat and having up to 5 phases in a single health bar
  • This is the first time in a while since King Dedede has actually acted sinister and not due to being controlled by a foreign entity
  • The six middle planets that make up the 4th through 23rd levels of the game are all Spanish words relating ot the planets' main themes
    • Congelar is Spanish for Freeze
    • Calor is Spanish for Heat
    • Trueno is Spanish for Thunder
    • Veneno is Spanish for Venom
    • Roca is Spanish for Boulder
    • Maquina is Spanish for Machine]


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