Kirby: Tiny Terror!

Kirby: Tiny Terror is the 2nd and last Kirby game on the Wii U. The game is the third kirby game to use amiibo.


The story begins on a nice day on Popstar. Kirby and his buddies are running around. Then, a giant bus falls from the sky called the Star Bus. It can talk, and asks if the gang wants to go to another land. They all nod their heads, and enter the bus. When it travels to the land, it realizes that his world is being shrunken down by an evil sorcerror! Kirby, decides to help, and bring his friends, Meta Knight, Dedede, and Waddle Dee along to start the adventure!


This game is the 1st regular Kirby platformer on the Wii U. The main gimmick added to this game is that the characters can shrink, and enter tiny areas! It also introduces the ability to any character, even if P1!


Copy Abilities

There are a total of 37 abilities in the game. 30 are from previous games, and 7 are new.

Name Image Description First Level Enemies
Fire Kirby
Fire Kirby KDL3D.png
Burn your enemies! You can burn grass and cotton! 1-1 (Plant Path)

Hot Head


Burning Leo

Ice Kirby
Freeze a foe! You can freeze water. 1-3 (Plant Path)



Mr. Minty

Spark Kirby
Spark Kirby can charge a forcefield, and shoot it! You can create a barrier, or shoot up and down! 1-3 (Plant Path)




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