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Kirby: Time Out is the sequel to Kirby: Planet Robobot, due to be released for the New 3DS in late 2017. It is being developed by Hammy Games Inc. in collaboration with HAL Laboratory and is stated to be inspired by Planet Robobot, Triple Deluxe and Squeak Squad, and is rumoured to introduce a grand total of over 20 new abilities!

Reveal Trailer

Kirby is flying high above Dreamland on a Warp Star. He observes the many landmarks; a ravine, King Dedede’s castle, a meandering river. Suddenly, the clouds turn dark. Purple pulses hit Dreamland, and Kirby observes as the ravine is converted into a dry canyon. As the waves travel underneath, Kirby is knocked off-course and crashes into the town near the newly-formed canyon. The trailer switches to gameplay of Kirby traversing levels. Footage is shown of a ponytailed Kirby attacking using ribbons, a hard hat-wearing Kirby using a hammer, a snorkel-wearing Kirby blowing bubbles, a beaglepuss Kirby using a grapple hand and a hooded Kirby attacking with a scythe. We also catch a glimpse of a dinosaur-tailed Kirby rampaging a monochromatic city and King Dedede wearing a cowboy costume.

A red-haired fairy is seen sitting in a bar across from Whip Kirby. The two shake hands and a glow follows. Footage is shown of Beam Kirby shooting a ball of energy. The stylus taps the ball and swipes in the direction it is travelling, and the ball speeds up and splits into three.

A U.F.O. is seen firing a laser at Kirby, who is sitting in a U.F.O. of his own. Kirby, wearing an alarm-esque hat, emits a yellow pulse and everything freezes. Kirby pulls a switch and a mirror falls down, blocking Kirby from the laser. Kirby lets loose a blue pulse and time restarts. The laser deflects off the mirror and hits the U.F.O. that initially fired it, causing it to explode. Purple waves travel across the screen and it fades to black. A clock hand turns backward, revealing the logo.


Kirby is flying high above Dreamland on a Warp Star. He observes the many landmarks; a ravine, King Dedede’s castle, a meandering river. Suddenly, the clouds turn dark. Purple pulses hit Dreamland, and Kirby observes as the ravine is converted into a dry canyon. As the waves travel underneath, Kirby is knocked off-course and crashes into the town near the newly-formed canyon.

More TBA

New Mechanics


Gravity Shifts

Stopwatch Ability


Character Description
Planet Popstar's favourite pink puffball returns for yet another adventure! Now faced with a new threat, Kirby will need to put his new abilities to good use, especially his new Stopwatch ability. He is the sole playable character in the main game.
Minni Carrot Canyon.png
Minni is a fairy who agrees to help Kirby take care of whoever is altering time in Dreamland. It’s unknown why she hasn’t been affected by the pulses. She expresses sympathy for the “cursed” citizens of Dreamland, but doesn’t show any restraint when it comes to fighting them. Using the touch screen, she can assist Kirby by powering up his attacks - as seen in the trailer - or reveal secrets. When the game is paused, any dialogues are from her.
KTD Waddle Dee artwork.png
Waddle Dee
When Popstar is attacked by mysterious waves and Kirby is nowhere to be seen, it's up to this little Waddle Dee to save the world with the power of persuasion! Playable in Waddle Quest, Waddle Dee uses a parasol doubling as a megaphone to persuade enemies to join his noble crusade.
King Dedede
The greedy king of Dreamland has become an unwilling pawn in Mirai's sinister plans. After falling victim to Carrot Canyon's transformation, he becomes a wanted outlaw named El Dedede. He follows Kirby throughout Popstar - as a different person in each area - to stop him from foiling Mirai's plot. Poor guy. He just can't get a break from being brainwashed, can he?
Meta Knight Planet Robobot.png
Meta Knight

Copy Abilities


Ability Description Icon
Archer Kirby.png
This ability comes with a stylish purple hat and a bow and arrow. Kirby becomes an expert sniper, and can hit foes with charged or regular arrows. Ability Star Archer.png
Beam Kirby Good.png
Kirby dons a jester's hat and wields a staff that allows him to shoot beams of energy. This primarily comes as a whip, but can be turned into various projectiles. Ability Star Beam.png
Bomb Kirby.png
Kirby gets a party hat that's simply bursting with colourful patterns. This ability gives Kirby the power to create bombs, which he can carry, throw or roll. Ability Star Bomb.png
Cutter Kirby.png
Kirby gains an adorable yellow hat decorated with wings and a face. How cute! Kirby attacks using golden boomerangs that slice through enemies and come right back at ya. These can be charged and partially aimed. Ability Star Cutter.png
Fire Kirby KRTDL.png
Kirby's hat with this ability is a simple tiara surrounding a raging flame. Fire Kirby can breathe fire or surround himself in it to launch himself like a meteor. Ability Star Fire.png
When Kirby gets the Ice ability, he gains a headband to hold the pile of ice on his head. Kirby gets to use all sorts of cool attacks, as well as skating to get places quickly! Ability Star Ice.png
Jet Kirby.png
Kirby becomes a skilled pilot once he gets his plane-like helmet from this ability. Kirby can launch himself forward at breakneck speeds or shoot projectiles from his boosters. Jet Ability Star New.png
KTD Needle artwork.png
The Needle ability gives Kirby a spiky pink helmet. These needles can grow to a great size to protect Kirby and harm nearby enemies. They can also be launched. Ability Star Needle.png
Parasol Kirby.png
Kirby doesn't get a hat with this ability, oddly enough. Instead, he gets a red and white umbrella, which he attacks with. Certain attacks will protect Kirby from enemy attacks, and Kirby will slowly glide down from heights with this ability. Ability Star Parasol.png
KTD Spark artwork.png
Kirby gets a tiara that somehow holds a load of electricity when he absorbs this ability. He can generate electric shields or fire electricity as projectiles that pass through walls. Ability Star Spark.png
Stone Kirby.png
Kirby gains a crudely crafted hat made of rocks after absorbing the Stone ability. With this ability, Kirby can turn himself into a rock (or something along those lines) to defend from enemy attacks. In addition, he can turn his fist into a giant stone hand! Ability Star Stone.png
Sword Kirby.png
HYAAH! With the Sword ability, Kirby gets the green hat of another hero. This ability gives him, well, a sword. Kirby can deliver a wide variety of attacks with this weapon, fast and slow. Ability Star Sword.png
Water Kirby.png
Make a splash with the Water ability! Kirby now wears a tiara that suspends a block of water on his head. This ability comes with all sorts of water-related powers, from riding a wave to creating a rainbow. Ability Star Water.png
KTD Wheel.png
With the Wheel ability, Kirby gets to wear a backwards baseball cap. This ability allows Kirby to transform into a speedy wheel to chase down opponents. Ability Star Wheel.png
KTD Whip artwork.png
Kirby gains a stylish red cowboy's hat when absorbing this ability, as well as the trademark whip. This whip has exceptional range and can not only hit, but grab items and enemies. Ability Star Whip.png


Ability Description Icon

"Do a barrel roll! Pew-pew pew!"
Take a blast to the past with the Astro ability! This ability gives Kirby a laser gun that looks like it's been pulled straight out of a 90s sci-fi film! These laser beams can ricochet off walls, like the old Laser ability. Kirby also comes armed with some more devices taken straight from the mothership, including miniature rockets!

"Gimme a K! And an I! And an R and B and Y!"
Kirby can lead all the pep rallies with the amount of spirit this ability gives him! Kirby gets a pair of pom-poms for his main attacks, which he can wave about in all sorts of formations! On top of that, Kirby can put athletic prowess to use and attack enemies with ribbons and batons.

"Use your tool expertise to defeat foes! Get constructive and get to work!"
The hard hat is extremely necessary when using the Construction ability! Now armed with a broad set of tools, Kirby is ready to clear his path free of any obstacles. Got a screw loose? No problem for your screwdriver! A stray piece of rope or grass is an easy task with Kirby’s saw. Kirby also has a hammer, a drill and a wrench in his belt, to name a few. And if you really need to destroy something, the wrecking ball will surely come in handy. Keep the hat on, we wouldn’t want anybody to get hurt!
Construction Ability Star.png

"Explore some new ways to defeat foes!"
Explorer Kirby wears a headlamp and a backpack, much like one other treasure tracker. Your pickaxe is a deadly weapon, but the heavy bag on your back must be hard to carry. Never fear, because you can always take a ride in your minecart to ease the load and ram into enemies. You can also throw one of many items from your backpack, like rocks, compasses, torches, or diamonds! ...Those precious diamonds that you worked so hard to get...
Explorer Ability Star.png


"With this cool new ability, prove to your enemies that you're not sweet!"
The Ice-Cream ability gives Kirby all the powers of a frozen delicacy. It's not as bland as it sounds, or should I say, not as vanilla. Kirby can pelt enemies with ice-cream, which may stay stuck on the ground for a bit, causing foes to slip. As well as your average dairy projectiles, Kirby can use waffle cones and a giant spoon!
Ice Cream Ability Star New.png

"Bringing a whole new meaning to drawing your weapon, write your own destiny with the Pen ability!"
The Pen copy ability gives Kirby all the powers of a writing utensil! As weird as it may sound, the pen is mightier than the sword. This ability gives Kirby a marker on his head, which isn’t the best place for it. Luckily, you can use the touchpad to pick Kirby up and draw things to attack with. You can also swipe Kirby in a straight line, damaging any enemies he comes into contact with.
Pen Ability Star.png

"Batter, batter swing!"

"Hot food has always been deadly, so serve up some spicy sushi rolls!"
Sushi Kirby is one of the new abilities, and one of three food-related abilities in this game. This delicious new ability makes use of chopsticks in many of its attacks. As a whip-like weapon, why not try some seaweed? How about trapping enemies in sushi rolls? You can even throw trays at enemies!
Sushi Ability Star.png

"Aye, captain! Enemies ahoy! Make 'em walk the plank!"
The Swashbuckler ability turns Kirby into a ruthless scavenger of the seas. Er, a cute pirate. Kirby gets a small cutlass to slice enemies with at close-range, in addition to a hook hand. Other attacks use cannons, a parrot and treasure chests.

"This exotic ability is pretty juicy!"
This ability gives Kirby a hat of fruits and focuses on rapid-fire fruit-based projectiles that Kirby pulls from the seemingly endless supply in his hat. These include exploding watermelons, banana boomerangs, or just regular fruit to be thrown!
Tropical Ability Star.png


"With this powerful ability, you've got all the time in the world to save it!"


Kirby: Time Out features 9 worlds, each of which is based on a different time period. Like with some previous Kirby games, the titles are food alliterations which come together to spell the final boss's theme.

World Description Levels Boss(es)
Carrot Canyon This 'ere Dreamland ain't big enough for the both of us! Located in the far west of Dreamland, the mysterious pulses have reverted this village and its surrounding areas back to the cowboy era. The vast majority of levels take place within the town, but often stray away into the nearby canyon. Get ready for some gunslingin', horse-ridin', saloon-spittin' action! This area also parodies some common tropes in wild western movies, such as stand-offs.


Western Woods
Lettuce Lights ???
Orange Oasis ???
Creamy Cameras ???
Ketchup Kingdom ???
Wasabi Waterfall ???
Oatmeal Ocean ???
Rhubarb Ruins ???
Kebab Chaos ???




Main Bosses


Sub Games

Kirby Fighters Remastered


Kirby Quest II


Colourful Combat


Waddle Quest

A new mode available postgame is Waddle Quest. Instead of playing as Kirby, you get to control a Waddle Dee! Not just any Waddle Dee, though! This one wields a parasol! ...What? Regular Waddle Dees have parasols too? Well, most parasols can’t command allies.

In Waddle Quest, Waddle Dee has just a parasol, which honestly isn’t the best weapon. However, the main gimmick in Waddle Quest revolves around the recruiting and controlling of enemies. Most enemies, when defeated, will choose to join you in your quest, giving them a small star icon above their head. Once recruited, your new allies can be “controlled” in a similar way to Kirby: Mass Attack. By tapping on a non-recruited enemy on the touchpad, your allies will make their way over and attack. However, your allies can be defeated, so it may be best to accompany them. In addition, you can view all of your current allies and their health (which cannot be replenished) through a menu. Here, you can select an ally and point them toward an obstacle which they can interact with. For example, directing a Water Galbo toward lava will cause them to solidify it.

Robobot Rampage

Robobot Rampage features exclusive Robobot levels, which must be unlocked by collecting Robobot Cubes hidden throughout both the main story and Waddle Quest. These levels put Kirby in the familiar Robobot suit. While all previous modes return, a few new ones make an appearance.

Robobot Modes

Mode Description Icon
KPR Robobot Beam.PNG
Ability Star Beam.png

Ability Star Bomb.png

Construction mode turns the Robobot suit into a crane. This allows Kirby’s Robobot suit to pick heavy objects up and place them elsewhere or crush enemies with them. If all else fails, the Construction mode comes with a deadly wrecking ball. Construction Ability Star.png

Ability Star Cutter.png
KPR Robobot Fire.PNG
Ability Star Fire.png

Ability Star Ice.png

Jet Ability Star New.png

Needle mode equips the Robobot suit with a large drill on the front. This can be devastating to enemies, especially when the drill attacks multiple enemies at once. Besides defeating enemies, the Needle mode’s main purpouse is to dig. Certain areas will allow Kirby’s Robobot suit to drill underground, giving him access to new areas and underground collectibles. Ability Star Needle.png

Ability Star Parasol.png

Ability Star Spark.png

Ability Star Stone.png
KPR Robobot Sword.png
Ability Star Sword.png

When the Robobot suit enters Water mode, it shifts into a submarine-boat combination. This allows Kirby to traverse bodies of water, as well as swimming in water. Both modes allow Kirby to shoot homing missiles, but the submarine mode allows for quick, fluid transportation, as well as spin attacks. The boat mode allows Kirby to use waves as ramps and to set down anchor at Robobot docking stations to take a swim. A balance between both modes is required to be successful in any mission. Ability Star Water.png

Ability Star Wheel.png



  • There was originally going to be a mode involving an unconfirmed character playing through levels with their own twist, much like Dededetour from Kirby Triple Deluxe. It would have put levels under a time limit and added the extra requirement of bringing treasure to the end of the level. It is thought that this was scrapped in favour of Waddle Quest.
  • Working titles for this game included Kirby: Freeze Frame and Kirby: Overclocked.
    • Kirby: Freeze Frame was eventually used by Fritez Franchise in their Kirby game.
  • Concept art can be found for three "super abilities", likely replaced by the Stopwatch ability
    • One such ability was the Creation ability and granted Kirby the ability to create walls and other such objects.
    • Another was known as Palette Kirby, which would allow Kirby to colour in monochrome objects. These objects would all work differently, but restoring everything to colour would be required to complete the level.
    • The final was the tentatively titled Rally Kirby, which gave Kirby a megaphone to allow him to coax enemies onto his side. This mechanic was carried over to the Waddle Quest mode.
  • Despite being originally revealed as "Odyssey Dee", the mode has since been renamed to Waddle Quest
    • This may be in reference to an incomplete project by HAL Laboratories in collaboration with Zentech Studios (though the project had been renamed to WaddleVenture later on)
  • The colour scheme of the Construction ability's icon is a homage to this wiki's own construction template
  • The first letters of each level spell out C-L-O-C-K-W-O-R-K, which happens to be the name of the final boss's theme