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Kirby: The Ultimate Fighting Magic!: Black Spinach Sparkle and White Succotash Twilight is a platforming Kirby fan game produced by Nintendo, HAL Labs, KittySis Inc. and Super Jump Punch! Games that is made for the Nintendo 3DS. They were named after Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 Versions for humorous matter.

The games were revealed on the 50th issue of Super Jump Punch! by TheShinyMew, and subsequently the official Japanese and international Kirby websites, on March 30, 2012. They were currently set for a December 2012 Japanese release.

The games will feature two new final boss characters that will serve as the version mascots of the games: Kurodon for Black Spinach Sparkle and Shirodon for White Succotash Twilight.


One day, Kirby was making a special recipe called "Spinach Sparkle" (Black only) or "Succotash Twilight" (White only). The next day, the recipe was stolen, and Kirby will save the day by tracking the sinister dragon character who stole this recipe.

Playable Characters

  1. Kirby
  2. Lololo (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  3. Lalala (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  4. Meta Knight
  5. King Dedede
  6. Golden Waddle Dee (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  7. Golden Waddle Doo (White Succotash Twilight Version only)


  1. Waddle Dee
  2. Waddle Doo
  3. Poppy Bro Jr. (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  4. Gillgill
  5. Aqua
  6. Hamstamina (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  7. Bouncer (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  8. Bubbleball
  9. Roly-Poly (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  10. Sir Kibble
  11. Leafy
  12. Willie


  1. Whispy Woods
  2. Paint Roller (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  3. Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  4. Kracko (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  5. Khazam
  6. Kaboola (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)
  7. Shirodon (White Succotash Twilight Version only)
  8. Kurodon (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only)


  • This is the second game after Kirby's Return to Dream Land to have other characters beside Kirby to do a Kirby Dance.
  • Tiff (White Succotash Twilight Version only) and Tuff (Black Spinach Sparkle Version only) makes a surprise appearance in the Sub-game "Kirby Quest V2". They only appeared after Kirby knockouts King Dedede with one blow.
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