Kirby: Return To Ripple Star (also known as Kirby of the Stars: Soul Crusher in Japan and Kirby Wii 2 in Europe)
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is a 3D, platforming, action and adventure game made only for Nintendo Wii. It is an enchanted reboot of Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. Although it is a sequel to Kirby's Return To Dream Land, it is mostly a spin-off to the kirby series. Chronologically, it takes place in between Kirby Mass Attack and Kirby's Return To Dream Land.


  • Tiff and Tuff (from the Kirby Anime) are playable characters if you defeat them in Pop Star.
  • You're able now to switch characters in the level anytime you want and if you are having problems with the level. It means you can play Waddle Dee, Ribbon, King Dedede, Tiff, Tuff, and Adeleine throughout the whole level if you want to.
  • Multiplayer mode is selectable after you beat the game once. This one acts as a prequel to the game, taking place before Ribbon crash landed in Pop Star.
  • Minigame mode is replaced with the whole Kirby Anime tv series. It is avalilable after you collect all the crystal shards and defeat the final boss.
  • Like Mega Man X, the game has a intro stage. But you can replay the level without restarting the file.
  • The game has FMV sequences, like its N64 version. But, has 100% anime cutsceens, which means introducing the Kirby series anime cutscenes with an opening.
  • The game now has voice actors.


  1. Tiff and Tuff (Intro Stage)
  2. Waddle Doo (Pop Star)
  3. Pix (Rock Star)
  4. Acro (Aqua Star)
  5. King Dedede (Pop Star)
  6. Adeleine (Pop Star)
  7. Magman (Neo Star)
  8. HR-H/HR-E (Shiver Star)
  9. Miracle Matter (Ripple Star)
  10. 02 (Dark Star)

Playable Characters

  • Kirby
  • Tiff
  • Tuff
  • Waddle Dee
  • King Dedede
  • Adeleine
  • Ribbon


  • Intro Star (only one level)
  • Pop Star
  • Rock Star
  • Aqua Star
  • Neo Star
  • Shiver Star
  • Ripple Star
  • Dark Star (only one boss)


  1. Every Day, I Am Dreaming (From Mega Man X6) (US Opening Theme and Main Theme)
  2. Code Crush (From Mega Man X7) (Japan Opening Theme and Main Theme)
  3. Inside the Water (From Mega Man X5) (US Ending Theme)
  4. A Moment Of Passion (From Mega Man X: Command Mission) (Japan Ending Theme)

Voice Actors

Makiko Omoto as Kirby (English and Japanese)

Kerry Williams as Tiff (Sayuri Yoshida in Japanese)

Kayzie Rogers as Tuff (Rika Komatsu in Japanese)

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