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Kirby: Popstar and Beyond ( Known in Japan as 星のカービィ:次元の英雄 / Kirby of the Stars: Dimensional Hero) is a 2.5D platforming Kirby video game made for the Nintendo Switch and would be released in December 2020. It is produce by StarWing Studios and HAL laboratory. It takes place in the Kirby canon after Star Allies and is the first game to feature the Ancients in person  The games borrows heavily from Kirby 64, Return to Dreamland/Adventure Wii and the 3DS games. It is also the longest kirby game to 100% complete due to the number of worlds.


The game follows the same mechanic as return to dreamland and subsequent games. It retains the HD graphics from Star Allies. Plane jumping return from the 3DS games, albeit not as common as before. 

Additionaly kirby can gain Chaos Powers, which are similar to the Super Abilities found in Return to Dreamland . They can be use to enter secret passages or wreck havoc on stages.


It is another peaceful day on Dreamland. Kirby is just eating his cake while King dedede sneaks up in the back of him while Meta knight was shaking his head at the immaturity of the King. However, this was all interupted when part of the  sky litteraly fell apart into a rift, which expells lots of some sort of strange energy that floods the land. We see that Popstar is being  flooded of the energy and a strange spaceship appears out of the rift and crashes towards popstar. After the sky clears out, everything seems normal- apart from the fact that the debris is spread out evreywhere. Kirby immediatley runs towards the spaceship, starting his journey.

Soon he realizes that some of his foes have a diffrent coulring scheme and deal higher damage than usual. He realizes that they were caused from the debris and swallowing one of them will cause him to get Chaos abilites , a powerful version of regular Copy Ablilities. He then continues his journey, encountring a form of Whispy Woods who spreads junk instead of apples among others, getting larger sized debris from them.

When he enters the spaceship, the inhabitants of the ship immediately attacked. He managed to fight all of them and face their leader, Adrimal Hardhatt, who is apparently holding Meta Knight and King Dedede hostage. After defeating him, he explains that they were part of a ancient civilization that were part of a experiment on a new time traveling power source that suffered a malfunction and broke the device and creating a gigantic rift to . Apparently the larger sized debris were part of the device. After fixing it, he offers to send them back to the past.

They managed to jump back towards the past, but unfortunately the power source broke again, causing even more rifts.Unlike the last time, the rifts did not seal up and slowly grows. The ship crash lands into a barren part of Halacandra, their homeworld, and king dedede and meta knight were captured again by outlaws called the Maporians. The general said that they terrorize the land, and suggests that they collect the crystals and save Kirby’s 2 friends before going towards the capital city to complain about the new power source towards their leader, Jakon . They did so, finding more mutated beings and fighting members of the Maporians, who keep escaping with the knight and king.

Eventually, they reached the capital city and the central labotary, however the Maporians attacked them, using Masked dedede and [[Edge K night]]. After defeating them, their leader, Sir Mapor came to them and attacked them for joining a evil cause.

After a tough fight with the leader of the maporians, he explains that Jakon, leader of the experiments was secretly trying to use the rifts to fuse several realities together. Such a event would summon Morpheus, a being who has no form due to it being split across diffrent realitiesbut is very destructive, even more than Void Termina. The general was completley unaware of this.

Suddenly, Jakon came to them, snatched the crystal in front of them. He said to all of them that thei cooperation is no longer needed, and proceeds to say that he will use a even larger space ship to warp into the largest rift using the device. It would cause enough rifts to combine a bunch of realities, including Kirby’s to fuse together, causing a chaotic space with Morpheus remains combined together and Jakon as its host, causing him to be the strongest being ever. He does battle with Kirby. Just as Kirby is about to defeat him, he sends a distraction to escape into his space ship and does his plan. It works, causing a bunch of dimensions to fuse together into one space called Maxinum Chaos. There he fuses with Morpheus to form a being called Morphon. He then starts pulling a bunch of other realities towards Maxinum Chaos to fuse together.

However Kirby and his gang managed to get the Halberd and fight Morphon. However Morphon turned into Primal Morphon and destroyed the halberd. Kirby managed to defeat Mophon using Ultra Tearer, a bunch of Chaos abilities and regular ones combined together, rippling Morphon apart along with Jakon and slowly dividing Maximum Chaos apart. After a goodbye, Kirby and his friends travelled into their respective dimensions.


Unlike previous games, the game is splited into 3 parts. Each part contains of 5 worlds apart from the 4th part, Maxinum Chaos who only has one world with one level which hosts the final boss.

Part 1: Popstar

Figgy Fields

Part 2: The other world

Part 3: Maxinum Chaos 






Apperance Name Description Copy Ability
Blocky A big chunk of rock. Despite his appearance he is actually very mobile, so watch out! Luckily, you can get the stone ability after your trouble. Stone
Bonkers Despite being a ape, he is actually very skilled and deadly with an hammer. Hammer
Chef Kawasaki Chef
Dubior A strange UFO like creature. UFO
Gigant Edge Sword
Mr Frosty None
Grand Wheelie
Grand Wheelie A big wheel that is way too wild to ride along. If you can brave it charging and drilling to you, you might just get the wheel ability!  Wheel
King Doo
King Doo An oversized waddle doo. Much more shocking than their little fellows. Beam
Kibble Blade Cutter
Iron Mam Suplex
Hornhead Beetle
Sphere Doomers Strange elemental creatures that appeared when their dimensions fused into Maximum Chaos. Fire/Spark/Ice
Telepathos ESP
Vividria Artist

Copy Abilities

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