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Kirby: Paradox Hour is the next adventure in the Kirby series, directly following Kirby: Android of Death.

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"It is a cool, clear night in Pop Star. All across the peaceful countryside, Dreamland's residents are fast asleep, doubtless enjoying sweet dreams. Adeleine dreams of creating wondrous masterpieces, King Dedede envisions massive feasts worthy of his rank. Even the vigilant Meta Knight is getting some shut eye, though what dreams he has - well, it is difficult to say.

It would seem that all of Dreamland's residents are fast asleep - except for one. Kirby, the young hero of Dreamland, Pop Star, and the known universe, is busy preparing a midnight snack. Not an unusual occurrence for him, given his appetite. He quickly enjoys his fourteenth meal of the day, and settles into bed once more.

...except, he seems unable to fall asleep. Off in the distance, the faint sounds of some sort of procession interferes with his rest. Wondering what the fuss is, Kirby steps outside his house. He notices Waddle Dees, Broom Hatters, and other familiar faces walking towards the horizon, but there is something off about them. They seem to still be asleep! They are headed towards lights and music somewhere in the distance ... a party? At this hour? Kirby heads out to investigate, little knowing that this strange occurrence is the start of a wild new adventure!"

Star icon Star icon The Heroes Star icon Star icon

When strange forces threaten the peace of Pop Star, you can count on Kirby to save the day! But this time, he's going to need some help. Nothing can stand in the way of this dream team!

Kirby PH
Star Warrior
Adeleine PH
Master Artist
Kirby, Hero of Pop Star! Kirby can use his unique inhale ability to suck up enemies and gain their powers. Even without them, he's a force to be reckoned with! Adeleine, an old friend of Kirby. Adeleine wields a magic paintbrush that brings her creations to life, and can utilize a combination of moves from the Artist, Water, and Poison abilities.
Dedede PH
King Dedede
King of Dreamland
MetaKnight PH
Meta Knight
Masked Swordsman
King Dedede, former foe of Kirby. Dedede possesses a unique moveset that utilizes his weight and massive mallet, including techniques from the Hammer, Hi-Jump, and Fighter abilities. Meta Knight, Kirby's mysterious rival. Meta Knight aids Kirby with his speed, precision, and power, thanks to his mastery of the Sword, Wing, and Ninja abilities.

Star icon Star icon Gameplay Star icon Star icon

Kirby and company must traverse many strange and treacherous worlds to uncover the cause of the sleepwalking on Pop Star. Each planet they visit consists of a few interconnected levels, which are travelled through directly rather than through a world map.

Kirby can traverse levels freely to the left and right, and has unlimited jumps to reach the most distant heights. New to this adventure, Kirby can also move along the Z-axis, although in a somewhat-limited manner. Levels are laid out like wide hallways, with much more length than breadth - regardless, this new layout means some levels require a non-linear approach to complete.

Kirby and his friends have the moves to defeat any foe they encounter. Just like always, they can execute a variety of special moves, which work in much the same way despite the new level structure. Most attacks are only active on the plane the character is currently on, unless it homes in on foes or is an area-of-effect technique. This applies to the enemy's attacks as well - the heroes must use this fact to their advantage if they are to succeed!

Every hero has access to certain abilities to complete their quest. Kirby can utilize all 35 available abilities by inhaling foes that can use them - however, he might lose his ability if he takes too much damage at once. Adeleine, Meta Knight, and King Dedede are limited to a single moveset derived from three abilities each, but will retain them at all times; some of these abilities are exclusive to their moveset, meaning Kirby can't use those moves at all!

Abilities control a little differently in the new control scheme, and many have received new moves! All abilities, new and old, have a powerful new Star Technique - a finishing move that can be used after taking or dealing enough damage. With these devastating techniques, our heroes can plow through boss fights, solve puzzles, and open secret areas!

Kirby has access to 4 brand new abilities in this adventure - Jewel, Desert, Cyber, and Chrono - in addition to 31 returning abilities! Of course, Kirby's allies can also use their own unique abilities: Adeleine wields Painter, King Dedede wields Monarch, and Meta Knight wields Galaxia.

Star icon New Abilities Star icon
Ability Star Jewel

JewelKirby PH
Ability Star Desert

DesertKirby PH
Wield the power of precious stones with this flashy ability! Turn gems into sharp projectiles and reflective shields, or channel energy through them to create light beams! Light up the battlefield with your Crystal Cannon! Your foes don't sand a chance against this rough ability! Get up close and personal with devastating sand blasts, or bury foes in massive sand traps! Unleash the spirit of the desert with Dust Devil!
Ability Star Cyber

CyberKirby PH
Ability Star Chrono

ChronoKirby PH
Subdue your enemies with the power of technology! Run analysis and diagnosis programs to raise your power and defense! Once you've reached your limit, wipe the system with a devastating Reset Ripple! Control the flow of time with this cosmic power! Skip ahead to teleport, freeze enemies in time, or rewind to undo damage! When the time is right, unleash Temporal Trap to briefly freeze all time, but only once!

Star icon Returning Abilities Star icon
Ability Star Kirby
Ability Star Animal PH
Ability Star Archer
Ability Star Ball PH
Ability Star Beam
Ability Star Beetle
Ability Star Bomb
Ability Star Cleaning KSA
Ability Star Crash
Ability Star Cutter
Ability Star Doctor PH
Ability Star ESP KSA
Ability Star Fighter KSA
Ability Star Fire
Ability Star Hammer
Ability Star Ice
Ability Star Jet PH
Ability Star Magic
Ability Star Mike
Ability Star Mirror PH
Ability Star Ninja
Ability Star Parasol
Ability Star Spark
Ability Star Staff
Ability Star Stone
Ability Star Sword
Ability Star Tornado
Ability Star UFO PH
Ability Star Water
Ability Star Wheel
Ability Star Whip
Ability Star Yo-Yo KSA

Star icon Ally Abilities Star icon
Ability Star Painter

Adeleine PH
Adeleine enters the fray with her assortment of artistic tricks! Combining moves from Artist, Water, and Poison creates a unique skillset ideal for stage control! Your power culminates in the fabulous Maximum Masterpiece!
Ability Star Monarch

Dedede PH
King Dedede reigns supreme with his collection of powerful abilities! Combining moves from Hammer, Fighter, and Hi-Jump creates a unique skillset perfect for devastating melee combat! Assert dominance with the royal Sledge Supreme!
Ability Star Galaxia2

MetaKnight PH
Meta Knight dives into battle with his arsenal of dangerous techniques! Combining moves from Sword, Wing, and Ninja creates a unique skillset designed for both agility and power! Finish the fight with the swift Sonic Sword!

Star icon Star icon Helix Researcher's Guild Star icon Star icon

Facing off against the defenders of Dreamland is the HELIX Researcher's Guild! This institution was founded by the Calamitans, a race of highly intelligent squid people. They have constructed strange Clock Towers not only on Pop Star, but several other planets as well! At the head of the operation are a team of five genius scientists: our heroes will no doubt engage them on their adventure. Whatever could their motive be? Perhaps their Observation Logs will reveal the answer...

Star icon HELIX Members Star icon
Linus PH
Mathematician & Statistician
Linus' keen mind makes him ideal for work in the guild's memory banks, where he processes and stores the vast information they collect. He spends a little time collecting data himself, but that is mostly left to his numerous henchmen.
Hector is skilled in extracting and manipulating raw materials, an essential function for HELIX. He is often found in one of their numerous mines, excavating ores for their research. Unlike his companions, much of his work takes place in labs built on site. HECTOR SPONOV
Hector PH
Geologist & Chemist
Irma PH
Mechanic & Astronomer
Irma is personally responsible for designing and manufacturing every machine in HELIX's command, including their home base, Xeno Station. Her fleets of transporters and warships are an essential component of the guild's force, enabling them to extend their influence across the universe.
Evander's groundbreaking research on travel through space and time opened new doors for HELIX. He is tasked with providing energy to the guild, and is also Xanthia's most trusted confidant as the most senior researcher. He also seems to be spearheading the guild's latest project... EVANDER REIDISH
Evander PH
Physicist & Horologist
Xanthia PH
Biologist & Psychiatrist
Xanthia is the de facto leader of HELIX, responsible for coordinating their efforts, concocting their master plan, and creating their immense staff of Calas. Under her leadership, HELIX has acquired immense knowledge from every corner of the universe.

As Kirby and his friends pursue the HELIX scientists across the galaxy, they will visit multiple unique planets that have been overtaken by the guild. Each planet contains multiple connected levels; solving puzzles or clearing objectives in one level may grant access to another, or reveal secrets. To get around more easily, Kirby can summon the Warp Star and quickly travel to the start of any previously accessed level. He can also save a landing point in his current room, and return to it later once he has unlocked a path or gotten a new ability - keep in mind that only one landing point can exist on a given planet!

PH Lore Sheet PH Dream Catcher PH Observation Log

On their journey, the heroes will encounter three major collectibles: Lore Sheets, which are scattered about and quite common; Dream Catchers, strange devices which must be destroyed to reach the world's boss stage; and Observation Logs, which are a considerably rare and harder to find.

  • Lore Sheets are pages from a mysterious book Kirby came across on a past adventure. Each world contains a new set of pages to find that, once assembled, will reveal some new information about the current planet! Most levels contain about 3 sheets each. (Lore Sheets serve a similar role to the Keychains, Stickers, and Puzzle Pieces from past games.)
  • Dream Catchers are small generators that link up to the Clock Towers, supplying them power. Destroying them is an essential part of Kirby's quest, as they weaken the tower enough to be approached directly. Some Dream Catchers are powerful enough to fight back, so watch out! They are replaced by other collectibles on certain planets, but their function remains the same. Almost every level has at least one Dream Catcher - destroying all of them in each world opens a Paradox Rift to a secret level. (Dream Catchers serve a similar role to Energy Spheres, Sun Stones, and Code Cubes from past games.)
  • Observation Logs are probes planted by LiSA to monitor each planet she visits and collect data on them. While Kirby doesn't need to find them, they may give him some insight on HELIX and their strategies. The logs have been hidden well so that they are not disturbed, so finding them will be a challenge! Each World contains 3 Logs. (Observation Logs serve a similar role to Rare Keychains, Rare Stickers, and Rare Puzzle Pieces from past games.)
Star icon Worlds and Levels Star icon
PopStar Icon
ArborStar Icon
NexusStar Icon
DatalineStar Icon
OutwashStar Icon
RippleStar Icon
AurogentStar Icon
SolmechStar Icon
BamboliaStar Icon
OldHalcandra Icon
XenoStation Icon
ParadoxZone Icon

Star icon Star icon Fearsome Foes Star icon Star icon

Along their journey, Kirby and company will do battle with many powerful foes. Bosses will make use of the entire arena - creativity is key to counter their techniques! Bosses come in 5 different classes:

Star icon Friend Bosses Star icon
Early in his journey, Kirby encounters a few of his friends, who are suffering from the strange outburst of sleepwalking. Once they are beaten, they are unlocked as playable characters. There are 3 Friend Bosses:
Adeleine PH
The Possessed Painter
Adeleine is a skilled artist, who's magic paintbrush allows her creations to come to life! After helping Kirby defeat the Dark Matter, she set up a studio in a quiet cabin, and has been working there since. All of her work from today seems to bear a strange symbol...
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): The first foe Adeleine summons is Giant Galbo. Galbo can launch streams of fire horizontally, or spit flaming orbs towards Kirby. When he moves, he leaves a flaming trail behind him.
Phase 2 (75-50% HP): Next Adeleine summons a Giant Rocky. Rocky attacks by trudging towards Kirby, and then attempting to jump on him. Rocks are created on either side of him when he lands.
Phase 3 (50-25% HP): Adeleine summons a Giant Chilly next. Chilly can slide around the arena while enveloped in an icy aura, or breath a burst of icy air forwards.
Phase 4 (25-1% HP): Lastly, Adeleine summons Giant Sparky. Sparky releases an electric burst around herself, which can then be fired left or right. Sparky can also summon a lightning bolt that will strike Kirby if he doesn't move in time.
Phase 5 (1-0% HP): With all of her creations defeated, Adeleine leaps down from her loft to fight directly, dashing while flailing with her paintbrush. She is easily beaten with a single attack.
MetaKnight PH
The Sleepless Swordsman
After his last adventure with Kirby, Meta Knight has returned to the Halberd to prepare for the next threat Dreamland may face. The psychic signals created by the Clock Tower have brought out Meta Knight's inner paranoia, as he and his knights now stand constant watch for a non-existent foe.
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): Meta Knight begins the fight with his traditional attacks, reacting to Kirby's position. If Kirby is close he will strike out with his sword, and he will launch balde beams at Kirby if he is further away. As always, he will block when not attacking, and counter if his guard is struck.
Phase 2 (75-35% HP): Meta Knight now begins to fight more seriously, performing the Mach Tornado and Shuttle Loop when he can. He also calls in his Meta Knights, consisting of Axe Knights, Javelin Knights, Trident Knights, and Mace Knights. Each knight summoned attacks independently of Meta Knight.
Phase 3 (35-0% HP): Meta Knight begins to panic at this stage, unleashing his strongest techniques. He will immediately use the screen-clearing version of the Mach Tornado, knocking out any Meta Knights that may still be fighting. He moves much faster, as well as using both the fiery blade beam and an electric explosion attack. He also stops guarding in this phase.
Dedede PH
The Dreaming Despot
King Dedede, Dreamland's self-proclaimed ruler, has taken on a lesser role in protecting the land - after all, it never seems to go right for him. Even so, King Dedede is always (sort of) willing to lend a hand to Kirby when he's needed. Unfortunately, the negative influence of the Clock Tower has brought his inferiority complex back to the forefront, so he may not be as... helpful as he usually is.
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): King Dedede is fought in his boxing arena, with the ground outside it filled with Waddle Dees that will hurt Kirby and throw him back into the ring. King Dedede himself wields his standard attacks - jumping or diving to crush Kirby, slamming his hammer down to crush him, and attempting to inhale him.
Phase 2 (75-35% HP): King Dedede calls in his Waddle Dees to set up trampolines around the ring. King Dedede can now use these to bounce even higher, slamming down unexpectedly. He also spins rapidly with his hammer outstretched, bouncing off the ropes surrounding the ring.
Phase 3 (35-0% HP): King Dedede's hammer breaks at the handle, causing him to become enraged; he calls for an electric barrier to be erected along the edges of the arena, and dons electrified boxing gloves. King Dedede now attacks barehanded, punching and lunging to try and catch Kirby. While his attacks are much stronger and he has higher defense, his attacks are telegraphed sooner and leave him vulnerable afterwards.

Star icon Mini-Bosses Star icon
These strange foes must be defeated in order to complete each world. Battles with them are generally short and simple, but each encounter with them takes place in a different arena to spice things up. There are 9 Mini-Bosses:
Dream Catcher N
Dream Catchers are the conduits through which the Clock Towers draw their psychic energy. A few of the most essential ones are upgraded to also have offensive weaponry. The standard Dream Catcher can fire energy spheres at enemies, either in a stream of weak shots or lobbed as an explosive. It can also spin rapidly to cut through foes like a blade. It explodes upon defeat without granting an ability.
Dream Catcher P
On occasion, Dream Catchers will modify their weapon system to use a different element in battle. A Catcher that has been absorbing primarily angry or passionate psychic energy will become a P-Type Catcher. In addition to their previous moves gaining fiery properties, they can also fly offscreen and dash across the stage multiple times, leaving a flaming trail. If eaten before it explodes, it grants the Fire ability.
Dream Catcher C
On occasion, Dream Catchers will modify their weapon system to use a different element in battle. A Catcher that has been absorbing primarily ruthless or intelligent psychic energy will become a C-Type Catcher. In addition to their previous moves gaining icy properties, they can also create icy duplicates that home in on enemies, creating frozen spikes when the hit the ground. If eaten before it explodes, it grants the Ice ability.
Dream Catcher E
On occasion, Dream Catchers will modify their weapon system to use a different element in battle. A Catcher that has been absorbing primarily wild or creative psychic energy will become an E-Type Catcher. In addition to their previous moves gaining electric properties, they can also summon lightning bolts that strike randomly around the stage, leaving stunning sparks behind. If eaten before it explodes, it grants the Spark ability.
HR-H Drone
Recon Machine
Fought only on Outwash Star
HR-H Drones are part of an extensive security force, present across all of Outwash Star. This more compact model patrols the resort, often protecting core components of the security system. HR-H Drones attack by slashing with their arms, launching homing missiles, or firing far-reaching lasers. They can also transform into jet form, in which they can ram opponents or stab them with their scissor claws. They grant the Jet ability when they are beaten.
Maintenance Unit
Fought only on Aurogent Star
Arc-Hivers have been maintaining the vaults of Aurogent Star for millennia, sorting the relics and data found within. While their primary purpose is largely academic, they have been equipped with the means to fend off intruders. Arc-Hivers fight cautiously from a distance, throwing out homing jewel shots, and firing beams that capture struck foes within damaging energy barriers. Once low on health, they become much more aggressive, gunning down foes with rapid fire shards. They can be eaten after defeat to gain the Jewel ability.
Thermal Processor
Fought only on Solmech Star
The cores that control the legendary clockwork stars were too complex for researchers to understand, so early recreations split the core's functions among several lesser nodes. Some of these have survived, with their defense protocols intact. Each Solmecha begins immobile in the background, firing explosive blasts while protected by an energy barrier. The barrier is lowered by destroying the columns powering it; Solmecha then attacks by generating explosions about itself and releasing explosive drones. Solmecha self-destructs as a final attack after being defeated, but can be destroyed with a few extra hits to prevent this. If eaten during the self-destruct, it grants the Bomb ability.
Generator Sphere
Psychic System
Fought only on Old Halcandra
These advanced power generators use Energy Spheres to channel psychic energy, powering all of Halcandra. Generator Spheres can utilize these psychic capabilities to ensure their functions continue uninterrupted. Generators drop psychic orbs that burst on a delay, levitate foes to throw them, and manifest a clone that mirrors its position and attacks. It can also teleport to evade attacks. Over the course of the battle it charges an immense psychic field that will deal constant damage if completed, making it essential to win the fight quickly. Generator Spheres grant the ESP ability when beaten.
Defense Helix
Tentacled Technician
Fought only on Xeno Station
These advanced constructs are a fusion of biological and technological components, created through the combined efforts of all five HELIX members. Helixes wield twin bladed discs that can be fired at enemies or used for defense. They can also release electric bursts around themselves or fire rapid streams of electric sparks. They gradually raise their power and defense over the course of the battle, and becomes temporarily immune to all attacks halfway through the battle. When defeated, Helixes grant the Cyber ability.

Star icon Mid-Bosses Star icon
Kirby will encounter a mid-bosses on each planet he visits. These foes aren't terribly difficult to defeat, and give helpful abilities after facing them. Kirby can also battle alternate versions of them in Paradox Rifts. Mid-bosses are weak to abilities with certain properties, which can be used to defeat them more quickly. There are 12 Mid-Bosses:
Drizzle Dee "That's me, Drizzle Dee! I can take anything you throw at me with my giant umbrella! What's that? You don't think this is a weapon? Well, you won't think so for long! This parasol can be used to smack, whack, and throw all manner of foes - and it lets me float about with ease! Just don't blow on it too hard, ok?"
Ability Star Parasol
Gotcha Covered!
Kibble Blade PH "You don't stand a chance against me, kid! My weapon may be unorthodox, but I've been honing my craft for years! The cutter is great for both close-range and long-range combat - I'll be hurling spinning blades one minute, and bashing you with my helm the next! So what if they blunt easily? I'll cut you up before you can put a dent in my plans!"
Ability Star Cutter
He's Pretty Sharp!
Judo Kido "So you've come to challenge me, have you? I may be a rookie, but all of my training hasn't gone to waste! I've learned numerous powerful techniques: I can manipulate Ki into energy blasts, execute swift kicking attacks, and fire powerful rising punches! As long as my balance is centered and my feet are on the ground, all my foes will fall!"
Ability Star Fighter KSA
First to the Punch!
Ka-Pymid "You dare to face me, mortal? The earth itself bends to my will - the ancient power I possess is unparalleled! How shall I destroy you? Perhaps I will form the sand beneath your feet into slashing blades, or confound you in a raging sandstorm. Perhaps I shall transform into a sandy vortex, or devour you as a massive mouth! Only if the fickle wind blows my sands away shall you be spared!"
Ability Star Desert
Just Deserts!
Fire Lion AoD "Hmm, intruders on my territory... I suppose I'm in the mood for a hunt. There's no point in trying to run - my flames will devour you all the same! You will fall before my blazing claws, my power and agility! My flame clone allows me to cover twice the distance in half the time! As long as you don't have any water - you know how much cats hate that!"
Ability Star Fire
All Fired Up!
Master Green PH "I may be far from my aquatic home, but I'm no less capable on land. With my electric powers, I'll raise you a real storm! I control the ground with bouncing electric sparks, and fill the skies with bolts of lightning! With sparks I can fashion a shield, or float through the air! Although, it is a little too cold out here. Maybe I should stick to the oceans..."
Ability Star Spark
Atmosphere's Electric!
Blocky PH "Hey, quit pestering me! Just because my skin's tough as stone doesn't mean I don't feel you annoying attacks. How would you like it if I were the one throwing myself into you? Or crushing you from above? Or even growing to massive proportions to flatten you?! Well, if you don't cut it out - hey, hey HEY! Who poked me?! That seriously hurt! Now you're gonna get it!!"
Ability Star Stone
Rockin' Out!
Protobot PH "Contact with central command lost... time since last contact unknown. Routine system check: Manual arc welder fully powered; Multi-purpose drills engaged; Modular hand missile fully stored; Combat analysis protocols online; Surge protectors severely damage - risk of power overload: 78%. Hostile life-forms detected, combat protocols engage!"
Ability Star Cyber
Analysis Paralysis!
Gigant Edge AoD "So we meet once again, pink one. You may have defeated me in the past, but my swordsmanship has only improved since then! My sword strikes and dashing attacks are swifter and stronger! Hurling my sword covers still more ground! As I spin, my blade forms a tornado of deadly steel! Though my shield may have worn thin over time, this will be a battle to remember!"
Ability Star Sword
The Competitive Edge!
King Doo PH "Well, well! I didn't think I would see you around here! You should know you're mucking about on my turf now! With my electric blasts and streams of sparks, you're in for a tough battle - my precision and intelligence ensure every attack finds its mark! In fact, I wager I could hit myself with those blasts... fortunately, there isn't a chance you can send them back at me!"
Ability Star Beam
A Real Bright Spark!
Mr Tick-Tock PH "I know that look. You think you can take me on, don't you? Well, I think it's time for a little wake up call! Let's me spell it out for you. I can control sound to deafen you from a distance. I can control electric hands or generate temporary shields. I can even manipulate time for short durations. It is an experimental addition, so proper power regulation is essential!"
Ability Star Chrono
Right on Time!
Bonkers AoD "You think you can just stroll on past? I'm here to tell you you're outclassed! My hammer can shake the earth below, my rising strikes induce vertigo! I've got sweet explosives up my sleeve - you better panic, scramble, leave! If you stick 'round, I'll hunker down, and strike with a mallet all ablaze; hope the hammer I got don't get too hot - don't matter! I'll fight anyways!"
Ability Star Hammer
Hammering it Home!

Star icon HELIX Bosses Star icon
Kirby will encounter the Helix guild members while exploring each planet. They are considerably stronger than the Mid-Bosses, possessing multiple phases with unique attack patterns. Each member has two different boss fights, one in a mech and a second hand-to-hand. There are 10 Helix Bosses:
Chopper Blade
Recon Drone
Linus' personal recon machine. The Chopper Blade has exceptional speed and mobility, and can extend a small blade from its undercarriage. The vehicle isn't designed primarily for offense, but has a few additional weapons that can be launched in a pinch.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): The Chopper Blade attacks by swooping on occasion to ram fighters, firing a few energy bolts from its side mounted guns, and dropping to the ground before speeding across the stage, blade outstretched. If the blade is struck enough while extended, it will shatter, leaving the helicopter vulnerable while it generates a new one.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): In its second phase, the chopper tries to draws foes in with its helicopter blades, or fire larger lasers from its side cannons. Linus will occasionally pop out to try to throw its swords out, which behave like boomerangs. Linus can be knocked out of the helicopter when this happens, leaving the vehicle on the ground, vulnerable.
Heavy Ladle
Excavation Machine
Hector's digging machine. While it can operate autonomously, Hector likes to pilot it himself whenever he's on site. It is heavily armored, and has a shovel attached to its side that has an extendable arm. It is battled as King Dedede.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): The Heavy Ladle slides about quickly on its wheels, occasionally dashing ahead while digging its shovel into the ground. After passing, it tosses a chunk of dirt backwards overhead. It can also spin in place rapidly, throwing up dirt chinks. If its shovel is struck while its digging, it may be embedded into the ground, temporarily immobilizing it.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): The Heavy Ladle can use a jump attack, creating an earth wave to either side, or slam its shovel forwards while stretching its arm. It can also drop mines while roving about the stage. These mines can backfire on the tank if they are fired back at it.
Flying Cooler
Airborne Carrier
One of Irma's many airships, but her personal favorite. The Flying Cooler is a massive warship that has multiple secondary forms, which can be ejected if the ship takes damage. It is battled in the air with Adeleine's help.
Phase 1 (100-66% HP): The first, largest form of the Flying Cooler. It can fire electric blasts from the pods on its sides, fire small missiles from the docks on its roof, and fire large lasers from its eyes.
Phase 2 (66-33% HP): Its second form, which ejects from the first after taking enough damage. It can open its front to fire multiple electric spheres, launch multiple spheres of energy from its side pods, or launch a flood of small electric arcs from its eyes.
Phase 3 (33-0% HP): Its final form, which ejects from the second after taking still more damage. It is much more mobile, being able to ram its foes while spinning rapidly, open its roof while firing exploding cubes, and fire electric spheres from the lights on its front.
Razor Dealer
A creation of Evander's; a small flying creature that psychically controls the golden discs beneath it. It was initially desinged to help sort equipment, but it was repurposed as a weapon later on. It is fought as Meta Knight.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Dishushi stays out of reach, dropping spinning discs onto its enemies. These discs take damage for Dishushi, shattering after taking enough hits. The discs attack by either rolling into foes or slamming down onto them. If the discs are struck along the cracks on them, it will take extra damage.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): After all but one of the discs break, Dishushi fights directly, using the disc as a shield. It can fling the disc as a weapon, or fire electric bursts from its antennae. It can also summon new discs, which are weaker than before but attack in the same way as before. If the disc is hit after being thrown, it can be reflected into Dishushi, stunning it.
Trident Strider
Defense Turret
Xanthia's personal weapon, a flying gunship that is mounted onto her research boat. It fights primarily from the background, attacking with its extendable javelins on its three prongs. When on the same plane, it also attacks with its flexible legs, which can extend spikes.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Initially, Trident Strider attacks from the background, firing electric bolts from its prongs, launching its blade at range, and launching bombs from its legs. Whenever its blade launches into the foreground, it can be attacked to deal damage. As the player approaches it by jumping between icebergs, its attacks don't have to travel as far, making them harder to dodge.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Once on the ship, Trident Strider rides along the edges of the ship. It launches the spikes from its legs inwards, leaving damaging barbs on the ground, or firing a beam of energy down from its base bubble. This bubble is also vulnerable to damage, stunning the machine temporarily if hit enough.
Linus PH
Calamitan Analyst
Linus is encountered on Ripple Star, overseeing the take-over of the planet. Deprived of his chopper, Linus instead battles with two long blades.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Linus initially fights with only a single blade, which he attacks with either a melee slash or a ranged boomerang throw. He also charges up a spinning attack that hits multiple times. His slash attack can be countered by striking it with an attack, stunning him for a moment.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Linus pulls out a second blade, which he uses to launch the above attacks back to back. He also dashes forwards while slashing outwards to cover more ground. He occasionally charges up energy before slashing overhead with both blades - if this attack is countered, his blades are knocked away for a moment, leaving him defenseless.
Hector PH
Calamitan Geologist
Hector is fought on Aurogent Star, as he investigates the materials used to construct it. He fights with a large spade, which he uses against Meta Knight.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Hector battles by smashing foes with his spade, or digging up dirt with it to hit foes. He also jumps around to create shockwaves. He is vulnerable while trying to dig, and can be struck to stun him.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Hector begins using more melee attacks, bashing forwards with his shoulder to power through enemies, or spinning in place before throwing his spade. He will also dash forward while digging up a ball of dirt, throwing it backwards after dashing - this attack can be countered to trip him up while he's dashing.
Irma PH
Calamitan Engineer
Irma is fought on Solmech Star, where she is completing her new transport base. She pilots a variety of drones in battle, as she battles Adeleine.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Irma initially summons a small teapot drone, which attacks by spraying fiery magma into the air, or bashing into enemies. Irma herself takes additional damage, but her drone will come closer to defend her if it is ignored.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Once the smaller drone is destroyed, Irma summons a larger one and rides it like a tank. The new drone has an armored charge attack, can fire small teacup bombs from its spout, and fire a jet of boiling magma. Irma emerges from the cockpit when using the last attack, and takes extra damage as before.
Evander PH
Calamitan Physicist
Evander is overseeing the invasion of Bambolia Star, looking over the relics stored in his tower. He wields two floating discs in battle, which he uses to battle King Dedede.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Evander tends to hide behind one of the discs, while the other one rams into foes or is fired ahead as a bladed projectile. He can also disappear behind one of the discs and emerge from the other one - only the disc he is currently using will take damage, while the other will counter strong attacks with an energy burst.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Evander charges up the discs with crystalline energy - while empowered, the discs can reflect projectiles that strike them. Evander will also occasionally leave both discs, having them orbit him rapidly to strike foes. During this time, he can be struck directly for extra damage.
Xanthia PH
Calamitan Biologist
Xanthia is handling the recovery of Pandora's Box, and is prepared to engage in a final battle to protect it. She wields a trident in battle.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Xanthia slashes outwards twice with her trident, followed up by a stabbing attack. She also leaps upwards before throwing her trident downwards, and firing electric bolts at foes. She can be struck while charging the electric attacks, briefly stunning her.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Xantia powers up with energy; her quick dashing doubles as an attack. In addition to her previous attacks, she can also bolt across the stage to impale a foe, create a burst of electricity around herself, or emit powerful shockwaves to knock foes away.

Star icon World Bosses Star icon
At the end of each planet, Kirby does battle against a powerful foe! These clashes are the centerpiece of each planet, each with at least two phases. There are 11 World Bosses:
The Towering Totem
An ancient guardian that stands watch over crumbling ruins in Dreamland. The three heads take turns on watch, but all can attack at once if needed. Under their care, the temple they protect has been able to collapse in peace. The head's names from top to bottom are Valwing, Jabbem, and Fangfo.
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): Vineguard starts the fight on the far right side of the arena. At first, only Jabbem is active, attacking by spitting bouncing rocks of various sizes.
Phase 2 (75-35% HP): Valwing and Fangfo awaken to contribute their own attacks: Valwing intermittently fires lasers at his target, while Fangfo stomps occasionally, sending a shockwave of stone spikes outwards. Jabbem also tries to punch Kirby if he gets too close.
Phase 3 (35-0% HP): The Vineguard trio leap into the center of the arena, creating a shockwave when they land that knocks Kirby away. In addition to using their previous attacks more frequently, they will occasionally interrupt their patterns to use one of three stronger moves: Fangfo spinning rapidly while extending his spiked tongue, Jabbem spinning to throw massive rocks in all directions, or Valwing charging a homing laser orb while spinning.
Roc Garden
The Jade Giant
A massive stone warrior sealed within the heart of Arbor Star. Roc Garden was disturbed by excavations on the planet many centuries ago, sending the ancient civilization that awakened it into ruin. It was sealed away once more, waiting for a worthy opponent to finally defeat it. Roc Garden is fought on floating tiles above a bottomless pit, but falling in deals damage to players rather than kill them.
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): The battle begins with Roc Garden looming in the background, firing jade shards from a distance. On occasion, it will project an energy glyph onto the battlefield, trapping any foe it touches before exploding. Jade crystals will occasionally float across the arena, which can be launched at Roc Garden by attacking them.
Phase 2 (75-35% HP): In addition to his previous attacks, Roc Garden intermittently shifts the tiled pillars the arena rests on up or down, creating pits that players can fall into. It will also send its remote jade crystals onto the field, which attack by firing small energy blasts. These can be knocked back into Roc Garden if they take enough damage.
Phase 3 (35-0% HP): Roc Garden charges up a powerful laser beam in its forehead gem, dealing multiple hits to foes it hits. It can also project a symbol onto its forehead gem, causing any platforms that bear the same symbol to become electrified. On occasion it will ram into the arena, allowing it to be attacked directly.
The Manic Machine
A robotic weather machine stationed on Nexus Star's highest mountain. KRC-0 is not native to this planet, but was attracted by the ancient weather control technology created there. After taking the facility for itself, its presence caused storm patterns to grow out of control. The "KRC" in its name stands for Kinetic Rotating Cannon, a moniker given by the Calamitans.
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): KRC-0 is fought in am aerial side-scrolling battle, with the help of Adeleine's Skyship. KRC-0 fights by launching its crescent blades as boomerangs, projecting electric beam whips from its body, and firing homing electric blasts.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): KRC-0 begins speeding up its previous attacks, and introduces some new ones. It begins spawning clouds from its exhaust pipes that can also attack with beam whips, firing long lasers from its eye, and emitting intense heat while trying to draw the Skyship in with its fans.
CPU Virus HD
The Windowed Warriors
A rogue AI that has taken the form of an RPG interface. CPU Virus was originally a dimensional analysis program run on a space station, which went haywire after being exposed to a dark universe. It collapsed the space station into a pocket dimension in order to escape, patching its missing AI with content from an employee’s RPG save file. It attacks by summoning enemies from the game, which attack from the background and then move into the foreground to be attacked.
Phase 1 (100-80% HP): The first foe summoned is a Slime. Slime has two attacks - attempting to tackle the player and firing blobs in a spray towards the screen. When on the defensive, Slime will hop around slowly on the stage.
Phase 2 (80-50% HP): The second foe summoned is a Puppet. Puppet has three attacks - screaming to fire damaging notes, swooping in to strike the player, or doing a hypnotic dance that reduces the players speed. When on the defensive, Puppet is jerked around the stage erratically.
Phase 3 (50-0% HP): The final foe summoned is a Wizard. Wizard has four attacks. - a fire spell that coats the ground in flames, a targeted ice spell that freezes the player if hit, a fast salvo of homing stars, or a defense spell that halves damage taken. Unlike past foes, Wizard can attack twice on its turn. When on the defensive, Wizard teleports around the stage, or walks around slowly if its defense spell is active.
Elder Ice Dragon
The Arctic Amphibian
An enhanced version of the Ice Dragon found on Popstar. Elder Ice Dragon was transported to Outwash Star while it was still young, held inside the aquarium as an attraction. The planet became the perfect habitat after the apocalyptic winter set in, and the dragon made its den within the park.
Phase 1 (100-80% HP): Elder Ice Dragon attacks by breathing a stream of icy air, either along the ground creating icy spikes or along the ceiling to create falling icicles. It will also create three ice columns and smack them around the arena with its tail, or attempt to tackle the player, sliding along the icy ground.
Phase 2 (80-35% HP): Elder Ice Dragon shatters the pipes above with a roar, creating two streams of damaging ice water on the left and right sides of the arena. In addition to previous attacks, Ice Dragon launches a stream of sharp snowflakes into the air, which slowly fall and embed themselves into the ground. It also leaps into the air, creating a shockwave of ice when landing.
Phase 3 (35-0% HP): Elder Ice Dragon summons frosty armor that negates damage. It breaks after taking enough damage or after Ice Dragon uses a tackle or leap attack. Ice Dragon can also recreate this armor.
Fairy Queen PH
The Crystal Keeper
The ruler of Ripple Star, and protector of the Crystal Shard. The powerful light artifact was instrumental in destroying 0^2 and the Dark Matter forces once and for all, and Ripple Star has been relatively peaceful since then. Even so, the Fairy Queen has improved her fighting capabilities, mastering the Crystal Shard’s use as a weapon. By channeling energy from smaller shards near her, she can create a shield that nearly negates all damage.
Phase 1 (100-76% HP): The Fairy Queen summons three crystal shards, using their energy to create a powerful shield. In order to damage her, the shards must be attacked and destroyed, leaving her vulnerable for a short time. She moves to the next phase after this happens twice. While her shield is still up, Fairy Queen attacks by throwing the shards into the ground or slashing them like blades.
Phase 2 (76-36% HP): The Fairy Queen summons five shards to power her shield, which can be broken two more times in the same way as before. In addition to her previous attacks, Fairy Queen will create a ring of shards around herself and attempt to ram the player, create a crystal hammer to strike the ground, or scatter the shards above the stage and fire beams downwards from them.
Phase 3 (36-0% HP): The Fairy Queen summons her nine remaining shards, opening the phase by firing a laser across the stage through them. In addition to previous attacks, Fairy Queen will form a ring of shards around the player and attempt to grab them, or scatter them across the arena and extend laser spikes from them, similar to one of Pix’s attacks. Once all the shards are broken, she will fly around and fire weak energy projectiles until she is hit one last time.
The Gilded Gaurdian
A mechanical archivist dedicated to monitoring the most important artifacts. The final sanctum was also used to store various tomes of arcane knowledge, which Vaultus has thoroughly read and reread to pass the time. For the past few centuries it has gone into standby mode to conserve energy and further ponder the magic it has learned. The vault it is battled in has two pillars on opposite sides of the arena, and a raised platform near the background - energy rails wrap around the pillars and the platform, and run along the arena floor.
Phase 1 (100-80% HP): Vaultus traverses the stage by riding the energy rails, stopping at nodes along the rails to attacks. Vaultus attacks by flinging jewels at the player, laying electric traps that catch and damage the player, and swiping at foes with a long magic rod.
Phase 2 (80-40% HP): Vaultus begins using its magical knowledge, traveling to the elevated platform before using arcane abilities. It can summon a magic axe and ride the rails while slashing with it; summon two magic glyphs, stopping at each node to launch fireballs from the glyphs; or summon a giant book that will try to suck the player in.
Phase 3 (40-0% HP): Vaultus now travels up the pillars, leaping down on occasion to smash its foes. It will also gain new attacks, such as firing streams of magic symbols as it dashes on the rails, and summoning electric bolts that will strike the player if they don’t keep moving.
The Heavy Heart
The mechanical heart of the clockwork star, Solmech. Phoenacore has remained dormant for centuries, passively maintaining the remains of the machine through its many drones. Like the other clockwork stars, the fragile computer that controls the machine is sealed within an armored shell to protect it - this early model has part of that core exposed as its eye, and takes more damage when struck there.
Phase 1 (100-80% HP): Phoenacore initially attacks by firing streams of fire from the bird's head above it, targeting the nearest fighter. It will also drop burning clusters of machinery from its exhaust ports below. In between its attacks, it will sweep across the stage along a variety of curved paths, leaving flaming streaks wherever it touches the ground.
Phase 2 (80-20% HP): Once it takes some initial damage Phoenacore begins to fight in earnest. The machine will launch flaming spheres to either side from the pipes above its head, extend its flaming wings into fire beams on either sides of its body, and shoot plasma bolts from its eye that lights the ground on fire. The gemstone eyes on the bird's head will occasionally fire small electric spheres at the ground.
Phase 3 (20-0% HP): When near defeat, Phoenacore retracts its eye inside the armored shell, only exposing it on occasion to launch one of the above attacks. It will also absorb heat into its shell, and release flaming rings outward across the stage that do immense damage. If it remains for too long in this critical state without being defeated, it will release a massive flaming explosion - if this fails to kill the players, it will refill its HP to 35%.
Shogun Popopo
The Oriental Overlord
The firm-handed ruler of Bambolia Star. Popopo is an experienced warrior, having defended his realm from local invaders for years. His weapon of choice is a studded mace, complete with a retracting chain. He has moves and techniques that are reminiscent of King Dedede's. His arena has two pillars along either side, and a three-headed dragon statue in the background.
Phase 1 (100-75% HP): Shogun Popopo attacks by drop-kicking across the stage, leaping into the air and diving onto foes, and inhales briefly before releasing a blast of air that launches foes. He also strikes out with his mace if a foe gets too close.
Phase 2 (75-40% HP): Shogun Popopo makes a signal, and platforms swing out from the pillars on either side, with paper lanterns hanging from them. Popopo will jump up to the platforms, while slashing out with his chain mace. Whenever he slams into the ground, two of the lanterns will detach and home in on a foe, bursting into flames.
Phase 3 (40-0% HP): Popopo powers up with flaming energy, then leaps onto the dragon statue in the background, activating it. He leaps between the dragon's heads, causing each one to launch fireballs at the stage or blast a sweeping stream of fire. He will eventually have one slam its head onto the stage, creating a shockwave and exposing him to attack. After doing this a few times, he returns to his previous attack pattern, but his attacks now leave flaming trails or create fire shockwaves.
Mecha Duet
The Dual Defenders
A pair of robotic guardians protecting the most dangerous artifacts on Halcandra. They are designed to work best when paired together, as their powers combined supply both speed and power, offense and defense, ranged and melee combat. In the event one is destryoed, the other can absorb the excess power to fight even harder. The gold one is named Aurix, while the silver one is Argaz.
Phase 1 (100-70% HP): In this early phase, the two robots fight fairly close together, fighting around each other. Aurix stabs outwards with its longer pike, and fires occasional star blasts from his small buckler, while Argaz slashes with its shorter scimitar, and defends Aurix with its shield. The two will occasionally split off and charge up energy, before swooping across the stage in an attempt to impale their target - if the succeed, they will throw them to the ground for extra damage.
Phase 2 (70-30% HP): After taking some damage, they will switch to a different formation, where one fighter remains on stage and the other attacks from the background. After a while longer, they will return to the above attack pattern before switching fomrations again. If Aurix is onstage, it will dash across the stage with its pike, use a long-reaching spin attack, and fire homing star blasts that explode on contact; Argaz will occasionally hold up her scimitar, absorbing power from Aurix, before slashing downwards to generate a massive arc of flame. If Argaz is onstage, it will hover around more slowly while striking outwards with its scimitar, quickly spin with the blade out while bouncing around the stage, and dash forwards while bashing foes with its shield; Aurix will occasionally charge up power in its buckler, and fire star bullets at Argaz, who will reflect the shots of its shield at the other fighters.
Phase 3A (30-0% HP): If Argaz is defeated first, Aurix will power up back to 30% and release an energy wave, setting the ground on fire - it will now deal constant damage while anyone is in contact with it. Aurix discards its buckler and takes up Argaz's scimitar - in addition to its solo attacks from Phase 2, it will also throw the scimitar like a boomerang, and use Argaz's background slash attack independently. It's spin attack retains the same range, while gaining Argaz's momvement speed and bouncing ability.
Phase 3B (30-0% HP): If Aurix is defeated first, Argaz will power up back to 30% and release an ice wave, coating the ground in ice - movement on the ground is now slippery, and extended contact with it slows players down. Argaz discards its scimitar and takes up Aurix's buckler - in addition to its solo attacks from Phase 2, it will also fire large crystal projectiles from the buckler, and use Aurix's reflected star bullet attack independently. It's dash attack is faster and stronger, and can also impale foes like Aurix's pike dash.
The Duplicitous Doppelganger
A bio-mechanical recreation of Vaultus, created on a whim after the scientists' excursion on Aurogent Star. While the original was designed for both defense and maintenance, Calamitus is exclusively for combat. Calamitus is battled on a locked-down deck, preventing the heroes from reaching the HELIX researchers beyond. Similar to Vaultus' battle, this arena has two pillars on either side, and energy rails that run around them and the two raised platforms in the background - Unlike before, the rail's path can be changed to create new routes.
Phase 1 (100-80% HP): Calamitus skims along the energy rails quickly, stopping on occasion to attack. Its attacks include summoning floating orbs that generate electric explosions, dashing around quickly while spraying poison gas, and stabbing outwards with its stretchy tentacles.
Phase 2 (80-40% HP): Calamitus begins teleporting to one of the two platforms in the background, where it uses even more powerful attacks; whenever it does so, a digital clone appears on the other platform to mirror its attacks. These include summoning and laucnhing razor sharp rings of light, spinning rapidly while speeding along the rails erratically, and firing missiles that explode into crystals, trapping anything they hit.
Phase 3 (40-0% HP): Calamitus now travels up the pillars, often stopping to fire laser beams at its foes. It also adopts new attacks, such as extending its electrified tentacles to the edge of the room and rotating slowly, or spawning massive energy cubes that damage foes they touch. It will also lash out and grab foes that get close, electrocuting them until the shake loose.

Star icon End Game Bosses Star icon
As our heroes' journey comes to an end, they face off against their most challenging foes yet! These three final battles are found only in the last world, the Paradox Zone!
Bandanna Dee
Fallen Friend
One of Kirby's best friends, Bandanna Waddle Dee, has somehow found his way into the Paradox Zone! Has he somehow succumbed to the enthralling power of this dimension? There's only one way to snap him out of it!
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Bandanna Dee wields a modified spear into battle, which can take on a variety of forms and powers. It can be used for melee stabs and a spinning strike as a spear, a powerful dash attack and a shield as a parasol, and launch powerful charged projectiles and downward bullet sprays as a beam wand. He also changes the weapon's element between fire, ice, and spark on occasion, altering the attacks properties - fire attacks deal more damage, ice attacks can't be interrupted, and electric attacks have more range.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): The spear is destroyed after the first phase, and Bandanna Dee summons the Triple Rod in its place. Bandanna Dee uses the weapon to fire bouncing elemental stars, charge powerful lasers that fire across the stage, summon floating explosive stars that home in, and create temporary black holes. He also uses his previous attacks, except without elemental enhancement - they are all faster and stronger than before, though.
Sorrowful Symbol
A strange being that seems to be native to this dimension. It seems to be some physical manifestation of information - after encountering the Calamitans, it has become ... hostile? It's difficult to tell. Regardless, its attack must be countered!
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): Sigil attacks by dropping goopy symbols that creating damaging puddles on the ground, creating rotating beam whips around itself, generating giant cutting blades that fly to either side, and expanding rapidly in size to strike foes directly. It will sometimes change form to attack, specifically transforming into a slashing sword, an eye that launches lasers, a crown that sucks foes in to damage them, and a sun that creates flaming pillars around itself.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Once in its second phase, Sigil generates a grid of symbols similar to itself around it, using this grid to warp across the stage unpredictably. In addition to its previous tactics, it attacks by summoning pillars of energy from tiles on the ground that match it, teleporting rapidly while leaving explosive mines behind it, and summoning and dropping several large icons from the sky. It will on occasion super-impose itself onto the screen, damaging anything that overlaps with it.
Calamitan Archive
Malicious Memory
Sigil has absorbed the information from the Calamitan's systems, becoming far more powerful!! What new abilities does this evolved form possess? Don't hold back in this climactic showdown!
Phase 1 (100-50% HP): The archive initially looms in the background, attacking by summoning stabbing tentacles from portals, creating spherical waves of energy from its eyes, generating an ensnaring energy sphere that then launches foes downwards, and summoning black holes that then explode. It will on occasion create a burst of light, transporting its foe to a simulation of a past battle. These include the Paradox forms of Vinegaurd, Roc Garden, Fairy Queen, and Phoenacore. It's attack pattern becomes faster as its health reduces.
Phase 2 (50-0% HP): Once in its second phase, it unleashes all of its new power to become invincible. After this point it can be damaged only by legendary weapons, which the Calamitans provide after a short period of helplessness. It now fights directly on the stage, attacking by swiping with its tentacles, drawing its tentacles into its head before stabbing outwards with force, slamming downward like a weight, spinning rapidly as it rams across the stage, and firing multi-directional lasers from its five eyes. It will also raise digital barriers after taking some damage, which is broken after a few hits (if fought outside story mode, these barriers require much more damage to break without the legendary weapons).

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