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Kirby: Oceanic Odyssey
Developer(s) AlpacaSoft

HAL Labs

Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch

Alpaca GD

Age Rating(s)
E10+ (ESRB)

7 (PEGI)


Genre(s) Platformer
Series Kirby
Predecessor Kirby: Planet Robobot

Kirby: Oceanic Odyssey (星のカービィ:パイラッツ・トレジャー "Kirby: Pirate's Treasure" in Japan) is a platforming game developed by HAL Laboratories and AlpacaSoft for the Nintendo Switch and the latter's own console, the Alpaca GD.

It follows the titular puffball, Kirby, who finds a piece of a treasure map and a large ship as he strolls through the beach, so he takes the place of captain in the abandoned ship and sets sail to find the other pieces of the map and, hopefully, the treasure it leads to.


It was a bright and sunny day in Popstar and Kirby was enjoying a lollipop while strolling through the beach, but he tripped on a rock and fell onto the sand, losing his candy, but finding a small scrap of paper, it looked like a torn treasure map leading Kirby to a nearby island, the pink puffball looked up and saw a beached pirate ship, curious as to what the treasure the map lead to could be, Kirby recruited some of his friends to board the ship and become the Popstar Sailors, after fixing the ship a bit, they set off to the island marked on the map.

Unbeknownst to the crew, a band of skeletal pirates watched them, the Skull Bucaneers, lead by the evil Cap'n Davie Bones, who wanted to reach the treasure before the Popstar Sailors, so they set sail to the island as well.After traversing all of the eight islands, from Treetop Tumble to Empty Ends, and finally defeating the Skull Bucaneers, the Popstar Sailors got all of the pieces of the treasure map and upon it being pieced together, they gained access to the Sacred Sanctuary, home of the treasure they seeked for so long.

As they reached the temple in the sky, they were greeted by an odd golden woman, Kirby followed her into the sanctuary and to the room containing the treasure, Kirby tried to explain that he and his crew wanted the treasure, but that made the woman, named Aurumia, very mad, so she attacked Kirby. Aurumia was defeated and became a towering monster made of gold, to try and defeat Kirby again, but she failed. As Aurumia was giving Kirby the treasure, Cap'n Davie showed up, crashing through the ceiling and into Aurumia, they fused and Davie became a towering golden beast, he grew wings and tried to fly away with the supposed treasure, but the Popstar Sailors chased after him in one final battle.

Aurum Davie was defeated and they all fell back to the sactuary, where Aurumia, freed from Davie, allowed the Popstar Sailors to have the treasure, a large, delicious-looking chocolate cake, which they took down to Popstar to have a picnic, in celebration of their mission being succesful.


Oceanic Odyssey plays a lot like its predecessors, Triple Deluxe and Planet Robobot, along with, obviously, classic Kirby games, Kirby can jump, fly, swallow enemies and use their abilties in battle, all of the copy abilities are listed further below.

The game's unique mechanic is that Kirby doesn't simply go from one island to the next, after every boss fight, Kirby returns to the S.S. Popstar and can speak to Meta Knight to go to the next island by adding the new piece to the map mural and setting sail, thus beginning a mini game section where the player takes control of the Popstar Sailors' ship, which can fire its cannons and jump over rocks, if the ship takes too much damage, it will return to the last island and the player may try again immediately.

Recovery items return, naturally, and they are the same as in any other game, different foods and drinks, such as sodas, apples, juices, etc. And the Maximum Tomato is also present, but it rarely appears in the game, mainly in The Arena, where Kirby can also take one to go.

The inventory system returns from Planet Robobot and Triple Deluxe, items in transparent stars will be kept until they are needed, but as neither console the game is available for has a two screen system, the inventory is at the top middle of the screen, similar to Super Mario World.


Popstar Sailors

Kirby Star Icon
The main protagonists of the game, the Popstar Sailors are Kirby's pirate crew that sail the seven seas of Popstar to find the treasure of the Sacred Sanctuary.
KRTDL Kirby Hi3 Kirby The small, pink hero of Dreamland who is embarking on an adventure across the seas of Popstar.
KPR Meta Knight artwork-1- Meta Knight A mighty sword-wielding warrior that Kirby got to be his commander, Meta Knight takes care of the troops at the ship while Kirby is out collecting the map pieces.
KPR Waddle Dee 2 Popstar Crew The minor characters of the crew are ability-less enemies like Waddle Dees, Waddle Doos and other characters who are usually foes.

Skull Bucaneers

The villains of the game, a group of undead pirates that sail aboard the Grand Skulleon and try to find the treasure before the Popstar Sailors.

TBA Cap'n Davie Bones The leader of the Skull Bucaneers, a short skeleton with a green hat that wants the treasure before Kirby and the Popstar Sailors
TBA Grand Skulleon the Grand Skulleon is a large black ship with a big skull on the front, it can talk and is presumed to be haunted. it serves as the boss of Empty Ends.
TBA Skull Crew The minor sailors of the crew, they are often seen as minor enemies in later parts of the game.


Characters not affiliated with either pirate crew in the game.

King Dedede 7 King Dedede The "ruler" of dreamland who is on vacation at one of the game's islands, Redhot Resort, he is fought as the boss of the area.
TBA Aurumia Aurumia is a golden woman that serves as the final boss of the game, she is found in the final world, Sacred Sanctuary.


The worlds in Kirby: Oceanic Odyssey are different islands that the Popstar Sailors pass by to get the pieces of the map leading them to their treasure. Below are all of the worlds

Kirby OO World 1-0
Treetop Tumble Island
An island with a dense jungle growing in and around it. The enemies consist of unrecruited Waddle Dees and Doos and basic elemental enemies. Boss - Honey Woods
Kirby OO World 2
Relaxing River Island
This island is cut up by different rivers coming in and out of the ocean around it. Fish and water enemies are found around here a lot. Boss - Gobbler
Kirby OO World 3
Eco Electric Island
An electric power plant that produces energy from sunlight and wind for itself and the rest of Popstar. Electric and plant enemies are to be found here a lot. Boss - Eco Lovely
Kirby OO World 4
Arctic Avalanche Island
A frozen island with glaciers and ice bergs around it, the world takes place as Kirby climbs the main mountain of the island. Boss - Cryo Kracko
Serenity Sands Island
A massive desert with dunes and pyramids to pass by and explore, it also contains some oases to check out. Boss - Cap'n Davie Bones
Underground Utopia Island
A featureless island on the surface but that contains a mass of underground tunnels, mines and passages beneath the plain rocks and pebbles. Boss - Heavy Mole MkII
Redhot Resort Island
A volcanic island with lava everywhere and some beautiful buildings for corageous guests to stay at. Boss - King Dedede
Empty Ends Island
An archipelago more than a single island, Empty Ends in the home of the Skull Bucaneers and where they and the Popstar Sailors have their final battle. Boss - Grand Skulleon
Sacred Sanctuary
A golden temple in the sky where the treasure rests, it is the final an shortest world in the game. Boss - Aurumia, Aurum Davie




A variety of smaller games can be accessed from an unspecified gaming console in the S.S. Popstar's Captain's Quarters, below are alll of them.

Kirby Quest 64

A type of Kirby-themed RPG with graphics resembling those from Kirby's Nintendo DS games, it contains a (rather small) open world to explore and many enemies and bosses to face off against. Below is the boss list.

  • King Dedede - Dedede is found in Coconut Castle and he attacks with his hammer and by trying to suck in one of Kirby's friends, Keeby, Kaby, Korby and Kaibi, but he can be defeated easily,
  • Kracko - The powerful living cloud, Kracko, is found in the Hazelnut Heights area, he attacks with thunder and by summoning Waddle Doos.
  • Whispy Woods - The usually peaceful tree being fights the five Kirbys at Fruity Forest, but he can only blow puffs of air and apples at them, so he is taken down with ease.
  • Dark Matter Knight - A mysterious knight seemingly made of darkness, he attacks with his powerful sword and with dark spells. Dark Matter is the first phase of the final boss, found in Dumpling Depths.
  • Zero - The powerful leader of the Dark Matter forces, Zero attacks with his bloody tears and by biting at the Kirbys by turning into a large mouth. He is, naturally, the final boss of Kirby Quest 64.

Kirby Pinball Madness


Popstar Paranormal Patrol


Copy Abilities


Sword "Swingin' and slashin', Sword Kirby is coming to the rescue!" Ability Star Sword Kirby gains a green cap and a mighty blade to attack his enemies with.
Cutter "Sicing and dicing through the competition, Cutter Kirby shall be the champion!" Ability Star Cutter Kirby puts on a duck-like cap and is able to throw a sharp boomerang at his enemies.
Fire "Is it hot in here or is it just me? Nah, it's just Fire Kirby" Ability Star Fire Kirby gets a fire hat and is able to breathe fire at his foes.
Ice "Brrr! Ice Kirby, could you turn up the heat instead?" Ability Star Ice Kirby gets a cute winter hood and is able to freeze enemies around him.
Animal "Here we see the majestic Animal Kirby, hunting for its prey" Animal Ability Star New Kirby puts on an animal cap and gets himself a pair of claws to dig and attack his enemies.




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